Best Field Service Management Software

Best field service management software are EFFORT, HouseCall Pro, ServiceMax, FieldAware, and IFS. Field service technology companies help field service managers take control by automating certain tasks while providing remote access, real-time updates, and customer insights.

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List of 20 Best Field Service Management Software

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#1 CRM & support solution for growing businesses

Salesforce makes it easy for small businesses and startups build stronger client relationships with an all-in-one sales and support solution that is easy to use, setup, and maintain - Best client management software with standard cost. Read Salesforce Reviews

Software by Octopusapp Inc

Jobber, one of the best service management apps in the software industry, is a unified platform for scheduling, quotes, client database, invoicing, and more. The cloud-based software provides exceptionally dedicated support and on-demand service to organizations. FleetSharp, Mailchimp, QuickBooks Online, and Zapier are just a few third-party applications with which this program smoothly integrates. Read Jobber Reviews

A SaaS based field service management software

Housecall Pro is the top field service management software that helps all service providers streamline technician dispatch and automate procedures. It enables service-based enterprises to substitute paper-based processes with digital automation. It offers functionalities such as dispatching and scheduling, customer databases, and real-time tracking and mapping.   Read HouseCall Pro Reviews

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All-in-One Field Service Management Software

ReachOut Suite is a cloud-based end-to-end FSM software created for those providing services to optimize and manage every aspect of their field operations. All types of field service, audits, and maintenance activities—including those involving contractors—can be planned, scheduled, followed, and analyzed using this software. Read ReachOut Suite Reviews

Emergents | 2023

A Web Based Field Service Management Software Solutions For Small Business

ServiceMax, a field management software, offers a cloud-based platform that boosts the productivity of complicated,equipment-focused service execution for OEMs. Using this software may improve resource productivity, revenue, cash flow, and even customer satisfaction. With cutting-edge software and services, it assists service organizations in exceeding client expectations. Learn more about ServiceMax

Create on-spot invoice and shuffle between the schedules at any point of time with the help of Quick-Book integrated field service management software, Intuit Field Service Management. Learn more about Intuit Field Service Management

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Field Service Management Software For Small Business in India

Best field service app IFS is one of the most experienced, customer-centric and vibrant service-optimization software company in the world. It has web-based deployment along with mobile support. Read IFS Reviews

Software by Oracle Corporation

Oracle Field Service Management Software is the best service management software. It is a flexible field service program with the ability to perform real-time route comparisons, task scheduling, and general customer communication. The key features of this software are Mobile Access, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Electronic Signature, etc. Read Oracle Field Service Reviews

Advanced features like resource optimization, route tracking, job scheduling, inventory management & reporting make Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service a good field service management software. Read Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Reviews

Your Cutting-edge Mobile Workforce Solution

eQuipMe is a fully featured Field Service Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. eQuipMe provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Field Service Management system offers Inventory Management, Scheduling, Time Clock, Billing & Invoicing, Routing at one place. Read eQuipMe Reviews

Contenders | 2023

A field services software with SaaS and Mobile Support

It is a very flexible and dynamic software, for field service management solutions. The product has been designed while keeping current market scenario in mind. Thus using this software would provide you an edge over your competitors.   Read FieldOne Reviews

Emergents | 2023

A Field Service Scheduling Software for SMEs and Startup

It is the best field service software specially designed to provide end-to-end field service management solutions for the companies. This software provides a mobile app, mobile support, and API. The software is mainly targeted at Individuals, SMEs, Startups, and Agencies. Read FieldAware Reviews

See what your customers see

Viewabo is a remote video assistance technology that assists customer support agents in resolving issues using real-time video embedded in their help desk system. Without asking consumers to download an app, support staff can use this field management software to provide links that allow them to access customers' phones' cameras to view problems. Read Viewabo Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Form automation and data collection application

Kizeo Forms is a simple and mobile tool to automate various activities. With Kizeo Forms, you can convert any paper document into mobile forms. You can fill out forms from any location even without an internet connection! Create & send customized forms and reports. Read Kizeo Forms Reviews

