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Best Competitors and Alternatives to GoCodes

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Thanks for bringing such a wonderful tool. With the same confidence I have a suggestion, which if you can incorporate, will help all the users. I want a feature , where I will get a report on any given day, what short term/ long term profit I will be making in a stock, if I ch... Read MProfit Reviews

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Alternatives of MProfit and GoCodes

MProfit review compared to GoCodes

"I am really glad that I came to know about MPROFIT & for last 3-4 years I am v happy to use this wonderful software for all my Portfolio mgt needs." - Jayant Patankar

Most users consider MProfit is a excellent GoCodes alternative.


Product Description

Good experience. The software is very adaptable to company needs. The support team is very responsive, and helpful. The tool is easy to use, and our employees really enjoy the tool. Overall, our experience with the software has been good and we will continue to use it. Read Sage HR Reviews

Starting Price: $5 Per Employee

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Sage HR review compared to GoCodes

"Great Team @" - Kiah

Most users consider Sage HR is a excellent GoCodes alternative.


Product Description

We're a 100 plus members society, and so you can understand how difficult does the management can get. However since we have ApartmentAdda, manual work is reduced to minimum. Moreover overall communication process is simplified, helping us reduce the overall complaints / q... Read ADDA Reviews

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Common GoCodes and ADDA Alternatives

ADDA review compared to GoCodes

"One stop solution for all socity related management" - Hannah Lawry


Product Description

I’m very happy about this’s super fast and easy to use.Moreover cost effective,friendly, easy.I will definitely recommend this to everyone.overall wonderful experience . I’m using this from almost an complaints till now.I hope it will b same as before i... Read Horizon ERP Reviews

Starting Price: $192 One Time

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Common Alternatives of Horizon ERP and GoCodes

Horizon ERP review compared to GoCodes

"Too good " - Roma Kapoor


Product Description

Service Now has been used worldwide as a ticketing tool which is more user friendly. It can be integrated with wide variety of monitoring tools which provide most efficient way of solving out your queries leading to customer satisfaction. Read ServiceNow ITSM Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Software Common with GoCodes and ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow ITSM review compared to GoCodes

"User Friendly Ticketing Tool" - Arjun S Pankaj


Product Description

I have been using this software for last 5 years now and I have never faced any issue regarding keeping a check on my assets. This software is loaded with a lot of features which can manage all the assets within no time and I no longer need to keep... Read Microsoft Asset Management Reviews

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Common Alternatives of Microsoft Asset Management and GoCodes

Microsoft Asset Management review compared to GoCodes

"Inbuilt with great features to track every details of asset" - Nency


Product Description

I found the app very useful with lots of features and is easy to navigate. my society is using visitor management and complaint management, and raising the complaint with 2-3 clicks is so relief. Read iSocietyManager Reviews

Starting Price: $0 User/Month

Common Alternatives of iSocietyManager and GoCodes

iSocietyManager review compared to GoCodes

"Useful app for day to day society operations" - sahar


Product Description

Immensely useful software and very easy to use as it's main USP. Hand holding during deployment is another added benefit going forward with them. Read SocietyConnect Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Flat/Month

Free Trial

Alternatives of SocietyConnect and GoCodes

SocietyConnect review compared to GoCodes

"Fantastic Tool" - Juhi


Product Description

I have been using this software for six years and with its help, I can easily manage the daily deleted tickets and keep my tickets on schedule which automatically releases from ON-HOLD status without entering any command. Now can easily search licens... Read ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Reviews

Starting Price: $8 Technician/Month

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and GoCodes

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus review compared to GoCodes

"The easiest solution to manage daily asset works" - Vatsalya


Product Description

We would recommend every our known reference Hospital to this HMS Software, team every good team support, & very light can cover all specialty like- general medicine, orthopedic, gynecology & obst. pediatrician, diabetology, etc. Read Tirupati Hospital Management Reviews

Starting Price: $2000 Onetime

Common Alternatives of Tirupati Hospital Management and GoCodes

Tirupati Hospital Management review compared to GoCodes

"The Best Hospital Management Offline Software ever seen" - Dr. C.S. Rathore

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