List of Best Education Software

The best education software in India are ProProfs, Schoology, Google Classroom, TalentLMS, Litmos, Student information Software, and Wisenet. These kinds of educational software are useful in curating and managing online content for educational purposes.

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List of 20 Best Education Software

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Digitize your school and become future ready now

Teachmint is a global education infrastructure company that reimagines teaching, learning, and administration with the help of cutting-edge technology. We offer the best ERP, LMS & Content solutions to boost your school’s growth! Read Teachmint Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Education Management and Automation (EDUMAAT)

EDUMAAT is an enhanced ERP that automates the education sector that starts from student admission to graduation. An educational institute is a place where the management, the students, the parents and the faculty are identified as stakeholders. Read EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Get better at math, Get better at everything

Cuemath is the best-certified eduTech solution. The specialization is in math. Having content of CBSC, ICSE, US, UK national, Singapore National and state board's math, mental aptitude. Encourages for thinking of out-of-box by puzzles and games. Read Cuemath Reviews

Most Reviewed

Build, Manage & Scale your Training Business

Edmingle is an easy to use SAAS learning management software. It offers wide range of features like Integrated Zoom live classes, Exams and Certificates, Course page creation and collecting payments to manage your training & coaching business. Get 14 Days FREE Trial. Read Edmingle Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

AI Powered School Automation Software and Apps

Edisapp ERP is a simple, powerful, and flexible academic ERP specifically designed for schools with the industry’s most comprehensive set of features, future-ready technology and data security. Edisapp is 100% customizable and comes with school branded mobile apps. Read Edisapp School Management ERP Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Web-based Gradebook and School Management System

Web-based gradebook and school management system for individual teachers, schools, and districts. Free subscription for individual teachers and 30 days free trial for schools and districts. Read iGradePlus Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Cloud-based School Management Platform

Managing an institute can be a tedious job as a lot of activities happen at the same time. In such case, Campus 365 is your solution as it gives you the edge over any other educational application by bringing all the verticals at one place. Read Campus 365 Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Ride on the wave of online education

EduGyaan is ready-to-use, allowing you to take your tutoring operations online within minutes. Deliver the best online tutoring experience with built-in features. Use Edugyaan and take your offline classes online instantly. Read EduGyaan Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Byjus is India’s largest online learning platform designed for school curriculum. Designed and content by India's best teachers. There are so many short and smart tricks in every subject. To cover all the concepts there are 1000+ hours of video lectures, unlimited test and much more. It offers personalized learning programs, study materials, online courses, and one-on-one guidance to students, helping them learn better and faster. Byjus brings together the best teachers from across India to help students ace school-level and other competitive exams. Read BYJU'S Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Advanced Recruitment & Onboarding Platform

TalentRecruit Software is built on the core principles of Automation, Intelligence & Analytics. Our innovative cloud-based recruitment automation platform is driven by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to improve the top & bottom line of your organization. Read TalentRecruit Reviews

Software by Grammarly Inc

Grammarly is web-based education software that checks the spelling, punctuation, grammatical & syntax errors in your writing to improves the content quality by manifolds. You need a browser to run it. Read Grammarly Reviews

AI-powered writing assistant for academic and tech

Trinka is an AI-powered writing that corrects grammar and improves the language in academic and technical writing. With Trinka, professionals and academics can go beyond grammar and ensure that their writing is professional, concise, and engaging. Read Trinka AI Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Bill presentment and online payment collections

Swipe invoicing software is an online cloud-based solution. Using Swipez you can collect payments faster, organize company expenses, automate vendor payouts & perform e-invoicing GST filing. Automate your company billing using Swipez free billing software. Read Swipez Billing Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Online examination software for creating the online exam and online test, web-based exam software and computer-based exam software. Create online exam and test using online exam software. This exam software is very user-friendly and is browser compatible with all the commonly used browsers. Read Conduct Exam Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Koolguru is India's most affordable online learning platform that helps students learn in a LIVE environment with expert teachers. Koolguru's USP is its price, access through devices, and classes by the best teachers. Read Koolguru Reviews

High Performer | 2023

HDSchool is a comprehensive software solution that automates day to day activities of Educational Institution. Easily manage Admissions, Fees, Student attendance etc.. Read HDSchool Reviews

Software by Vedantu Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

A personalized online tutoring platform, Vedantu provides complete access to live classes and study material for better academic performance. With an experienced teacher community, Vedantu follows an adaptive teaching model to deliver an exceptional learning experience to students. It has innovative features that facilitate interactive teaching and smart reporting options for complete operational visibility. Read Vedantu Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Reduce bad hiring up to 80%. Recruit in no time!

ubiAptitude is an online testing software which is hassle free-convenient-immediate-accurate & amazingly affordable. It helps to find best applicants in no time. Reduces bad hiring up to a great extent. Improves your recruitment process. Read ubiAptitude Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Childcare Software to streamline your school opera

Illumine helps you simplify administration, publish content, manage inquiries streamline observations, and improve planning. It's time for a better childcare management platform. Read Illumine Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Java tutorials are divided into 9 lessons. These Java tutorials assume that you are familiar with the basic concepts of programming. Each tutorial describes in particular with examples include both source code and video. By practicing the examples in these Java tutorials, anyone can grow confident in Java. Read Java In Easy Steps Video Tutorials Reviews

Why Do You Need Education Software?

