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Top Conversational Marketing Software In India

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Conversational Marketing Software

Marketing is an important domain of any business as sales. While traditional marketing deals with one-way communication, conversational marketing is two-way communication between the company and the customer. Conversational marketing is a one-to-one approach of marketing wherein the companies interact with their customers to learn about them, know the buying behaviour, create strategies around and shorten their sales cycle by knowing the exact requirement.

Conversation marketing is unlike the traditional marketing and focuses on target messaging and AI- smart chatbots to interact with the customers and engage them in real-time. Conversational marketing is such software that deals in interacting with the customers. The software is implemented at the organization end and is a user-friendly platform. Conversation marketing software is also known as messenger marketing software which helps engage the potential customers with personalized on to one conversation and suggests specific product and services of interest. Using the AI technology inbuilt with conversational software the potential customers and the leads can be diverted to the website and further communication can be done based on the study of their social search, buying behaviour, buying history, income range, etc. The chatbots help the sales team in the conversion of the leads effectively as they consider the facts pre-loaded and respond in a formal manner while scanning and recommending all the other available options. This not only cut down the cost of hiring and assigning a team of full-time employees for the task but also helps boost sales with timely response and smart conversation. Conversational marketing software implemented and used properly can generate a large number of valuable and qualified leads provide in-depth analysis through the insights provided, such as customer preferences, income range, demographics and accelerate the sales cycle.

How Conversational Marketing Works?

While everyone is talking about conversational marketing software it needs to be know how this software actually works. Focusing on major functions, conversational marketing software can be divided into three parts:

  • Capturing Leads - The first component is converting the captured leads into the customers. Conversational Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool if you’re seeking to convert potential buyers. Conversational Marketing Software makes the process of communication easier. It communicates with the customer on behalf of the company, recommend the products/services available and divert them to the online or the physical store with all the possible links and information available. And all this in the fraction of seconds! Hence, it’s an AI of the organization that takes care of all your platforms and make it customer oriented.
  • Qualifying Leads - The traditional marketing process focused on waiting for the customer to visit the platform, tracking them down through the backend, creating the list out of their browsing history, and then communicating them through a long chain of emails and calls. The conversational marketing software is a smart AI that analyses the customer through his browsing history and chats on behalf of the organization. It asks them the questions necessary to qualify as a potential customer and transfer the lead to the sales representative. This makes capturing data and qualifying leads easier than traditional marketing tactics.
  • Sales through Conversational Marketing - One of the most appreciated features of conversational marketing software is the one-to-one conversation and its ability to generate sales by using the smart AI bots. A potential customer raising query about the product or delivery can be attended by the chat messenger. The software messenger scans through the data and updates the current status of the product. The more specific questions can be answered by the representatives assigned. The entire process is flawless and hence makes customer will more likely visit the channel again

Key Features of Conversational Marketing Software

Conversational marketing software, regardless of the medium helps the business by answering peoples question, listening and responding to the feedback of people, and uncovering the ways to help the customer while expanding the horizon of your business. The key features of conversational marketing software are:

  • Assisting in the creation of a platform where intelligent messaging can engage visitors on one or more channels.
  • Providing conversational marketing software tools to create a personalized experience for every user within conversations.
  • Sorting and analyzing the potential buyers and directing them to the sales representatives for further meeting or conversation. On a successful conversion, it could also help in transferring the customer to the online or physical store.
  • Tracking customer’s search history and products explored and make a smart decision on the buying behaviour. This recorded data can be used by sales representatives for further communication with the customer.

The Benefit of Conversational Marketing Software

Conversational Marketing software not only helps track the data and generate leads but also have many other benefits. The curated list of conversational marketing software is as follows:

  • Conversational Marketing Software doesn’t have any additional system requirement and can be implanted alongside existing marketing campaigns and funnels. This adds extra value to the existing system and helps generate more leads.
  • The Conversational Marketing Software Tools shorten the sales cycle. With quick, timely and instant response to customers, conversational marketing software makes the shopping experience personalized for the customer.
  • Generating more leads and analyzing the data. The conversational marketing software not only tracks down and records the buying behavior of the customer but also analyses the recorded data and generate a report for the sales representatives to take follow-ups.
  • Cuts down the cost of the manual task. The conversational Marketing Software cuts down the cost involved in appointing a team of individuals focusing on conversation with the audience and also the team of individuals observing the customer buying behavior and generating a report. The software makes the process quick and easy for the company.

With all the listed features and benefits, it is highly preferable to opt for conversational marketing software as it is the most convenient way to capture new leads for the business. It not only helps grow the sales pipeline and shorten the sales cycle but also helps learn more about the potential customers. Implementing the conversational marketing software tools gives business a competitive edge and is a necessity to compete as customer seeks quick and exact response for their queries.

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