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Best Auto Repair & Garage Management Software in 2020

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What is Auto Repair Software?

Rapid advancement in technology availed many businesses to benefit from software and automation technology. The exponential increase in the vehicle population made the auto repair job complex and tedious. Therefore, auto repair shops are evolving and adopting new software for simplified business operation. Nowadays, people prefer digital platform for secure and faster processing. Garage Management software gives an edge to the auto repair shop to organize, diagnose, estimate, and help repair car quickly. The auto repair software guarantees better interaction and uninterrupted service to the customer.

An Auto repair and Garage management solution takes absolute control of the Garage management business. It is an automated solution that automates all business processes right from the entry of the vehicle in the garage, it’s screening & tracking until it leaves the garage. Garage management software helps to achieve auto shop goals by automating procedures, tracking customer vehicle history, and maintaining a database of other dealers and customers. Auto repair shops can manage their entire garage system using Garage software. It allows the garage owners to evaluate work estimate, sell and buy vehicle parts, and control the whole operation on fingertips.

Garage software is convenient for all businesses as it offers multiple functionalities. It includes service assessment, vehicle tracking, and generating a point of sales invoices. All the automobile-related shops like engine repair shops, bike shops can also benefit from Garage software.

Common Features of auto repair and Garage software

  • Inventory management: You can set the guidelines regarding stocking level according to sales ratio. Garage management software automatically increases or decreases the inventory level based on sales frequency. It quickly provides a preview of the necessary parts required for repair procedures. When the sales are high, the software makes the non-stocking parts as stocking ones, stabilizing the stocking level.
  • Maintenance record: The information in the database displays a customizable chart to provide better customer service insight. It will be a timesaver as the area of improvisation will be highlighted to ensure better services availed to the customer. It also gives access to labor database for pricing and time management.
  • VIN identification: Information regarding Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) provides additional data about the vehicle. This info could be the vehicle's history, its manufacturing details, and other related parameters. It could be beneficial for auto repair shops to track the vehicle to provide better and convenient services to the customers.
  • Work Management: Garage Management software organizes the workspace and schedules the workflow to enhance the quality of service. Analytics, reporting, and invoice generation are also its essential functions.
  • CRM: Auto repair software maintains friendly customer relationships by providing them with desirable services. It automates follow-ups, track vehicle history, and manages the due date calendar. It is a fully integrated platform that offers coupons to customers with validity extension and expiry notification.

Who uses Garage software?

  • Garages: Garage management software has proven out to be beneficial for garages. Notifications to replenish inventory, replacing old hardware parts, client appointments, and work order creation are its key features.
  • Car wash: Car wash and automobile service centers have benefited the most since the initiation of garage management and auto repair software. Its on-premise integrated suite platform has managed work order creation and reporting.
  • Automobile Automation Centres: Auto repair and garage management software are advantageous for the centers that equip the cars with automation tech. Graphical representation and imaging capabilities offered by the software gives the edge for it.

The mentioned above are a few examples. Any automobile-centric business that wishes to streamline their workflow can profit from it.

Why use auto repair software?

The progression of real-world towards the virtual dimension has provoked people to lean towards digitalization and automation. In the modern era, businesses are relying on technology to value their services. Auto shop owners bank on auto repair and garage management software to edge their services for high-yielding. Here is how auto shop owners are turning auto repair software and garage management software to their advantage.

  • Organized work environment: In the repair business, there are tons of tasks to handle. This job could be inventory level management, technician scheduling, customer appointment, and many more. Having them written down is not a solution as there are chances of misplacement. Garage management software provides all in one solution to the shops. Accounting records, customers receipt, and scheduling vendor appointment are all systematically organized by this software.
  • Time Saver: Every day the auto repair shop is loaded with lots of tasks. It could be analysis, estimation, ordering parts, repairing vehicles, accounting & invoicing, scheduling appointments, payroll, and other office operations. This web-based platform also saves space, as all the data is stored on the computer instead of a cabinet or shelves.
  • Performance tracking: To attain a business objective, analyzing and assessing business performance is necessary. The auto repair software helps you to keep track of areas that require improvement. It generates a report that provides an overall insight into the business like sales, profits, orders, and much more.
  • Customer Engagement: CRM software integrated with auto repair and garage management software will render a user-friendly database, that will track the customer history. Having a customer’s information on fingertips will give a personal touch and help you maintain a friendly relationship. CRM software stays connected with the customer even after the customer leaves the shop. It provides notification regarding the next appointment, generates automated thank you notes, and provide special offers and promotions for loyal customers.
  • Assessment: Earlier, the repair shops used to maintain repair guides and manuals to check on the problems and rectify it. However, after the introduction of garage management software, the assessment and evaluation process has become seamless and wieldy. The auto repair software analyzes the complex programs & other complications to provide an intelligible solution and generate a tangible report. It will allow the garage or auto shop owners to develop new ideas and products.
  • Fully Equipped: Auto repair and garage management software provide all in one solution and services to the automobile-oriented businesses. The software has advanced the lifestyle of mechanics. Now the mechanics don't have to visit customers or maintain manual records of their business operations. Automated notification on inventory refill, appointments, and billing and invoicing by auto repair software could make the auto shop business systemized, simplified, and successful.

Incorporation of auto repair and garage management software with the automobile shops aids in the upliftment and expansion of the business. The swing of auto repair shops in computer science technology has transformed and maintained a steady flow of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Auto Repair software helps garage owners to eliminate unnecessary paperwork by leveraging electronic contracts. It also helps them manage inventory levels while cutting down on the lost time and IT costs. Besides, this software provides customers real-time updates regarding the repair status.
  • Garage management software offers a comprehensive solution as it stores all the information about the garage in one place. Besides, it enhances the sales process by integrating it with a CRM solution. This results in increased revenue.
    • If you are running a garage or an auto repair shop, you can’t fail to notice the significance of the auto repair software. With the right software, you can
    • Improve customer experience
    • Simplify workshop tasks and
    • Save a lot of time
  • When it comes to selecting the software based on the features that are helpful to your auto repair shop, consider the following – Auto parts sales & inventory management, Estimating & service writing, VIN decoding, Vehicle tracking & history, Invoicing, and Point of Sales (POS).
    • There are two main types of solutions offered by vendors:
    • Integrated suite solutions: Systems with a suite of applications that perform all or most of the garage-related operations
    • Best-of-breed solutions: Software that serves a specific need in the market

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