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Top Content Marketing Software For Your Business 2020

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Content marketing is a popular concept in the marketing world. As we know, in the current digital age content is king, and customers can be influenced by relevant content campaigns. Content marketing is a holistic strategic marketing thought process that focuses on creating and distributing valuable and consistent content to a clearly defined target group of customers. It enables marketers to promote interesting and engaging content that can add value to readers, and help them make the correct purchase decision. 

Marketers have realized that content can have a massive impact on the way customers perceive your brand. If you make sure that your brand messages are consistent and positive, your customers will definitely remain loyal in the long run. They become motivated through relevant content to make the best decision, thus creating a win-win situation for both the organization and the consumer.

Most of the best content marketing platforms are comprehensive in nature. This means that they provide end-to-end management of an organization’s content needs. Content marketing enables organizations to target their messages to end-users in a better manner, and automate the process of distribution. It results in higher lead generation, and higher business revenues.

Interactive content marketing software is immensely popular amongst business organizations nowadays. Content marketing automation software can drive traffic to your website, and help your company gain recognition in a competitive market. Here are some major advantages of content marketing tools:

1. Better On-Site Content: One of the major benefits of content marketing apps is that it ensures your website has brand relevant data that can target your customer base. This means that your customers will spend more time on your website, and it will lead to an increase in trust. On-site content can help clients understand your products and services better so that they can become life-long followers.

2. High Search Engine Visibility: It is important to produce content that is visible on the major search engines. Content automation software ensures that your company pages are indexed so that they can rank high in Internet searches. They target long-tail keywords so that users can effectively search for the topics that they require, without any difficulty.

3. Higher Social Traffic: Most companies are harnessing the power of social media nowadays. The content marketing software market is targeting many tools that focus on social media sites so that companies can benefit from higher social traffic. This allows more users to read your blogs, view images and videos, hence leading to higher customer engagement. A higher number of followers on social media will result in enhanced visibility and more traffic on your social media sites.

4. Increased Lead Conversion: Content marketing software tools can be used to engage, inform and interact with existing and potential clients. They help companies pitch their products and services in an effective manner so as to increase sales. Content marketing apps are an intelligent tool that can target interested leads, and convince them to follow your brand in the long run. This leads to higher business revenues, and ultimately more profits.

5. Better Brand Reputation: The content that a company generates and puts out in the digital space can have a heavy impact on its credibility and brand awareness. Investing in the best content management software can enhance brand affinity, and help people to build a positive impression about your brand. When your consumers view well-researched information, they will be inspired by your business values and form a good impression.

6. Reduces Marketing Costs: Most organizations spend a chunk of their overall budget on marketing expenditures. Content marketing is a more economical option rather than traditional methods that are resource and labor-intensive. Though the first few months may yield low returns, as content reaches the intended target audiences, businesses will experience a quick return on investment. Hence, companies should leverage the power of content marketing systems to keep costs low and boost revenues.

7. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The best part about content marketing automation software is that it ensures that there is a high level of audience interaction. Organizations that use content management platforms can put out articles, blog posts, infographics and videos that engage followers and generate interest in an organization’s brand philosophy.
How do content marketing tools help in increasing brand awareness?

Content marketing is now considered as one of the most effective business strategies to build brand awareness and inspire loyalty amongst customers. Since modern customers rely on digital information to make purchase decisions, the quality and relevance of content can have a major impact on their choices.

Investing in the best content marketing software available in the market will definitely give any organization a major competitive edge. Here are some ways that content marketing can help organizations increase brand awareness:

  • Tighten and increase the bond between readers and organizations
  • Send more referral traffic to company websites that will ultimately result in higher lead conversion
  • Establish a brand as a positive though leader and build trust in content marketing campaigns
  • Helps companies to find potential customers on social media so that more people can discover product offerings
  • Drives more visibility on search engines by redirecting people to the company website and product pages

There is a huge variety of content marketing apps in the market nowadays. It is important to assess the organization’s business model so that senior management can invest in the best content marketing software. Here are some advanced features that should definitely be part of content automation software:

1. Multisite Support: Nowadays organizations do not use only one main company website for content creation and distribution. It is vital to invest in content management tools that can support online websites, web-based stores, community sites, social media blogs, and local intranets. This will enable organizations to target narrow audiences, and push additional traffic for higher revenues.

2. Multilingual Support: With the spread of globalization, it is very difficult for companies to find a homogenous market or target audience. Hence, most content marketing automation software caters to multiple languages so that users can choose their native language options and read brand content. In fact, some content marketing tools even provide translation facilities so that companies do not lose out on precious customers due to a lack of multilingual support.

3. Built-In SEO Tools: Most search engines have complex algorithms, hence it is important to get interactive content marketing tools that have built-in search engine optimization. This will help in adding meta-descriptions, long-tail keywords, and page titles that rank high in Internet searches. In-built SEO integration is a must-have feature that can positively impact search engine rankings, and drive organic traffic towards any organization.

4. Mobile Compatibility: A good content marketing system should have a mobile responsive design for better flexibility. Since most users nowadays work on their mobile devices, it is important to choose the best content marketing software that is mobile compatible so that it does not cause any kind of inconvenience to users.