What is the importance of education software? It seems pretty obvious by its name, its intended purpose- Education! Education software is specifically designed to deliver effective learning solutions on a massive scale - for better skill upgradation and expansion of the knowledge database. This kind of software mainly focuses on the different teaching techniques of the various concepts to impart a real-time learning experience in different sub-fields of the given category.

What Is The Purpose of Educational Software?

  1. Specifically designed to improve the necessary skills for various sub-categories of education facilities.
  2. Provide various education facilities in the respective categories to inculcate a better sense of thinking and practicality.
  3. Intended to provide a greater scope of self-learning by the usage of a vast database of the knowledge base to inculcate a sense of understanding and concept simulation.

What are the Features Of Education Software?

Genres of the software: Primarily based on subjects and the categories of the same are listed below

  1. High-end user experience for enhanced learning features
  2. Practical design solutions for the facilitation of more significant interaction and user-end control
  3. Updated knowledge database in compliance with the trending educational and business standards
  4. Responsive facilities with full-time support for adequate performance levels
  5. Creative techniques to enhance the concept grasping skills and regular practice sessions for determining the growth levels
  6. Responsive feedback solutions with detailed reports on the current levels and improvement statistics
  7. Greater availability of a large number of tools and widgets to facilitate better compliance with the learning levels
  8. Real-time implementation of the software for enhanced efficacy in the learning standards
  9. Modular application of concepts to create more effective mind mapping solutions
  10. Expert-level assistance for better incorporation of the concepts
  11. Practical implementation of the concepts to develop better understanding abilities amongst the users and thus obtain efficiency on the greater scale
  12. Numerous test sessions and assessments at the end of each module to initiate a better understanding of the levels of concept grasping
  13. New and revised methodologies to inculcate ideas to arrive at different concepts
  14. Simulation-based learning and gaming software to analyze the user understanding levels.
  15. What Are The Advantages Of Education Software?
  16. Highly suitable for those seeking self-learning programs
  17. Better concept integration due to greater attention to understanding criteria
  18. Greater exposure to a vast database for enhancement of skills and upgradation of the same
  19. Highly researched content in compliance with the existing educational standards
  20. Enhanced focus on the skills and better problem-solving techniques
  21. Interactive learning standards
  22. Full-time support and assistance for greater applicability
  23. High-end user graphics with better creativity standards to deliver an excellent user experience
  24. The modularity of the learning concepts in compliance with the learning levels of different age groups.

What Are The Advantages Of Education Software?

  1. Highly suitable for those seeking self-learning tools and programs
  2. Better concept integration due to greater attention to understanding criteria
  3. Greater exposure to a vast database for enhancement of skills and upgradation of the same
  4. Highly researched content in compliance with the existing educational standards
  5. Enhanced focus on the skills and better problem-solving techniques
  6. Interactive learning standards
  7. Full-time support and assistance for greater applicability
  8. High-end user graphics with better creativity standards to deliver an excellent user experience
  9. The modularity of the learning concepts in compliance with the learning levels of different age groups.

Top Educational Software for Students

1. Workday Student

This is an end-to-end campus management software that was designed to work with Workday human capital management, Workday Financial Management, Workday grants management, and Workday payroll. It works by uniting the entire campus management under a single system. It’s one of the best student management software that combines admissions, recruiting, undergraduate financial record keeping, and curriculum management.


  • Electronic assignments and tests for students
  • Financial aid management
  • Progress report for staff
  • Online payment system integration
  • Attendance tracking


  • Great user interface.
  • Allow staff to keep track of payment and taxes.


  • The app sometimes fails to scrutinize hours worked.
  • After many attempts, some teachers were still unable to grasp how the system works.
  • Its multi-factor verification process can be difficult to meet.

2. SalesForce for Higher Ed

This is a CRM based educational software that provides student record integration throughout the life-cycle. With this software, higher institutions can manage staff effectively and ensure their success through various channels such as the solution sets for recruiting and admissions, data architecture, and the SalesForce Advisor link.


  • Easy to use
  • Tasks can be created and monitored easily


  • Data can be easily customized for review at a later date
  • Enable institutions to analyze information using the data sets gathered


  • The page is sometimes unresponsive         

3. Pearson Education

This software encourages team learning among undergraduates as well as social issue discussions. With this app, they can enjoy classroom learning and make it fun.


  • Graphical content
  • Flipped classroom scheduling
  • Help tutors to create assignments and tasks according to each need


  • It's a unique tool for teaching and coordinating.
  • Helps teachers to lessen the amount of work and relegate it to something they can handle.
  • It helps students to improve their test scores.


