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Logo-CAMS Exact Services CRM
Best Customer Relationship Management Software

CAMS-Exact Service Management solution with feature-rich Modules & Sub-Modules is an end-to-end, cost-effective, multi-user/tasking/location/currency/company/departmental.

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Software BY Smartdrive Labs Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Power CRM Customer Relationship Management Software refers to a technological solution that helps businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. Power CRM are considered as a tool that improves productivity and overall business functionality.

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Simple & Efficient CRM Tool

Maple CRM being a web based CRM software product helps in streamlining your day to day business activities with its various features serving all type of industries and focusing on sales, inquiries and customer service automation.

Logo-StrategicERP-Real Estate ERP Software
Real Estate CRM Software

StrategicERP provides an end-to-end business solution specifically tailored to cater to the needs of Real Estate and Infrastructure Industries with the modularized and innovative technology created by IITians.

Logo-Kreato CRM
Software BY Navrita Software Private Limited

Kreato is cloud CRM software solution provided for small and medium business & can be subscribed on a monthly or an annual basis. It is a e-crm i.e. it work like a simple CRM on demand. 

Logo-Dquip's CRM
Dquip offers a fully loaded crm software

Dquips CRM system is a complete sales target management & fully loaded software to help you manage your sales targets, leads,follow up, quotations, clients & much more. It is high performance software to manage, track & close leads.

Software BY WorkBooks

Workbooks is one of the best CRM tools for all type of business. It is easy to use, affordable e-CRM. Once can manage your sales leads & automate mundane tasks with this CRM application. 

Software BY ZipBooks Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

spotCRM, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to business organizations who want to widen their customer base and increase business revenues. spotCRM is one of the powerful lead generation software , which gives user 360 degree view of customers so that you can shape your marketing strategies to entice more clients.

Logo-Sugar - Open Source CRM
Software BY SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a open source CRM trusted by millions worldwide. It enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, affordable & most popular CRM software solution in the market.

All-in-One CRM for Businesses

SoulCRM is incredibly simple and efficient online CRM software specifically designed for businesses, It is a complete business solution that connects your business across marketing, sales and customer support departments.

Logo-Oracle CRM
Software BY Oracle Corporation

Oracle CRM is a customer management software developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle CRM system includes Oracle and Peoplesoft products but leads with Siebel CRM on Demand.

Software BY SalesForce Inc.

SalesForce software is one of the best Sales Force automation software for the small business to the large enterprise, sales force have cloud CRM solutions to help sales reps everywhere.

Logo-KnowIT CRM
A Sales Force Automation Software

Knowit Customer Relationship Management Software focuses on dealing with the people who are the profit and revenue boosters of the enterprise. It enables the organization to manage their clients with great deal of efficiency.

Logo-B-Square CRM
Software BY B-Square Solutions (P) Ltd.

B-Square customer relationship management tool, online CRM Software is comprehensive solution that enables an organization in development by maintaining the data of the customers most efficiently while capturing all pre-sale and post-sale force interactions of the customer.

Software BY PK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

ImpelCRM is one of the best CRM system which helps companies put their customers at the center of their business operations. Software enables everyone from sales executives to finance guys to spend less time on data management and more time on customer-focused tasks.


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What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

The key focus of customer relationship management software is to enhance the quality of relationship between an organization and its customers, along with empowering sales and managing workload of sales team with efficiency and easiness. These techniques are improved through the storage and organization of customer data, and in addition sales leads and marketing data.

One of the key benefits of CRMS is to merge all client information into one easily accessible client interface, removing the requirement for independent spreadsheets, documents and different tools for business. This gives a solitary view of whole client life-cycle, from fundamental personal information to recorded communications with staff. CRM tools are not just used to stay informed about client communications, but also those of vendors, partners and suppliers.

CRM applications mainly incorporate tools that allows users to track emails and log calls, attach dates and records, stay informed of services delivered and undelivered services, oversees leads captures and follow-ups and categorize issues and potentialities. Many customer relationship management software now provide features that consider performance and productivity monitoring. Also, For smaller team free CRM software are also available.

Implementation of CRM Software

The CRM Implementation can be best understood as stage process. Starting from gathering the information of your customers and evaluating it for using that information to increase your sales, marketing and customer experience.

