Best Hipaa Compliance Software

Best HIPAA compliance software are Manageengine desktop central, netsurion eventtracker, jotform, and RSA arche. Healthcare and service providers manage compliance duties and patient data security using this software.

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List of 20 Best HIPAA Compliance Software

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Emergents | 2024

Software by SimplePractice, LLC

SimplePractice is an all-in-one HIPPA-compliant software for maintaining EHR and privacy at all times in the healthcare industry. It keeps you and your clients safe through HITRUST—a third-party assessor that verifies the strictest level of HIPAA compliance. Get SimplePractice today to ensure the safety and integrity of your confidential data. Read SimplePractice Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Shivaami is a Google Cloud Partner for deploying cloud solutions to enhance your digital transformation journey. It is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite that helps businesses and enterprises streamline communication and manage workflow to boost outcomes. Read Shivaami Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Updox is a HIPPA compliance platform that protects the privacy of healthcare providers like physicians, pharmacists, health systems, and telehealth providers. It ensures that all your clients’ conversations and virtual visits, including video chats, texting, SMS, etc., take place in a secure, HIPPA-compliant place and all their information is protected. Learn more about Updox

Emergents | 2024

HIPAA One by Intraprise Health offers simple, affordable, and automated HIPPA compliance solutions to help healthcare organizations maintain compliance across all operational processes. This cloud-based software also allows you to effectively finish HIPPA Security Risk Assessments in a timely and hassle-free manner. HIPAA One’s key features include calculated risk assessment, remediation tracking, automated task reminders, real-time reporting, and more. Learn more about HIPAA One

Emergents | 2024

Luma Health provides a full set of HIPPA compliance tools and policies to relieve the challenge of patient communication and engagement in healthcare. It ensures confidence, privacy, integrity, and availability of all electronically protected health information. Luma Health’s mobile communication platform mitigates customer risk and informs you about known breaches promptly and effectively. Learn more about Luma Health

Emergents | 2024

Accountable makes HIPAA compliance simple

Accountable helps doctors and healthcare companies dealing with protected health information easily achieve and maintain HIPPA compliance. It is an integrated HIPPA solution that manages risk assessments, business associates, and security training for employees to ensure you are always on top of your compliance. Learn more about Accountable

Contenders | 2024

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus helps hospitals and other organizations secure patient data and comply with healthcare regulations like HIPPA. It features HIPPA tools that provide audit access for protected health information files. The software also guards against unauthorized patient data access, monitors privileged user activity, and automates response to incidents like ransomware. Read ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Paubox is the best HIPPA compliance software for sending HIPPA-compliant emails. It protects the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) shared via emails by encrypting messages and attachments in transit and at rest. Paubox is ideal for healthcare providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses. Learn more about Paubox

Emergents | 2024

MedForward is a cloud-based HIPPA security software system that helps medical practitioners and healthcare providers like dermatologists, dentists, surgeons, hospitals, medical offices, and special clinics collect and protect patient health information with HIPPA-compliant forms. MedForward also helps manage audit logs, pain diagrams, question support, email notifications, and much more. Learn more about MedForward

Emergents | 2024

Promisec is a HIPPA security software designed to help medical organizations comply with HIPPA regulations and detect potential threats on time. The solution offers in-built customizable tools and visual dashboards to provide useful insights into security and operations. This simple, easy, and scalable software is ideal for healthcare companies of all sizes. Learn more about Promisec

Emergents | 2024

Software by Compliancy Group

HIPAA Compliance is top-ranked software that simplifies HIPPA compliance for healthcare industries. It offers customizable policies and risk assessment tools along with employee training, incident tracking, automated reporting, and more. HIPPA Compliance’s user-friendly interface ensures you actively monitor and address any potential risks without any complexities. Learn more about HIPAA Compliance

