Best Apartment Management Software in 2018


Software BY Mundrisoft
Societyhive helps to improve cooperative apartment management with housing society accounting software. It is the next generation apartment management software and networking portal.

Smart Society

Software BY Systsoft Systems & Software Pvt. Ltd.
Smart Society is also a platform for Society Management Services, provided through a network of Service Partners. As per your requirement, they can provide a wide range of services like Billing, Accounting, Managerial, Legal etc.


Software BY VinK IT Consultants
Ruman - Our Housing Society Management Software is an intelligent data management application that runs on the cloud, making it an easy to use tool even while on the go. The features listed are available to the users where ever they are as long as they have an active internet connection (Even a minimal speed connection is good for Ruman to work at its fullest potential)

CHS Online for Apartment

Software BY Amity Accounting Services
The administration of a Cooperative Housing Society is systematic, legal process, governed by the provisions of the Cooperative Societies Act. In practice it is observed that the society's administration does not take place as per the legal provisions. 

Bhor Software

Software BY Bhor software Pvt. Ltd.
Software designed for Society Management & Billing with incredible flexibility, utility and customization. Developed by people who understand Society Management & Billing, applies intelligent thinking to provide effective solutions to different practical needs and customable as per requirements in short time


Software BY Apex Software India
Echo is a comprehensive software for Apartment and society managmenet. 


Software BY HomeTriangle
Hometriangle helps link homeowners to verified professionals who are aptly suited to execute their needs in a timely, cost effective manner while at the same time giving a fillip to excellent professionals in the home services field by providing a platform for them to create an easily accessible online marketplace.

Tally.ERP 9

A comprehensive accounting software
Tally.ERP 9 is India’s leading business management software for GST, accounting, inventory, and payroll. It is economical and one of the most popular ERP software solutions available in the industry, used by 11 lakh businesses. You can download free version of Tally.ERP 9.


Complete Suite for Housing Society Management
Mysocietyclub is a cloud-based Housing Society Management Portal which helps in making your societyl. This product connects all the members of your residential complex with the Management Committee on 24 x 7 basis on one hand and reduces the burden of the Managing Committee in managing the society affairs on other hand. 


No capex investment. No hardware installation.
We ensure the safety and security of gated enclaves by Intelligence Augmented Authentication of guests/visitors and service providers. Every entry to service providers, guests and visitors is resident initiated and authorized, therefore controlled.

Solution with excellence
Atulyam Hotelline solutions is a leading provider of software solutions for hospitality industries like hotel, resort, restaurant, clubs, apartment, bar etc covering all aspects of this industries.


A powerful housing society management system.
uLiving is a web/desktop based apartment management software.  It can assist societies and apartment complexes in easy day-to-day administration. This can save members, management committee, society managers and facility managers,  a  lot of their precious time and efforts. Join us today and become a part of the uLiving and manage your society with your finger tips.


Online Apartment Management & Accounting Software
An Online Apartment Management & Accounting Software - A feature-packed smart and interactive tool that simplifies living and managing apartments! As the name goes, Apmama, which aims to put life at ease at your apartment.

ADDA GateKeeper

Security Nerve Center for Every Gated Community
ADDA Gatekeeper is a Gated Community Security System for visitor management, that tracks visitors & staff members, enhancing security of your Gated Community. It is used to capture Visitor Data, that sends instant Notifications to the ADDA App used by Apartment Residents.


Software BY Nevon Solutions
Efficiencently Manage Housing Society. Manage your society billing, accounting and other matters with ease.  

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What is Housing Society Software (also called Apartment Management Software)?

Since last few decades, living into society has become more prevalent due to less space as well as people’s choice of living a social life. Hence Housing societies are being chosen the most by Asians.

It is a convoluted task to maintain the residents, vehicles, billings and documents. Such cumbersome task takes up a lot of time and efforts of a residential committee which hampers the maintenance of the society. Housing society software is a solution to all these problems.

2016 has definitely wowed Property Managers with its technological advancements and trends that not only affected them but also Owners, Buyers and Renters. Gone are the days of of handwritten files and depending on word of mouth for marketing vacant units. The importance of online forums and social media for finding prospective buyers and renters has gone up, thus giving property managers a new set of opportunities as well as challenges. This guide takes you through A-Z of an Apartment Management Software.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Apartment Management Software:

  1. Number of Rental Units : The dive into property/apartment management is a decision hugely influenced by the number of rental units that you have. External help is not required if you have only few units but if the opposite is true, a apartment management software can definitely help you manage and follow up on the tenants and their corresponding concerns.
  2. Distance to Your Rental Property : For those who live close by, handling and managing rental properties is relatively easier. A housing society management software is highly beneficial for those whose rental property is located far away from their residence.
  3. Attitude Towards ‘Management’ : Attitude is everything when it comes to managing real estate. Your attitude, commitment and property managing skill set when it comes to finance, tenants and more, will lead to your subsequent success rate. However if you aren’t very confident about it, purchasing a property management software is the way to go!
  4. Time Is Everything : Property management requires a lot of time and therefore it is only ideal for those with sufficient time to spare on a daily basis. If you do not have the time for it, you would benefit from a team of Property Managers, and not from an property management software.
  5. Conduct Property Valuation : Considering the average price variations over the years is crucial for attracting the best tenants and maintaining low turnover rates. After careful analysis, the secret however is setting rental prices that are neither an under-valuation or over-valuation of the property values, so that you can attract the right customer pool.
  6. Employ All Variables in Setting Rental Price : However property valuation alone cannot guarantee success. The ability to comprehend one’s opponents’ psychology and subsequent responses can help get the right rental price, guaranteeing fully occupied units and good profit margins. Research done by Stanford University and MIT show that asking prospective clients to compare your ‘low price’ to other ‘unreasonably high’ ones could actually have a negative effect and when number 9 is added to the end of apartment prices, it strangely attracts more consumers.
  7. Use Property Management Tech Tools : Technology is progressively revolutionizing the real estate sector. But at the same time, there is a huge growth in the number of prospective clients who still want to engage real estate brokers and agents. Here is where the Apartment Management Software comes into the picture. The software is a must have in 2017 as it’s the ultimate tool that saves a lot of time and increases efficiency with its features such as Compatibility with smart phones, Tracking and coordinating management operations while on the go, Tenant screening, Payment handling, Maintenance, Repair handling, Turnover management, etc.

