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Best Competitors and Alternatives to Gaia

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Product Description

I have had a quite good experience with the software as of now. It's smooth, user-friendly and has loads of features. I would suggest to bigger organisation for mass meeting or to schools for the conduct of classes. Read Microsoft Teams Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Software Common with Gaia and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams review compared to Gaia

"Seamless" - Souryajeet Sanyal

Most users consider Microsoft Teams is a excellent Gaia alternative.


Product Description

It has got great features at a great tool for managing sales and creating tasks.  it overwhelms in content management and communication on social platforms. Read Bitrix24 Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Bitrix24 and Gaia

Bitrix24 review compared to Gaia

"It helped us in excellent mangement of our business at a very affordable price. it is a great collaboration platform." - Wahida

Most users consider Bitrix24 is a excellent Gaia alternative.


Product Description

Dropbox has ensured that all files and contents that we have in our company are safely stored, and no intruder or player who can gain their access. Furthermore, Dropbox brings a clear accessing capacity where when we are connected through the internet, no challenges encountere... Read Dropbox Reviews

Starting Price: $13 Per User Per Month

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Dropbox and Gaia

Dropbox review compared to Gaia

"Incredible and Secure Cloud Storage" - Alisha Chinai


Product Description

Workplace from Facebook is basically Facebook for your workplace. The layout and features of Workplace are identical to Facebook, which makes it very easy for employees to pick up the program quickly. It's been especially helpful during the pandemic, as it help workers stay conne... Read Workplace from Facebook Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Gaia and Workplace from Facebook Alternatives

Workplace from Facebook review compared to Gaia

"Facebook for Work" - Caroline


Product Description

Thanks to FileHold, I was able to discover the perfect match of this software that aligns perfectly with my choice of requirements. Highly recommended. Read FileHold Reviews

Starting Price: $1200 Per Year

Free Trial

Software Common with Gaia and FileHold

FileHold review compared to Gaia

"FileHold is efficient as its name." - Ehsan Ghasrfakhri


Product Description

We have been using FileCloud for more than two years now, and it's been a good journey so far. In our organization, we have to store a lot of video lectures daily, and for this purpose, FileCloud is our storage partner. It comes with high security, which we can trust easil... Read FileCloud Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Alternatives of FileCloud and Gaia

FileCloud review compared to Gaia

"One of the best cloud storage tool" - Abhishek Anand


Product Description

Yes, FileStack is a good choice for our company which needs a reliable and flexible file management solution. This tool is excellent for quickly sharing and improving files. Read Filestack Reviews

Starting Price: $69 Per Month

Free Trial

Alternatives of Filestack and Gaia

Filestack review compared to Gaia

"Efficient File Handling with FileStack" - Shahid Madki


Product Description

Integration with Google Services: Google Workspace seamlessly integrates with various Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Meet, providing a unified platform for productivity and collaboration. Real-time Collaboration: Google Workspace allow... Read Google Workspace Reviews

Starting Price: $6 Per Month

Free Trial

Google Workspace review compared to Gaia

"Good product" - Kesavan


Product Description

This product is we handy and easy to use. Files transferred over cloud will be zipped automatically. Even with free of cost you can transfer 2 GB/ day Read WeTransfer Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Categories with WeTransfer:

Application Sharing Software

Common Alternatives of WeTransfer and Gaia

WeTransfer review compared to Gaia

"Very useful product to transfer files too and fro and many devices" - Manoj


Product Description

Tresorit is the biggest name in distributed storage, sitting close by administrations like and Dropbox in our best-distributed storage rankings (see our Dropbox versus Tresorit correlation). Even though it's an appropriate choice for individual use cases, Tresorit... Read Tresorit Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Tresorit and Gaia

Tresorit review compared to Gaia

"My Personal Review On Tresorit" - Kashif Mehmood

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