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List of 20 Best Desktop Publishing Software

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Adobe InDesign is the best desktop publishing software for designing and creating graphics, photos, illustrations, web pages, and all other professional and personal digital visual content. The software is ideal for students, teachers, photographers, individuals, enterprises, schools, universities, small and medium businesses, etc., and is compatible with Android and iOS. Read Adobe InDesign Reviews

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Graphic Design Software by Corel Corporation

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CorelDRAW is a comprehensive desktop publishing software for creating designs, illustrations, logos, posters, cards, social media images, technical graphics, and other visual projects. It is an easy-to-use DTP software that turns your ideas into eye-catching graphics with a few clicks. CorelDRAW provides maximized object management and the one-click bitmap to vector tracing. Read CorelDRAW Reviews

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Software by Quark Software Inc

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QuarkXPress is the best desktop publishing software that empowers businesses to use content automation to execute content strategies seamlessly. Its capabilities let you design and publish stunning page layouts, graphics, illustrations, images, etc. Moreover, it also converts print publications to responsive digital formats, with no HTML coding skills required. Learn more about QuarkXPress

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Canva offers simple and easy-to-use desktop publishing tools for creating attractive designs for web graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, vector illustrations, and more. The software helps media teams speed up publishing timelines, create engaging content, and use brand consistency to bring in new audiences with just a few clicks. Read Canva Reviews

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Lucidpress tops the list of DTP software that are specifically developed for creating beautiful content without any design skills. The software helps build content that reflects brand consistency and drives your organization's growth. Eliminate redundant workflows, scale content creation, and save time and money to plan more strategic projects with Lucidpress. Learn more about Lucidpress

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Desktop Publishing Software for Mac

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Swift Publisher is an innovative online desktop publishing software for printing brochures, calendars, CD labels, business cards, flyers, envelopes, posters, etc. This all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing app offers over 500 professional templates of diverse print projects, rich clipart collections, headings, text tools, and more to make your brand stand out. Learn more about Swift Publisher

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Foxit PDF is a reliable, affordable, and secure desktop publishing system. This powerful software enables you to create and edit PDF documents and integrate them with Foxit eSign. On top of that, you can also edit and update your PDF documents using its intuitive features. Foxit is ideal for teams, individuals, as well as educational institutes. Read Foxit PDF SDK Reviews

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Adobe Creative Cloud makes word processing, page layouts, and web publishing easier for you. The Creative Cloud includes all Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Adobe Express, Indesign, and Premiere Pro. Create amazing designs, videos, and marketing material with unlimited creativity, regardless of your skill level. Read Adobe Creative Cloud Reviews

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Convey the most powerful visual stories & content

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Visme is a powerful document publishing software that empowers you to create and edit stunning visual content without touching a line of code. It is an easy-to-use software with control and flexibility for creating awesome websites, blogs, landing pages, web presentations, mock-ups, charts, graphs, infographics, advertisements, product demos, carousels, and more. Learn more about Visme

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Create easy promotional graphics, flyers & videos!

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PosterMyWall is an all-in-one solution for creating engaging social media graphics, videos, flyers, and email campaigns. It is one of the best tools for desktop publishing and professional marketing. PosterMyWall lets you print your creations on your home printer using multiple settings. Read PosterMyWall Reviews

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VistaCreate is a powerful software for creating unique content for your business. It provides 100k+ professionally-designed templates, thousands of design elements, and a huge creative asset of royalty-free stock photos, videos, and vectors. It also lets you post or schedule your designs for socials and get them printed and delivered to your doorstep through VistaPrint. Read VistaCreate Reviews

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Online Branding Tool for Businesses

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Renderforest is a versatile desktop publishing software that empowers non-designing professionals to create professional websites, logos, designs, business cards, flyers, documents, and other printables with several clicks. Renderforest offers thousands of theme-based, pre-designed templates to make your job easier. Read Renderforest Reviews

