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Well as you know everything has two side. So, also this software has pros and cons.but overall its nice.u must try it and observed. It isn't good.By the way I'm not expert so ,I didn't tell you more about this. I'm really impressed by it. So, I recommend it to every person to use... Read ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Reviews

Starting Price: $8 Technician/Month

Common ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and Dell Alternatives

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus review compared to Dell

"I used this for a good time, it's best" - Mudit Mishra


Freshservice is a good software for catering the tickets lodged by the customers to our support team and enables us for smooth communication with the customers. Read Freshservice Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month Billed annually

Common Freshservice and Dell Alternatives

Freshservice review compared to Dell

"Good " - Pinky Subhash Chandra Agarwal


This is the Ease of use is and security was something that i really liked, and i had to reach out to support via chat, and the support was expedited. That's what i liked. Read RemotePC Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

RemotePC review compared to Dell

"Secure and Fantastic Support" - Abhinav Puri


We have been a Hubspot customer for many years. This platform has help us facilitate our lead collection and allows us to get insights as we convert them into customers. Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Mobile App


Hubspot CRM VS Moodle

Common Hubspot CRM and Dell Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to Dell

"Intuitive CRM platform for SMB" - John Krochune


awesome software to use with clients and the user friendly. At the same time it contains very good option to work with it. Really great one to use n will recommend all to use this software. Kudos to you. Read Olark Reviews

Starting Price: $17 Agent/Month


Olark VS LiveChat

Olark review compared to Dell

"Easyness of Olark" - Naveen Pabreja


My experience with Salesforce is that it makes my job much more easier and it easy to use. Salesforce offers more convenient and time saving software that helps every business. Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Mobile App


Salesforce VS ClickUp

Salesforce review compared to Dell

"Experience with Salesforce " - Nigel Gordon Pretorius


Despite a few drawbacks, Jira's customization, collaboration features, and user-friendliness make it an invaluable tool for both our software development and business management teams. It allows us to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and ultimately, deliver exceptional r... Read Jira Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial


Jira VS Teamcenter

Jira review compared to Dell

"Powerhouse for Software & Business Management" - Oleksandr Torlo


We love using live agents on a daily bases. Saves us lots of time. We know when and what to do. We do not forget to write to any of our customers. And it's straightforward to use. Read LiveAgent Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Agent/Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

LiveAgent review compared to Dell

"easy to use and very helpful customer service tool" - Jozef


I have been using Zendesk for many years, I rely a lot on this software to organize my work, we use it internally in our company. We mainly use it to assign and prioritize job requests, users submit the request through Zendesk, we receive it prioritize it, and assign it to the pr... Read Zendesk Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month

Free Trial


Zendesk VS Dixa

Common Zendesk and Dell Alternatives

Zendesk review compared to Dell

"Zendesk help me manage my daily tasks" - Mostafa Dakam


I love how easy it is to integrate ProProfs Help Desk with Salesforce and MS Dynamics. We personally use Salesforce as our go-to CRM solution, and connecting these two tools has proved to be a game changer. Whenever there is an inquiry related to product pricing or a sales event,... Read ProProfs Help Desk Reviews

Starting Price: $30 Per Month

Free Trial

Common ProProfs Help Desk and Dell Alternatives

ProProfs Help Desk review compared to Dell

"Great tool to bridge the gap between support and sales teams!" - Digital Mukul


It is a good ticketing software. It is very easy to use. This made our process smoother. The backend support team is also nice. We get on-time support from them. Read Faveo HelpDesk Reviews

Starting Price: $5500 Onetime

Free Trial

Common Faveo HelpDesk and Dell Alternatives

Faveo HelpDesk review compared to Dell

"Ticketing softwer " - Manisha Nayak


This is a good first edition for a mobile app that allows bar code scanning. What's missing is Smartphone support. Currently you need a supported scanner. Smartphone support would be much better. Read Ivanti IT Asset Management Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Ivanti IT Asset Management and Dell Alternatives

Ivanti IT Asset Management review compared to Dell

"Ivanti Asset Bar Coding Scanning v1" - Ivanti Freelance Consultant


This is one of those CRMs that can be customized for your business. The team is skilled and understands the company needs to tailor the workflow basis the inputs given. In addition, the omnichannel supported platform brings all the customer apps into one contact center management... Read Kapture CX Reviews

Starting Price: $21 User/Month/Billed Annually

Mobile App

Common Kapture CX and Dell Alternatives

Kapture CX review compared to Dell

"Most Customizable CRM" - Sunil Kumar


The Net Help Desk Support Team really helped us immensely in on-boarding as well as realigning our existing practices. Their Incident Management and Ticket Management interfaces are quite useful as well as coordinated. The other functionalities are also very well designed into th... Read Halo Service Desk Reviews

Starting Price: $55 User/Month

Free Trial

Common Halo Service Desk and Dell Alternatives

Halo Service Desk review compared to Dell

"The Functionalities are very quite easy in system software" - Jayesh


They have good service if we raised any issues. Email notifications of conversation. Information of who else viewing a conversation. Overall have good experience with the product. They have good filters and reports Read Kayako Reviews

Starting Price: $15 Agent/ Month

Free Trial

Kayako review compared to Dell

"Vary good software applications for tracking customer and user requirements." - Aakash Gandhi


Bmc software has developed great tools for mainframe, IT AUTOMATION. But customer support responses is slow. Read BMC Software Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common BMC Software and Dell Alternatives

BMC Software review compared to Dell

"Good software tools but limited support " - Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy


SupaTools is the world-class Service Management tool which provides parallel features of configuring Management and change management. It also provides service with hardware, software, network, locations, and database. Learn more about SupaTools

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common SupaTools and Dell Alternatives


The servicenow tool is a ticketing tool majorly used for handling incidents, access request, problem management, and populating those requests to be resolved by their individual handling teams Read ServiceNow ITSM Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common ServiceNow ITSM and Dell Alternatives

ServiceNow ITSM review compared to Dell

"Featuring the itsm tool" - Kanika Gupta


ConnectWise desk management software leverages a proprietary, market-leading ticketing system that empowers you to provide the best support to your customers. Everything inside it helpful desk is built on industry-recognized best practices to drive e... Learn more about ConnectWise

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common ConnectWise and Dell Alternatives

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