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Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2020

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What is Employee Monitoring Software?

An employee monitoring software is a computer program used by employers to track the activity on the computers assigned to their employees. Employee activity surveillance used to be limited to CCTV cameras in any office. However, advances in technology have now incorporated more accurate tools for recording employee activities. There are several bases of differentiating between various employee monitoring software. There is software targeting performance and productivity, some go after surveillance, while some project management.

The main concern of having such software is to monitor the productivity of employees. Companies often experience loss of business due to the low productivity of their employees. Moreover, when employees surf a website for personal use, they generally mean no harm, but it is often that employees spend too much time on non-work-related sites. According to a survey in the US, 64% of employees admitted that they surf non-work-related websites daily. Of all respondents, 21% spent five hours, and 3% spent ten hours on such surfing, so the companies experience 40% of productivity loss per year.

Such factors indicate that your company needs an employee monitoring system. Moreover, when your company consists of off-premise executives, it is desirable to see whether they are working on their projects for suitable time-span. Here is the need for remote employee monitoring software. Besides, the inclusion of analytics brings in more ways to analyze your employee activities.

How does it Work?

There are different ways of keeping track of your employee activities. Some of them are listed here:

  • Through software: It includes records of what goes on screen viz; screenshots, site-blocking, and filtering, etc.
  • Phone tapping: Another effective way of ensuring track of productivity is by tapping the phone calls of your executives.
  • Email access: This states that employers have access to employee’s emails to see the number of personal errands ran through office hours.
  • Surveillance: Use of cameras to record what goes on over particular regions of your office premises.
  • Location tracking: A useful way of tracking when employees are constantly changing position.
  • Keystroke recording: Keeping a log of the keys struck on the keyboard.

Types of employee monitoring software

  • Project supervision and management tool

Such a type of employee monitoring system is helpful when the company needs to distribute and monitor various tasks and projects to their employees. There are different features for analyzing metrics like time consumed for completing a task.

  • Productivity regulation tool

Such software targets the regulation and increase in productivity of the company. The key feature of this type of software is smart analytics. Different facilities for analyzing how much time do the employees waste and who are lagging in their assigned tasks. It helps the organization to identify the sources of decreased productivity and figure out ways to rectify the issue.

  • Surveillance tool

The type of software here is helpful when a company is facing severe data breaches. The software of this kind mainly targets the information flow in the organization. It gives the administrator the authority to restrict file access, monitor emails, etc.

  • Remote Employee Monitoring Tool

Such type of software is useful when you have a large number of executives working remotely. Here, the concentration is on features like Live screen recording, screenshots, etc.  

Features that an ideal employee monitoring software should have

There are a lot of features that a perfect employee monitoring software should incorporate as it includes numerous tasks. Some of these features are as below.

Basic Features

  1. Timesheet: This feature is at the heart of any employee monitoring system. It automates the log-in & out activities of the employees.
  2. Productivity evaluation: Whenever the productivity of an employee goes up or down suddenly, the analytics tools help in making corresponding arrangements for the concerned individuals.
  3. Location Tracking: The feature is vital for a remote employee monitoring software. It is useful when deliveries and pick-ups of a company are concerned. Incorporation of GPS in the software is an excellent addition.
  4. Task Management: Task management feature allows the employer to see up to what stage the employee task is complete.
  5. Alerts: This feature ensures that any breach in the sensitive area of your business doesn’t go unnoticed.
  6. Stealth mode: If the law allows, Stealth mode is helpful if the company encounters any data breach, and needs to find the source of the offense. Announcing the deployment of such software will facilitate the culprit to circumvent the software functionality.

Advanced Features

  1. Screenshot monitoring: The feature captures the screenshot of remotely working employee at a fixed interval of time. Display of the screenshots as thumbnails on employer screen ensures proper workflow.
  2. Keystroke recording: Such a feature allows the recording of data entered on a keyboard by the employee. The data is retrievable for future reference.
  3. Email Monitoring: The feature gives the employer easy access to employees office inbox, opening the possibility to review any personal activity on the expense of work hours.
  4. Real-Time Tracking: With real-time tracking, the administrator can log-in and watch the on-going session of the remotely working employee.
  5. Social Media Tracking: The feature allows recording the social media traffic on the employee screen in terms of session-time. It enables the employer to know how much time does the employee spends on social media instead of working.

Benefits of using an employee monitoring software

Below given is a list of the benefits of using an employee monitoring software.

  • Minimized Management

Here the point is that, when individuals know they are monitored, they waste minimum time. Hence, reducing the work of their managers. Besides this, now managers don’t need to ask the executive what tasks they are working on personally. It is done quickly with the software.

  • More Accuracy in Billing

Manually filling timesheets is a loathsome work and there remains a question on the authenticity of such methods. With the time tracking feature of the software, it becomes easy to calculate and execute payroll and overtime for your employees automatically, resolving the question of authenticity.

  • Manpower Assessment and Work Distribution

It often happens that some of the employees have more work on-hand than others, not because others avoid work, but the unequal distribution of work. It is because we are unable to say how much time does a team or individual takes to finish a task. So, the allotment of work is on hardly accurate guesstimates. Here, the Employee monitoring tools help managers to accurately distribute the workload based on the reports provided by the software.

  • Informed Decisions and Fewer Errors

When employers can view the live feed of the employee computer screen, they can spot the probable errors quickly and correct them. Moreover, the data form the software gives employers, a better insight into their employees’ distinct capabilities. It helps the managers to decide the type of work to be assigned to certain employees.

The Issues in using Employee Monitoring Tools

  • The Legality of the software

The risks of mishandling the data related to an employee are dangerous as the policies like GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) and the CCPA(California Consumer Privacy Act) came into effect. It is advisable to consult an attorney to construct an employee monitoring policy for your company safely.

  • Disguised Virus Threats

Nowadays, there are many software that in disguise of exchanging employee monitoring tools, collect sensitive information. The information can be regarding the company or individual, which is then further sold to interested buyers.

  • Unexpected Effects on Morale

Employees may not readily agree to the idea of something or someone always monitoring behind their shoulders.


Maintaining a regulated standard of productivity is a crucial aspect of any business. Hence, the choice of a proper and accurate Employee monitoring system is a determining one. There are various tasks related to employee monitoring and several aspects to be kept in mind while choosing a suitable software for your business, Cost and, Customizability being the important ones. There are specific challenges in employing such software, which one should tread carefully.

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