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Software by Venngage Inc

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Venngage is the best desktop publishing software for making striking infographics, reports, flyers, posters, banners, brochures, certificates, coupons, etc. It offers multiple business-approved templates you can edit and modify to create unique designs. Venngage also lets you share, download, and print this material s or invite your team to collaborate on the creation process, all in real-time. Learn more about Venngage

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Infogram is an intuitive visualization tool that empowers people and teams to create and print standout content in minutes. The software offers a huge collection of ready-to-use designer templates that drive engagement and build an audience. Infogram provides endless possibilities for collaboration to enable your teams to create, edit, and publish projects from the team library. Learn more about Infogram

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Xara Web Designer is a one-stop solution for all your promotional communication and prints marketing material needs. Xara is the DTP software perfect for a group of companies like real estate agents, local businesses, and event organizers that may benefit from traditional marketing materials such as door hangers, flyers, business cards, postcards, brochures, etc. Learn more about Xara

Beautifully simple storytelling.

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Shorthand makes it easy for non-designing professionals to create visually appealing and engaging content at scale. It provides desktop publishing tools that add pixel-perfect magic that renders responsively across multiple platforms like mobile, tablet, and desktop. Shorthand also provides clear access controls and flexible publishing options. Learn more about Shorthand

Software by vjoon

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vjoon K4 is a desktop publishing system that helps editors, designers, and marketers streamline and accelerate workflows. The software has a channeL-neutral approach that lets you easily adapt or tweak your content to publish on any print or digital channel. vjoon K4 also offers seamless collaboration for instant and effective communications. Learn more about vjoon K4

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MagHub is a top online desktop publishing software for publishing print or digital content and streamlining workflows. The software offers bi-directional integration with Adobe InDesign, a design software that lets you create visually appealing graphics for menus, magazines, flyers, forms, posters, etc. Learn more about MagHub

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Software by Wondershare Software Ltd

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PDFelement is an industry-leading desktop publishing tool for desktop, mobile, cloud, and SDK. It provides a fast, affordable, and simplified way to edit, convert, and organize sign PDFs. Serif improves publisher efficiency by allowing them to easily edit, transform, combine, move, or delete pages to prepare books for publishing. Learn more about PDFelement

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Pagination is a user-friendly document publishing software that enables the creation of various editorial projects. It lets you easily arrange elements like layouts, images, text, and icons to create the preferred documents like brochures, catalogs, flyers, business cards, etc. with minimal effort. Marketers can easily create catalogs and price lists from a simple spreadsheet using Pagination. Learn more about Pagination

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Adobe Illustrator is a professional-level desktop publishing software for creating infographics, packaging designs, web graphics, and other unique marketing graphics to make your brand stand out using thousands of beautiful templates and drag-and-drop element features. Adobe Illustrator offers robust, time-saving features like Repeat for Patterns, 3d Effects, Intervene, and Global Edits. Read Adobe Illustrator Reviews

Software by Serif Ltd

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Serif is a desktop publishing software for creating high-quality digital documents and sophisticated print designs quickly and easily. With thousands of professionally-designed templates, images, online content, and customization, you can create eye-catching graphics with a few clicks. Serif provides flexible printing options for reliable, accurate, and professional results. Learn more about Serif

best desktop publishing software guide

Are you looking for high-quality printed materials such as books or magazines? Desktop publishing (DTP) software could be the perfect solution for you! With features like layout design tools, typography adjustments, image editing, and color management controls, customization is a breeze.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll look at everything desktop publishing involves, from usage steps to its benefits. We’ll also review five leading DTP options on the market and highlight any potential challenges users may encounter. Lastly, we’ll take a look at what’s trending in the DTP industry. Keep reading to find out the best desktop publishing software choices in 2024!

What Is Desktop Publishing Software?

Desktop publishing software enables the creation of visually appealing documents such as newsletters, magazines, brochures, and books. It offers a range of features, including typography tools for manipulating text font and size; image editing options for enhancing graphics; color management functionality; layout features for placing texts or photos in alignment with one another in perfect harmony.