Best Customer Experience Management Software

Clicksoftware is a cloud-based field service management software that provides innovative solutions for managing resources of organizations. With three different models, it helps organizations to expand and has additional modules to cater needs. Read ClickSoftware Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

The all-in-one app for managing deskless employees

This mobile-based field service management software connects an entire team working anywhere with everyone else at low costs. Connecteam has a plethora of templates to engage employees thereby improving their productivity resulting in sales growth. Read Connecteam Reviews

Get the competitive edge by using our Field Servic

Nexus Service Manager is a fully featured Scheduling Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. This online Scheduling system offers Job Management, Time Clock, Inventory Management, Inventory control at one place. Read Nexus Service Manager Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Tookan helps in rationalizing all business operations to cut costs and save time. With its state-of-the-art technology for automatic dispatch, route planning, and Geo-fencing, Tookan is a great field service management software that outclasses its contemporaries. Read Tookan Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

ARBOSTAR: All Business Processes Under One Roof

The high-tech, cloud-based business management software designed for landscaping and tree care businesses of any scale. In one smart and simple platform, we have combined all of the tools that you will ever need to manage your company efficiently and well. Read ArboStar Reviews

Most Reviewed

Upgrade Your Trade

FieldPulse is an easy to use, all-in-one business management app designed for small service businesses to manage their operations from end to end. Designed and priced for your small business. Read FieldPulse Reviews

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How is Field Service Management Software Useful?

Field management software is an automated system that streamlines all the operations related to field activities. Field service management software offers end-to-end management solutions for any company at an affordable cost. You can easily track vehicles, schedule the orders, and dispatch the right agent to the right work location with the help of field service software or mobile field service software mobile apps.

Field service management software helps companies manage all the resources involved with field service management activities. It can help managers, technicians, and others process job orders, automate schedule and dispatch, keep track of service and repair tasks, and manage customer service contracts.

Benefits Of Field Service Management Software

Well-built field service software is the spine of any business as it integrates success with high leveled productivity while achieving your business goals. Using field management software comes with various advantages which can be stated as:

1. Intelligent resource optimization

Field service management software ensures that all your resources are been utilized in a proper manner to yield the maximum output. You can easily optimize the assignment and routing of your man-at-work and can directly augment the profitability with the help of field service management software India.

2. Coordination amongst all the team members

Field service software simplifies the entire field management cycle including work order, equipment availability, and the return of the order. As field workforce management software comes with cloud-based integration and mobile app support, you can easily update any team member about any part of the tasks around the clock.

3. Effective job scheduling

While working at live locations, it is very essential to conduct effective job scheduling. The best field service software stores all the information regarding the skills of your team member and the nature of the job. You can easily allow the right professional to a particular project. Henceforth, you ensure timely and skilled completion of any project.

4. Better relations with your clients and customers

With the help of field service management software, you can easily strengthen your relationship with your customers and clients. As field service management software India comes with easy access, you allow your clients and customer to get in touch with you at any point in time. Also, the field management software gives them an opportunity to track the work-in-progress at the site. They can track the equipment usage, amount of work done each day, and remaining work status without actually visiting the site.  You will be able to address your customers’ requirements with advanced promptness and accuracy which will strengthen your customer’s faith in you.

Some Of The Features Of Field Service Management System

Here is our list of a few essential features that should be a part of your field service solutions or field service software for small businesses.

1. Job Scheduling and routing

This feature of field service management software ensures that the right candidate is working on the relative project. The feature is essential from the resource usage point of view.

2. Work Order Management

It is very essential for any business service monitoring to ensure that all the orders are managed well in advance. With the help of this feature of your top field service management software, you can easily create orders, create invoices, update the team at file about the order, and so on.

3. Mobile app support

This is indeed one of the most imperative features of your field service management software as it helps to track your workforce in the field.

4. Inventory Control

Keeping track of equipment and resources is what makes you perform well. The inventory control feature for your field service management software helps you to check what resource is readily available and what needs to be procured.

5. Reporting

Your field workforce management software should be capable enough to deliver smart reports. Tax reports, call counts, work reports and various other similar reporting should be done effortlessly.

