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Employee Management Software Guide

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What is an Employee Management Software?

An employee management software is a collection of many different applications which have been specially designed to help you with the smooth running of your business. The functions of employee management software are almost endless since they do things some of which even human beings would never possibly do. Stop worrying about scheduling of various tasks, tracking applications, efficient payment management, and much more – the employee management software will make every task, incredibly smooth. HR management software is remotely accessible via the internet so you don’t have to be in your offices to manage the business.

Features of a Good Employee Management Software

There are certain specific features which a good employee management software needs to have to successfully meet an organization’s goals. The features will make the given software easy to use, customizable, and even allow access. Below is a description of ten features of a perfect employee management system you should know, let’s jump in!

1. Flexible Design:

Remember that not all organizations have the same human resource management requirements. For instance, some organizations have more employees than others. Furthermore, the extent of employee details being captured varies from one organization to another. In some cases, you may need to add more fields while in other instances, you may be forced to get rid of a few. Additionally, some parts or fields in the system may not exactly match your business’s requirements. You’ll, therefore, need to modify them before you can start using the system.

However, with flexible system design, the system can easily and quickly be customized with tremendous ease. Most HR management software has been designed in a way which enables the user to work on additional fields or even customize the in-built should such a need arise. This capability enables the available employee management software to fit just in any organization.

2. Cloud Connectivity:

Gone are the days when you had to physically be at the office to perform your HR management duties. Operating this way was unbelievably unproductive and time-consuming. Imagine a situation in which you’re held up somewhere far away from your office, but there’s something really important to be done. Thanks to HR management software, human resource management is quite a seamless and enjoyable task to perform.

A good employee management software should, therefore, be cloud-based to facilitate remote access, no matter where you are. The cloud connectivity lets you perform any task form whenever you are – all you need is a reliable internet connection and everything could become really perfect.

3. Different User Levels:

You should have already known that certain information about your business is so much sensitive and should never end up in the wrong hands. Some critical information, for example, your marketing strategies may easily end up not only in your employees’ hands but also in the competitor’s possession. This can be very destructive for your company. Well, to avoid such abnormalities, good HR management software provides different user categories.

For example, you can access the system as an admin or just as a lower general user. Additionally, good employee management software will partition your organization into departments, which adds greatly to the security of any sensitive information.

4. Ability to Perform Parallel Operations:

It’s important to note that most human resource management operations are very complex and demanding processes. Quite frankly, the massive emergence of extremely highly capable HR management software has left many people wondering about how things would unfold if the tools simply did not exist. For instance, imagine a case whereby a certain request is to be assessed and approved by more than one person. It’d be really hard and time-consuming finding the individuals concerned as it will distract them from doing the task, originally assigned to them.

On the contrary, a perfect HR management software lets you send the request simultaneously to all the people concerned. They’ll then quickly assess and approve it without necessarily having to engage them one-by-one or meeting together to perform the task.

5. Employee Self Services:

As a serious business owner, your number one goal is to maximize profits. One of the best ways of increasing profits is by cutting operational costs. Employee management software has tremendously reduced the number of staff in the HR department. These management tools have made it possible to have only a few individuals, without compromising on the job within the shortest time possible. Employee management software can, therefore, be considered a good one only if it can allow workers to perform some HR-related tasks at a personal level.

For instance, the HR management software should allow them to edit or add personal details into the system, without having to involve the HR department. This lets your organization to employ only a few staff, and in turn, speed up operations and maximize profits.

Features of a Good Employee Management Software

6. Ability to Integrate With Other HR Management Modules:

A powerful employee management tool is one which can be interoperated with other HR management software. For instance, it should be able to import data from other modules seamlessly and accurately. This capability lets the software to increase the speed of operations and minimize chances of errors by a significant margin.

7. Track Leave and Attendance:

The ability of HR management software allows you to know who reports working. A wonderful employee management system should let you easily track attendances and manage leaves from a single interface. Most importantly, the system should be able to, thereafter, integrate with the payroll resulting in a highly optimized workforce.

8. Employee Management:

The right software is the one which lets you easily perform all the employee management related tasks. For instance, it should be able to track all applicants, post your adverts, analyze workforce, and even manage the entire hiring process. An excellent HR management tool should also be able to capture and safely store all the employee data for immediate and future references.

9. Automatic Notifications:

Communication is one of the greatest pillars of your organization’s success. A powerful employee management software should, therefore, be able to send personalized communications to various stakeholders in your business environment. The system should also be capable of sending many different reminders to different parties at the same time. A few HR management software will allow you to schedule reminders, which need to be sent regularly.

10. Easy Data Reconciliation:

In some cases, you’ll want to extract some data from the employee management software for further analysis. A powerful HR management software should allow you to export data to various formats. This will make it possible to use spreadsheets which is one of the most powerful data management tools.

Types of Employee Management Software

Types of Employee Management Software

There are many different types of employee management software; here are a few of them.

