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Best employee monitoring software is Teramind, interGuard, ActivTrak, Veriato, and SentryPC. The employee monitoring solutions give an insight to the employers about the time spent and managed by the employees in the organization.

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List of 20 Best Employee Monitoring Software

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Modern work intelligence

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Trusted by over 3,000 global brands, insightful Workforce Analytics, and productivity software is a leading provider of data-driven solutions and services that can help you optimize your employees' productivity and performance, remote, hybrid or office-based. Learn more about Insightful

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Complete Employee Monitoring Software

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Time Doctor is to enable effective remote work and improve productivity in remote teams of the Employee Monitoring Solutions. It has easier to ensure that everyone is works efficiently and the ability to take screenshots of the computer or laptop screen every few times. Time Doctor is the most accurate productivity software on the market. Learn more about Time Doctor

A complete HR solution that improves end to end em

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Suite of human capital management applications: HR, benefits, payroll, performance and talent management, suitable for midsize and enterprise customers with 1000+ employees. Learn more about Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

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Complete employee experience platform

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Keka is an employee experience platform. The only HR & Payroll software that is employee centric. Unlike traditional HR systems, they are a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows. For any employee-centric company, managing the HR, Payroll, and Talent Management is the key activities. Learn more about Keka

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India's fastest growing HR software

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We couldn't find an HR solution that all stakeholders (employees, leaders, and HR) loved. So, we created one. Qandle - End-to-end HR solution that is smart, beautiful, and completely configurable, with a fully functional mobile app. Free Demo and Trials available. Learn more about Qandle

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World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software

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HRMantra is the World's most feature rich HR and Payroll software helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured. Learn more about HRMantra

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A versatile employee monitoring software for your business

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Desk Time employee monitoring software is an automated, multi-platform solution with browser support. It also provides facilities like time monitoring, productivity analysis, screenshots, etc. Learn more about DeskTime

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Work Management & Performance Tracker

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TrackHr is here to help you manage your business efficiently. With a growing business and expanding teams, the challenges to organize tasks and manage time to address wastefulness and inefficiencies also increase. TackHr solves all your business-related problems. Learn more about TrackHr

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A perfect staff monitoring software for educational institutes

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The solution is a ‘one-time purchase, lifetime license’ service. The employee monitoring software gives excellent features like recording keystrokes and filtering of unwanted websites. It is local server-based software, deployment friendly and can process extensive data. Learn more about iMonitorSoft

An all-rounder online-offline employee monitoring software

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A US-based solution launched in 2012 is an all-in-one employee computer monitoring software. It provides features from screen recording to behavior analysis and social media monitoring. The customer support is available 24/7. Various integrations for your business and an offline mode. Deployment: cloud, web, SaaS, installed, mobile(Android, iOS). Learn more about Hubstaff

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India’s Most Popular HR & Payroll Software

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HROne is owned by Uneecops group, a 60+ Million fast-growing conglomerate with 09+ offices in the country employing 700+ smart professionals. It is a veteran business automation and services provider with 20+ years of profound experience. Learn more about HROne

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Software by Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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Zoho People is a Time Management Software and cloud-based HR software that's crafted to automate your HR processes while also focusing on your most important assets - your people. Designed for small, medium and enterprise businesses,  Learn more about Zoho People

Akrivia HCM is an integrated HRMS SaaS platform th

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Akrivia HCM is an integrated HRMS SaaS platform that packs in everything you need for managing your entire employee lifecycle with its 20+ modules and 100+ features. Learn more about Akrivia HCM

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A fast and efficient employee monitoring software for your business

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It is an easy-to-use employee monitoring software with exciting features launched in Armenia in 2015. It is an ideal partner for freelancing purposes and provides all the necessary features with additional features and integrations. Customer support is available 24/7. Deployment: cloud, SaaS, web, installed(Windows, Mac), mobile(Android, iOS). Learn more about WebWork Time Tracker

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An affordable employee computer monitoring software for your business

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Here is a cloud-based employee monitoring software with different features like payroll automation, project & task management, Attendance & leave management, etc. There is a mobile app also supported by the software. The customer support is online through email. Learn more about LogNTrack

Great employee computer monitoring software with easy to use interface

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Kickidler is based in Russia and launched worldwide in 2013. It is a user-friendly employee monitoring software. Features include browsing history, remote controlling, activity monitoring, etc. Deployment: web, cloud, SaaS, installed(Windows, Mac), mobile(Android, iOS-native). Learn more about Kickidler

Suitable employee monitoring software for small-scale industries

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The software is based in Italy, launched in 2013. Provides all the essential features that an employee monitoring software should offer. Besides, It offers most collaborations useful for your business. Deployment: web-based and mobile. Learn more about Timeneye

