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Best Online Drawing Tools For Beginners & Professionals

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Before delving into what drawing tool does, it is important to know what digital drawing is. Digital drawing is when art is created with the use of graphics software. Hence, instead of making use of pencil and paper, the art is created on the computer with the help of a mouse or a stylus. 

It helps in bringing about robust and automated designing solutions. With the changes in times, the world demands new designs and concepts. For this, it is necessary to have good drawing tools software that aids in this matter. A simple drawing tool even helps in visualization as well as collaboration. But its uses are still limited in the present context. 

The drawing tool is the need of the hour and one needs to take a serious look into the matter. Drawing tools software assists in creating and maintaining drawings that are accurate and also don’t take up much time. There are several software applications that have been created for the very same reason. 

For a person to invest in a drawing tool software can initially cost quite a lot. Plus, on purchasing a pricy program, one usually finds themselves at a loss as they have no prior knowledge on how to get started. If one is a beginner, it is advisable to never settle for software that costs a lot. Therefore, to make matters a little simpler for those who have just stepped into this field, mentioned below is a list of drawing software for beginners. 

1. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Known for its straightforward and simple operations, GIMP is well-known amongst amateurs. GIMP provides way more than what Photoshop gives while providing free access. Their main features include graphic design operations, image composition and authoring photo retouching, etc. All this is given for free which truly makes it one of the best drawing software for beginners. 

2. MediaBang Paint

Known for providing great tools for illustration and drawing, MediaBang can be accessed on the PC as well as the computer. Right from PC to Android to iPad, MediaBang is free across all devices. The features it provides are cloud sharing, various pre-installed fonts, simple interface and a wide range of brushes and tools. Although one is required to make an account first, there is no sort of payment involved. 

3. Wacom

Not considered to be a complete software, it still comes in the list of one of the best drawing software for beginners. The feature due to which this comes to the top of the list is that it has a Corel AfterShot, reliable tablet, good space to draw, etc. The best part about Wacom is that it’s easy to use on the table and well as carrying around in the backpack.

4. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe has been dominating the scene when it comes to creative software. Loved by artists and designers, combined, it provides a wide range of tools to design and enhance pictures as well as 3D visuals. While many are mistaken it as a software for editing images, they do not know that Adobe is also used by creators for creating designs and visuals, be it 2D or 3D. 

5. Autodesk Sketchbook

With over 140 pre-designed brushes, Autodesk Sketchbook also happens to support multiple platforms. Considered as one of the top drawing tool, it is built for architects, concept artists, designers, etc. The minimalist interface helps the software to seamlessly work across MAC, iOS, Windows and Android devices. Even their packages offer a variety of tools that not many do. 

6. Corel Painter

Corel is much more used by art students and those who have just stepped into the designing world. Although it can be a little on the higher side of the bargain, it comes with special rates for education institutes and learning students. This basic software is like a stepping stone to a more advanced world of designing. 

7. ArtRage

This software provides cross-platform digital painting, and that too with realistic tools. A great choice for digital painters, that is more focused on natural media and painting. The traditional paint texture that it provides, makes it fun for the designers to keep exploring. 


What used to be considered as one of the best software for drawing has recently lost that title as others seemed to be bucking up. But, with the latest update and addition of new features, Photoshop has again proven to be one of the best drawing software for PC. Being a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, one can easily share data and also get access to other assets like colours, brushes, styles, images, etc. 


Claiming to provide one of the most authentic painting experiences, Rebelle is described as “one of a kind” online drawing software. Apart from it being one of the most reliable software, it is also extremely affordable. The only deal with the software is that the brush presets are only limited but that too can be solved as one can create a built-in Brush Creator. But overall, it does work smoothly, thus making it to the list of one of the best drawing software for PC

Affinity Designer:

Whatever one requires to create state-of-the-art illustrations and designs is all provided by Affinity Designer. Considered to be one of the best drawing software for PC, it supports Vector and also comes along with the Companion iPad app. It offers great control over different brushes and curves. 

Corel Painter 2020:

Known as one of the best drawing software for MAC, it provides tonnes of tools for designers to get their job done. Created for the pros in the field of designing, it has a collection of more than 900 brushes to choose from. It also has its own library of tutorials for artists who are new to this entire set-up. For those who are planning to start their business in designing, this is one of the most recommended and the one the best drawing software for MAC.

Adobe Illustrator:

This also tops the list of one of the best drawing tool for MAC as it provides the best of drawing programs for vector design. Right from product packaging to web icons, everything can be created with the help of this simple drawing tool. Since the software works on vector, one can easily scale their artwork from the size that fits into a Smartphone to the ones on a billboard. 


One of the best drawing software for MAC comes free of cost and is also open-source.  In order to create concept art, illustrations, and comics, Krita is used by designers all across the world. This top drawing tool brings all professional tools at the disposal of the creator, thus enhancing the designer to create great designs and artwork.

The majority of the manufacturers in the present time have adopted 3D drawing software as it gives more space to showcase creativity and innovation. Apart from that, it also improves workflow as it is more efficient. 3D drawing software is easier to work with as they make work easy and also increases the cycle of new product development. SolidWorks is the best 3D drawing tool currently. Apart from that, even  AutoCAD is considered as one of the best 3D drawing software amongst designers. This drawing tool also increases revenue through quick product development. It eliminates unnecessary costs and also allows designers to create greater innovations. 

The issue with 2D drawing tool is that they are unable to capture the true and complex details of any design. 2D drawings are forced into physical prototyping as they are unable to display adequate information. Compared to that, 3D models help communicate tonnes of information. Without a doubt, one can claim 3D drawing software are the best to use as it is easy to create designs and edit them, everything in one file. Whereas, the 2D drawing tools software end up taking up more time than necessary. 

Even after making use of the best 2D drawing software, the designs do not give the perfect view as a 3D design would. The movement of the design in 3D is possible in real-time. With 3D designing, the drawing tool allows the design to be viewed from each and every angle and also how it would work in the real world. 

While submitting project proposals, 3D designs outshine against designs done in 2D. Even the clientele prefer 3D proposals and usually reject designs sent in 3D. It does not matter even if one uses the best 2D drawing software, but when compared to a 3D design, the design in 2D loses out in terms of charm and effects. 

With the number of drawing tools software available today, it can get difficult to put a finger on any one of the software and claim that it is the best. While before it has been mentioned as to which one has been the best drawing software for PC as well as MAC, there is still a huge array from which one has to decide. After hours of reviewing and contemplating, people have voiced their opinion and according to the users, be it an amateur or an expert, everyone has been pointing towards the AutoDesk AutoCAD 2020. While it costs less, it still provides a wide range of tools as well as learning resources. Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 has been voted as one of the best drawing tools by tonnes of faithful users. The support features that it provides for beginners are also extremely impressive. Since it allows creators to create designs in 2D and 3D, the users have reviewed it as their favorite drawing tool. 

The other drawing tools software that is also highly rated by its users is TurboCAD Deluxe 2018. Since it is basic and user-friendly, it is considered as the perfect choice for those who have just stepped into the field of designing. ?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • It is always better to opt for one that allows the creator to design in 2D as well as 3D.
  • Buying an expensive online drawing software is not the answer at all times. Sometimes, even a free software can end up solving the issue. Expensive software does have its own set of advantages, but that does not mean that free software cannot help whatsoever.
  • 2D image is always simpler to design whereas designing 3D images can become a little complex.
  • The answer will always be 3D.

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