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Whether you're looking to sell software, or earn some extra income by Referring people who want to buy a software – you've come to the right place!

Consultant Partner Program

Earn handsome commissions by providing your expertise in acquiring leads. Become a Consultant Partner 550+ Consultant Partners

Software Partner Program

A chance to grow your customer base with the help of our qualified leads. Become a Software Partner 220+ Software Partners

Lead Partner Program

Use your contacts and share authentic leads with us to earn more. Become a Lead Partner
What is the SoftwareSuggest Consultant Program?

The SoftwareSuggest Consultant Program is an exclusive network of software consultants and vendors, giving them a platform to develop a mutually beneficial partnership. Here’s a great opportunity to diversify your business and expand your reach to potential clients

Premium Software Partners
Become a Software Partner

An Software Partner is the recipient of the leads generated by the Consultants. Our Software Consultants will provide the perfect, most relevant leads to you, all you have to do is work on sale closure. Simply connect your CRM with ours via API to enable us to track the work being done specifically on the Software Consultants leads. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by being an Software Partner because you’ll only pay when a sale is closed.

Become a Consultant Partner

As a Software Consultant, you will be responsible for bringing in the leads which will be forwarded to the Software partners. Be your own boss with flexible work timings and the freedom to work from wherever you want to. Provide your expertise in generating leads and get handsome commissions in return. Simply connect to our CRM platform to submit your leads. Submit multiple leads across multiple software categories to SoftwareSuggest and widen your network.

Become a Lead Partner

As a Lead Partner, you will have to submit any irrelevant or unproductive leads to us. Once it converts into qualified leads, we will provide you a handsome amount. You can send leads for a multitude of software categories. We ensure to maintain transparency throughout the process. You can thus keep track of the work carried out on the leads. By being a Lead Partner, you will have nothing to lose but gain.

Note: To become eligible for a gift voucher you need to share at least 5 qualified leads.
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Why should you become a Software Partner? keyboard_arrow_down
  • It doesn’t matter if your organization is a relatively new one or is well-established. If your sales team is small and/or inexperienced with lead generation, this is a great opportunity for them to learn and grow. And if the opposite is true, more leads would only add to your revenue streams. A win-win situation, as you only have to pay on actual closure of the sales!
Payment on sales closure only? How does that work? keyboard_arrow_down
  • Yes, you heard right! You have to pay zero amount of money until you have finalized and closed a sale. SoftwareSuggest will not charge you for providing you with verified leads.You have to make the payment only once the sale is closed and you have received the final amount from the customer.
Is CRM integration really necessary? keyboard_arrow_down
  • Yes, CRM integration is a non-negotiable clause. This is because it is the only way SoftwareSuggest can be involved in the lead management process. It is important to maintain transparency and accountability regarding the leads generated for this program. All you have to
Why should you become a Software Consultant? keyboard_arrow_down
  • 1. Access to a large number of software partners- SoftwareSuggest works with 300+ software companies. By becoming a member of the software consultancy program you get access to all a much larger number of companies, ensuring that the requirements of your leads are meet.

    2. Fair payouts- As SoftwareSuggest already has market presence we are able to ensures that the payout are fair by software companies. You get your timely and EVERYTIME!!

    3. Better Payouts- Because we act as a group of software consultants , we are able to negotiate commission rates from software companies.
How do you make money as a Software Consultant? keyboard_arrow_down
  • You make money in the form of commission on closure of sales. When the Partner receives an amount from a lead (generated by you) on finalization of the sale, you get a percentage commission on that amount. The amount of commission received will vary, depending on the cost of the software sold.
What is the procedure of submitting leads to SoftwareSuggest Consultant Program? keyboard_arrow_down
  • We will provide you CRM platform with username and password & you can submit your leads information on it. It is integral to the lead verification process, as we will forward only verified leads to our Partners.
How am I paid commissions? keyboard_arrow_down
  • Payments are processed via Paytm or Bank transfer after receiving the following details

    For Paytm transfer: Paytm ID and Number
    For Bank transfer: Confirming bank account details
When are Consultant commissions paid? keyboard_arrow_down
  • Consultant commissions will be credited to Software Consultant within 7 days from the payment being forward by the Software partner on every successful closure of leads
Whom to contact regarding questions about consultant commissions? keyboard_arrow_down
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