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Courier companies are there to help deliver our messages, packages, and mail to the respective place and recipient on time. It needs to keep track of customers that request a delivery, details about the delivery person, and other related details about the package. 

Earlier all the entries were made manually on paper. Eventually, this trend was shifted to using Excel sheets for maintaining records about all the packages. However, with the arrival of Internet shopping, courier services have become increasingly popular. And, it is only feasible to adapt to a more convenient and efficient method of tracking and recording information. 

Courier management software is a set of program, which automates all operation-related tasks of courier or logistics businesses. It includes booking of parcel and shipment and delivery of the same. Everything shows up on a single screen, which makes it easy to follow up on the exact status of the delivery of the parcel. 

Some of the standard features of a courier management system are as follows: 

  • Tracking of Shipment/Delivery: The basic fundamental of courier systems is to allow users or customers to keep a track on their shipment or parcel. The system assigns a unique AWB-tracking number to keep a tab on each package. 
  • Online Payment: Courier systems are so designed that they can collect payment via multiple online sources. Some of which includes debit card, credit card, internet banking, and more. In fact, you will find many online courier software that accepts money wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, and more. 
  • Notifications: A courier management software automatically sends out real-time notifications to its customers. When a parcel is dispatched from a courier company, it will send an email or SMS notification to the customer. Not only that, but it also notifies about the delivery done and payment received. 
  • Cloud Storage: Using a cloud-based courier software allows you to save unlimited data and view that data from a single dashboard. You can easily update, delete, or add data into the system from anywhere, using any device. Besides, many courier company system provides auto-backup functionality. In case you lose any data, it will be recovered automatically. 
  • Analysis and Reports: A courier software solutions generate varieties of management reports, such as performance analysis, revenue, and more to keep a tab on the work efficiency. These reports can be customized as per your requirement. 
  • Multiple Branches Synchronization: It is one of the most important features of any courier management system. It should offer inter-brand synchronizations in real-time to maintain smooth operational activities. 
  • Control-Based Access: Courier tools include the right management system, which restricts the use of the system to the admin-based permission. This allows employees to only access what they are given rights to do. It ensures the safety of confidential business information. 
  • Pickup Schedule: An online courier software should be capable of notifying a client on which date and time their package will be picked up. Users can view the pickup schedule of the box. 

If you look at the present scenario, e-commerce businesses are flourishing. And, it’s only a matter of time for courier companies to adapt to the dynamic consumer demands in order to survive. 

Logistics plays a vital role in easing out trade activities. It includes production, inventory, and warehouse management as well. That’s why it’s essential to implement a courier software solution to simplify the complex business needs. 

An online courier management software is a web-based application that streamlines multiple logistic management operations. It provides clients with the flexibility, increased visibility, and transparency needed to carry out the business. Logistics managers are increasingly adapting to the courier delivery system, as it makes the whole placing and tracking delivery orders for packages easy. Courier booking system includes GPS to manage delivery orders and also mentions the estimated time of delivery of products. 

Best courier software can be customized to suit the needs of customers. They meet the end-to-end courier service needs, such as providing real-time updates about shipments, ensuring route optimization, and timely delivery. It makes the whole process for logistics companies smooth and cost-efficient. Thus, it ensures complete customer satisfaction. 

Courier management software is designed to manage companies that hire employees for distribution of their bulk documents such as telephone bills, A/C statements, and more, or products like food orders, etc. 

It manages activities like tracking, delivering, and reporting of packages or products. Thus, it is quite useful for courier service providers. You will find varieties of courier software, which provides solutions for different types of courier services. Those are: 

  • Domestic Courier Management
  • International Courier Management
  • Franchise Management System
  • Mass Mailing

Best courier management system projects can be customized to suit your business needs. 

Some of the essential modules of courier systems are as follows: 

  • Administrator Module: As the name goes by, this module manages all administrative-related activities. From receiving order requests from customers to make sure the shipment is made ready, and the product is delivered on time, it takes care of all.
  • Customer Management Module: Customer management module acts as a central database where all the information related to your customers is stored. It includes their names, address, phone numbers, etc. which are stored in the system. 
  • Bill Generation Module: Courier billing software module enables you to automate bill generation, ensuring that your service invoicing is efficient and timely. The invoice contains all the details about the consignment and the customer. It reduces the manual work and the time taken to generate an invoice. Moreover, it ensures that there are no pending invoices against any orders received. 
  • Document Management Module: Document management module makes it easy to store and access all your documents and other data at a single place. Besides, cloud storage enables you to access your documents from anywhere you want and automatically creates a backup. 
  • Notification Module: Notification module automatically sends out an email and SMS notification to its customer updating about received and dispatched parcel and delivered courier (courier management software) with complete details.
  • Courier and Consignment Details: This module provides every detail related to consignments and couriers. Starting from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery, driver details, consignments ID stored in the system, and other related information, the employees can access this information for smooth operation. 
  • Payment Module: Payment modules effectively manage all your payments. It also keeps track of the amount pending to be received. 
  • Report Management: Report module analyzes data and generates various types of reports needed to keep a check on the performance of a company. Some of which includes bill report, cash report, consignment issue report, etc. 
  • User Management: This module allows admins to restrict the access of the system by a user. 