  • Many users complain that the software lacks intuitiveness. If you aren’t tech savvy, you may have a hard time learning this software.

4. Cerego

Cerego is a powerful student portal software that is highly applicable in many sectors, such as aviation, health care, higher institutions, corporate organizations, and many more. It integrates learning across a range of topics, thereby helping them to learn faster, build their retentive memory, and apply what they learned to real life scenarios.


  • Perfect for institutions that want to focus on deep learning with less classroom time.
  • Perfect for students and tutors that desire autonomy and accountability.
  • They can use the software to create courses for others.


  • Easy course creation and grouping.
  • Helps them to visualize the learning process.


  • Many undergraduates find it too technical.
  • Course tagging and organization is too messy.

5. LabStats

This is an educational software that offers a system or cloud-based solution for higher institutions to measure the application of technological tools in computer labs.


  • Provides information relevant to data integration.
  • Timely and useful reports.


  • Helps institutions to run large computer labs on campus.
  • Custom software can be easily added.


  • Nil

6. Colleague by Ellucian

This is a highly rated college educational software that helps schools to keep every information relating to students and staff in one system.


  • Helps to automate the student registration process.
  • Record information on time.
  • Eliminates the hassle of manual record keeping.


  • Undergraduates can register for a course easily.
  • Staff can gain access to relevant information about a student without any restrictions.


  • Student information cannot be imported using a spreadsheet unless keyed in manually.

7. School Time

This is one of the best cloud-based software available for both staff and students of many higher institutions.


  • User friendliness.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Ensure no loss of data during admissions.


  • Schools can leverage more than 60 payment gateways to receive payments from students.
  • Schools can easily share data with stakeholders and students.


  • A first time user may not have the best experience.

8. Open School

This is a highly useful student administration software that provides higher institutions with effective student information management and ensures well-coordinated staff administration.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Allows schools to adapt easily as their technological needs changes.


  • It lowers the cost of administration for many schools.


  • Too pricey for new schools

9. Sycamore Campus

It’s a complete cloud-based student information system. It has a functional student portal system, an integrated payment system, and inbuilt support.


  • It has a functional student admission portal.
  • Provides a platform for easy communicating between higher institutions, students, and parents.


  • Easy to manage with little costs.
  • One time start-up fee.


  • The desktop site is better than the app.

10. UNIT 4

This software is regarded as a unique educational software that brings the entire life-cycle of undergraduates into a simple integrated system such as admissions, financial aid, payment portal, billing, and services.


  • HR and payroll integration.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Payment and admission portals.
  • Grades submission.
  • Information tracking center.


  • Easy to use for a first time user.
  • Smooth navigation and interface.
  • Helps undergraduates to register courses and organize them easily.


  • Many users complain that it crashes several times a day.

11. OneNote

Taking notes is the compulsory part of the education system; you may not survive or score well without taking good notes. If you have a touchscreen PC, you will enjoy working with OneNote. It enables you to highlight, scribble, and mark important points with a pen so that you can refer to them whenever required. 

This not only allows you to take notes, but you can also share files with your friends. Moreover, it is available for free. Thus, you need not worry about paying for any paid plans. 

12. Edmodo

Edmodo is making things easier for both students and teachers. It is a social media network that keeps teachers and students connected. 

It is an efficient tool, specifically for teachers. They can share assignments, notes, slides, lectures, videos, or any other content with students. It is considered the most popular among all other educational tools. 

13. GeoGebra

It is an effective tool in the field of math. It assists you in graphing, algebra, geometry, spreadsheets, and many other types of math work. 

GeoGebra also allows you to share your work and to view the creation of others. One can also use it on a smartphone or any other device. 

14. FludMath

It is another excellent tool for those who want freedom from handwritten maths practice.  Instead, they can do it on a PC. This app will allow you to convert handwritten formulas into graphs on a digital paper, and equations into text. 

15. Google Drive

This tool can keep all the tasks in one place and make things easy for the users. It enhances one’s ability to collaborate on shared projects over slides, sheets, and Docs. 

Also, take a look at Google photos, which can organize and save all your photos from an Android device or iPhone.

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Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Cuemath 4.8(313 Reviews)

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Teachmint 4.9(94 Reviews)

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Edmingle 4.8(46 Reviews) $0 Per Year Yes Learn More
iGradePlus 4.9(35 Reviews) $0 Per Year Yes Learn More
Edisapp School Management ERP 5.0(35 Reviews)

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FAQs of Education Software

Education software is any computer program created for educational purposes. It covers various topics, including language learning software, classroom management software, and reference software. The goal of all of this software is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of some aspects of education.

Types of education software:

  1. Desktop Publishing
  2. Authoring System
  3. Utility Software
  4. Tutorial Software
  5. Graphic Software
  6. Simulations
  7. Drill And Practice Software
  8. Educational Games

Education software allows teachers to concentrate on their primary duties; the software can automate secondary tasks. For instance, Education tools handle time-consuming procedures like checking homework, grading test assignments, and providing access to student information.

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