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Best Online Exam Software For Schools and Institutes

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Gone are the days when exams used to be held in Colleges, Schools, and Institutions using pens and papers. It took a lot of productive time and effort from the department in the whole process, which starts from creating the question paper and goes on to the preparation of results. Also, there is a lot of stuff which needs to be taken care of, like a lot of staff for supervision, some for class duties, some for helping students with doubts in the question papers and so on. A lot of human efforts and money are spent on these offline exams.

Therefore, to overcome these problems of the offline examinations, online examinations came into existence. The online exam software is a comprehensive web-based plan, which allows you to manage the exams with comfort. An exam maker software helps teachers to make question papers without any type of inconvenience. Therefore, tests can be assigned, and results can be declared very quickly through this online exam software.

In short, we can say that in the modern days, the online exam software makes the entire process of conducting the exams simple and effortless among all the schools, colleges, and institutions. This also assists the faculty to keep a check on the performance of the candidate easily.

Types of Online Exam Software

For conducting the digital exams, there are two types of online examination system software that are used. They are:

1. Website based exam leading software

This type of online exam software supports both iOS and Android. It consists of a feature of reactivity. In this type, there is always a personalized dashboard, which is made according to the requirements of the clients. 

2. Web-based testing conducting system

In this type, only a web-based examination conducting system is provided, and is supported only by computer screens and is not compatible with iOS or Android. The dashboard is not customized as per the needs of the users. 

Features of online exam software

Some of the bleeding edge online exam software features are:

1. Online Tests and Psychometric Tests

The best online exam software has the feature of taking aptitudes as well, along with regular online exams. This makes it easy for schools, colleges, institutes, and organizations to take the test of their students, employees, and staff conveniently and test their skills. 

2. Survey Management

The online exam software helps create the best quality surveys that are cut-like and can easily be shared with the help of multiple channels. This process makes it easy to get insights, as the reports are prepared in detail. It also cuts the cost and hence helps in the overall reduction in the online exam software price. 

3. Time and Attendance Management

The best online exam software helps manage the attendance and time of the students, employees, or the staff. It provides the faculty with daily attendance reports, the individual stories of presence, the working hours summary reports, etc. Therefore, these on-time detailed and summarized reports help manage the attendance as well as time.

4. User Management

The online exam software provides users with a highly interactive interface, which makes the user management easy. A single click is just what you need for going up to the next trick, creating tests and quizzes, signing the interface, synchronizing various processes, and performing many more user-friendly activities.

5. Assessments

This online exam software helps in creating and delivering assessments easily and quickly. It can create all types of assessments like promotion and appraisals assessment for employees, training, and certification assessments for those who want to learn new skills, test preparation assessments, educational assessments, aptitude assessments, and so on. The mock test software also allows the preparation of mock evaluations, which is an integral part of online examinations. 

6. Scheduling

The online exam software manages the scheduling of the exams with the help of providing online exam start date and time window and providing on-time notifications for the same to the users. 

7. Automatic Grading

This online exam software simplifies the process of grading by making it automatic. It helps in generating the results immediately. Moreover, the test score delivery option is customizable and helps you to select how and when the users still receive their results. The automated grading system and their reports also evaluate and highlight the scope of improvement and the most substantial area of an individual who appeared for the test through the mock test software.

8. Question Bank

The online exam software can consist of as many questions as you want. These softwares are compatible with Objective, Subjective, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), Image, Video or Audio based audios, or Fill in the Blanks. In online exam software, essential questions can be bulked by using the excel templates.

9. Quizzes

The online test-taking software also allows users to check their compatibility and knowledge, and therefore free online quizzes can be automated for all through these software. 

10. Question Branching

The online exam software gives the freedom to branch a different set of questions for different categories. Like branching a collection of available items for the failures, which can probably pass the examination because of smooth paper, and the other set of challenging questions can be branched for toppers. 

11. Question Randomizing

Through the online exam software, the test maker can prepare exam patterns in a way that can ask different questions to different respondents who are accessing the online test. Which means, random questions for random people. 

12. Results Reporting

The online exam software has the feature of generating the detailed report of the exam as soon as the online reviews get over. 

13. Weighted Questions

In the online exam software, all the questions are given a proper weightage according to their expected solutions. 

Key Consideration before buying online exam software?

In today’s world, which is entirely into technology and a competitive layout, every business-related organization and educational institutions look forward to strengthening their productivity by taking the lead and benefits offered by the technology and software provided by it.

Therefore, these points mentioned below should be considered before buying online exam software:

1. Firstly, always converse with your existing clients.

Whenever you think of buying a new examination software, always make sure that you consult the clients who are already using the software. Also, confirm with them the services of the vendor, providing you the software.

2. The software provides you with the freedom to generate and take tests with comfort.

The software should always have clear instructions and well-explained FAQ’s, to help the teachers and the professors to conduct the process of examinations simply and straightforwardly. Good software always consists of a question bank, which saves the time of the recruiters used in making the questions. 

3. The online training software should be scalable and should guarantee a high response time. 

The recruiters whose primary work is to recruit or hire candidates and the coaching centers or institutes, which helps in the test preparation of students, gives a lot of emphasis and importance to their expandability. A functional examination software should never use much of your abilities of thinking, and they only require a computer system with an internet connection to perform the test. Moreover, the best software also takes care of power failures or other mishaps if any occurs.