1. Engagement Tools:

It’s important to engage highly skilled employees in your organization. Employee engagement is a better way of boosting their performances. Employee Engagement tools are the perfect match for this kind of task. They enable you to use the company’s data to generate interest among the employees. To cite an example, the best-selling employee of the month can be named and appreciated to encourage competition among the workers.

2. Training Tools:

No matter what you do, you definitely need the training to achieve your desired outcome. Employee training tools are used to train employees in various fields so that their performance could improve. They’re usually exposed to the training tools before finally being given access to the actual system running. Employee training tools are a great asset since they minimize the chances of errors in various departments.

3. Health Management Tools:

Being healthy is the perfect way to ensure that you perform your best. Including employee health management programs in your organization brings a feeling of being cared for and this gives employees a much more settled mind to perform better. Workers nowadays value modern health management programs than traditional ones.

4. Access Tools:

The employee can access tools which can help them to see the company information, which is available to employees. The access tools can allow them to log in irrespective of their location, and view their payrolls, duty rosters, etc.

5. Shift Scheduling & Planning Tools:

Doing things manually can be a very tiring task in very big organizations, but thanks to shift planning and scheduling tools – they’ve made everything incredibly seamless. These tools help you to plan reasonably and minimize the chances of chaos among your employees. Planning and scheduling tools let you assign duties fairly and keep workers updated with any relevant information.

6. Performance Tools:

Employee performance tools are another example of extremely important HR management software for your organization. They help track of the extent to which various departments have completed their duties or targets. Without these tools at your disposal, you risk paying even those workers who are not productive. The performance tools provide you with information like the number of contracts which were successfully completed, sale made, and much more. Such information is important when deciding on the right action to take.

Benefits of Employee Management System

1. Information Sharing:

Quick communication is allowed by sending messages through the system. Employee scheduling software is not like this communication couldn’t be done other ways but the employee leave management system can be simpler to do everything you need using one program. You can also share information like job openings and employee performance evaluations. You can restrict access so that every employee who has access to the program only sees what they need to see. Employee management software is even an easy way to track sick days, vacation days, and to request time off too.

2. Make Changes Easily:

A good employee monitoring software allows you to change employee information easily. There are countless reasons why you would need to do this from minor changes to promotions and new additions to your workforce. Keeping employee information correct and readily accessible helps with payroll, evaluations, and other matters.

3. Project Progress and Individual Employees Tracking:

If you choose an employee management system that has a time tracking features, and you should, then you can keep track of exactly what your employees do. When you know how they are spending their time then you can spot anything that doesn’t look right and address it immediately. This will help you to see which employees should be in line for promotions and which employees are wasting company time and money. Clearly, this type of employee tracking system raises accountability to new heights to save you money and maximize productivity.

4. Choose an Employee Management System That Works From Anywhere:

You should choose an employee monitoring software system that works from anywhere. That means that even if you travel around the world you will still be able to keep tabs on your employees. This can help give you peace of mind when you are away on business or away on vacation. You can check up on the progress of specific projects or you can see how employees are spending their time and how much time they are spending doing everything they do.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Employee Management Software

1. Do I Really Need Employee Management Software In My Organization?

Yes, you need one, it’ll actually bring more benefits than you can imagine.

2. What are Some of the Benefits of Employee Management Software to My Organization?

Well, deciding to go the digital way has a whole lot of advantages; some of which include:

  • Increased speed of operations.
  • Better planning.
  • Reduced costs and thus maximize profits.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Minimum chaos among workers since scheduling will never be a problem.
  • Ability to manage your business minus not necessarily be within the office.
  • Engagement tools encourage employees to work even harder.
  • Different user levels help to keep the company’s information safe.

3. What are Some of the Factors I Should Consider When Picking the Right Software For My Business?

If you want seamless operations then the software you’re purchasing should meet the following requirements.

  • The size of your organization - different packages come with different functionalities and the maximum number of employees which can be managed. You must ensure that the package you’re purchasing will meet your organization’s numbers.
  • Should be cloud-based to facilitate easy access from anywhere in the world.
  • Should provide a high level of security to protect the company’s data and any other form of unauthorized access.
  • Should be easy to customize to meet your own requirements.
  • Should be able to provide employee self-services.

The list is so long, these are just some key points to be considered.

4. How do I Pay For Employee Management Software? 

The HR management software is available in the form of packages. Each package offers different functionalities and the number of days before expiry also varies from one package to another. You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual. One thing you need to note is that annual subscriptions are the cheapest, followed by the semi-annual plan. Therefore, monthly payment plans are the most expensive. On average, individual package prices are not very expensive. They’re actually more affordable than you can possibly think.

5. What is the Difference Between Cloud-based and Locally Installed HR Management Software? 

Well, a cloud-based human resource management software is available online. There’s no need to access a specific device to use it. And by the way, most current online HR management tools are both mobile phone and desktop friendly. A locally installed employee management software, on the other hand, is the one which has been installed in a specific computer within your organization’s premises. This means that in order to use it, then you must be within the premises. Basically, the cloud-based has become the most preferred option as a result of the possibility of using it from wherever you are.

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