  1. Information Gathering -  Firstly you need to gather the information that your customers need to be identified by you and their behavior should be categorized. The companies having online customer services and their website can have the advantage over other companies in the market. The customers can fill, update and maintain their own data when they are buying something or inquiring.
  2. Information storage - The relational database is the best centralized customer database in which the storage and management of your customers’ information can be done in most effective way. The relational database will allow you running all of your systems from the same origin. It also ensures that everybody is using up-to-date and accurate information.
  3. Information Access - Information Access will be the next stage after collecting or gathering the information about the customers and storing it centrally. It is important to make this information available to all the staff members in the most useful format.
  4. Study the behavior of the customer - You can begin to profile customers and develop various and important sales strategies by using data mining tools in spreadsheet programs which can analyze the data to identify patterns and relationships. So the analysis of customer behavior is most important aspect in CRM programs.
  5. Marketing more aggressively and effectively - It is the mindset of many companies or businesses that the high percentage of their profits is generated by a small percentage of their customers. The companies can target and reward their most valuable customers by using CRM. They can gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs.
  6. Intensify the customer experience - A small number of customers who are having complaints often take up a disproportionate amount of staff time as a small group of customers are the most profitable. The staff will have more time for other customers if the problem of customers having complaints can be solved quickly.

Key Modules of CRM Software

  1. Sales Force Automation
  2. Lead Management
  3. Opportunity Management
  4. Contact Management
  5. Task Management
  6. Sales Forecasting
  7. Campaign Management
  8. Invoice Management
  9. Social CRM
  10. CRM & Sales Reports
  11. Mobile Edition
  12. Cloud / On-Demand (SaaS)

Features of Customer Relationship Management Software

Although customer relationship management now a days have become pile on bells and whistles to attract customers, the fact is there are some core features that lead to have real time impact on businesses. So, it is highly important to keep in the mind some essential features of this tool before finalising it for the business.

  1. Simple & easy integration: It is always advisable to have CRM with easy and simple integration process as it will not make any sense to have the tool if one cannot use it. Difficulty in integrating and using the tools leads to de-motivation of users and lead to no-where in such terms
  2. Remote Access: It is a must to have remote access to the data stored in Customer Relationship Management software as it is no use if it can be accessed only in office. Data must be accessible in all forms and from all locations. There is another brand new usage of remote access of data. 24/7 availability is the key factor of success nowadays and thus to ensure this, one needs remote access of any data through CRM systems.
  3. Mobile Access: With mobile access it is meant that one can able to see data through their hand-held devices. People now travelling around to the world to make their business go global needs such an useful software to work with their walk and get in business anytime and anywhere.
  4. Strong Multi-channel Support: Software must have this feature to strengthen the mobile access of data or documents. Such features enable mobile usage of software and make workflow smoother and easier. With strong multi-channel support, CRM enable the work go smoother and ensure better results for the business.
  5. Integrated Analytics: It is equally essential to understand the data and analyse on it accordingly. So, along with data collection, it is important to have the access to the decision-making analytics tools as well.
  6. Campaign & data Management: The software must have the campaign as well as data management tool. This will enable any and every business to have a watch on the entire work flow along with managing multiple data list.
  7. Flexible and Customization: There is a CRM aphorism that each CRM has s special touch – meaning customization in itself. Customizations lead to fulfilling the exact requirement of business and fetch in valuable results.
  8. Lead generation along with follow-up tracking:It is not advisable to depend solely on the sales but have CRM developed to create leads and have a follow-up function attached to it. Such tools can always help business grow and fetch in more fruitful results through its operations.

Customer Relationship Management Software – Benefits & Uses

To grow business in a smart and different way and reach to the world, Customer Relation Management software could be one of  keys. Once a luxury meant for large companies, the customer relation management software has now become one of the most critical components for a successful business setup.

The focal point of customer relationship management software is to enrich the qualitative aspect of business by enhancing the relation between the business body and its clients. This sort of software enables business to strengthen the sales team by managing their workload with efficiency and smoothness. Further, these given techniques are upgraded through storage method and by organizing the customer data. In addition, through sales leads and marketing data.

Another major benefit of using CRM solution is that one gets a consolidated data. Customer relationship management software can merge all possible information provided by customers in one straightforwardly accessible client interface. This way CRM system removes the requirement of separate spreadsheets, documents files and other tools used in businesses. Thus, such consolidated interface helps get a solitary view of complete life-cycle of client’s work starting from the fundamental information to various communications with employees. Various CRM tools and software are used to keep selves informed about the vendors, suppliers and other partners along with client’s communication details and other aspects.

This new-age technology called customer relationship management system primarily incorporate the tools that makes the users track various emails and logs; it is also used to used attach data and records. It helps business stay informed of services that are delivered or undelivered. It also helps oversee leads and capture the work flow and follow-up accordingly, follow-up and categorise all issues as per their potentialities.

The latest developed best CRM solutions also provide some features which considers the performance as well as the productivity of business. However, use of such tools are subject to technical knowledge but such technical advancements have helped businesses reach a new height.

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