Software by SentryPC

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SentryPC is a best of employee monitoring software and cloud-based system to easily managing all computers in organization and employees team activities from anywhere at anytime. That is normal deployed to business networking and easy central log viewing via central networked. Learn more about SentryPC

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EmpMonitor is a cloud-based workforce productivity & employee engagement solution designed to help organizations of all sizes. The tool offers a host of features for feasible employee management and workforce productivity optimization. Learn more about EmpMonitor

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Feature rich automatic time tracking and productiv

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Time Champ is a time tracking software that helps companies be more productive with the remote employee feature-rich like real-time monitoring, get to know productive and unproductive hours of the remote employee. Learn more about Time Champ

As remote work continues to surge, businesses are increasingly relying on employee monitoring software as a means to maintain productivity levels across distributed teams. 

This technology not only facilitates the tracking of productivity metrics but also aids in identifying potential threats, assessing internal system efficiency, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Check out the below guide to learn more about employee monitoring software.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software refers to a category of digital tools and systems utilized by various stakeholders within organizations to track, analyze, and manage employee activities during work hours. These tools help keep an eye on how employees are doing at work. They check things like how much work they get done if they follow company rules, and if they obey industry rules.

By leveraging advanced technologies like keystroke logging, screen capture, and internet usage tracking, Employee Monitoring Software enables employers to gain insights into how their workforce operates, leading to increased productivity, enhanced security, and improved compliance.

Who Uses Employee Monitoring Tools?

Employee Monitoring Tools are utilized by a spectrum of stakeholders across organizations, each with distinct objectives and responsibilities:

users of employee monitoring tools

Employers and Business Owners: Employers and business owners employ monitoring tools to oversee the performance and productivity of their workforce comprehensively. These tools enable them to ensure that employees align with organizational goals, adhere to company policies, and maintain a secure work environment.

Human Resources (HR) Departments: HR departments leverage monitoring tools to manage employee performance, evaluate work habits, and address any behavioral or compliance issues. They utilize these tools to promote fairness, resolve conflicts, and facilitate employee development.

Managers and Team Leaders: Managers and team leaders use monitoring tools to track how their teams are doing, find where they can do better, and give them helpful advice or assistance. These tools help make sure work flows smoothly, resources are used wisely, and team members work well together.

Compliance and Security Teams: Compliance and security teams use monitoring tools to make sure everyone follows the rules and keeps data safe. They use these tools to find and fix risks like data leaks, unauthorized access, and not following rules, to protect important information and things the organization owns.

IT Administrators: IT administrators play a pivotal role in implementing and managing monitoring software within the organization's IT infrastructure. They configure and integrate the software with existing systems, ensure compliance with security protocols, and provide technical support and troubleshooting assistance related to monitoring tools.

Benefits of Using an Employee Monitoring Software

Using Employee Monitoring Software offers several benefits to organizations, leveraging its capabilities to enhance monitoring, employee management, and productivity:

benefits of employee monitoring software

  1. Increased Monitoring

    Employee Monitoring System allows organizations to track employee activity comprehensively, providing visibility into work habits, tasks, and performance metrics. This heightened monitoring capability enables employers to identify areas for improvement and optimize workflow processes effectively.

  2. Enhanced Employee Accountability

    By implementing monitoring software, organizations promote accountability among employees. The transparency provided by monitoring tools encourages employees to take ownership of their tasks, adhere to company policies, and maintain productivity levels, fostering a culture of responsibility within the workforce.

  3. Improved Productivity

    Employee Monitoring Software helps make work better by showing how employees work and what they do. By looking at how much work gets done and finding where things slow down, companies can use smart plans to make work smoother, cut down on distractions, and use resources in the best way, leading to overall better work output.

  4. Better Performance Management

    Monitoring software facilitates performance management by enabling employers to assess employee performance objectively. By tracking key performance indicators and providing real-time feedback, organizations can identify high-performing employees, recognize achievements, and address performance issues promptly, leading to enhanced workforce performance and job satisfaction.

  5. Streamlined Compliance Management

    Employee Monitoring System helps organizations follow rules and policies. By checking what employees do to make sure they meet legal standards, data protection rules, and company policies, organizations can lower the risks of breaking the rules, avoid legal problems, and keep a safe and fair workplace.

  6. Enhanced Data Security

    Monitoring software improves data safety by stopping unauthorized people from getting sensitive information. By watching how employees use company systems and data, organizations can spot possible security problems, find data leaks, and take steps to keep private information safe, making sure data stays reliable and protected from cyber risks.