Contenders | 2024

One platform to power all your data

Create a better, more secure environment with Jotform’s HIPPA compliance and audit software. By helping you mitigate risks, this groundbreaking software makes HIPPA compliance easier and stress-free. Its PHI data segmentation enables secure access, whereas its system access tracking system tracks and retains all access requests, approvals, and access changes. Read Jotform Enterprise Reviews

Emergents | 2024

CareCloud is a HIPPA-compliant cloud storage software for maximizing cloud security and data control in medical enterprises. This HIPPA compliance software prioritizes data security and reduces the risk of data breaches. Its encryption products ensure data safety during transmission. CareCloud also provides physical data storage centers where you can store data in a private cage protected 24/7 by security personnel. Read CareCloud Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Make Healthcare Compliance Easy with MedTrainer

MedTrainer is a one-stop HIPPA-compliant software that digitizes healthcare compliance with a robust document center. The document center combines all your organization’s policies, incident reports, safety plans, contracts, documents, etc., and provides controlled access to your employees. MedTrainer can also help you with document management, policy management, incident reporting, compliance reports, and more. Read MedTrainer Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Alert Logic offers stringent HIPPA compliance solutions for medical providers, employer health planners, insurance companies, and other organizations to help them secure protected health information (PHI). It enables you to safeguard from HIPPA requirement challenges such as targeted threats, data breach activities, network intrusions, and resource gaps. Learn more about Alert Logic

Contenders | 2024

fax service from Mobile Apps, Computer and interne

iFax is a fully-managed HIPPA compliance platform specially designed to enhance the HIPPA compliance journey of healthcare and medical providers. This compliance suite streamlines complex compliance procedures and protects sensitive patient information with its top features like encryption, secure communication, documentation, and online faxing solutions that allow medical practitioners to share and receive sensitive documents securely online. Read Ifax App Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by Netwrix Corporation

Netwrix is the best HIPPA compliance software for protecting identifiable electronic health information. With its powerful HIPPA compliance tools, you can safely store, transmit, or manage sensitive data while addressing the law’s provisions. Netwrix offers HIPPA risk assessments, anomaly detections, threat patterns investigation, and much more. Learn more about Netwrix

Contenders | 2024

iPlum is a well-known HIPPA compliance software designed for the healthcare, insurance, medical, and therapy industries. The software provides HIPPA compliant secure communications, including calling, text messaging, recording, porting, as well as HIPPA-secure voicemails. iPlum protects you and your clients by offering a separate business phone number line. Read iPlum Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Streamline Your Laboratory Workflow Management!

ITDOSE Innopath, a leading supplier of laboratory informatics, has created and successfully delivered LIMS solutions across the globe. To increase productivity and facilitate knowledge sharing, our informatics solutions are designed to handle your organization's vital information across numerous laboratory locations. Read Innopath LIMS Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by EMS Healthcare Informatics

EDI Power Reader is a cloud-based HIPPA solution designed to help healthcare organizations implement and manage compliance with federal HIPPA regulations. It is a unified platform that provides user-friendly utilities and custom applications to help healthcare businesses securely access their data. Learn more about EDI Power Reader


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance Software plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry by helping organizations adhere to the stringent data security and privacy regulations outlined in the HIPAA law.

This software ensures that healthcare providers, health plans, and other entities handling protected health information (PHI) maintain the necessary safeguards to protect patient data, prevent data breaches, and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive health information.

What Is HIPAA Compliance Software?

HIPAA Compliance Software refers to specialized tools and solutions designed to assist healthcare organizations in meeting the legal requirements outlined in the HIPAA regulations. These regulations are designed to safeguard patient privacy, ensure the security of electronic health information, and establish standards for the secure transmission of sensitive patient data.

Benefits of HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA compliance solutions provide various crucial benefits to healthcare institutions, helping them fulfill the stringent requirements established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. These advantages improve data security, regulation adherence, and overall operational effectiveness.

  1. Risk Mitigation

    The significance of HIPAA compliance solutions becomes evident in their ability to reduce potential risks linked to managing confidential patient data. Through comprehensive risk evaluations and establishing strong security protocols, these solutions contribute to identifying and preemptively resolving vulnerabilities.

