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25 Best Fashion Designing Software In 2020 | Get a Free Demo

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Fashion design refers to the technique or art of blending design with aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and accessories. It is a broad field with variations across different places, cultures, and times. Fashion designing can be applied to almost anything that a human can wear, including clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. 

Traditionally, fashion designing was a manual process in which a designer needed to draw the design by hand. Not only was this process time consuming, but it was prone to human errors as well. 

Nowadays, this process is facilitated with the help of CAD fashion designing software. Let's dive into what fashion designing software for beginners is and how they work. 

A 3D fashion designing software enables designers to make sketches, designs, effects, and other elements used for creating clothes, accessories, intimate apparel, shoes, jewelry, and more. These garment design software programs are shaping the future of the fashion design industry. If you are in the fashion design school or self-learning to become a fashion designer, there are several tools to have in your arsenal. 

The world is getting digital, where efficiency is an essential factor to keep in mind. Manual designing is a cumbersome process; whereas, using a fashion designing software enables you to transform your ideas into tangible reality with ease. The right best fashion designing software program helps you take your renderings from mere paper sketches to promotable digital 3D models. Adobe Illustrator is one of the widely used fashion designing software programs, but there are several other excellent options as well. 

There are several types of Fashion design CAD software programs, broadly classified into 2D and 3D modeling software programs. Let's discuss the two in detail. 

2D Modeling

Several producers offer low-end 2D systems, including various free, open-source fashion designing software for beginners. 2D modeling enables you to facilitate the drawing process without any overscale fuss or placement on the drafting sheet. It includes hand drafting and can be adjusted as required by the designers. 2D modeling is an excellent way to begin your designing career, but it is not a lucrative option as most of the models are now created in 3D.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is divided into two categories: 3D wireframe and 3D solids. The 3D wireframe is an extension of 2D modeling in which a line is inserted into the drawing. The final product, however, does not have mass properties and cannot have new features added to it. Because of this limitation, the 3D wireframe modeling programs are lesser used nowadays. 

In 3D fashion designing software, you can use basic 3D shapes such as cylinders, prisms, spheres, etc. and add or subtract solid volumes from them. 3D modeling is further subdivided into two categories:

  • Parametric modeling in which the designer can use a feature called "design intent," which makes the designs more modifiable. Any future modifications can be easily applied by changing the original part.
  • Explicit or direct modeling enables you to make changes without the need for the original part, making the modification process quick and easy. 

Nowadays, garment design software programs offer both 2D and 3D modeling in a single package, making it easy for the designers to work as per their requirements. Some of the popularly used fashion designing software programs include:

  • Digital Fashion Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Optitex
  • Browzwear
  • Clo 3D
  • C-Design
  • TUKA3D

The 3D fashion designing software market has significantly grown in the past decade. With more and more people getting persuaded to dress and look better, brands are readily looking for skilled, efficient, and productive fashion designers. Moreover, celebrities prefer keeping their personal fashion designers to stay on top of the fashion game. With so much going on in the fashion industry, fashion designers need a solution that enables them to meet the requirements of their clients quickly and efficiently. A fashion drawing software comes to the rescue by offering several designs, modification, storage, and sharing features to enhance the overall productivity of designers. 

Thus, almost all fashion designers use some type of fashion designing software to upgrade the quality of their services and stay competitive as per industry standards. Adobe Illustrator is one of the readily used tools, but other programs like Clo 3D and Corel are also gaining popularity. These programs are now being taught in fashion design schools as well, and we can expect a significant upsurge in the fashion designing software industry. 

How does it work?

CAD Fashion designing software programs have gained significant popularity in recent years and rightfully so. They help with reducing the workload of fashion designers, thereby ensuring better, more efficient outcomes. Although we have discussed how these programs help reduce time and error, let's dive into the details of how a fashion designing software program works. 

1. Color mixing

Name some colors -- maybe you'll say red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, and white. However, the total number of colors existing in this world exceeds 10 million. And, it is impossible for a human to remember, recognize, and utilize that many colors. Moreover, not all colors work for all kinds of design; one may work for a certain design, whereas the other might work for something else. Design software helps you get over this mess as it enables you to explore more colors and identify and use the ideal color as per the pattern requirements. 

2. Fabric patterns

When designing the fabric, a fashion designing software for beginners allows you to work with several fabric patterns. It reduces the operational expenses and helps save the time taken to accomplish pattern manually. 

3. Creating prototypes

Design software programs enable designers to ditch the hectic work style by helping them rectify sewing errors. This software allows rendering similar design models with the same specifications to help designers identify the mistakes and make necessary modifications. 

Here are a few benefits of using fashion designing software. 

Since we have discussed the working of a design program, let's quickly discuss the benefits of using it. 

4. Saves time

This point is obvious; when working manually, fashion designers take a lot of time due to a lack of resources, which results in skipped deadlines. When using software, it becomes easier to generate and execute new ideas, thereby saving a lot of time. Moreover, it reduces the workload and enables designers to focus more on creativity and innovation. Thus, they can speed up the work process.

5. Durability

When working manually, designers have to save their work on paper, albums, and clipboards. All of these hard copies are prone to damage and loss. When working on a software program, you can save your work in the form of soft copies and store them over the internet. Moreover, it also enables you to share your work with others in a matter of a click or two. 

6. Presentations

A garment design software program allows you to not only design clothing lines but also make their well-designed prototypes. These illustrations can be used for presentations (presentation software) and sharing your ideas across the circle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. Different design programs have different license policies. Some might allow only one computer per license, whereas others might allow multiple systems. Make sure to read the license agreement and other policy instructions carefully.
  • A. Most of these programs are Windows native and run on Windows 7 and above. Most of these programs also run on Mac, but be sure to double-check the system requirements and compatibility list of software before making a purchase.
  • A. Most patterns, if created in a specific fashion design software program, can only be opened in software programs of the same manufacturer. However, many programs enable exporting a standard AutoCAD DXF form in other software.
  • A. It depends on the individual program. Some garment design software programs are excellent for technical specification drawings but not for fashion illustrations. For example, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw is good for fashion illustrations, whereas programs like Wild Ginger are good for specification drawings.
  • A. Some programs allow you to scan the photographs of original patterns and import them into their interface. However, some software does not allow scanning of garments and turning them into patterns.
  • A. Some programs allow direct support for digitizing tablets, whereas some do not. However, all of them enable you to export patterns in the form of a DXF formatted file.
  • A. Yes, all you need to do is convert them into a PDF file, and you can send them to a printing service.
  • A. You can sell the original patterns that you have created but not the ones already existing in the software library.
  • A. Most software vendors offer good customer support services to ensure all of your queries are immediately addressed.

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