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Features of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software encompasses various features designed to monitor employee activities, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance. Here are some specific features of Employee Monitoring Software:

Computer Usage Monitoring: Computer tracking feature tracks the usage of computers by employees, including the applications accessed, websites visited, and time spent on each activity by utilizing computer monitoring software. It provides insights into how employees utilize company resources and helps identify productivity trends and potential distractions.

Application and Document Tracking: Employee Monitoring System can monitor the usage of specific applications and track the opening, editing, and sharing of documents. This feature helps organizations ensure that employees are using company-approved applications and adhering to data security policies.

Screenshot Capture: Some Employee Monitoring Software can take pictures of what employees see on their screens at certain times. This helps bosses see what employees are doing and if they're working or doing things they shouldn't be.

Keystroke Logging: Keystroke logging records the keystrokes typed by employees, allowing employers to monitor communication, document creation, and system interactions. This feature can help detect potential security breaches, inappropriate behavior, or compliance violations.

Email and Chat Monitoring: Employee Monitoring Software can monitor email communications and chat messages to ensure compliance with company policies and regulations. It tracks the content of emails and chats, as well as sender and recipient information, helping organizations prevent data leaks and maintain professional communication standards.

File Transfer Monitoring: This feature keeps an eye on files moving around within the organization or to and from outside devices. It helps stop data theft, check who can access files, and make sure everyone follows data protection rules.

Activity Reporting and Analytics: Employee Monitoring Software gives detailed reports and analysis tools, letting organizations study how productive employees are, spot patterns, and make smart choices based on data. It creates reports on what employees do, how they use time, and their performance, helping bosses measure productivity and make work flow better.

Remote Monitoring: Some Employee Monitoring Software solutions offer remote monitoring capabilities, allowing supervisors to monitor employee activities even when they are working remotely. This feature provides flexibility and ensures continuous monitoring of employee productivity and compliance, regardless of their location.

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

Employee Monitoring Software operates through a combination of technologies and functionalities aimed at tracking, recording, and analyzing various aspects of employee activities during work hours. Here's a detailed breakdown of how Employee Monitoring Software works:

working process of employee monitoring software

  1. Computer and Internet Usage Tracking

    This feature monitors and logs the usage of computers and internet resources by employees. It tracks the websites visited, applications used, and time spent on each activity. By analyzing this data, employers can gain insights into employee productivity, identify time-wasting activities, and ensure compliance with acceptable use policies.

  2. Email and Communication Monitoring

    Employee Monitoring Software can monitor email communications and other forms of electronic communication, such as instant messaging and chat applications. It records the content of messages, sender and recipient information, and timestamps. This functionality helps organizations enforce communication policies, detect potential security threats, and ensure compliance with regulations governing electronic communications.

  3. Screen Recording and Screenshots

    Some Employee Monitoring Software solutions offer the ability to capture screenshots or record the employee's screen at regular intervals. This feature provides visual evidence of employee activities, allowing employers to monitor work progress, verify task completion, task management and address any concerns regarding unauthorized activities or misuse of company resources.

  4. Time and Attendance Tracking

    Employee Tracking Software includes features for tracking employee attendance and working hours. This can involve the use of biometric authentication, swipe cards, or software-based clock-in/out systems. By accurately recording employee attendance, organizations can ensure compliance with labor laws, manage payroll efficiently, and identify patterns of absenteeism or tardiness.

  5. Geolocation and Mobile Monitoring

    For organizations with employees who work remotely or on the go, Employee Monitoring Software might include features to track their locations. This means bosses can see where employees are using GPS on their phones. Knowing where employees are can help verify their movements, make sure they follow travel rules and make field work run smoother.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Employee Productivity Software

Selecting the right Employee Productivity or Monitoring Software involves thinking about many things to make sure it fits the organization's needs and goals. Here's a close look at the important factors to think about:

  1. Specific Needs and Goals

    Organizations should assess their unique requirements and objectives before choosing Employee Monitoring Software. This involves identifying pain points, productivity challenges, and desired outcomes to ensure that the chosen solution addresses these needs effectively.

  2. Features and Functionality

    Check out what different productivity software can do. Look for things like keeping track of time, managing tasks, working together with others, seeing how well everyone's doing, and connecting with other tools that fit how your organization works.

  3. Compatibility

    Think about whether the software works well with what you already use in your organization - like systems, devices, and other software. Make sure the productivity software can easily work with other tools and platforms so everything runs smoothly and information can flow easily between them.

  4. Customization

    Opt for Employee Productivity Software that allows for customization to tailor the solution according to specific organizational preferences and workflows. Customizable features, layouts, and workflows enable organizations to adapt the software to their unique requirements and optimize user experience.