Some popular desktop publishing tools include Adobe InDesign, Scribus, Microsoft Publisher, Affinity Publisher, and QuarkXPress. These tools may integrate with drawing or photo editing software for a cohesive solution that streamlines the production of publication-ready materials.

With desktop publishing at your fingertips, users can customize the layout of their publications based on their specific needs, which gives them the freedom to add a personal touch while maintaining a professional look and feel.

What Are The Steps for Using Desktop Publishing Software?

Creating professional-looking documents may seem overwhelming, but desktop publishing software makes this task more manageable by breaking down essential steps. These are necessary when planning, setting up, adding content, and designing high-impact layouts.

steps for using desktop publishing software

  1. Planning

    Begin by carefully planning what you want your document to emphasize, including developing an overall look/feel while deciding on relevant essential elements such as imaginative designs/graphics that would give extra context - this step will ensure your publication looks polished when finished.

  2. Setting up the document

    Choose the correct size/orientation when starting within DTP software, then incorporate appropriate margins/columns along with font types/color combination choices for optimal visual appeal.

  3. Adding content

    And now we get into the exciting stuff! Adding relevant content is where the magic happens - take advantage of DTP software tools to format everything creatively as you continue by incorporating pictures, texts, or graphics to turn your publication into a real masterpiece.

  4. Designing the layout

    Lastly, it is time to design your document’s layout. This process involves using various design elements such as headings/sub-headings or even underlining key sections using lines/boxes. The key is the organization and ensuring contents flow smoothly for maximum readability!

  5. Proofreading and editing

    After designing your layout, it’s important to proofread and edit your document to ensure it is free of errors and reads well. It’s also a good idea to have someone else review your document to catch any mistakes or inconsistencies that you may have missed.

  6. Finalizing and exporting the document

    Once you have proofread and edited your document, you can finalize it by making last-minute changes. Then, you can export your document in a format suitable for printing or sharing online.

Who Should Buy DTP Software?

Desktop publishing software is a versatile tool that can be used by a wide range of individuals and organizations. Using DTP software offers several advantages such as:

who are the buyers of desktop publishing system

  1. Graphic designers

    One great feature is its ability for graphic designers to craft high-quality layouts utilizing typography tools alongside robust editing options provided by image editing capabilities available within the suite.

  2. Small business owners

    For small businesses looking to boost their branding efforts through striking marketing materials like brochures or flyers without breaking the bank on professional design services, DTP provides them with an easy solution where they too can create clean visuals which represent them well without having extensive experience in the graphic design industry themselves.

  3. Non-profit organizations

    Non-profit organizations can create newsletters, annual reports, and other publications using DTP software. With the ability to create professional-looking documents, non-profit organizations can use DTP software to communicate with their supporters and raise awareness about their cause.

  4. Educator

    Educators benefit from using desktop publishing software because it allows them to craft effective educational aids like lesson plans that are clear-cut and focused on helping them impart knowledge easily. DTP software allows educators to create captivating documents and tailor their designs, making it an effective tool to enrich teaching and involve students actively.

  5. Individuals

    On a personal level, anyone can also utilize DTP software to produce individual projects like photo albums, greeting cards, and more. These programs provide a range of tools and features that make it easy to design and produce high-quality documents.

Benefits of Desktop Publishing Software

Benefits of Desktop Publishing Software Desktop Publishing Software offers numerous advantages that make it an indispensable tool for creating visually stunning and professionally polished publications. DTP software offers several key advantages such as:

advantages of desktop publishing software

  1. Professional-looking designs

    DTP software provides a wide range of design tools and features that enable users to create visually appealing layouts. Users control typography, color schemes, graphics, and other design elements, resulting in high-quality and professional-looking publications.

  2. Customization

    DTP software allows extensive customization options, empowering users to tailor their publications according to their unique branding and design requirements. Users can create personalized and distinctive publications by selecting fonts and colors and adjusting layout elements.

