List of Top HR Software & Systems in 2016

Logo-ADP Vista HCM
HR Software on Cloud

Process payroll accurately and securely in 3 simple steps with ADP Vista HCM – a highly configurable and secure cloud-based HR software designed for small, medium and large businesses. With Vista HCM, you can generate all the necessary HR & payroll reports like payslips, tax slips, form-16 & 24Q, PF, ESI, PT and LWF.

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Logo-MARG ERP 9+ HR Xpert Software
500+Centers for Training & Support, 6 Lakh+ Users

Marg HR Expert is specialized in providing the HR Software solution. Marg human resource management system is designed to handle all your HR needs in a systematic effectual and easier way.

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Efficient HRMS - Human Resource Management System

This versatile, user friendly, package, offers user defined Earning / Deduction / Loan Heads & Calculation Formulae / Tables. The package generates all the outputs & statutory reports required by a Payroll application. It also covers Recruitment, PMS, Training & Exit Management.

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Easy and Simple to use HR Software

greytHR is the preferred HR software for Indian businesses. It automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. With more than 3,500+ highly satisfied customers and managing 3 lakh employee records daily, we understand what it takes to deliver a high quality software service on a 24 x 7 basis.

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Logo-Keka HR Payroll Platform
Employee experience platform with HR & Payroll

Keka is an Human Resource information system. The only HR & Payroll software that is employee centric. Unlike traditional HRMS solutions, we are a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows.

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Logo-Beehive HRMS
Next Gen Human Capital Management System

Beehive's HRMS, a complete web based HR management software can cover the entire life cycle of an employee from recruitment to resignation or retirement.

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Cloud Based HR Payroll Software

HRAPP is a cloud-based HR Software & Payroll SaaS product that allows an organisation to manage their HR and payroll workflows.

SmartHR is very user-friendly HRMS Product

SmartHR is more of a hr payroll management software to all activities performed by the Human Resource department. It consists of range of functionalities covering the entire gamut of daily as well as dependent activities performed by the HR department.

Software BY Cnergyis Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.

ZingHR is a cloud based human resource management software (Online Best HRMS software) and HR solutions which specifically designed for small & medium size business. It provides a comprehensive solution for every needs of the entire organization and dashboard of all employee activities.

Logo-Nitso HRMS
Software BY Nitso Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Nitso HR system offers a easy & user friendly solution for all kind of enterprises. This HR solutions takes care of all your requirements relating to management , workflow and accounting employees by providing Employee Information.

Software BY Mobius Solutions Pvt Ltd

EazeHR is a web based & SaaS human resource management software. EazeHR is designed to give employees, managers, HR administrators, office managers and accounts department a workplace to manage various employee centric HR and admin processes.

HR and Payroll Software in India

GoForHR is a cloud initiative of Tamba Solutions to address and fulfill the need of growing organisation. It has a robust workflow available on web environment that allows user to access from anywhere and even with Handheld. Employees Self Services - Employee Database, Recruitment, Attendance, Leave Management, Appraisal System, Expense Claim, HR Payroll Software and many interactive features

Logo-Exenta HRMS
Software BY Extolution Software Pvt. Ltd.

Exenta is a hr system which provides all critical data to decision makers and also alerts them periodically by sending notifications. It is a free human resource management software for startups. You can also get free consulting for HR information system.

Software BY JSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

JSM HR software is user friendly, flexible, parameter driven and the most comprehensive human resource information system - HRIS software. HR software that helps startups and SMEs streamline there HR payroll software process.

Logo-Accent HRP
Complete HRMS Solution

Accent HRP is a Web based HR and Payroll software developed using latest technology of and MS SQL. It has been designed to generate, manage Employee Details, Payroll Process, leave Management, Attendance Management, Recruitment, Appraisal and training needs of medium to large-scale organizations.


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Post Buy Requirement Evaluation Tool

What is HR Management Software?

Human Resource (HR) Software ever thought of improving the productivity of your organization to the maximum best while dealing with fewer error cases, and there by also improving the speed and efficiency of the various HR departmental operations? Well, if these are your criteria, a Human Resource (HR) Management Software is definitely the required solution for you. It incorporates basic modules like Payroll Services, Performance Analytics, and integrated HR Systems for enhanced operations when it comes to critical operations of the HR department.

