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25 Top Hard Drive Recovery Software For Lost Files - Get A Free Demo

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What memory is to mankind, a hard drive is to the computer. The hard drive is the place where a computer safely stores everything in it. It comes equipped with a specific and defined storage capacity. More space a computer has got inside it's a hard drive, the more data we can actually accommodate inside it. We all must have seen the hard drive in our personal PCs or office computers. It usually comes in jet black color but contains the most colorful and splendid memory of our personal moments captured in photos, videos, chat history, etc.

We also store official files and folders in the hard drive. We often try to immortalize our favorite movies and songs by warehousing them in the computer hard drive driven by the belief that anything once saved properly in the digital memory of the computer will never get lost. But the idea of immortality is just another myth as nothing stays forever. Computer hard drive also does not stand immune to technical malfunction. Those who have ever used a computer must have lived a life shrouded by the mist of the apprehension of data loss from the hard drive. 

Data recovery actually happens preceded by the event of data loss in the system. Once the data is lost, we need to seek help from professionals to get the data back in the system. Data recovery operation primarily refers to a trail of measures being carried out for retrieval of data using some hard drive recovery software. You can subscribe to some professional services or you can attempt to do it of your own following the precise manual of some hard drive data recovery software in a systematic manner. 

  • There are different conditions that we might have to deal with while troubleshooting the problem of data loss with the help of data recovery software.
  • The hard drive might develop some physical injury or scars caused by the act of inappropriate and careless handling. You might drop it on the ground and the drive will get snapped into pieces with irreversible damage to the drive.
  • The hard drive might also get damaged by a sudden impact of severe lightning accompanied by the deafening sound of thunder.
  • There are cases where the hard drive could be found to be burnt as a result of a short circuit or voltage fluctuation and eventually, all the data will be lost.
  • Cases are frequently reported where we have seen a trail of software malfunction leading to loss of data in the hard drive.
  • The instances of some unknown malware attacks taking a toll on the data saved in the hard drive have become quite rampant in recent times. Despite having antivirus preinstalled in the system, the threat of the virus stealing away data has been alarmingly on rising.
  • The emergence of computer hackers has come out in the open to turn the situation from bad to worse. They pose a potential threat to the sanctity of data of our system. What makes them an unstoppable menace to the idea of cybersecurity is the fact that they are adequately trained with the latest gadgets and software to burn a hole in the firewall while trespassing into the secured domain of personal computers in their endeavor to strip the hard drive of all its data and leave it empty.

The act of choosing the right HDD recovery software is a crucial decision to make. The efficiency of the entire recovery exercise depends on how impeccably we can pick up the best hard drive recovery software based on the prudent assessment of the sources of predicament which has outraged the chastity of data protected in the hard drive.

Let’s take a comprehensive to peek into the multiverse of hard drive recovery software in order to be able to understand how the idea of data recovery has taken a quantum leap over time driven by the virtue of being a domestic utility product that can be spotted in almost every household. Personal computers have now become omnipresent. Hardly there is a household that is still not equipped with PCs or laptops. 

Most of the households could be found to be in possession of multiple systems as well. Far and wide the popularity of PC will spread, more inevitable the hard drive data recovery software will become. HDD data recovery software seems to have struck the right chord with the people at large as they have silently sneaked into their personal space with a pack of solutions customized in sync with personal data recovery needs in order to keep the menace of data loss at a bay.

We in this article are trying to present a holistic picture of different aspects of HDD data recovery tools by preparing a list of best hard drive recovery software which has been constantly gaining momentum to travel across the world and flip the anxiety over the protection of personal data into a sigh of relief.

There are two kinds of hard drive data recovery software available in the market which is broadly used for the purpose of data restoration. 

Free hard drive recovery software

Free versions of HDD recovery software have gained traction especially among the individual users who are reluctant to pay for a hefty amount for the subscription of the paid version of the HDD recovery tool. The free version of any hard drive recovery software is designed to meet the personal needs of individual users. The dashboard is usually being engineered to offer a simple and interactive interface to the user in order to facilitate a common man without much knowledge about software to be able to identify and address their problem of their own without having to reach out to a specialist. The name of the five most popular hard drive data recovery software has been stated below.

  1. Disk drill
  2. Data Rescue 5 for Windows
  3. Photo Rec 
  4. Test Disk
  5. Recuva

Paid hard drive recovery software

The gamut of paid versions is especially recommended for corporate users who run a much higher risk of data being stolen or rubbed off permanently from the hard drive. MNCs or large corporate having a prominent presence across the globe often comes to terms with the threat of malware attack. Nowadays the menace of professional hackers relentlessly trying to break into the security systems to get access to the data in the server has put the confidentiality of the data at stake. 

