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Best File Recovery Software In India

Finding the best File Recovery Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is File Recovery Software?

File recovery software, also known as data recovery software, helps you recover lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted or formatted files and data from your laptop, PC, smartphone, and data storage devices such as pen drives, hard drives, and memory cards. Data loss is the worst nightmare for individuals as well as businesses.

Some Common Causes of Data Loss:

  • Inadvertent deletion of files is the most common reason for losing valuable data such as presentations, information related to financial transactions, client databases, industrial information, images, etc.
  • Other than deleting files accidentally, you may also end up losing data owing to hardware damage or the lack of efficient file backup strategies.
  • The indifference to streamlined workflow procedures also leads to data loss.
  • Additionally, you may also end up losing data due to a virus attack that damages the data stored by you in your PC, laptop, and other removable devices.
  • Last but not least, power surge, as well as power outages, are also the most common causes of data loss.

The Frightening Consequences of Data Loss:

Besides killing your productivity, and disrupting your day-to-day function, data loss can also harm your organization’s financial standing. Moreover, the failure to handle data loss wisely not only results in financial loss but also tarnishes the image of your business. The best file recovery software for PC helps you combat the catastrophe of data loss by retrieving any amount of lost data quickly and effortlessly.

The best file recovery software allows you to carry out a general search for your lost files including videos, images, and audio files. It helps you retrieve deleted files from corrupt drives, virus-infected storage media, as well as unbootable systems. Considering the efficacy of file recovery software for PC, more and more businesses across the globe are investing in the most reliable data recovery solutions.

How does File Recovery Software for PC Work?

Once you delete any file stored in your PC or laptop, the deleted files reach the trash bin of your PC. Even if you empty your trash or recycle bin, your PC does not erase the file completely. It only erases the path to access the file, thus, enabling you to store new files in the space taken up by the deleted file. The deleted file, however, is stored in the hard drive of your operating system till it is overwritten with another file.

Since the deleted file is still stored in your PC’s hard drive, professional software to recover deleted files from PC may be able to recover and restore it. A file recovery software for PC is specially devised to search your computer’s hard drive for tracing retrievable documents, images, or audio/video files. A deleted video recovery software for android thoroughly searches the drive and presents a preview of the files recovered. What’s more, a powerful file retrieval application also facilitates easy file restoration and offers additional tools for filtering the search results.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a deleted video recovery software for Android works:

  • Launch the data retrieval software;
  • Choose a location to trace the lost data. It can either be a folder on your desktop or a hard drive, libraries, and external storage device;
  • Once you choose the location, the software’s powerful algorithms thoroughly scan your PC or handheld device. Normally, deleted video recovery software for Android conducts two screening sessions. While the first screening takes few minutes for scanning and listing data in the location chosen by you, the final screening takes a longer time as it attempts to locate multiple lost files by scanning your entire storage device, including your file directory comprehensively.
  • The deleted video recovery software for Android lets you preview the retrievable files soon after completing the scan. The files can be filtered as per their name, type, size, etc.
  • Soon after you preview and pick the important files you want to repossess, you need to press the ‘Recover Data’ button to get back your files instantly.

So this is how the best file recovery software saves you from the threat of data loss. By investing in a sophisticated data recovery tool, you can resist major disasters and heave a sigh of relief.

The Best Features of File Recovery Software for PC

The best file recovery software for PC comes with a host of useful features. Some of the impressive features offered by deleted video recovery software for android are as follows:

1. Data Retrieval from storage devices:

The most-sophisticated software to recover deleted files from PC comes with data restoration features to help you rescue lost or deleted data from data storage devices such as CD-ROM, hard drive, DVD, flash drive, pen drive, camera, memory card, and Blu Ray disc.

2. Network Recovery:

This crucial feature helps you retrieve data from computers that are interconnected through a common network. The network recovery tool is essential for those who do not have direct access to the corrupted hard disks.

3. Data restoration from corrupted and lost data:

Deleted video recovery software for android enables you to retrieve deleted, lost, and damaged multimedia files such as spreadsheets, word documents, movies, images, music files, video files, and much more. It can also retrieve data from hard drives having FAT as well as NTFS partition.