Several benefits come with using an online courier management software. 

1. Customer Satisfaction

One core benefit of using online courier tracking system is that it increases customer satisfaction

The system allows customers to track their parcel from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery. Besides, they can provide valuable feedback and ratings through the seamless feedback mechanism. The company then try to work on those feedbacks, and it ultimately makes the customer feel satisfied. 

Furthermore, the software ensures that all the parcels are delivered timely and thus, enhances customers’ experiences. It makes the customer happy and they, in turn, become a loyal customer of the courier service company. 

2. Higher Accuracy

The online courier tracking software automates most of the operations and reduces the chances of human error. Besides, the resources being used are compatible with the newest technologies in the market. Since the software works digitally, it promotes higher accuracy and also facilitates cost-efficient processes.

3. Provides Complete Order Information

Another advantage is that you can effortlessly search and access all the details related to any order anytime. 

Courier software system stores and analyzes important data and information. It enables courier companies to get regular updates about everything - be it the number of parcels that need to be delivered or their delivery date. Furthermore, the software can provide information on the location of the parcel delivery, cost of the delivery, and more. 

4. Data Security

The most important thing is that only the authorized person can access the system. That means all your confidential information are kept safe, which is the primary concern for any business. Besides, using cloud storage ensures that the backup of all your data is automatically made. In case you lose any data by mistake, you can quickly restore it back. 

5. Increases Efficiency and Timely Delivery

Courier system assigns a unique ID to each consignment. Using that tracking number, customers can check the real location of their parcel. They get constant updates about the status of their package through emails and SMS. Thus, it ensures more efficiency and timely delivery of the product. 

Now that you know the benefits of using online courier systems let’s have a look at the top courier management software on the list. 

1. Zepo Couriers

Zepo Couriers is basically designed to tackle e-commerce companies. It allows you to manage and send all your shipments at a discounted rate. In addition, it comes with an easy-to-use interface where you can access all the information from a single dashboard. 


  • Fit for both road and air shipping
  • Partnered with Bluedart, FedEx, and Dotzot
  • Facilitates email and SMS notification
  • Provides global service

2. Shipway Courier

Shipway Courier management software is a one-stop solution for your courier business. It provides the best-class tracking and alert notification function. It is equipped with the latest technology and constantly keeps getting updated. 


  • SMS and email alerts
  • Shows shipment real-time status details
  • Quick feedback on delivery and packaging
  • Lets you measure customer loyalty by Net Promoter Score (NPS)

3. MicroDot Order Tracker

Apart from providing the tracking functionality, MicroDot Order Tracker also helps with other verticals like billing, accounting, and more. It is most suitable for travel, cargo, and courier agencies. 


  • Supports multiple courier modules
  • Generates various reports like rate history, invoice reports, etc. 
  • Courier billing software automatically sends out invoices to the clients

4. Purbis Courier

Purbis Courier is a courier dispatch software, which is suitable for both national and international courier services. It provides useful stats and insights to make smart business decisions based on data analysis. You can generate reports on upcoming handover, payment details, general reports, and more. 


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Integrates with third-party payment solutions
  • Allows pickup request
  • Admin can restrict the access

5. Softpal Courier Management Software

Softpal is an online courier tracking system or courier tracking software, which is specially designed for the courier, messenger, expediting, and distribution industries. It is quite easy to use and supports everything from booking to billing.


  • Offers barcode scanning
  • Generates invoices for couriers
  • Creates custom reports as per your requirement
  • Enables real-time delivery tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • It depends on the vendor and their service plan. Usually, every vendor includes the basic technical support service - assistance with setup and mobile device configuration, in the cost of the monthly service fee.
  • Cloud-based software is increasingly becoming popular. If you choose to install a SaaS-based service, then you won’t require any hardware. You will just need a PC with an internet connection and a browser to get started.
  • To choose the best courier software for your business, you need to consider certain things in mind.

    1. Firstly, you need to understand your business needs
    2. Secondly, opt for the one that provides detailed reporting dashboard
    3. Thirdly, it should be highly scalable and flexible
  • There are both free and paid versions available in the market. Depending on your needs and business size, you can choose the one that best fit your requirements. Besides, using courier software for your delivery business can prove to be quite cost-effective in terms of saved man-hours and increased capacity.
  • Usually, yes. Any effective online courier tracking software will let you easily import bulk information, such as customers, order, locations, and zones from Excel and CSV files. However, before making your purchase, you should always recheck with your seller.

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