  5. Data Security and Privacy

    Choose Employee Monitoring Software that follows strict rules to keep data safe and private. Look for things like making sure information is coded, controlling who can see it, and following laws about protecting data to keep organizational information secure and secret.

  6. Real-time Monitoring

    Consider whether the productivity software offers real-time user activity monitoring capabilities to track employee activities, progress, and performance in real-time. Real-time monitoring enables organizations to identify issues promptly, address concerns, and make informed decisions to optimize and increase productivity and workflow efficiency.

  7. Legal and Ethical Compliance

    Make sure the monitoring system you pick follows the rules and ethics for watching employees and keeping data private. Check that it follows important laws like GDPR, HIPAA, or rules specific to your industry to lower legal risks and do the right thing.

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What are New Trends in Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software is always changing to fit how workplaces are today. Here's a closer look at the newest trends in Employee Monitoring Software:

trends in employee monitoring software

  1. Increased Demand for Remote and Hybrid Work Monitoring

    With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, there's a growing demand for Employee Monitoring Solution that caters to the unique needs of distributed teams. Organizations seek solutions that offer remote monitoring capabilities, such as activity tracking, screen capture, and productivity analysis, to ensure accountability and maintain productivity levels across diverse work environments.

  2. Greater Emphasis on Employee Privacy

    As concerns about data privacy and employee rights escalate, there's a notable trend toward implementing an Employee Monitoring Solution with robust privacy features. 

    Organizations prioritize solutions that strike a balance between monitoring employee activities for productivity and compliance purposes while respecting individual privacy rights. Features such as anonymization, opt-in/opt-out controls, and transparent data usage policies are becoming increasingly important in addressing these concerns.

  3. Focus on Employee Wellbeing

    Employee Monitoring Software is evolving beyond mere productivity tracking to encompass features that promote employee wellbeing and work-life balance. Modern solutions incorporate functionalities such as activity break reminders, workload management tools, and wellness assessments to support employee health and prevent burnout. Organizations recognize the importance of prioritizing employee wellbeing as a key driver of productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Software Related to Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software-related tools are other types of software that work together with monitoring software to help businesses manage how their employees work. These tools focus on things like how well employees do their jobs, how productive they are, how safe the work environment is, and if they follow the rules. Let's take a look at a few of these related software categories.

Time and Attendance Tracking Software: Time and Attendance Tracking Software helps keep track of when employees work, manage schedules, and see who's there. When it works with Employee Monitoring Solution, it makes paying employees easier, follows labor laws, and makes scheduling staff simpler.

Project Management Software: Project Management Software helps teams plan, organize, and follow what needs to happen in a project. When it's connected to Employee Monitoring Software, it shows how projects are going, who's doing what, and if tasks are getting done, making it easier to oversee projects and see how well they're going.

Employee Security Software: Employee security software focuses on safeguarding organizational assets, data, and networks from internal and external threats. Features such as endpoint security, data loss prevention, and threat detection help mitigate security risks and ensure compliance with security standards. Integration with Employee Monitoring Software enables organizations to monitor employee activities for security breaches, unauthorized access attempts, and compliance violations, enhancing overall security posture.

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In conclusion, effective implementation of employee monitoring software involves collaboration with key stakeholders, including employees, and emphasizes transparency, communication, and clear policies.

By fostering trust and accountability and addressing employee concerns, organizations can create a productive and transparent work environment. Embracing the potential of monitoring software leads to organizational transformation and excellence.


Employee Monitoring tool can indeed improve and track employee productivity. By providing insights into how employees spend their time, these tools help identify areas where productivity can be enhanced. For example, by tracking which tasks take the most time or where distractions occur, employers can implement strategies to optimize workflow, provide targeted support or training, and remove obstacles that hinder productivity. Additionally, the transparency provided by monitoring tools can encourage accountability and motivation among employees, leading to improved performance.

Employee productivity tools can collect various types of data related to work activities and performance. This may include data on the time spent on different tasks or projects, the number of tasks completed within a certain timeframe, and the efficiency of work processes. Additionally, these tools may track metrics such as attendance, punctuality, and adherence to deadlines. Some tools also capture qualitative data, such as feedback from supervisors or self-assessment surveys, to provide a more comprehensive view of employee productivity.

Yes, Employee Monitoring Software can work for people who work from home. As more people work remotely, many are choosing the best employee pc monitoring software and tools now have features made just for keeping an eye on remote workers. These can include watching what employees do on their computers and online, keeping track of when they're working, recording what's on their screens, and logging their activities. Some software even lets bosses see where remote workers are using GPS on their phones.

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