List Of 10 Best Field Service Management Software

1. ServiceMax


ServiceMax is a big leader in service execution management. It offers a cloud-based field service management solution that is best suited for small and growing businesses across various industries, including mining, energy, and medical. 

It provides a comprehensive set of applications for managing customers and employees. 

Using the system, you can track work orders through all stages, including creation, assignment through job execution, debriefing, and customer sign-off.

No wonder more than 450 companies are using ServiceMax across the globe. Some of them are Bakers Hughes, Sony, Topcon, and more. 


  •  Work order management
  • Contract management
  • Task scheduling
  • Social collaboration
  • Customer service


  • Easy-to-use
  • Mobile access


  • The screen loading time is a bit slow


  • Quote on request


ServiceMax allows you to take advantage of its planning and scheduling work capability. It directly impacts service efficiency and customer experience. 

2. FieldAware


FieldAware is a powerful field service management solution that is rich in features. The best part is that it can cater to the needs of all sizes of businesses. 

It offers a dedicated mobile app for managing field service that is accessible both online and offline. Besides, it enables you to schedule work with ease and keeps track of your technicians at all times.

What’s more? Its drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy to access data quickly as well as schedule workflow.


  • Reporting and insights
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Contact database
  • Contract management
  • Dispatch management


  • Scalability
  • Extremely stable and reliable platform


  • Poor customer service 


  • Quote on request


FieldAware allows you to embed forms into your mobile workflow. You can even customize forms to meet your workflow needs.

3. Coresystems Field Service


Coresystems Field Service is one of the most popular field service management solutions that speed up customer service. 

It offers a robust set of features that help with scheduling and assigning work orders to field service operators. Besides, its mobile-ready solution connects the back office with the workforce. 

All the data are updated in real-time while the technicians are on the route throughout the day. 

Its reporting and analytics capabilities help generate reports to gauge the overall performance of specific personnel and processes. 


  • Customer self-service
  • Cloud computing
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Field parts and inventory management
  • Service contract management


  • Easy to implement
  • Seamless integration into SAP


  • Takes a lot of time to sync service calls


  • Quote on request


Its self-service portal empowers customers to quickly access product information or can initiate service calls with ease. 

4. IFS


IFS offers an end-to-end solution for field management service. Its platform aims to help businesses create a personalized service experience for their customer. 

It aims to improve the efficiency of the service management system using technology by ensuring real-time activity and fast response time. Furthermore, you and your staff member can quickly raise a service request, diagnose issues, and check for all related information.

The best part is that it can integrate with your existing CRM, including Salesforce, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics. You can deploy the system both on-premise and as a cloud service. 


  • Workforce scheduling and planning management
  • Mobile field service
  • Customer self-service
  • Contract management
  • Invoicing and billing


  • Simple interface with easy navigation
  • Scalability


  • Some users found implementation tricky


  • Quote on request


With over 25 years of experience, IFS makes service contract management easy. It enables you to create, execute, monitor, and administer service contracts.

5. Fixity 


Fixity is an innovative field service management solution aiming to reduce operational costs by optimizing the use of resources. Its developers bring to the table their 70 years of experience in field service management.
Enterprises of all sizes can use this cost-effective solution. Moreover, it gives a holistic view of the field service journey from a single platform. 


  • Resource scheduling management
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Contact management
  • Dispatch management
  • Reporting tools


  • Easy to use
  • Seamless integration


  • NA


  • Quote on request


What’s unique about Fixify is that it doesn’t require any implementation or integration. It can work with CRM and ERP solutions.

6. FieldOne


FieldOne is a robust field service management designed for large enterprises. It is suitable for both commercial and residential service providers. 
It aims to help deliver exceptional services to your customers by dispatching technicians when they are most in demand. FieldOne helps streamline the business processes from automated routing to real-time tracking. 

The solution can function on all major devices. It also offers dashboards, reporting, and analytics tools to drive smooth operation. 

Some of its top clients are Centrica, Ecolab, Lexmark, and more. 