4. The software should have a simple combination and arrangement with the applications.

The online test-taking software should always merge or unite well with the Information Management System (IMS) and Learning Management System (LMS), which are the most famous employees and students training software. The online exam taking software should also ensure that the landing page can easily be configured with your company’s logo. 

5. The software should always ensure the reporting and analyzing on the online basis

The best online software for conducting examinations should provide the trainers of the organization and the teachers with the diverse choices of reporting and analyzing. Also, after the completion of exams, the marks should be specified automatically with the help of the software. In the same way, the candidates who appeared in the examination should be allowed to view their targets through the software only. Good software should be able to create a report based on performance and also display the necessary assessment. 

6. The software should provide sustained operational, technical, and customer support.

Before buying the online test-taking software, always ensure that there is a support team for functional or technical customer issues. There should always be excellent client support behind the software. Moreover, a support team should still be working for the regular updates and error check of the software.

7. The software should always have a free trial demo version.

Before buying the software, always take the online exam software demo, which is still free of cost, and you can evaluate the worthiness of the software.

How does an Exam Software System work?

The following steps are involved in the working of an Examination Software System

1. Searching an online examination software

To make an online examination software or system work, you will have to find the best examination software from the internet. You can choose among the various available systems. Make sure the software you use is user-friendly. 

2.  Setting up the exam on the software.

To begin with, the best online exam taking software, the first step is writing a brief introduction. This may include the beliefs of contributors from your online examinations. This process is then followed by adding MCQs or filling in the blank problems with visuals like images, videos, or pieces of audio to make it more attractive. 

The time limit of the examination is to be set by the creator of the test, keeping in mind the whole exam and the questions involved in it. 

3. Sharing the exam with the respondents

The creator of the examination has the authority to decide the start and end date, along with hours required to the participants having access to the online exam. After the successful creation of the review, the URL of the examination link is shared with the candidate who is appearing for the exam, that URL link directs them to the examination page.

4. Evaluate and track the progress through the software 

Once the candidates complete their online exam, the exam creator will be able to examine the development of the candidate. The creator can outlook the overall group performance or the data of a single user. 

Prominent Benefits of Exam Software

1. Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is a significant concern for any recruitment agencies and training institutes that conduct tests in their various test centers at different locations. Both the examiner and the examinee can access the online exam software easily for fast results. 

A user can register and login from any place using a computer and an internet connection. Everything is web-based and available on the cloud with no necessity of installing the software.

2. Design and take tests comfortably

Faculties who are new to the concept of online examination software need clear and precise instructions to create and take quizzes. Demos or FAQs defining each aspect of the test creation processes are available on the software’s website. 

The test designed using the software has test variables like the sections, the number of questions, passing marks, total marks, time limit, and many more. Considering different exam patterns and requirements, the online test-taking software has MCQs, objective questions, skills-based questions, personality tests, etc. that can be easily integrated into a single assessment. 

Online exam software is beneficial for examiners and recruiters who are looking to optimize time and logistics. Participants can take the test with ease by using a link, and as soon as the test is complete, the link expires automatically.

3. Scalable

For institutes engaged in student test preparation activities and employers in campus hiring, scalability is a primary requirement. Exam management software can support multiple users across various locations. 

A robust online exam software does not utilize much of the bandwidth and would only need a PC or laptop with an active broadband connection and sometimes a webcam to attempt the tests. The system has a sturdy server structure that supports scalability and high uptime.

 It scales up as and when needed and has a redundant server architecture in place to counter holdups like power failure, data loss, or any other mishap. It also provides auto-save features that allow the participant to save the questions that have been answered.

4. Provide online analytics and reporting

For teachers and trainers who used to check the copies manually, the exam management software provided them with the provision of reporting and analysis. With online exam software, the scores can be calculated automatically as soon as the test gets over, allowing the examinee, as well as the examiner, to see the scores simultaneously. 

The report that this application generates also marks the critical performance area with detailed feedback and recommended approaches towards the incorrect answers. Teachers and trainers can both create their learning or training module based on the data interpreted from the report.

5. Easily incorporated and configured with the system

Many institutes, educational organizations, employment & training, and coaching centers are already using online exam software or offline exam software for preparing employees/students, conducting tests/quizzes, and analyzing results for further improvement. 

An excellent online examination software is one that can be seamlessly integrated with their Learning Management System (LMS) and Information Management System (IMS). The online test system also allows white labeling or custom branding, where you can also configure the landing page of your institute along with its logo.

6. Proffers Proper Support like technical, operational and customer support

Employers, teachers, and trainers who do not have much technical knowledge can also handle the exam management software easily. They might require proper software support at every stage of the exam creation and completion. 

In that scenario, operational support can be provided on a phone call or with a live chat feature. Online examination software provides client support and has a technical back end operating effectively to keep the software updated and compatible.

7. Uncompromised Security and confidentiality

Aspects such as security and privacy are critical for any examinations. Any kind of leakage can undoubtedly compromise with the standard of the examination. It could result in retake or cancellation of tests, wasting a substantial amount of time that could have been utilized in other tasks.

To retain the value of the exam and eliminate any leakages, online exam software provides a secure database that can only be authorized by designated personnel. It can also randomize the order of questions to reduce the chances of copying/cheating to zero.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Yes. By deploying adequate proctoring and candidate authentication, you can detect cheating in an online exam.
  • Online exam software is a computer program that allows you to create, conduct, and evaluate assessments online.
  • Open-source exam software solutions include a released source code that allows users to use, change, study, and distribute the software.

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