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Best e-prescribing software are Practice Fusion, Rcopia, AdvancedMD, Chetu Pharmacy Management System, NueMD, Kareo, ScriptSure, and Aprima. With these applications, you can make prescriptions online and send them to the concerned patients.

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List of 20 Best E Prescribing Software

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High Performer | 2024

Best way to get data-driven e-prescriptions

Make your independent medical practice more data-driven by using Practice Fusion. This electronic prescription software can create custom e-prescription over a single click with its various in-build templates and save your time and efforts. Read Practice Fusion Reviews

Emergents | 2024

89,000 Prescribers have already shown trust in it

Rcopia is a growth-driven e-prescribing software that enables a medical practitioner to share e-perceptions through mobile apps, emails, and SMSs. With its ADT/HL7 Integration to EHR Systems, it does the job with full perfection. Learn more about Rcopia

Category Champions | 2024

Say bye-bye to manual prescription

Increase patient engagement was never so much of ease as it is now with AdvancedMD. By tracking the medical activity of the patients, this electronic prescription software included real-time patient data in the e-prescriptions. Read AdvancedMD Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Chetu Pharmacy Management System comes with multiple medical assistance like Rx image scanning, online refills, barcode generation that makes e-prescription generation more advanced and reliable. This e-prescribing software can do multi-store management as well. Learn more about Chetu Pharmacy Management System

Contenders | 2024

It can reduce no-show incidents by 30%

NueMD is one of the best e prescribing software available in the market that ensures you retain patients for once and all. It can be used to do direct Rx image scanning, direct data import and export, and multiple patient portal set-ups. Read NueMD Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Award-winning software at your service

Shun the manual prescription generation practice and start giving data-driven and custom-made e-prescriptions using MDToolbox e-Prescribing. This electronic prescription software has more than 60,000+ users at the global level and can be trusted blindly for hassle-free operations. Learn more about MDToolbox e-Prescribing

High Performer | 2024

It offers everything that you need for superior patient care

Deliver outstanding patient care using the powerful and customizable AI of Kareo. This electronic prescription software can handle everything starting from e-prescription to POS portal set. You can use it abundantly to improve team productivity. Read Kareo Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Can service medical practices of all sizes

Running an independent medical practice with full professionalism was never as cost-effective as it is with PrognoCIS EMR. This e-prescribing software can generate data-rich patient portals, custom e-prescription, and POS portals for your medical practice. Learn more about PrognoCIS EHR by Bizmatics

Emergents | 2024

World-class service at peanut’s costing

ScriptSure is the best e prescribing software in which every medical professional should start using it. With its instant data-capture ability, it streamlines e-prescription, EHR, and patient record management process. Learn more about ScriptSure

Emergents | 2024

E-prescription made easy

Aprima is here to make your medical practices more sorted and data-driven by giving you a real-time e-prescription generation facility. This e-prescribing software can be easily used in any ecosystem and increase ROI. Learn more about aprima

Emergents | 2024

35 years of excellent service

Get MicroMD EMR today if you want to deliver patient-centric medical care. By generating data-driven e-prescription, this electronic prescription software saves time and effort allowing your patients to get the right medical advice quickly. Read MicroMD EMR Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Can generate e-prescriptions for 25+ specialties

Meditab is here to make your medical practice more data-driven, comprehensive, and cost-effective. By using intelligent AI, this best e prescribing software directly export/import the data from the patient portal and includes it in e-prescription. Learn more about Meditab

Emergents | 2024

Trusted by many industry leaders

With a powerful AI and intelligent interface, digitalRx has become the best e prescribing software available in the market. You can use it for e-prescription, patient-portal, data sharing, and EHR maintenance. Learn more about digitalRx

Emergents | 2024

Help you running a patient-first medical practice

drchrono EHR is growth-driven electronic prescription software that enables a medical professional to focus on practice, not administration. It generates auto e-prescriptions, share via email and SMS, and can add custom fields over a single click. Learn more about drchrono EHR

Most affordable complete clinic management solutio

Clinic Management is evolving. Introducing a complete solution that digitized the way we manage our clinics. No longer are we reliant on paper appointment books and physical patient files. Read KiviCare Reviews

Most Reviewed

My Clinic in My Pocket

ClinSav is the simplest & fully offline clinic management app for doctors. With ClinSav, you can manage unlimited patients, appointments and case papers. You can send beautiful e-prescriptions, invoices, payment invoices, letters to your patients and much more! Read ClinSav Reviews

Zero Cost AI Powered Digital HealthTech Platform f

SoftClinic GenX is an Advance Telemedicine Integrated Digital HealthTech Platform offering Quick e-prescription powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML). Read SoftClinic Legacy Reviews

Emergents | 2024

DoseSpot Plus+ is a fully featured E Prescribing Software designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. DoseSpot Plus+ provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online E Prescribing system offers Formulary Management, Prescription Cancellation, Prescription Renewals, Medication History, Drug Reference Database at one place. Learn more about DoseSpot Plus+

Emergents | 2024

OrderConnect e-Prescribing is a fully featured E Prescribing Software designed to serve Startups, SMEs. OrderConnect e-Prescribing provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online E Prescribing system offers Drug Reference Database, Prescription Renewals, Refill Management, Prescription Cancellation, Clinical Alerts at one place. Learn more about OrderConnect e-Prescribing

iMed e-Rx is starts from $43/month

iMed e-Rx electronic prescription system starts from $43/month and can be used for writing both legend and EPCS compliant prescriptions. Which is Certified for e-Prescribing in all States. Our software has Electronic prior authorization and it has Formulary support. Learn more about iMed e-Rx


E-Prescribing software is used in hospitals and clinics to make prescriptions after a diagnosis is complete, send the same to the patient, and store them in the data warehouses.

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Last Updated: January 02, 2024