Apartment Management Software : Problems and Solutions

  1. Accounting and book keeping: Usually society owners pay maintenance charges and other relevant charges for varied amenities that the society provides. Maintaining these records is too difficult at times. Housing society softwares helps calculating and evaluating the accounts of the society.
  2. Updation of policies and reminders: It is mandatory for every residence to be aware of the policy changes in the society. One has to also get into the hassle of reminding members about maintenance charges and all. Housing software makes it efficient to maintain emails and contact details which can be used at such situation.
  3. Dirty documenting: Documentation is a difficult job. Putting all into an excel sheet makes it really efficacious to maintain the data and use it as and when required.

Top Benefits of housing society management software

Investing in Apartment Management Software can help manage day-to-day tasks, track multiple accounts, and minimize cost and security risks along with increasing profits on behalf of your real estate business. Apart from customizable analytics and reports, budget forecasting, ease of access and collaborating documents, the apartment management software has plenty of other benefits.

  1. The ‘Lot’ module in the software helps property dealers categorize buildings in terms of lots, enabling them to easily group the properties, especially in the case of multiple properties.
  2. Unit Management is crucial for any property dealer. The property management software offers efficient unit management to define units and fill up the details, such as unit number, type, car parking, etc.
  3. One of the most important benefit accorded by the implementation of the software is the real-time access to information about current owner, unit owned, property documents and other such details.
  4. The Tenant Management module of the software provides ample details about the present and past tenants, details related to the lease (start date and expiration date), related contracts and more.
  5. The housing management software provides real-time data on service charges and also creates respective invoices for the same. The software system is highly efficient at managing details of specific discounts, due date for penalties, grace period and other such critical details.
  6. Information about tenants, payment history, moving in and out reports will not only be a click away but can also be edited or retrieved from anywhere anytime - all thanks to the property/apartment management software.
  7. Manually sending reminders, going to the bank to pay bills, maintaining reports and dealing with missing files will be a thing of the past after the implementation of apartment management software.
  8. Ultimately, the use of an apt apartment management software in your real estate business decreases stress, which automatically helps you expand your business. The software will enable you to build new strategies, decrease risks, eliminate over-head expenses and thereby help your Business reach greater heights!

How to Make Your Property Listings More ‘Visible’

  1. Go Social : Standing out in this business is the key to success and there’s no better way of doing that than engaging tenants and potential customers on Social Media. Setting up a Facebook, Twitter or Craigslist page for all your property listings or a page dedicated to each property with specific details and photos, or even using Pinterest to market strategies can help expose your property to thousands of potential tenants and their friends. Create catchy content in not more than 200 characters and promote local attractions, include pictures of area activities and add video property tours - all of which will definitely help in increasing engagement as it is personal, relevant and cost effective!
  2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines : SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the magic tool that can help you win the online presence game. Most internet surfers do not go past Google’s first page and hence it’s the best chance of winning a prospect or potential tenant. A strategy to do this does not involve hiring an expert but instead simple steps like blogging regularly, having a dedicated web-page of your property listings, etc.
  3. Blog Your Way To Success : Regular Blogging creates influence and image of your brand and helps in building authority. By focusing on trending topics in the real estate sector and use of keywords in your blog posts, you can capitalize on this by creating a buzz about your property listings, thereby increasing your search engine ranking. For those who aren’t very confident, guest blogging on popular real-estate related websites can bring-in prospective renters and clients.
  4. Research Market Trends To Build Your Network : Following social media posts or participating in forums will tell you what prospects are looking for, thereby helping you ‘connect’ with them easily. You should also utilize the social media platforms and forums to make your properties accessible. Encouraging ‘followers’ can be done by introducing incentives or give-aways like rental discounts or a month of free parking, etc. This can help keep conversations going, thereby making your property management company’s network stronger.


Key Features that we seek in any housing society software: 

  • Document Repository
  • Accounting
  • Help Desk
  • Broadcast SMS/E-mail
  • Notice Board
  • Members Details
  • Income/Expense Tracking
  • Reports
  • Event Calendar
  • Discussion Forum
  • Classifieds
  • Society Photo Gallery
  • Groups
  • Asset & Property Tracker
  • Parking Lot Management
  • Content Publisher
  • Facility Booking System
  • Meeting Management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Request for Quotation
  • Polling Booth / ballot
  • Gatekeeper
  • Maintenance Staff Management
  • Staff Attendance Tracker
  • Reminders
  • Penalty Calculation
  • Inventory Management
  • Core Bookkeeping