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Best Email Signature Software for Business in 2020

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The email signature software has become the ultimate marketing strategy for numerous businesses for improving their marketing reach and brand value. This software helps in optimizing, monitoring, distributing, curating, and standardizing the email signature. Email signature software has become essential in many sectors of the market. 

Before we start with email signature software, let’s see in detail what the email signature is.

Email signature contains content, image, and font style. Email signature management helps in targeting the email recipients for marketing purposes, personalizing emails (Personalization Software), increasing response rates, and so on. With the help of email signature software, a company can manage the email signature. Now, let us see about email signature software in detail.

Many companies spend an extensive amount of time and energy hunting for the best email signature software for businesses. Why is it so important to have the best email signature software for businesses?

1. Control

The best email signature software for businesses helps in controlling the email signatures. With this software, you can assign different signatures for different departments and teams to monitor and control the information provided in the signature. When a general template is given, each department or employee can modify it to his/her likes, disrupting consistency, which very essential for promoting a formal brand value. With an email signature software, you can be assured about the information provided in the email signature.

2. Better marketing

Email signature software for businesses provides an opportunity to use the signature for marketing. Providing contact information of the email sender to the mail recipients like email, phone number, LinkedIn ID, and others, you are creating a personal touch. This promotes retention. Using email signatures to create banner campaigns will help you promote new products, discounts, news, updates, and so on. For instance, if your company is planning to launch a clearance sale, you can add a small banner graphic to the email signature. Your software helps in managing the banner campaigns.

3. Easy implementation

The best email signature software for businesses helps in creating and executing signature easily into daily practices. With automated signature generation, you can create a customized signature by providing details to the software. Even employees with basic computer knowledge can create a signature without any need of coders and graphic designers.

4. Legal compliances

You would have seen email signatures with legal disclaimers at the end of the mail. It helps in creating an ethical and sound business ambiance. You are providing an enforceable legal disclaimer to the recipient creating a safer platform for both you and your recipient.

Yes, the best email signature software provides the above-stated benefits. However, hiring a team to work on the email signature and using manual processes to design the template is also a valid option. But, when you take the advanced features of the best email signature software into consideration, it becomes unquestionably clear that email signature software is the right solution for the betterment of your current marketing strategies.

1. Scalability

Scalability is an advanced feature of most of the best email signature software that attracts large and growing companies. This feature helps to increase the size of the signature library. A large multinational company will have tens of products with numerous promotions going on. Each geographical location will have a separate list of festivals considered for promoting the product. In such a case, you would be handling hundreds of email signatures. With a good email signature software, the process becomes systematic and organized with less space for manual error.

2. One-person control

For a budding brand, hiring an IT department is more likely equivalent to hiring one IT specialist. For creating numerous email signatures, you would need a team working on it or, you would end up outsourcing your work. However, with the best email signature software, you can avoid excessive work of IT department and create your signature within a matter of minutes. With numerous preset templates and options, the entire software is at your disposal.

3. Cross-platform email signature

You would be familiar with the fact that the number of users reading your email on a smartphone is much higher than those reading it on a desktop. Thus, you need a signature, which adapts your message to the size and resolution of the recipient’s screen. You cannot expect the customer to take the time to zoom in and out to read your marketing message. With the help of the best email signature software, a responsive email signature becomes a breeze.

Apart from these, there are numerous advanced features of email signature marketing software like capturing data, better control, convenience (convenience store software) in change, and so on.

1. Increase traffic by adding a link

If you use an exchange email signature software, you can create a consistent email signature for all the mail processed by the same exchange server. By adding a link to your company website, you are increasing the chance of your potential customer visiting your webpage. An increase in web traffic is the first step to success in online business.

It is not just about adding a link to your home page. If you wish to use exchange email signature software to convert customers into leads, you need to direct them to the call-to-action page with the phone number, contact list, sign-up form, or others. Customize the landing page to suit your mission.

2. Segmented campaign

Each department has its own goal. A sustainable organization creates separate campaigns for retaining existing customers and promoting the product to a newer audience. Apart from this, each type of customer comes under a different marketing campaign. Depending upon your goal and kind of customers, you can create a relevant email signature using exchange email signature software and send a personalized advertisement for the customers; thus, increasing the chance of more sales generation and subscriptions.