Hard drive recovery tool which has been cut to fit the requirements of corporate institutions has to be a robust one with multi-layer security systems to protect the data from getting lost. It should have the additional features to collate and integrate multiple systems spread across the diverse geography, within the periphery of the same recovery system to manage everything in a closed and secure ecosystem. Hard drive recovery software should also come equipped with the eligibility to scan through the data which is virtually stored in Cloud. It should be built with a dynamic algorithm to process the humongous volume of data in order to render recovery exercise on them. If you tend to protect your multiple systems scattered across the globe you can pick and choose any of the hard drive data recovery software mentioned below to pull down the curtain on your anxiety over data snooping.

  1. Disk drill pro
  2. Wonder share
  3. R-Studio 
  4. Stellar Data Recovery
  5. Easeus Data Recovery
  • Hard drive recovery software cuts down significantly on the risk of data loss by raising an alarm well in advance if any discrepancy is found in the system. It keeps sending you warning notification if it detects an inconsistency having the potential to be interpreted as an early symptom hard drive malfunctioning.
  • These hard data & Mobile data recovery software always keep a tab on the standard functional parameters of the hard drive. It constantly measures the heat accumulated inside the hard drive. If the temperature suddenly swells up to an abnormal extent, the fan gets automatically switched on to cool down the temperature of the hard disc. The speed at which the bleed of the fans moves has been regulated by the algorithm of the software with the temperature of the hard drive. Warmer the hard drive gets, faster the fan rotates its bleeds and as soon as the drive radiates the heat in the air, the fan stops functioning. The movement of the fan in rhythm with the fluctuation of temperature in the drive has been automated by the advanced hard drive recovery software.
  • HDD data recovery software constantly evaluates the efficacy of the hard drive at which it is operating. If the efficacy level is found to have fallen alarmingly to a deplorable low, the software itself initiates the process of decluttering the drive by transferring data to a secondary external storage destination as specified earlier while configuring the software during the time of installation.
  • Hard drive recovery software also creates multiple layers of firewalls integrated with an advanced and dynamic security system around the hard drive to make sure that no malware can ever intrude inside to misuse, manipulate or delete data from the drive forever.
  • HDD data file recovery software keeps replicating an exact copy of all the data that the drives are impregnated with. It could be referred to as an act of ethical cloning of data whereby multiple copies of the same data are meticulously imitated and transferred to different data storage ecosystems.
  • Top hard drive recovery software that offers most advanced features in the platter of top-notch disruptive technology can connect your PC with the cloud storage where you can offload all your data at regular intervals in order to give your PC a fresh start with an empty hard drive.
  • Best hard drive recovery software always keeps an eye on how effectively the computer security systems are working. If there is any breach in the security system or any spyware is found to have barged into the PC, it immediately empties the hard drive by transferring the data elsewhere.
  • In case of sudden break down of the hard drive, hard drive recovery software reconstructs the data from the data DNA where everything remains electronically encrypted. But what it takes is a duly trained expert coupled with a well-orchestrated effort to recover the same.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Though there is apprehension about the hard drive with more space inside being more likely to go out of the gear, experts strongly refutes the myth enunciating that there is no logical correlation between the volume of space inside the drive along with the probability of it going dysfunctional. All the experts opine unanimously in a chorus that larger space in the hard drive should properly be complemented with the required support of high-end processor and more efficient RAM else it will not function seamlessly and its efficacy will be receded. Unless you choose your configuration wisely, the purpose of having a bigger space in the PC will go in vain.
  • No. There is no hard drive recovery software that could tell you the exact date or time when the hard disc is going to crash. But they constantly keep looking for symptoms like overheating or sudden deceleration in the pace at which the hard drive usually operates. These symptoms are often being read as a probable condition that could result in loss of data from the hard drive.
  • The best precaution you can ever take as always suggested by the experts is to make it a habit to keep a back up of every single KB of data that you have got saved in the hard drive. More the discipline you will exercise while administering the task of taking back up for your data, the better you will be equipped to battle the hazards of data loss.
  • No. Data available in the public domain about the qualitative aspects of different performance metrics as demonstrated by popular brands does not exhibit any such trend or pattern to establish the motion of the thought. Although it is always advisable to buy from a reputed manufacturer who will never let you down and ready to go to any extent to live up to your expectations by offering you the best in class user experience.
  • Cloud technology is usually being used as virtual data storage where you can store billion and trillion bytes of data without the fear of data being lost or leaked. In a bid to keep a back up of all your data in the drive, you can subscribe to cloud storage space where you keep transferring the data from the drive on a regular basis. In case of a sudden break down of the system, you can access all your data and retrieve them back only with a few clicks on the mouse. You can also use the cloud as a secondary memory to bring down a load of data in the hard drive in order to help them achieve ease of managing data at its best.

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