20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to ControlHippo

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Salesforce has been instrumental in helping our business grow. The platform's versatility, automation, and analytics tools have streamlined our operations and improved our ability to serve our customers. While there is a learning curve, the investment is worth it, and the res... Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Mobile App

Common Salesforce and ControlHippo Alternatives

Salesforce review compared to ControlHippo

"Budget friendly, yet exhaustive CRM " - Pratik Jha


full function help desk to track all customers tickets and activities need to add asset management to mange customers assets and to add one calendar for tasks of team and team leader Read Zoho Desk Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Common Zoho Desk and ControlHippo Alternatives

Zoho Desk review compared to ControlHippo

"zoho desk" - Radwa


Very easy to keep everything organized and to keep track of everything. We are a small and growing e-commerce business using Hiver for 2+ years. It helps to keep everything from being lost in the shuffle and allows us to share important information about our clients amongst the t... Read Hiver Reviews

Starting Price: $14 User/Month


Hiver VS Front

Common Hiver and ControlHippo Alternatives

Hiver review compared to ControlHippo

"They are fantastic at onboarding. They kept offering follow ups even when everybody was up and using it." - Waleed Farooq


With Freshworks, there are always bugs in the system to fix and improvements to make.The feature of Marketing Automation & Sales sequences are very good. I can modify it according to my convenience. I can create many journeys that can run simultaneously. Read Freshsales Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Common Freshsales and ControlHippo Alternatives

Freshsales review compared to ControlHippo

"Review for Freshsales" - islam. Pakistan


After trying out the free trial, I am delighted to report that the service exceeded my expectations. My review of the documentation revealed its user-friendly nature, with no complicated steps to follow for implementation. The support channels provided are of high quality and the... Read Freshdesk Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Freshdesk and ControlHippo Alternatives

Freshdesk review compared to ControlHippo

"Liked Trail and API Support for developers" - Jemin


With Tidio, engaging and interacting with our customers through live chats across multiple communication channels in real time is simple. It offers the best Help Desk Services. Read Tidio Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Tidio VS Zopim Chat

Common Tidio and ControlHippo Alternatives

Tidio review compared to ControlHippo

"Consummate and superlative Help Desk Software." - Ashley Nyawira


Hubspot has made email campaigning easier for my organization. The features are good but it need a little bit of technical know-how to maneuver, even though there are guide pop-ups to teach how to use each feature Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Mobile App

Common Hubspot CRM and ControlHippo Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to ControlHippo

"The use of Hubspot CRM" - Judith Richard


awesome software to use with clients and the user friendly. At the same time it contains very good option to work with it. Really great one to use n will recommend all to use this software. Kudos to you. Read Olark Reviews

Starting Price: $17 Agent/Month


Olark VS Freshchat

Common Olark and ControlHippo Alternatives

Olark review compared to ControlHippo

"Easyness of Olark" - Naveen Pabreja


The team is great to work with. It's super easy to setup a demo call with the experts to understand the product and its features and there's great support for quick questions through live chat. Read EngageBay Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


EngageBay VS HubSpot

Common EngageBay and ControlHippo Alternatives

EngageBay review compared to ControlHippo

"Great team to work with" - Roberts


Expectational Knowledge base tool with Robust features, Intuitive functionality, and Outstanding customer support. The best part is that it is very easy to use and very user friendly. My overall experience with Document360 has been really smooth and hassle free. Read Document360 Reviews

Starting Price: $149 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Document360 and ControlHippo Alternatives

Document360 review compared to ControlHippo

"Effortless and Cost Effective: A Stellar Documentation Managment Solution " - Vineeth V


We love using live agents on a daily bases. Saves us lots of time. We know when and what to do. We do not forget to write to any of our customers. And it's straightforward to use. Read LiveAgent Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Agent/Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common LiveAgent and ControlHippo Alternatives

LiveAgent review compared to ControlHippo

"easy to use and very helpful customer service tool" - Jozef


MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides effective call management solutions for businesses, enabling them to improve their customer service and productivity. Read MyOperator Reviews

Starting Price: $35 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial


MyOperator VS Exotel

Common MyOperator and ControlHippo Alternatives

MyOperator review compared to ControlHippo

"Write Review for MyOperator" - Sweet Farah


We started using ProProfs Help Desk as a replacement for our in-house ticketing system. The tool was recommended to us by many businesses who had lately adopted multiple ProProfs products. We use this tool to efficiently handle all our inbound and outbound email communications fr... Read ProProfs Help Desk Reviews

Starting Price: $30 Per Month

Free Trial

Common ProProfs Help Desk and ControlHippo Alternatives

ProProfs Help Desk review compared to ControlHippo

"One of the best ticketing software available in the market" - Bernice Sander


It is a good ticketing software. It is very easy to use. This made our process smoother. The backend support team is also nice. We get on-time support from them. Read Faveo HelpDesk Reviews

Starting Price: $5500 Onetime

Free Trial

Common Faveo HelpDesk and ControlHippo Alternatives

Faveo HelpDesk review compared to ControlHippo

"Ticketing softwer " - Manisha Nayak


Wolken Service Desk for Customer Support is an AI and Cloud-native SaaS that enables enterprises to provide superior internal/external customer service and reduce the cost of support through Automation, Machine Learning, and Integrations. Learn more about Wolken Care

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Wolken Care and ControlHippo Alternatives


FreeScout is an open-source help desk and shared mailbox, allowing to turn your email into a fully functional help desk. Learn more about FreeScout

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common FreeScout and ControlHippo Alternatives


Dimelo, a RingCentral Company facilitates the digital transformation of companies by helping them expand and steer their omni-digital customer relations. Our platform RingCentral Engage assembles all the customer interactions in one place Learn more about RingCentral Engage Digital

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common RingCentral Engage Digital and ControlHippo Alternatives


Landbot is an easy to use, no-code answer for making conversational chatbot applications. Everyday applications consolidate the advantages of an intelligent casual point of interaction with rich UI components while computerizing progressed information work processes like business... Read Landbot Reviews

Starting Price: $39 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Landbot and ControlHippo Alternatives

Landbot review compared to ControlHippo

"my persanel review on landbot" - raza saab


Talkative is a fully featured Live Chat Software designed to serve Startups, Agencies. Talkative provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Live Chat system offers Customizable Branding, Geo Targeting, Canned Responses, Transfers... Learn more about Talkative

Starting Price: $249 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Talkative and ControlHippo Alternatives


This is one of those CRMs that can be customized for your business. The team is skilled and understands the company needs to tailor the workflow basis the inputs given. In addition, the omnichannel supported platform brings all the customer apps into one contact center management... Read Kapture CX Reviews

Starting Price: $21 User/Month/Billed Annually

Mobile App

Common Kapture CX and ControlHippo Alternatives

Kapture CX review compared to ControlHippo

"Most Customizable CRM" - Sunil Kumar

Last Updated: October 19, 2023