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O/DEV 3D PRODUCT is a 3d design software which helps to add 3d effect to your patterns in the development stage. It helps you through the designing process providing you with accurate visualization of how your end product will look like.

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  • 3D Simulation

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EFI Optitex Description

EFI Optitex is a new age technological support software for designing with 2D and 3D visualization. It creates enticing designs and apparel, with innovation to keep pace with the fast-moving market.

Key Features
An online software with a creative vision for fast-paced fashion and efficient design features, EFI Optitex is pristine to use. The features that make it a unique platform in the fashion world are:

1. Seamless Communication

Generating and communicating a creative idea with a team is a must to get the most refined results. The seamless communication with all the partners globally enhances the efficiency of working.

2. Sustainable Workflow

Sustainability is a growing concern. With the digital platform, ensure to approve the entire collection online with digital simulations without wasting a single piece of cloth.

3. Increased Productivity

Designing apparels require patience and time. With the help of EFI Optitex saves time by designing the patterns and clothes virtually. "How much is Optitex software price?" This might come to your mind, but with the uncanny features and productivity enhancement it offers, the Optitex price will seem low.

4. Faster Delivery

In a competitive era, reaching the market first is crucial. With the help of digital platforms, one can create garments efficiently and quickly. Simultaneously, getting first-hand feedback from the market ensures quick style decisions and automated processing.

5. 95% Accuracy

The use of 3D visualization technology facilitates creating a simulation of the real-life design. It can easily be adjusted or contrasted and even fine-tuned to get the one you desire for. The use of technology leverages a higher degree of accuracy as compared to manual working.

Product Specifications

A simulation fashion product that aims at designing the 2D and 3D models of the garments in the fashion industry, EFI Optitex, has revolutionized the segment. The software provides the products in three segments, which are Design, Develop, and Produce. 

Offering solutions to every inclusion in the fashion industry like the manufacturers, brands, education, bags, accessories, and even automotive, the organization has thrived on creating accurate simulations that one can easily trust. 

A Detailed look at Product

An advanced digital tool that makes fashion fun and straightforward, EFI Optitex is one unbelievable technological support. With various products that suit different users' needs in the fashion world, the software is a one-stop solution with no breaches. The premium products in three categories of Design, Develop, and Produce that it offers are:

1. 3D Design For Illustrator

A 3D plug-in compatible with Windows and Mac can easily visualize fabrics, colorways, and patterns of the garment and even adjust Adobe’s graphic placement.

2. O/Cloud

A 3D collaboration that offers early feedback before physically preparing the prototype and easing communication with the team allows fast and easy sharing.

3. 2d & 3d Integrated Pattern Design Software

A perfect pattern design software combines the virtue of 2D and 3D visualizations for faster development of Products both for fashion and technical textile industry.

4. Fabric Management Solution

It helps create own fabric library, measuring and arranging, garment fit analysis, developing swatch books, and a lot more to ensure sustainability and matching industry standards.

5. Revu

A time savvy and fluent Product that allows presenting the collection virtually in various sizes, colorways, and views for reviewing before finalizing.

6. Rendering Server

A cost-efficient and time savvy server-based application that automates the compute-intensive tasks in no time. 

7. Marker Making Suite

With the help of automated nesting and manual placement of material on marker tables, one can save time and optimize material use.

8. Print & Cut

Efficiently and quickly print the custom graphics and logos on the sheets to create uniquely tailored texture and cut in the most precise manner to eliminate resource wastage.

9. CutPlan

It is a perfect tool to manage complex orders digitally and boost productivity, efficiency, and profits while assisting complex color, texture, and grading variations.

Product Benefits

A booming fashion industry tool, the excellent benefits that EFI Optitex are:

  • It helps seamlessly complete the material by helping to appropriate measuring, rendering, and sharing details.
  • The fast simulations reduce the time frame and offer instant feedback for a better and quicker response.
  • It offers uncanny and swift information regarding any issues in the garment, like the fitting problem.
  • The accurate display of the 3D visual of a garment continuously renders the designers with the information required.
  • It offers a seamless process for garment creation without any hassle, which allows designing the entire creation smoothly.
  • It allows you to earn Optitex 3D Professional Certification and Optitex 2D PDS Professional Certification. The Optitex price for certification is $275 each.

Product Functions

  • The primary function is to offer an end-to-end and online ongoing solution to partakers of the fashion industry.
  • It acts as the mentor to teach the users the complete process of creating virtual samples independently.
  • It serves as the online studio that allows innovation and designing with expertise that includes 3D consulting, training, and implementation.
  • It functions to nurture the skills of the students and develop the leaders of tomorrow.
  • The seamless integration of technical designs offered by EFI Optitex provides high accuracy.

Pricing Details 

How much is Optitex software cost? It might strike you as you go through the exclusive and unique features and benefits of the EFI Optitex. Well, the Optitex price is available at the request of the potent buyer.

Before planning to buy the Product, one can book the demo to understand the features and functioning better. It allows you to experience the functioning of Optitex in segments like fashion, sportswear, automotive, bags and accessories, display graphics, education, and others. With various products and services, the Optitex price varies. 

The Optitex price is surely available on-demand, but with the seamless features and services, it offers the quality of work is surely going to shoot up at skyrocket speed. Visit the official website to know more about various solutions, products, and services that EFI Optitex offers.

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Ease of use Ease of use 4

Ease of use

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"Easy to make different patterns sets"


"More features"

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Pattern master

Used the software for : 6-12 months

Company Size :11-50 employees


May 29, 2020

User experience

This is a good app and helps me a lot to do work first. I make on cards but this is easy to use. I learn this very easily and quickly. After that, I use this on my laptop and I do more work in less time as compare to past time.

Feature Feature 4


Out of 5

Ease of use Ease of use 4

Ease of use

Out of 5

Value for money Value for money 4

Value for money

Out of 5

Customer support Customer support 4

Customer support

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Easy to make different patterns sets

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More features

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What are the top 5 features for EFI Optitex?

The top 5 features for EFI Optitex are:

  • 2D Drawing
  • CAD Tools
  • Pattern Grading
  • Avatar
  • 3D Simulation
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