4. Email Recovery:

Deleted video recovery software for android offers email recovery features to help you retrieve the desired items from your email database. The most robust software to recover deleted files from PC allows you to rescue emails from Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, Windows Live Mail, etc.

5. Recuperates lost files in your empty recycle bin:

This handy feature offered by the software to recover deleted files from PC helps you repossess files that have been permanently deleted from the trash or recycle bin of your PC or handheld device. So next time you accidentally press Shift+Delete on your keyboard, do not panic. You just need to choose the best file recovery software for PC to rescue the lost files in few minutes.

6. Organize Files Systematically:

The best file recovery software for PC helps you arrange the retrieved files in ascending as well as descending order based on their name, type, size, and date of creation.

7. Technical Assistance and Training:

Deleted video recovery software for android offers world-class assistance to help users with their queries. The best file recovery software for PC also offers training to its users via documentation, webinars, and in-person sessions. What’s more, a comprehensive file recovery software also comes with FAQs, knowledgebase, and a comprehensive manual to help you use the software and recover inaccessible files easily.

8. Paid Version and Free Version:

You can easily purchase data recovery software for PC online at an affordable price. At the same time, if you are experiencing a financial crunch, you can also opt for a free version of data retrieval solutions. A lot of free versions of the software are available in the market to provide you with an economical way of salvaging your precious data. Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid downloading or installing the free versions of file recovery software as much as possible as they do not provide comprehensive data recovery features, and may end up exposing your sensitive data to hackers or cybercriminals.

If you are looking for the best software to recover deleted files from PC, make sure the software chosen by you offers the features mentioned above. A lot of deleted video recovery software for Android comes with a free-trial period so that you can understand its features completely before making the final purchase decision. Alternatively, you can also request a free demo of the software simply by visiting the software website.

Benefits of Using Data Recovery Solution

Data recovery software offers a lot of benefits to your business. Here is a quick rundown of the advantages of using a data recovery solution:

1. Safe and Trustworthy:

File retrieval solutions are highly reliable and secure. The best video recovery software for android manages your personal data securely and does not store any sensitive data related to you or your business.

2. Efficiency:

Deleted video recovery software for android helps you recover lost data in no time. The recovery procedure is proficient, as well as brisk.

3. Dynamic:

File retrieval software is capable of recuperating over 500 file formats from a wide range of storage devices with ease.

4. Saves Time and Money:

Since data retrieval software is easy to use, you can do away with the need of consulting data recovery experts for retrieving your lost files; this not only saves your hard-earned money but also your valuable time.

5. Offers Lifetime Service:

Once you invest in data retrieval software, you can make use of its features as long as you use the software. The software comes with a license code that can be used by multiple people within your organization. What’s more, the best file recovery software also provides you with free lifetime assistance, and free lifetime upgrades.

These are some of the noteworthy benefits of investing in a data recovery program. Though the market is flooded with countless data recovery solutions, you should cautiously choose the best software to recover deleted files from PC that is capable of handling data loss efficiently.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best file recovery software for PC:

  • Make sure the software promises complete data recovery, and has the highest recovery success rate.
  • Find out how much data you want to retrieve.
  • Pick the best file recovery software that offers advanced search options. Since hard discs are capable of storing huge volumes of data, it becomes difficult to go through each file on the drive when looking for a specific file. Moreover, since the process of recovering all the files in the hard disk is a time-consuming affair, it is advisable to purchase a recovery solution with east search options.
  • Ensure if the data retrieval program offers adequate safety and security.
  • The software should offer a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Choose a data recovery tool that offers regular data backups.
  • Make sure it has a technical support team offering round the clock technical assistance.
  • Make sure your queries are answered by human agents instead of chatbots.
  • Last but not least, do a bit of online research to learn about the best available data recovery applications available in the market. At the same time, go through user reviews on reputable software review websites as this can help you pick the best-fit software for data recovery needs.

We hope the checkpoints mentioned above will help you find the best-fit data retrieval software for your business as well as personal use. Since computer hard disks are vulnerable to attacks, it is essential to have a data recovery application by your side so that you can protect your data in the event of data loss emergency. Your data is precious to you and your business; therefore, you should consider investing in a trustworthy data recovery solution right away without wasting any more time.

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