    This proactive strategy diminishes the chances of data breaches, unauthorized entry, and similar security events, ultimately upholding patient confidentiality and sensitive information security.

  2. Streamlined Compliance Management

    Maintaining HIPAA compliance involves intricate regulations and ongoing updates. Compliance solutions streamline the complex process by providing a centralized platform for developing, implementing, and managing compliance policies and procedures.

    This centralized approach simplifies auditing, reporting, and documentation, ensuring that healthcare organizations can efficiently demonstrate their adherence to HIPAA requirements during regulatory assessments.

  3. Improved Business Associate Management

    Healthcare entities often collaborate with external partners, known as business associates, who may have access to patient data. HIPAA compliance solutions facilitate the effective management of these relationships by ensuring business associates adhere to HIPAA regulations.

    This includes monitoring their data handling practices, conducting due diligence, and establishing secure communication channels, minimizing the risk of data breaches from third-party interactions.

  4. Legal and Reputational Protection

    HIPAA compliance solutions offer legal protection by helping healthcare organizations avoid penalties and legal repercussions resulting from non-compliance. The fines for HIPAA violations can be substantial, and compliance solutions assist in preventing such costly breaches.

    Furthermore, adherence to HIPAA regulations enhances the organization's reputation, building trust among patients and stakeholders who recognize the commitment to safeguarding sensitive health information.

  5. Data Integrity and Accuracy

    The significance of precise and dependable patient data cannot be overstated when it comes to delivering top-notch healthcare services. HIPAA compliance solutions play a pivotal role in upholding data integrity. This is achieved through the implementation of strategies like access controls, encryption, and meticulous data validation. By employing these safeguards, patient information is upheld as exact, unmodified, and exclusively accessible to authorized personnel.

Features of Best HIPAA Compliance Software

Optimal selection of HIPAA compliance software holds paramount importance for healthcare entities seeking to adeptly oversee and uphold compliance with the rigorous mandates of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The finest HIPAA compliance software should encompass an array of attributes that collectively bolster secure data administration, unwavering regulatory alignment, and the safeguarding of delicate patient data.

  1. Secure Data Management

    A top-notch HIPAA compliance software should offer robust tools for secure data management. This includes features such as user access controls, role-based permissions, and authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can access patient data. The software should enable secure storage, transmission, and sharing of sensitive health information while preventing unauthorized access or data breaches.

  2. Audit Trail and Reporting

    Comprehensive auditing capabilities are crucial for monitoring and tracking data access and system activities. The software should generate detailed audit logs that capture user interactions, modifications, and access to patient data. This audit trail helps healthcare organizations maintain accountability, detect suspicious activities, and demonstrate compliance during regulatory audits.

  3. Encryption and Data Protection

    Encryption stands as a foundational pillar of HIPAA compliance, and the software must provide potent encryption mechanisms to shield patient data in both static storage and transmission phases. This encryption guarantees that intercepted data remains incomprehensible to unauthorized parties, thereby mitigating the peril of data breaches.

  4. HIPAA Policy and Procedure Templates

    The software should provide pre-built templates and tools for creating, implementing, and managing HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures. These templates help healthcare organizations establish a solid foundation for compliance by addressing key areas such as data security, privacy practices, risk assessments, and patient rights.

  5. Incident Response and Breach Management

    In the event of a security incident or data breach, the software should offer features to facilitate swift and effective incident response. This includes predefined protocols, workflows, and communication tools to notify appropriate parties, contain the breach, and initiate necessary corrective actions as per HIPAA requirements.

List of Top 5 HIPAA Compliance Software Comparison

Free Trial


7 Days



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14 Days


Starting price at $5.99/user/month

HIPAA Survival Guide

7 Days


Starting price at $107.99/month


14 Days


Starting price at $30/month

HIPAA Assessment

7 Days


On- Request

Explore the forefront of healthcare data security with our curated list of the top 5 HIPAA compliance software solutions. These cutting-edge tools empower organizations to uphold patient privacy and regulatory standards efficiently and precisely.

