Best EMR & Clinic Management Software In 2018

Sara Pathology Management

Software BY Sara Technologies
Sara Technologies Pathology management software is complete system facilitates various users for Doctors management, Patients Management, Billing and reporting of all types of pathology lab centers. Hospitals with pathology management and pathology or diagnostic centers can manage their daily record keeping and data storage process with Pathology Management Software. 

Hospital Management Software by Optisol

Manage all finance and patient digital record
Optisol hospital management software has got powerful modules to take care of all requirements of medium hospitals. Hospital management system has modules patient registration-reg no, patient name, police station name, RMO (attending doctor), past OPD No.


New Generation most comprehensive HMS
Cherry-pick modules with relevance to the business, and then seamlessly integrate and use them in silos or in combination, with no compromise on user experience. We provide ready-to-deploy reusable components and industry solutions for key business problems.

e-Diabetic - Diabetic Clinic System

Diabetic Clinic System
e-Diabetes is a state-of-the-art Diabetes Clinic Information Management System, which is a comprehensive system facilitates to record & management the Diabetic Patients. e-Diabetes facilitates to record Patient Medical records with Blood Pressure (BP), Blood Sugar Fasting - Post Lunch, Weight etc.

Hospital Express

Asp.Net based Hotel Management System
Coderobotics Studio is a Chennai based product company founded in year 2010 with vision of Simplifying Business Applications development. We Simplify Your Work and Reshape Your Enterprise.


Software BY HexaTech IT Ventures Pvt Ltd / Writer Business Services Pvt Ltd
e-Skin - Skin & Dermatology Clinic Management System facilitate to manage records with complete details of Diseases & Observations along with management of flexible Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the treatments of the patient.

VIKAS - Hospital ERP Softaware

Fully integrated hospital management software
Enhance your hospital operation with  one of the  best and largest selling  hospital ERP software in India. Hospital ERP software by Software Associates has been enpowering hospitals across India by providing an integrated solution for managing all hospital operations.


Software BY Catalyze Systems Pvt Ltd
MyOPD is a easy to use, affordable and powerful software allowing Doctors to manage clinic at their finger tips. A useful software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management with cloud backup to save your important data.


DoctAssist :: Personal Assistant for Doctors
DoctAssist is suitable for Single Doctor Clinics where there is a need of an application which covers Clinical Documentation during Consultation, Appointments Management, Queue Management and Billing.


Software BY Arcis Info Pvt. Ltd.
Optha+ is a clinical data management software for opthalomogy designed and developed by ARCIS INFO, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It covers a wide range of Clinical Information and administrative processes of opthalmology healthcare department.


Software BY Arcis Info Pvt. Ltd.
Optha+ is a clinical data management software for gynaecology designed and developed by ARCIS INFO, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Hospital information system covers a wide range of Clinical Information and administrative processes of gynaecology healthcare department.

MediGynec-Gynacology Hospital System

Software BY HexaTech IT Ventures Pvt Ltd / Writer Business Services Pvt Ltd
Medigynec Gynecology Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.


Software BY Nalam+
Nalam+ is complete hospital information and management software, focuses on day to day practices of doctors and hospitals.It provides efficient and effective management competencies.

iHMS Hospital Management

“iHMS - Hospital Management Software", permits you to capture, manipulate and present Patient data in a meaningful manner, generating reports and statistics dynamically. iHMS gives your entire Hospital management the edge over ordinary. 


Hospital Information Management Sysytem
PALASH is a powerful, feature laden and extensively tested software that takes care of the simplest and most intricate functions in a Hospital diagnostics center, giving the diagnostics center the much needed competitive edge.

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What is a clinic management software?

Clinic management software automates various tasks such as scheduling appointments, storing patient database including their prescriptions, reports, billing and hosting it on cloud. Healthcare units and hospitals use this software to automate the tasks that were otherwise performed manually. Automation reduces the chances of errors to almost null.

Clinic management systems are computer software products that coordinate and integrate all the essential activities involved in the administration and running of a healthcare facility. Clinical software must meet specified security, technology and functionality standards for managing electronic medical records and practice management information (clinical data management) with integrated medical software, healthcare software, practice management software, laboratory information management system and patient management software. Some clinical softwares maintain the complete patient information coupled with the electronic medical record (EMR).

What is EMR software?

An electronic medical record software (EMRS) is a advanced version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual. The EMRS represents a medical record within a single facility, for example doctor's office or a clinic. It can be shared electronically between health care providers inside a medical practice or hospital.

Unlike a paper record, all members of the health care group can instantly access a patient's medical record from anywhere, at any time, via a secure internet connection. An EMR may be owned either by the medical provider (doctor) or by the institution (hospital).

Electronic medical record (EMR) is also known as electronic health records (ehr) and medical software. They are often used interchangeably.

An open EMR includes information about a particular patient, including:

  1. Total patient management system with patient contact information, including emergency contacts
  2. Allergies
  3. Physician orders
  4. Discharge summaries and treatment plans
  5. Prescriptions
  6. Past medical history
  7. Medical progress and surgical notes
  8. Consent to release information forms
  9. Past and future medical facility appointments
  10. Billing information

Key Features to Look for in a Clinic Management Software

  1. Appointment Bookings : An essential feature of a clinic management software, it should allow to book appointments for physician checkups, equipment and rooms. Prior booking of equipment eliminated the chances of double bookings. These appointment bookings should be visible on a wide range of devices.
  2. Billing: Billing for the treatments should be easy. The clinic management software should allow setting up variable pricing lists based on insurance policies and other charging parameters.
  3. Secure storage of clinical records: Secure storage of clinical records along with the patient’s lab reports, X-ray’s, PDF’s, photos and other test reports should be possible.
  4. Reports supported by graphs: The software should generate graphical reports about the required information. In case of patients, their demography, age, case history and billing details should be presented in a graphical format.
  5. Integration with other applications: Integrating the software with a wide range of accounting, email marketing and data analysis software should be easy.
  6. Mobile app: The software’s mobile app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Important aspects such as accessing the patient information, fetching records and attaching documents, photos and reports should be done through the mobile app.

Benefits of Using a Clinic Management Software

  1. Paperless record management: The patient records are stored in a paperless centralized database. This prevents the wear and tear associated with paper records.
  2. Speedy access to patient records: Patient records such as their history, test reports, prescription and billing data can be accessed quickly. Patient related information is at fingertips and can be fetched with a few clicks.
  3. Easy collaboration between multiple departments: In cases where many doctors work on a single patient, the clinic management software allows seamless collaboration since the same document can be viewed by various doctors.
  4. Enhanced efficiency: Fetching records and making bills become less time consuming since the whole process is automated. This saves time and efficiency of the staff.
  5. Lesser chances of errors: With the clinic management software, chances of errors in storing records is null. There are less chances of inaccuracies in the entire process since manual tasks are almost eliminated.

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