  3. Time and cost savings

    By using DTP software, businesses, and individuals can save time and costs associated with outsourcing design work. The intuitive interface, pre-designed templates, and automation features streamline the design process, enabling faster turnaround times and reducing expenses.

  4. Greater control

    DTP software gives users complete control over their publications' layout and design. They can precisely position and format text, images, and other visual elements, ensuring the final output aligns with their vision and requirements.

  5. Improved collaboration

    DTP software often includes collaboration features that facilitate teamwork and seamless communication among designers, content creators, and other stakeholders. This streamlines the review and feedback process, resulting in more efficient collaboration and smoother project workflows.

  6. Compatibility

    DTP software is compatible with various file formats, allowing for seamless importing and exporting of content between applications. This ensures seamless integration with existing workflows and allows for easy sharing and distribution of publications across different platforms and devices.

Key Features of DTP Software

Desktop Publishing Software comes equipped with a range of features that enhance users' design and layout capabilities. DTP software commonly includes several key features, such as:

essential features of desktop publishing system

  1. Typography tools

    To add visual interest to texts used throughout your documents while maintaining readability levels, this application includes font selection plus size/color variations with accessible text alignment options too!

  2. Image editing tools

    Users can manipulate their images by utilizing various image-enhancing techniques available through these types of applications, like cropping or resizing, along with precise color correction settings.

  3. Color management

    Color Management feature is an excellent addition for ensuring consistent use across all projects from start to finish. The world of desktop publishing (DTP) is full of helpful tools used in desktop Publishing and features designed to streamline the design process.

  4. Import and export options

    DTP software provides users with a range of import and export options to help them share their documents with others. These options include the ability to import and export files in a variety of formats, making it easy for users to share their publications with others.

The uses of desktop publishing software are many and varied, from creating professional-looking documents like newsletters, magazines, brochures, or books to producing marketing materials for businesses and non-profits.

Document publishing software like DTP software is indispensable for anyone looking to create visually appealing and easy-to-read content.

Top 5 Best Desktop Publishing Software: Comparison

Here is a list of DTP software options: the top 5 best desktop publishing software with their pricing, features, pros, and cons -

Free Trial
Starting Price

Adobe InDesign

7 Days




7 Days

Yes $79/month

Affinity Publisher

10 Days







Microsoft Publisher

1 Month



1. Adobe InDesign

adobe indesign dashboard

Adobe InDesign is a powerful software application that enables the creation of digital and print documents, including flyers, stationery, posters, and other media.DTP software provides various tools for creating visually appealing graphics and images. Adobe InDesign can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite collection.


  • Track changes to manage collaboration
  • Organize the layout with layers
  • Share files with clients and stakeholders
  • Add multimedia and interactivity
  • Support for new graphic formats
  • Copy the text between Illustrator and InDesign


  • Adobe InDesign has a superbly balanced interface that makes it easy to use.
  • The software provides easy and smart automatic global page adjustment.
  • Contextual information is readily available at your fingertips.
  • There is a huge selection of downloadable fonts to choose from.


  • Adobe InDesign requires a subscription to use.
  • The integration of PDF comments needs further polish.
  • Some tools in the software are not as intuitive as they should be.


  • To use Adobe InDesign, you’ll need to subscribe to their pricing model at a cost of $20.99 per month.

2. QuarkXPress

quark dashboard

QuarkXPress is a layout design and desktop publishing software that allows you to unleash your creativity and maximize productivity. It has been a reliable tool for content design since its market debut in 1987, offering power and speed to thousands of creative professionals. This is perfect for those in creative fields such as graphic design and content creation, as well as for marketing professionals and printing companies.