5. Social Media Integration: Social media channels can help marketers interact and interest key audiences. Content marketing apps should have simple social media sharing options and should be able to optimize content for better reader engagement. Content marketing tools can increase the global reach of your brand content, and ensure that it gains large-scale recognition.

6. Analytics: The content marketing software market caters to many solutions that help in tracking engagement rates. Managers can track key performance parameters right from the dashboard. This enables organizations to understand which pieces of content are popular with audiences so that the content strategy can be refined for better results.

7. Security Control Management: Content marketing software tools should be well equipped with security measures to prevent data breaches. Most content marketing systems have a number of integrates features such as password protection, data encryption, and authorized user access controls. This ensures that hackers do not access data and sensitive company information remains safe.

The content marketing automation software industry is booming as all kinds of businesses have realized the importance of interacting with customers through quality and relevant brand content. Most content marketing systems are not industry-specific; rather they are generic tools that can be used by any small to mid-sized business.

In recent years, content marketing has become a separate industry of its own that can assist and augment marketer’s effort to sell their products and services. However, there are some industrial sectors that need to place emphasis on content marketing tools as optimum use of digital content has a long-term impact on their bottom results. Here is a list of the major industries that can benefit the most by using content marketing software tools:

  • Technology or software industry
  • Real Estate
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Communication/Media
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Service Consulting
  • Consumer Services
  • Healthcare

Content marketing is a highly effective method to interact with audiences and build brand visibility. It enables the complete production, distribution, and optimum management of content campaigns. Here is an overview of the top content marketing platforms:

1. StoryChief: An editorial content automation software, StoryChief allows users to create and publish interactive content across multiple channels. It enables team members to collaborate and review each other’s activity. StoryChief has an intuitive design and is easily navigable, making it a popular content marketing application. One of its most useful features is to group stories into campaigns that make it easier to track the success rate of content.

2. HubSpot: One of the world’s most widely used inbound marketing tools; HubSpot can help organizations structure and distribute their content effectively. Marketers can create quality content that is relevant to their brand, and distribute their content down the marketing funnel through customized applications. Hubspot is extremely user-friendly and is an intelligent content marketing platform that can enable companies to target their audience base in the digital space.

3. ClearVoice: This is one of the best content marketing software platforms that is suited not only for corporate organizations, but also for freelance editors, journalists, and writers. ClearVoice can help online media companies manage their sales and marketing campaigns as it has a vast array of professional features. It has a multi-faceted editing application that allows team members to edit work in the real-time efficiently. ClearVoice has a minimalist interface that ensures that users can track the progress of content campaigns, and gather all data in a unified place.

4. ScribbleLive: A cloud-based content marketing platform, ScribbleLive allows organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their content – right from ideation, to distribution and measurement. It has many advanced features such as predictive analytics that enable marketers to track the success of content campaigns so that they can deliver better results. ScribbleLive has integrated social media management and is a must-have tool for companies that aim to create impactful visuals and written content.

5. Kapost: An interactive content marketing solution, Kapost is a useful tool for editorial processes, along with managing specialized content campaigns. It gives team members real-time feedback at every stage of the content marketing process and allows for live workflow updating. Employees can brainstorm interactively with Kapost, and measure the results of content campaigns to check what kind of content is popular with target audiences. It is a simple and user-friendly platform that has a number of intelligent features that will enhance the quality of company content.

6. Ceros: An experiential content marketing platform, Ceros has gained wide popularity due to its innovative features. It enables marketers to create immersive content that promotes user engagement through maximum two-way interaction. Ceros utilizes a cloud-based canvas and provides a range of animation and interaction components that marketers can embed in their content. It is a diverse platform that allows users to edit and publish content such as landing pages, blogs, and websites for maximum readership.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. These are some of the common functions a CMS offers

    • Content creation and collaboration
    • Different user permissions
    • Resource and workflow management
    • Support to store and search content
  • A. To be honest, not every business needs content marketing software. But if you want to generate more leads and reach out to more people every week or month, then CMS can assist you in influencing your business.
  • A. Yes, you can. Content marketing automation is the process of determining repetitive content marketing tasks and automating them through appropriate tools. It can improve the effectiveness of an overall content marketing strategy and help marketers achieve their goals. Besides, it can be applied to any of the content marketing phases right from strategy and planning to creation, distribution, and measurement.
  • A. Below listed are the must-have features for content marketing software

    • Content creation
    • Content support
    • Email marketing
    • SEO tools
    • Integrated sharing
    • Analytics & Tracking
    • Lead Capturing
  • A. Companies can strengthen their content marketing to engage more leads and boost sales with the following formats of content marketing – Blogs, Videos, Infographics, Case Studies, eBooks, White Papers, Checklists, Interviews, Social Media Posts, GIFs, and Memes.
  • A. Well, you will find various content marketing platforms that can help derive better results. Here’s to name a few – Social Animal, HubSpot, Cortex, BuzzSumo, CoSchedule, Rebrandly, and GetSocial.

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