3. Imparting trust

Using legal compliances and assurance at the bottom of the mail gives trust to the customers that the mail and the content are legit. This trust goes a long way when it comes to long term business.

4. Improving brand awareness

Your employees send tens of emails every day. By promoting your brand logo and name in each mail with exchange email signature software, you are creating an awareness of your brand. Your company will survive only if a wide audience remembers your brand. The consistency in representing the brand name and logo increases the perception of your brand’s standing in the eyes of the recipient.

5. Using analytics for better marketing strategy

With the use of advanced exchange email signature software, you can understand customer behavior based on their clicks and activities on your website or mail. With these data, you can create a better marketing strategy in the future.

Here are the basic benefits of using an email signature tool to create an email signature.

1. Increase your brand awareness

With a perfect email signature developed by an email signature tool, you make your brand more recognizable and impart trust. As time passes by, the customers will recognize your brand with just your email signature. This is the power of using email signature design software.

2. Professional look

With the email signature tool, you can create a professional look to your brand and also maintain consistency. Your clients will see your business with a much higher standard, which increases the chance of converting prospective clients into customers.

3. Personalized look

Every company targets millions of people while sending emails. By using an email signature tool to create a customized email signature, you are giving a personal touch to the email. Using personal greetings, providing contact details, allowing them to communicate with you and others would make you look more approachable rather than a corporate look. This personal look provided by the email signature tool will go a long way in retaining customers.

4. Promote the product/service

By using email signature design software, you can create promotional banners in your email template. Your team would send hundreds of emails every day, and this equals promoting your product or service to hundreds of people. This reach is quite monumental compared to the almost-nothing you spend on sending each mail.

Using an email signature design software to create a signature indeed provides a better reach, increased ROI, and other benefits mentioned before. However, overusing or underusing this technique can create a massive downfall of your brand name. How to use the email signature design software to create a perfect email signature?

  • Give more importance to the brand name, your name, contact info, social platform reach, and others. Many email signature design software requests you to provide this information as basic details to create a signature.
  • Use high-contrast color text and easy to read font. The email signature marketing software will provide hundreds of fonts and colors. Remember to use the right combination based on your target audience. For instance, if your target audience is senior citizens, make sure to have larger fonts.
  • A design hierarchy is essential. The human eye gives more importance to the largest image. Use that image to provide the primary information like discount details, contact information, the deadline for the discount, and so on. With the design hierarchy format, you can direct them to read whatever information you want, first.
  • Update your email signature regularly. Using an email signature marketing software is not enough. You need to keep it up to date. You cannot advertise for Easter sale until Halloween. Whenever your goal changes, your email signature should change too.
  • Keep it short and small. Do not make a large signature that runs for ten lines. Do not make it larger by adding more graphics, making it hard for your mail to load. If your mail does not load in less than three seconds, the chances of your recipient viewing the mail are quite less.
  • Use the email signature marketing software to create clickable elements to direct your customers towards the social page, call-to-action pages, and others. Your aim is not just to make your recipient read the mail, your ultimate goal is to turn the recipient into customers.

It is essential to stay updated in the marketing strategies if you do not want to become obsolete. Choose a reliable email signature marketing software and start immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. This can be used by all sorts of organizations and businesses to beautify and standardize their emails. Email signatures may comprise written text, company/organization logo, or a relevant image. This creates an impression of genuineness about your company to the recipients.
  • A. Email signature application comprises many features such as:

    • Availability of a wide range of signature templates
    • Automated HTML signature generation
    • Support for animated font and images
    • Support to embed social media icons
    • Support for customizing and editing signatures

  • A. An email marketing software is a subscription-based tool that is used by marketers to promote their brand or products through emails. While an email signature software focuses on optimizing the signature in marketing and promotional emails.
  • A. According to research, 42% of B2B marketers say that content marketing has been effective for their respective businesses. So, it goes without saying that content marketing can also transform your business if done correctly. A CMS will make things a lot easier for you.

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