How Critical is HR Management System for Your Business?

When you incorporate HR Management Software in your business, it not only eases the functional implementation of manual HR operations, but also creates better solution strategies for effective business processes on the whole. It integrates the concepts of residual time management and provides for greater productivity and efficiency. Automation of HR Management leads to unparalleled benefits like better resources management and enhanced productivity, thus facilitating better financial standards for the organization.

What are the various features of HR Software?

  1. Highly centralized employee database system for better management of the data of the corresponding organization.

  2. Automated time-off solutions and response management for better and effective task handling.

  3. On-demand access for self-service of employee requests with reference to various aspects for integrated management and focus on core functionalities.

  4. Customized report generation capabilities and critical data generation strategies for effective decision making criteria in the future business deals alike.

  5. Creation of custom job openings and management of applicant data in bulk for better HR solutions and streamlined on-boarding facilitations.

  6. Greater insight into HR analytics through the creation of various functional categories as per the departmental needs.

  7. Built-in email direction and bulk mail and SMS generation for better streamlining of organizational processes and the corresponding employees involved in them.

  8. Easy and effective employee filters for greater abstraction views and features.

  9. Fully equipped HR dashboard for handling of various tasks and improving the overall productivity of the organization in general.

  10. Preparation of highly functional and visual representation of the organizational workflow strategies and mapping of critical data.

What are the perks related to HR Software?

  1. Highly effective support system and modular functionalities for facilitating better productivity and efficiency of the Organization.

  2. Greater compliance to the current market standards for better organizational performance.

  3. Comparatively reduced human effort and risk of potential errors, thereby providing for greater accuracy of the data records.

  4. Universal metric systems for better data detailing strategies.

  5. Easy integration into the mainstream workflow of the given organization for enhanced business solutions.

  6. Streamlined sharing and implementation of information.

  7. Cloud support system facilitates better security standards.

  8. Greater ease in HR operations and effective employee information management with secure storage facilities.

What are the Disadvantages associated with HR Management System?

  1. Implementation of this software provides decentralization, however, down-time functioning of the core server can lead to complete down time of the various systems associated with it.

  2. Presence of any technical glitches in the software can prove quite harmful for the existing data. In fact, may lead to potential loss of data also.

  3. Invalid functioning of any specific modules leads to incorrect documentation and implementation in other categories, thus misleading the system on the whole.

  4. Presence of an internet connection is highly mandatory to ensure effective backup and recovery options.

  5. Constant updation of the software needs to be maintained for efficient functioning of the software.

What are the essentials to bear in mind while buying HR Management Software?

First and foremost, the compatibility of the given software should be checked with respect to the system requirements and specifications for hassle-proof implementation.

Secondly, the security features of the software should be highly evolving and should hold effective algorithmic complexity for safer data operations and handling.

Thirdly, the availability of the various process modules should be checked to ensure that the investment is worth enough in terms of the functionality obtained.

Fourth, real time updation of each individual module should be checked to ensure faster performance integration.

Fifth, the implementation of this software should not involve any external third party installations which may cause potential risks to the existing database of the Organization.

How to implement HR Software in your Organization?

  1. The first and foremost activity should be to research extensively on the various HR Management Softwares and their corresponding modules available in the market.

  2. Depending on your business and organizational requirements, decide on the Software you want to buy.

  3. Once done, have the software installed in the given systems, preferably by an expert specialist.

  4. Get to know the detailed functioning of the software by the specialist.

  5. Train the members of your HR department regarding the handling and functions of the HR Management Software.


HR Software is highly inclusive and definitive of various HR processes and management techniques. It also provides for effective automation strategies for the business organization on the whole. Integration of effective HR Management Software in your business will provide for greater elevation of business levels and also enables greater streamlining solutions for any sort of organizational workflows.  However, one should keep in mind that these softwares are not intended as a universal solution for all types of businesses and it is highly recommended that the user exercise his necessary discretion while selecting and implementing the correct software as per his/her business requirements, thereby ensuring better financial standards on the whole!!

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