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25 Best Employee Tracking System For Businesses In India

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Employee Tracking Software

Employees are the core of any company and hence are the asset. It’s important that the employee needs to be taken care of. And also when an employee invests its skillset and time for the organization, it becomes important that their efforts are to be tracked and they should be paid accordingly, neither left underpaid nor should be overpaid. Employee tracking also helps businesses to track employee activities and active time in the organization that is effective working hours.

The employee tracking system is a computerized system that keeps track and record of the employee and its active time in the organization. This helps the employer to accurately determine the working hours and also provide more accurate payroll data, measure and analyze employee productivity, track attendance and ensures security. Besides the core operation of tracking the active time of the employee, the employee tracking system also takes care of the productivity of the employee, time spent on-system, monitor internet usage, and applications used, and work progress. It also keeps track of the projects the employee is working on so as the managers are aware.

This recorded data helps in the major decision-making process of the organization. It determines everything from salary to be credited depending on the active working hours, bonus to be assigned for the overtime, optimal team size, and contribution of the individuals, and work process with related updates.

Features of Employee Tracking Software


The best employee tracking system not only keeps a record of the employee attendance but also takes care of the overall visibility into the activities of the onsite and remote employees. It’s important for the organization to keep track of the round the clock activities of the employees. A good employee tracking software takes care of the attendance of the employee. While the best employee tracking software is loaded with the following features:

1. Timesheet

The timesheet keeps a record of the in-time and out-time of the employee. These help organizations keep track of the time spent by the employees in the office and hence helps in overall attendance tracking.

2. Task Management

The employee tracking system updates about the projects an employee is working on. It also updates the progress in real-time keeping the management updated with the happenings in the company and departments. This also helps the HR Department at the time of employee appraisals and keeps the process transparent between the organization and the employee.

3. Productivity evaluation

With various analytical tools available a weekly, monthly, or yearly report of an employee can be generated. This report helps in tracking the employee performance and identifies the dips or highs in the performance.

4. Location Tracking through GPS

The online employee tracking software tracks the location of the employee in real-time with the GPS in-built in the application. The GPS functions are most useful in tracking the remote workers and whereabouts of the employee involved in delivering of goods and services.

Key Benefits of Using an Employee Tracking System

The employee tracking system is beyond tracking an employee's location or its active working time at the organization. An employee tracking software is loaded with the following features:

1. Synchronized work

With companies with multiple departments and branches located at different cities, it’s mandatory for the top and middle management to stay updated with what an employee is indulged in. The system helps keep track of the employee and the work he is investing time in.

2. Reduced administrative work

The online employee tracking solution cut down the manual recording of in and out time for the employee, and recording of other project details. This saves the cost for the company which otherwise would have invested in the manpower and resources. With proper tracking of the day to day employee activities, the focus can be made on essential issues of business rather than taking care of day to day chores. This is also helpful with efficient payroll management.

3. Better selection of the employees

The best employee tracking software does is keep track of the overall performance of the employee. This further helps the organization in deciding either to retain or to terminate the employee. Hence, improving the productivity and profit margin of the company.

Market Trends of the Employee Tracking System

The employee tracking systems in the market today are loaded with many features. However, with the requirement for the accuracy increasing there are not devices well equipped with the employee tracking features. These devices help in the accurate tracking of the location of the employee as well as the efforts of the employees can also be measured. This goes beyond the software-based employee tracking solution and works towards providing web-based and cloud-based applications that can be accessed on the go from anywhere.

With the upcoming market records and trends, there are few modifications and additions in the employee tracking system. Enlisting a few of them:

1. Wearable location and conversation monitors

Just like the smartwatches, smart wearables are the devices used to track the GPS location of an individual and monitor the length of conversation one had. This may be a case in the record for a sales guy who went for a sales pitch wherein the manager wants to keep in the record the actual time invested in the meeting and the sales pitch started by the employee.

2. Going Cloud

As everything is web-based today, the employee tracking systems need to go cloud. Keeping the same in mind, the IT product companies are working towards making the entire employee tracking solution cloud-based, hence, removing the load of constantly upgrading and maintaining the employee tracking software. This not only helps with greater space and easy accessibility to the employers but also will remove the limitation of the system configuration for software installation and system-specific accessibility.

3. Biometric

Adopted by many small and mid-level organizations, the biometric attendance keeps in the record the thumb or the finger punch of the employee and gives door access only on the punch. This helps track the coffee/tea breaks as well as the in and out the time of the employee.

With all the above-mentioned features, it’s good to implement an employee tracking software as it helps to keep track of the employee in the real-time and also makes decision making easier for the management. But the wise decision is in making the right choice of the system. With all the available employee tracking solutions in the market, the company is required to assess its needs and decide for itself. For a small organization, a biometric or a card swipe machine would be enough to keep track of the in and out time of the employee. Whereas, a large organization divided into various departments and loaded with a large workforce needs to keep track of the employee’s overall active work time on the system as well as the work progress record. Hence, a better and detailed version of the employee tracking system is needed. A company having its employee enrolled as a delivery person or is on-site at a remote location needs an advanced version of the employee tracking solution well equipped with a cloud system and GPS location tracking.

Also, with various vendors available in the market, the right one is to choose that actually meets the identified needs of the company.

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