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Zoho Assist has helped our team to provide quick support to our client's by getting connected to their computer quickly in 2 step process. ZA works on all operating systems and allows us to deliver our services promptly. The product comes with per technician license model and... Read Zoho Assist Reviews

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Zoho Assist VS Ammyy

Common Zoho Assist and FixMe.IT Alternatives

Zoho Assist review compared to FixMe.IT

"Good Software to get take remote sessions" - Raghav Gupta


SuperOps is a great device for overseeing IT support tasks. Its natural connection point and strong elements make it simple to smooth out work processes, track client demands, and oversee group execution. The stage's robotization capacities and mixes with other famous devices... Read RMM Reviews

Starting Price: $59 Per Month

Common RMM and FixMe.IT Alternatives RMM review compared to FixMe.IT

"Review about RMM" - Iqbal Ahmed


This is the Ease of use is and security was something that i really liked, and i had to reach out to support via chat, and the support was expedited. That's what i liked. Read RemotePC Reviews

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Common RemotePC and FixMe.IT Alternatives

RemotePC review compared to FixMe.IT

"Secure and Fantastic Support" - Abhinav Puri


Generally speaking, I have a positive involvement in AnyDesk, referring to its usability, quick association speed, and solid execution as a portion of its key assets. A few clients have likewise lauded its security highlights, including start-to-finish encryption and two-factor a... Read AnyDesk Reviews

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AnyDesk VS HopToDesk

Common AnyDesk and FixMe.IT Alternatives

AnyDesk review compared to FixMe.IT

"An extraordinary free choice for controller" - Trending Beats


So easy to use, it is a secure and simple software that allows me to remote into the systems I need to, and the person allowing access does not need to be tech-savvy to enable access." "One of the best tools to access the desktop virtually from anywhere. Read Chrome Remote Desktop Reviews

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Chrome Remote Desktop review compared to FixMe.IT

"My personal review Chrome Remote Desktop" - tasleem gill


Windows Server has been the backbone of my business for the last four years. It's reliable, cost-effective, and has never let me down. Also, the support is always there when I need it. What more could you ask for? Read Windows Server Reviews

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Windows Server review compared to FixMe.IT

"Reliable and Cost Effective" - Bed Kaushik


It's good easy to use, easy to install, and easy to guide users about it, it supports bot windows and mac, hope the team will create on supports Linux, I been using it at my organization for more than 2 years, still happy about it. And would like to keep using it in the ... Read Bomgar Remote Desktop Reviews

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Common Bomgar Remote Desktop and FixMe.IT Alternatives

Bomgar Remote Desktop review compared to FixMe.IT

"My reviews about bomgar" - somesh


AeroAdmin is an excellent solution for easy and effective remote connection. I use it daily in my work to provide training and support. Highly recommend it to everyone looking for light simple software for remote work. Read AeroAdmin Reviews

Starting Price: $90 Per Year


AeroAdmin VS AnyDesk

Common AeroAdmin and FixMe.IT Alternatives

AeroAdmin review compared to FixMe.IT

"Best for remote work and assistance" - Teo Key


TeamViewer allows me, as the team leader, to help junior staff handle some tasks when they encounter challenges. I can access their computer from my desk and show them how a certain task is done. I can also install software such as MATLAB, which we use for data analysis, on their... Read TeamViewer Reviews

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TeamViewer VS AnyDesk

Common TeamViewer and FixMe.IT Alternatives

TeamViewer review compared to FixMe.IT

"Connects instaly to remote devices to guide a remote team" - Bethany Basset


Deep Freeze Reboot Restore Software prevents any changes made on your system making PCs indestructible. Reboot Restore software is a comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that empowers end users with each reboot. Learn more about Deep Freeze

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Common Deep Freeze and FixMe.IT Alternatives


ISL Light Remote Desktop is a fully featured Remote Support Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs. This online Remote Support system offers Real-time Chat, Diagnostic Tools, Customizable Branding, Session Recording at one place. Learn more about ISL Light Remote Desktop

Starting Price: $145 500 Minutes

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Common ISL Light Remote Desktop and FixMe.IT Alternatives


TeamViewer Remote is a remote desktop and screen-sharing software that allows users to access and control remote computers or devices over the internet. It is widely used for technical support, online meetings, and remote collaboration. TeamViewer of... Learn more about Teamviewer Remote

Starting Price: $43 Month billed Annually

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Common Teamviewer Remote and FixMe.IT Alternatives


Extraordinary customer support and product is very user friendly. There is a bug in initial stage now that are completely fixed and product is now user friendly with efficient support service. Read ManageEngine Remote Access Plus Reviews

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Common ManageEngine Remote Access Plus and FixMe.IT Alternatives

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus review compared to FixMe.IT

"Worth for buying it" - Tamil005 hero


RemoteToPC is a remote desktop access product designed specifically for IT people. Each installation includes remote access + monitoring & alerts for basic system metrics such as CPU, RAM, and C-Drive. Learn more about RemoteToPC

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RemoteToPC VS Ammyy

Common RemoteToPC and FixMe.IT Alternatives


Superb software one of that software I used. Easy to use, very well known products. I told you that one time use can make you longer costumer. The best software ever. Read Ammyy Reviews

Starting Price: $34 Onetime

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Ammyy VS AeroAdmin

Common Ammyy and FixMe.IT Alternatives

Ammyy review compared to FixMe.IT

"Best software ammy" - Shubhanshu


Beyond trust, help desk software provides privileged access and defend against threat related to unwanted remote access. Its flexible design simplifies the integration, maximize security and enhance user productivity. Learn more about BeyondTrust

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Common BeyondTrust and FixMe.IT Alternatives


DeskRoll Remote Desktop is a remote access software which allows you access your computer remotely from anywhere on any device, including your mobiles. It is highly secure and has got a good customer support system. You can add unlimited remote compu... Learn more about DeskRoll

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DeskRoll VS AnyDesk

Common DeskRoll and FixMe.IT Alternatives


The web-based solution works as an excellent assistant. It is extremely helpful in streamlining and bringing together the different fragments of an organization management. I could feel a sense of relief within a week of me and my staff using it. The overall synchronization in m... Read GoTo Resolve Reviews

Starting Price: $69 Per Month

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Common GoTo Resolve and FixMe.IT Alternatives

GoTo Resolve review compared to FixMe.IT

"Gotoassist is very effective for document management. Requires very less time to set up and run. " - Christian


Fun comedy I only for an I'll use for entertainment and see the Android function and visualize everywhere finishing and look at the process of this app and every country Read TightVNC Reviews

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TightVNC VS LogMeIn

Common TightVNC and FixMe.IT Alternatives

TightVNC review compared to FixMe.IT

"Intertement " - Rohan


the interface is very good and i can do multiple session login. I can export the file also in a text format. the most awesome part is that i can do remote computing using this app. It also has integrated X server. Read MobaXterm Reviews

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MobaXterm VS PuTTY

Common MobaXterm and FixMe.IT Alternatives

MobaXterm review compared to FixMe.IT

"good performing app" - jeeva

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