  • Page layout and web design
  • Mobile app creation
  • Graphics illustration
  • Photo editing and Digital Publishing
  • Palettes grouping
  • Layers filters
  • Tables format Painter
  • Smart guides vector object browser
  • Spine alignment text & typography
  • Orthogonal line tool measurement palette
  • Bulk file conversion


  • QuarkXPress is easy to use.
  • The software is fast and efficient.
  • It provides good value for money.
  • Using QuarkXPress can improve productivity.
  • The software offers unlimited upgrades.


  • Slow performance as it uses more hard disk than memory cache.
  • Expensive pricing with no upgrade for 50% or more offs.


  • QuarkXPress pricing starts at $79 for education and $849 for a new license. Upgrades from versions 2015 and 2016 are available for $399 and $185 respectively.

3. Affinity Publisher

affinity publisher dashboard

Affinity Publisher is a professional subscription-free page layout designer that offers an affordable yet powerful tool with few - if any - compromises. It seamlessly integrates with Serif’s other two apps, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Affinity Publisher is available for Windows and Mac for $54.99 and a separate DTP app for iPad is also available for $20. It is a great alternative to other publishing software.


  • Layout functionality for double-page spreads
  • Tons of text manipulation options and control
  • Pixel-perfect graphics that can be linked or embedded
  • Compatibility with Mac, Windows, and iPad hardware


  • Affinity Publisher is an affordable option for a professional page layout designer.
  • The software is full-featured and offers a powerful tool with few compromises.
  • It provides seamless access to Affinity Photo and Designer tools.


  • Affinity Publisher cannot read InDesign INDD files.
  • The software cannot yet read InDesign IDML files.


  • Affinity Publisher is available for Windows and Mac for $54.99. A separate DTP app for iPad is also available for $20. 

4. Scribus

scribus dashboard

Scribus is an open-source desktop publishing software that offers a genuine alternative to Adobe InDesign. It possesses all the necessary tools to generate visually appealing, print-ready documents and is ideal for indie magazine-makers.


  • Wide range of written publications
  • Supports both RGB and CMYK color modes
  • Offers several preset templates for new designs
  • Customization options for pages
  • Integration of vector graphics and photos
  • Text manipulation options


  • It is free to use and easily accessible.
  • It is open-source, allowing users to customize and modify the software to better suit their needs.
  • It has excellent color management options.
  • It is perfectly suited for creating print documents and interactive PDFs.


  • Unable to access the native file formats of other DTP software.
  • Incomplete documentation: Due to the open-source nature of this program, the documentation and Help resources are scattered.


  • Scribus is free software. The programmers behind Scribus wanted to create a program that was accessible to all at no cost.

5. Microsoft Publisher

microsoft publisher dashboard

Microsoft Publisher is a component of the Microsoft Office suite specifically designed for desktop publishing tasks. It is a feature-rich platform with an intuitive yet easy-to-use interface that enables you to produce professional-looking documents and publications.


  • Professional-level effects for texts, shapes, and images
  • Ability to use high-resolution picture backgrounds
  • Mail merge tools
  • Personalization tools
  • With drag-and-drop functionality, importing and swapping pictures is quick and easy.
  • Detailed rules and guides for correct measurements


  • There are a significant number of templates for you to use in Publisher.
  • Inserting new content is a simple process.
  • Microsoft Publisher creates an autoflow for your content.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s other applications.


  • The design of templates in Microsoft Publisher is based on its built-in design capabilities.
  • Microsoft Publisher is exclusively available for PC users.
  • It is infrequently updated.


  • Microsoft Publisher can be purchased through a Microsoft 365 subscription starting at $69.99/year or as a standalone product for $139.99.

Challenges Faced with DTP Software

While Desktop Publishing Software offers many benefits, users may encounter certain challenges during its utilization. Here are some common challenges associated with DTP software -

top challenges in desktop publishing software

  1. Learning curve

    DTP software often has a learning curve, especially for beginners or users transitioning from other design tools. Understanding the software's interface, features, and advanced functionalities may require time and effort.