1. HIPAA One

HIPAA One is a leading HIPAA compliance software designed to streamline and simplify the complex process of adhering to the stringent regulations outlined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. With its automated risk assessment capabilities and comprehensive security policies, HIPAA One empowers healthcare organizations to proactively identify vulnerabilities. This software offers a user-friendly approach to compliance management, ensuring that organizations can confidently safeguard patient information while efficiently navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory requirements.

  • Automated risk assessments
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Incident tracking and management
  • Document management and storage
  • Compliance reporting and documentation
  • Business associate management
  • Automated risk assessments enhance compliance accuracy.
  • Simplifies security policies and procedures management.
  • Offers detailed incident tracking and management capabilities.
  • Streamlines compliance reporting and documentation processes.
  • Learning curve for new users navigating its features.
  • Might lack advanced customization options for specific needs.


  • On- Request

2. iPlum

iPlum emerges as a secure and innovative HIPAA compliance software solution, offering encrypted messaging, voice, and video conferencing tools tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry.

With a focus on maintaining confidentiality, iPlum ensures end-to-end encryption for data protection, multi-factor authentication for secure access, and remote wiping features to prevent data loss in case of device mishaps. iPlum’s commitment to compliance extends to adherence with HIPAA, HITECH, and other pertinent regulations, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable platform for secure communication and data exchange.

  • Voice and video calls with encryption
  • Secure cloud storage for files and documents
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • End-to-end encryption for data protection
  • Remote wiping of data in case of device loss
  • Audit logs for communication history
  • User access controls and permissions
  • Multi-factor authentication boosts user access security.
  • End-to-end encryption protects sensitive data during communication.
  • Remote wiping feature enhances data loss prevention.
  • Compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and related regulations.
  • Limited features compared to comprehensive compliance solutions.
  • May not cover all aspects of HIPAA requirements.


  • Starting at $5.99/user

3. HIPAA Survival Guide

HIPAA Survival Guide serves as a comprehensive resource and software solution to navigate the complexities of HIPAA compliance. With its detailed policies, risk assessments, and incident response planning, this software equips healthcare entities with the tools needed to achieve and sustain regulatory adherence.

It guides organizations through breach notification processes and offers audit and monitoring capabilities for ongoing compliance oversight. HIPAA Survival Guide aids in understanding and implementing the intricate requirements of HIPAA, contributing to a robust framework for safeguarding patient data.

  • HIPAA compliance policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Incident response planning
  • Breach notification guidance
  • Compliance documentation templates
  • Training and education resources
  • Privacy and security rule guidance
  • Audit and monitoring capabilities
  • Comprehensive HIPAA policies and procedures for legal compliance.
  • Risk assessments guide proactive risk mitigation efforts.
  • Incident response planning for timely breach management.
  • Valuable breach notification guidance for regulatory adherence.
  • Limited interactive tools for real-time compliance monitoring.
  • May lack certain specialized features for larger organizations.


  • Starting at $1295.95/annually


HIPAAMATE emerges as a versatile HIPAA compliance software, providing a range of tools to assist healthcare organizations in meeting regulatory standards. With its strong emphasis on policies, security risk assessments, and incident management, HIPAAMATE offers a comprehensive approach to compliance.

It ensures that organizations can effectively manage third-party relationships through its business associate management features, while secure document storage and sharing enhance data protection during exchanges. HIPAAMATE supports healthcare entities in their pursuit of a secure and compliant environment.

  • Security risk assessments
  • Incident tracking and reporting
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Employee training and awareness tools
  • Business associate management
  • Secure document storage and sharing
  • Customizable policies and forms
  • Secure communication tools
  • Robust HIPAA policies and procedures ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Security risk assessments identify and manage potential vulnerabilities.
  • Incident tracking and reporting streamline breach management processes.
  • Business associate management tools enhance third-party compliance.
  • Learning curve may be steep for non-technical users.
  • Could have less integrations with other healthcare systems.


