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List of 20 Best Content Curation Software

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Software by!

Developed by keeping the content curation needs of individuals and businesses in mind, helps curators, business intelligence professionals, and marketers research and publish the best content for their brands. Its advanced content curation tools help find and curate relevant third-party content from global sources within minutes. Learn more about

Software by Feedly

Feedly offers Feedly Boards to make your content curation process interesting. These Boards are like folders where you can pin relevant content on various topics from around the globe. Feedly also lets you highlight important sentences and enables you to add notes for future reference. Moreover, you can also share your Feedly Boards with your team and trigger timely conversations. Learn more about Feedly

Software by UpContent

UpContent allows you to tailor content as per the requirements of your company, its representatives, and its audiences. This AI-powered content curation software assists you in finding relevant, third-party content from a single dashboard. On top of that, UpContent can also automate your content strategy as much or as little as you want. Make content curation easier and more interesting with UpContent. Learn more about UpContent

Software by DrumUp

DrumUp offers outstanding social media content curation tools to schedule and curate content perfectly. The software ensures you always curate content by keeping your brand on top of mind and as it focuses on curating top content from the industry in real-time. Generate more leads from your social media channels with DrumUp. Learn more about DrumUp

Software by Post Planner

Post Planner is every digital marketing professional's go-to content curation tool. The software helps find high-quality content and viral post ideas by leveraging stellar content across social networks. It enables you to search trending content for any industry from its dynamic library by keywords. Find thousands of posts, images, videos, GIFs, memes, listicles, questions, articles, etc., within a matter of time using Post Planner. Learn more about Post Planner

Software by BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a curation platform that helps discover and archive top and trending content for marketing purposes. You can browse content on a specific topic using keywords or by applying filters like date published, recently published, language, location, content type, etc. Thanks to its web extensions, you can now make your content curation process even faster. Learn more about BuzzSumo

Software by Livefyre

Storify is a free platform offering the best content curation tools for content marketers. The platform helps preserve social media conversations by structuring ideas, providing context, and producing content with a unique perspective. With Storify, you can create stories by collecting information on a given topic with its drag-and-drop features and built-in blogging and social capabilities. Learn more about Storify

Software by Inoreader

Source, filter, and package the best existing content with Inoreader and share it with your audience to add value to their life. Inoreader smartly filters out irrelevant content and prepares a news-based feed on topics and trends that you follow. This unique software saves you hours by making content curation simpler than ever. Learn more about Inoreader

Software by features a well-rounded set of content curation tools, making storytelling and brand-building easier through smart content. This powerful, user-friendly software allows you to turn socially shared content into beautiful online newspapers and newsletters. In this manner, you will receive information on topics you want to monitor in the form of a newspaper, making it simpler for you to take a glance. Learn more about

Software by Flockler

Developed to establish your authority and increase your followers, Flockler is one of the best content curation platforms for curating and sharing high-quality, relevant, and interesting resources. Flocker supports you in positioning yourself as a thought leader by helping you stay on top of your industry and helps build great relationships with customers and stakeholders. Learn more about Flockler

Software by ContentGems

Designed to help you find relevant content on a wide range of topics, ContentGems is one of those content curation websites that enables you to discover hidden gems of content to make your content river. The software creates curated articles about relevant topics and lets you share them on channels like email, Twitter, Slack, or a newsletter. Learn more about ContentGems

Software by Triberr

Triberr Curate is the best content curation software for advancing your marketing strategies to the next level. This simple, affordable, and user-friendly platform helps curate relevant content quickly and allows you to share it with your target audience across various social media platforms. Content curation with Triberr Curate enables you to establish credibility and exposure in your industry. Learn more about Triberr

Software by Anders Pink

Boost your traffic and generate more leads with Anders Pink's Content Curation Software. This easy-to-use content curation tool automatically curates content that matches your filters by crawling millions of pages daily across the web. Anders Pink also allows you to curate content manually by enabling you to discover and save relevant content. Learn more about Anders Pink

Software by Listly

Listly is a crowd-sourced curation software that lets you curate and publish great lists on its platform and for your website. You can create lists of trending topics that can be later shared with people to add to, vote on, and comment on. Listly lets you curate different lists, including bookmarks, playlists, app lists, places lists, product lists, people lists, etc. Learn more about Listly

Software by pocket

Pocket is a free service that makes social media content curation easier. Accessible through web browsers, mobile apps, or extensions, this content curation platform helps you find and organize relevant content for your audience. Keep your audience engaged with interesting articles, videos, and web pages curated with Pocket. Learn more about Pocket

Software by Quuu

Quuu is a top content curation tool that helps you curate social media content in over 500 interest categories. Its hand-picked content suggestions save you time by recommending high-quality and engaging content. Quuu easily integrates with popular social media tools like Buffer, Hubspot, and SocialBee, letting you automatically send curated content to these platforms. Learn more about Quuu

Software by Kapost

Kapost is a fully featured Digital Asset Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs. Kapost provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Digital Asset Management system offers Distribution Management, Workflow Management, Metadata Management, Publish Scheduling, Audience Targeting at one place. Learn more about Kapost

Software by Sniply

Sniply is a popular content curation platform that compliments your social media activity to generate discussions with your audience. It lets you "snip" the pieces of content you like or find relevant context to promote your stuff on the back of excellent readymade content. Sniply boosts engagement rates and improves your brand value. Learn more about Sniply

Software by Lumotive

ContentStudio is a powerful content curation software to discover and publish trending third-party content. The software's sophisticated scoring algorithm helps you find engaging and relevant content easily. With ContentStudio at your service, you can instantly curate and publish trending content to boost traffic and improve conversions. Read ContentStudio Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by Huzzaz

Huzzaz is a fully featured Content Curation Software designed to serve Startups,SMEs,Enterprises. Huzzaz provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Content Curation system offers Android & mobile support,Activity Dashboard,Alerts & Notifications,Content Caching,Content creation,Content Discovery,Content marketing,Help And Support,Help Desk,Site Search Tracking,Slideshow creation,Social media management,User roles and permissions at one place. Learn more about Huzzaz

Last Updated: July 13, 2023