  2. Compatibility issues

    Compatibility can be a concern when working with DTP software. File compatibility across different versions of the software or with other design applications can pose challenges, requiring users to convert or export files in compatible formats.

  3. Performance issues

    Working with large and complex projects in DTP software may result in performance issues, such as slow rendering, lag, or crashes. Users need to ensure their hardware and system configurations meet the software's requirements for optimal performance.

  4. Cost

    Some DTP software options, particularly those with advanced features and extensive capabilities, can be expensive. The cost of licensing or subscription plans may pose a challenge, especially for individuals or small businesses with budget constraints.

  5. Design challenges

    While DTP software provides powerful design tools, creating visually appealing and effective layouts still requires a good eye for design principles. Users may face challenges in achieving the desired aesthetic appeal, balancing elements, and ensuring effective design communication.

Latest Desktop Publishing Software Market Trends

The increasing demand for digital content, driven by the rise of social media platforms, is a significant factor contributing to the expansion of the desktop publishing software market.

This trend aligns with the growing adoption of online/e-learning courses, online assessments, virtual classrooms, edutainment, and digital textbooks (e-books).

Some of the latest trends in the desktop publishing software market include -

  1. Increased demand for cloud-based solutions

    Cloud-based solutions continue gaining popularity among users since they offer accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection – ideal for people frequently on the go or working remotely. It is also often more affordable than traditional desktop publishing software, as users only need to pay for the software they use.

  2. Greater emphasis on user experience

    Developers focusing improve user experience by innovating intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces to streamline the publishing process. The goal is to make desktop publishing software more accessible to a wider range of users, including those with limited technical skills.

  3. Integration with other software tools

    Integrated software tools like graphic design or image editing are becoming more common, allowing users to combine multiple functions into one convenient platform. This integration allows users to easily import and export content, collaborate with team members, and automate repetitive tasks.

  4. The growing popularity of open-source software

    Open-source desktop publishing software increasingly becomes a cost-effective option for small businesses and individual professionals alike, providing an affordable solution for all your publishing needs. As our reliance on mobile technology continues to increase, so does our need for streamlined processes when producing digital content.

  5. Expansion of mobile publishing

    With the growing use of mobile devices, there is a trend toward greater support for mobile publishing. This allows users to create and publish content directly from their mobile devices. For example, some desktop publishing software now includes features that allow users to optimize their documents for different screen sizes and resolutions.


Desktop publishing software is a powerful tool for crafting documents with a professional appearance. In this article, we explored its features, benefits, and top 5 options available on the market. Whether you are a graphic designer or a small business owner, DTP software can help you meet your specific needs.


Creating a range of publications, including newsletters, magazines, brochures, flyers, books, and even business cards, becomes easier with Desktop Publishing Software. The software packs the essential tools required for designing and formatting content that stands out in print and digital media.

Yes, you can use desktop publishing software on Mac and PC. Desktop publishing software includes programs like Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, and Serif PagePlus. These programs allow users to create professional-looking documents such as brochures, newsletters, magazines, flyers, etc.

Desktop Publishing Software cost varies. The prices for desktop publishing software can vary greatly, ranging from free options to those priced at several hundred dollars per year. Evaluate features and support to determine the best option for your needs and budget. Some providers offer free trials or demos. Weigh the cost against the value it brings.

Adobe InDesign is widely recognized as one of the most commonly used desktop publishing software.

Microsoft Word is not a desktop publishing software but has some basic layout and design features.

Desktop publishing is a comprehensive process that involves creating, designing, and producing printed or electronic materials using specialized software.

Desktop publishing software enables individuals to produce professional-looking documents such as brochures, newsletters or manuals without requiring extensive technical knowledge or expertise.

By utilizing these advanced tools at their disposal, desktop publishers have the ability to tailor each project according to individual specifications while ensuring a consistent visual identity across all materials produced.

Intuitive desktop publishing software refers to software that is easy to understand and use without requiring extensive training or technical knowledge. It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, allowing users to easily navigate and utilize its features.

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