  • Starting at $30 per month

5. HIPAA Assessment

HIPAA Assessment stands out as a valuable tool for organizations seeking an in-depth understanding of their HIPAA compliance status. Through comprehensive assessments and gap analyses, this software provides insights into current compliance levels and suggests targeted improvements.

While it may lack ongoing monitoring features, HIPAA Assessment’s vulnerability assessment and expert guidance empower healthcare entities to proactively address security gaps and develop customized compliance roadmaps, thereby fortifying their data protection efforts.

  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Privacy and security rule evaluations
  • Gap analysis and compliance recommendations
  • Vulnerability assessment and management
  • Audit and monitoring capabilities
  • Documentation of assessment findings
  • Customized compliance roadmaps
  • Gap analysis provides insights for targeted improvements.
  • Customized compliance roadmaps guide actionable steps.
  • Expert guidance and support ensure accurate compliance strategies.
  • Vulnerability assessment enhances data security measures.
  • May require supplemental tools for comprehensive compliance management.
  • Limited customization options for unique organizational needs.


  • On-Request

Latest Trends in Hipaa Compliance Software

The landscape of HIPAA compliance software is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry and advancements in technology. Here are some of the latest trends in HIPAA compliance software:

  1. Cloud-based Solutions

    Cloud-based HIPAA compliance solutions are gaining prominence due to their scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. Cloud platforms offer secure storage, data management, and processing capabilities while adhering to strict security measures and encryption protocols. These solutions enable healthcare organizations to centralize their compliance efforts, collaborate more effectively, and easily scale their infrastructure as needed.

  2. Mobile Compliance Management

    As healthcare professionals increasingly rely on mobile devices for various tasks, including accessing patient information, mobile compliance management tools have emerged. Mobile apps and platforms allow authorized personnel to monitor compliance status, access policies and procedures, and receive real-time alerts or notifications regarding potential violations. These tools enhance flexibility and responsiveness in maintaining HIPAA compliance, especially in dynamic healthcare environments.

  3. Privacy Enhancing Technologies

    Privacy-enhancing technologies, such as advanced encryption methods, tokenization, and data masking, are being integrated into HIPAA compliance software to ensure the secure handling of patient data. These technologies help protect sensitive information even during data processing, sharing, and analytics, thus reducing the risk of unauthorized access or breaches.

Average Pricing Information of Hipaa Compliance Software

The pricing of HIPAA compliance software exhibits variability influenced by factors such as the extent of features encompassed, the organizational scope, and the duration of subscription commitment. Generally, the cost falls within a range spanning from approximately $20 to $200 per user on a monthly basis.

This range reflects the diverse array of offerings available, with more extensive and advanced features commanding a higher price point. The size and nature of the organization also impact the pricing structure, with larger entities often incurring higher costs due to increased user counts and more intricate compliance needs.


In conclusion, selecting the best HIPAA compliance software is a pivotal decision for healthcare organizations seeking to safeguard patient data and maintain regulatory adherence. The ideal software offers a comprehensive suite of features, including secure data management, robust audit trail capabilities, encryption for data protection, templates for HIPAA policies and procedures, and efficient incident response and breach management.


The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is a vital legal arrangement mandated by HIPAA. It delineates the obligations and protective measures established between a covered entity (such as a healthcare provider) and a business associate (a vendor or collaborator) when dealing with protected health information (PHI).

Using HIPAA compliance software is a vital step, but it alone isn't sufficient for complete data security. It helps manage compliance tasks, policies, and training, but comprehensive security also requires other measures like physical safeguards, employee training, and network protection.

Yes, HIPAA compliance software can integrate with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems. Integration ensures smooth data flow, secure access controls, and adherence to HIPAA regulations when handling and sharing patient information.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024