  • Scheduling management
  • Contact database
  • Mobile-based access
  • Word order management
  • Technician management


  • Seamless integration
  • Scalability


  • Not so intuitive interface


  • Quote on request


FieldOne offers open architecture for simplified integration, flexible deployment options, and on-demand configuration. This helps drive rapid implementation and fast ROI.

7. LogiNext Field


LogiNext Field is an open-source field service management software solution that allows the re-routing of service requests based on customers' preferences.

With its mobile field service, the manager can easily track their sales reps in real-time on a map interface. It allows the sharing of location via a secure link or a push notification through APIs.

What’s more, it simplifies invoice and payment management. It automatically calculates the amount based on total distance traveled, time spent, and additional expenses incurred.


  • Heat map analysis
  • Work order management
  • Point of sale management
  • Route management
  • Real-time delay alerts


  • Holistic visibility of workflow

  • Easy to use


  • NA


  • Quote on request


LogiNext Field enables the consolidation of tasks based on location analytics and available field force. It results in increased work order efficiency.

8. for binary 


forBinary offers you a platform whereby you can create mobile applications for your field service management in 15 minds. You don’t need any coding skills.

It guarantees the end result to be smart and engaging with its rich and intuitive interface. Its clean UI/UX design keeps you connected with your customers and improves your core processes.

It is famous for its ability to customize the solution. Besides, you can allocate work to your staff members and mark employee locations.


  • Performance management
  • Workflow management
  • Mobile Access
  • Routing
  • Scheduling


  • Enables electronic signature

  • Customer database


  • NA


The plan starts at $214 per year for micro-businesses.


Customers can request quotes and services right from the mobile application. One can keep track of all orders and payments from a single platform.

9. Cryotos CMMS


Cryotos CMMS is a robust service management solution that helps schedule preventive maintenance activities and automate workflow through calendars.

It is one of the first mobile CMMS that empowers managers to handle workflow on the go. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Some of its top clients using Crypto CMMS is Chennai Metro Rail, Humanity Ahead, and more.

Moreover, its real-time notification alert feature is quite useful. You can track operational activities in real time and generate reports as and when required.


  • Work order management
  • Schedule management
  • Breakdown management
  • Service history tracking
  • Inventory management


  • Highly responsive customer support

  • Cost-effective solution


  • NA


  • Quote on request


Cryptos CMMS aims to reduce downtime and cut costs while improving operational efficiency. It offers a customizable checklist.

10. LeadSquared


LeadSquared is a customer relationship management system that offers a dedicated field management module. 

Its mobile CRM aims to boost the field sales team's efficiency by managing their workflow - from scheduling meetings to setting goals for the day and developing the best travel route.

It streamlines and automates the whole field operational process, thereby enhancing productivity. In fact, the tool allows you to look into the customer’s activity history to find possible upsell opportunities.

Moreover, you can easily keep a tab on your agents.


  • Lead capture
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Location tracking
  • Reminder alerts
  • Workflow order management


  • Seamless third-party integration

  • Contact database


  • UI needs improvement


  • Quote on request


What sets LeadSquared apart is that you can detect fraudulent activities if your agents try to check in from a false location.

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Field Service Software?

All businesses have a place to work. And then some companies need agents and specialists to go on the field and take care of the work. There are unique ERP solutions available in the market. However, if the nature of business demands that there are more people working in the field and fewer in-house, you can always switch to software that is more conducive to work requirements. Companies are expanding, and you don’t need the traditional online software either to keep your business on track. Any business management software that is accessible on the go is a blessing for the entire working unit.

Nowadays, newly founded technology has introduced us to mobile field service software. These tools are a must for places where the businesses have agents and technicians on the field who are doing some specific activity. Not all online software can be available online. Some of the online software has a mobile version. These may have specific limitations because a significant part of their work update happens on the web app version.

Let us take a look at some of the salient points why it is a good thing to switch over to mobile field service software.

6 Reasons for Switching Over to Mobile Field Service Software

1. Preparing for every assignment optimally

Tasks in businesses are broken down into logical modules. Nowadays, it has become essential to do work allocation. Though most the online management software might help you with this, there is a slim chance of being better prepared for the task at hand. Information regarding the place to visit, the problems there, the equipment require to fix the problem – all these are essential factors for solving any issue. Technicians / Agents will be able to access the information in their mobile field service software.

All the information at hand gets transferred to the software. And this can be accessed by the field agents when they reach the service spot.

2. Automation increases efficiency: 

Most of the mobile field service software has the inept ability to plan and incorporate efficient workflows. It means that the entire work order generation module comes alive via automation. Automation has its benefits. There are very fewer chances of human-made error. Workflow automation keeps every stage of work in a step-by-step process. As soon as the field agent updates the system via his cloud-based platform regarding the work, the next step is triggered automatically.

In doing so, the system updates the information in real-time, and no part of the information or task is lost. Automation ensures that everything is in the right place and updates the system.

3. Crisp planning and easy-change incorporation

Does your business include a lot of runtime planning? Does work come unannounced but you cannot avoid addressing the issue at hand? Luckily, agility is one of the essential features to look forward to when you are going for mobile field service software. One of the common issues that businesses face is their software module’s lack of adaptability to continually changing business requests or an abundant workload.

Mobile field service software can easily include all changes occurring on the go. These changes could be scheduled reworking, agent unavailability, change due to lack of spare parts – all these are unforeseen issues, but the system incorporates them. Planning and scheduling become more comfortable, with less hassle and more analysis.

4. Faster financial processing

Financial processing is essential when it comes to all business software in the market. And businesses where field agents are active most of the time, invoicing and billing has to be quick and worry-free. As soon as you complete the work, and customer approval is received, immediately the invoice can be generated and mailed to the customer. You can also send a copy of that to the ERP software where the system gets updated. Based on the invoices generated regularly, as a business, you will be able to gauge how much work you do weekly or daily.

Besides, all the money that flows into the business, the mobile software will be even able to give information on the expenses. Higher management who are always on the move will be able to access this information efficiently.

5. Customers and Data are available at one glance

For field agents, having a mobile version of the software makes life simpler. They can quickly get rid of paperwork that is expected of them to carry. Also, all the information that they need regarding the place they are visiting or the customer they are attending is available with one click. Since work methods have continuously changed over the years, more and more one-on-one customer service-oriented businesses have come up. It has also increased the amount of overhead of information that companies have to maintain in their database.

Essentially, taking references from historical data makes the entire work experience better – both, for the agent as well as the customer.

6. For the best customer experience

Customer demands are never-ending. If the business couples tightly with customer experiences and feedback, you can get direct information from them on the system. The agents speak with customers and update the feedback module or look for better alternatives. It proves beneficial when customers who demand some change, add to the already planned work. The field agent will instantly update the system to reflect the newly incorporated changes and the entire workflow, payment module, etc. gets updated.

Field agents can also provide updates and can be as transparent with the customers. The information from the business to the customer and vice-versa is maintained. It helps the company to grow as customers rest their trust in your industry.

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ArboStar 4.9(64 Reviews)

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URVA Comply 4.9(21 Reviews) $11.11 User/Month Yes Learn More
Salesforce 4.8(19 Reviews) $25 User/Month Yes Learn More
DeltaSalesApp 4.8(18 Reviews)

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Connecteam 4.9(16 Reviews) $0 10 Users Yes Learn More

FAQs of Field Service Management Software

FSM software helps companies automate the scheduling and dispatching of technicians and employees being sent to the field. This system takes care of job management, client management, and also their payments. It thus makes the job easy, accurate, and fast.

Field Service Management software benefits multiple industries ranging from facilities management to internal maintenance, healthcare, and more. It also proves advantageous for technicians maintaining assets on one or more sites.

Businesses can avail of tangible benefits with FSM software solutions. This includes:

  1. Increase in field worker productivity
  2. Improvement in service response time
  3. A decrease in travel time and fuel expenses
  4. Better quality of service

If facing challenges in tracking work orders, managing technicians, or setting schedules, you need field service management software. It will not only help you overcome these challenges but also enable you to focus on important activities.

Well, this depends on the field service management software you deploy. Some software providers offer web-based access; some provide mobile access, whereas some render both.

Last Updated: August 31, 2023