List of Best HR Software in India for 2016

Logo-ADP Vista HCM
HR Software on Cloud

Process payroll accurately and securely in 3 simple steps with ADP Vista HCM – a highly configurable and secure cloud-based HR software designed for small, medium and large businesses. With Vista HCM, you can generate all the necessary HR & payroll reports like payslips, tax slips, form-16 & 24Q, PF, ESI, PT and LWF.

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Logo-MARG ERP 9+ HR Xpert Software
370+Centers for Training & Support, 6 Lakh+ Users

Marg HR Expert is specialized in providing the HR Software solution. Marg human resource management system is designed to handle all your HR needs in a systematic effectual and easier way.

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Efficient HRMS - Human Resource Management System

This versatile, user friendly, package, offers user defined Earning / Deduction / Loan Heads & Calculation Formulae / Tables. The package generates all the outputs & statutory reports required by a Payroll application. It also covers Recruitment, PMS, Training & Exit Management.

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Easy and Simple to use HR Software

greytHR is the preferred HR software for Indian businesses. It automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. With more than 3,500+ highly satisfied customers and managing 3 lakh employee records daily, we understand what it takes to deliver a high quality software service on a 24 x 7 basis.

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Logo-Beehive HRMS
Next Gen Human Capital Management System

Beehive's HRMS, a complete web based HR management software can cover the entire life cycle of an employee from recruitment to resignation or retirement.

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Logo-Keka HR Payroll Platform
Employee experience platform with HR & Payroll

Keka is an Human Resource information system. The only HR & Payroll software that is employee centric. Unlike traditional HRMS solutions, we are a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows.

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Logo-Keepor - Keep Organize your HR & Payroll
A complete Web based Human Resource System

Keepor is a unique tool which organizes and automates company HR Payroll management process. This HR software allows companies to store their employee confidential information and give access to only authorized persons to ensure that information is both secure and accessible.

SmartHR is very user-friendly HRMS Product

SmartHR is more of a hr payroll management software to all activities performed by the Human Resource department. It consists of range of functionalities covering the entire gamut of daily as well as dependent activities performed by the HR department.

Software BY Cnergyis Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.

ZingHR is a cloud based human resource management software (Online Best HRMS software) and HR solutions which specifically designed for small & medium size business. It provides a comprehensive solution for every needs of the entire organization and dashboard of all employee activities.

Awesome features + Great support + Easy pricing

sumHR is a modern, delightful, and extremely easy to use HR management system that helps startups and SMEs streamline their HR & payroll processes. It is cloud based best and free human resource software for small business.

Logo-Nitso HRMS
Software BY Nitso Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Nitso HR system offers a easy & user friendly solution for all kind of enterprises. This HR solutions takes care of all your requirements relating to management , workflow and accounting employees by providing Employee Information.

HR and Payroll Software in India

GoForHR is a cloud initiative of Tamba Solutions to address and fulfill the need of growing organisation. It has a robust workflow available on web environment that allows user to access from anywhere and even with Handheld. Employees Self Services - Employee Database, Recruitment, Attendance, Leave Management, Appraisal System, Expense Claim, HR Payroll Software and many interactive features

Software BY Mobius Solutions Pvt Ltd

EazeHR is a web based & SaaS human resource management software. EazeHR is designed to give employees, managers, HR administrators, office managers and accounts department a workplace to manage various employee centric HR and admin processes.

Logo-Exenta HRMS
Software BY Extolution Software Pvt. Ltd.

Exenta is a hr system which provides all critical data to decision makers and also alerts them periodically by sending notifications. It is a free human resource management software for startups. You can also get free consulting for HR information system.

Software BY JSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

JSM HR software is user friendly, flexible, parameter driven and the most comprehensive human resource information system - HRIS software. HR software that helps startups and SMEs streamline there HR payroll software process.

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What is HR?

HR is a generally used short form for Human Resources, additionally referred to as Human Resource Management or HRM.

Human Resource refer to the people or individual or workforce inside an organization answerable for performing the assignments given to them for the accomplishment of objectives and goals of the business. 

What is HRMS / What is HRIS?

HRMS is a generally used short form for Human Resource Management Software and HRIS is used for Human Resource Information System.

HR management software automates human resource functions such as managing payroll, storing employee information such as attendance and absence, performance evaluation and recruitment and onboarding.  An HRMS performs time consuming tasks previously done by the HR team, thereby freeing them to concentrate on more important matters such as hiring, retention and culture management.  

HR solutions are used to enhance the overall administration of employees by mechanizing management tasks generally performed by the HR department. Functions of human resource management applications will include the recording and updating of both employee and applicant information, with these hr tools the recruitment methodology is enhanced through applicant tracking, interviewing and confirmation process.

Along with the entry and follow-up of applicant information, these human resource management system or HR Package (HR solutions) also help to streamline workforce administration strategies. These includes training processes, as well as tracking employee performance and participation (performance management system), overseeing payroll management system and accounting, benefits and leaves. HRMS software frequently includes talent management devices, for example, learning and development, progression planning, prizes management and worker assessment for small business.

Also referred to as human resource information system (HRIS) or  HR solutions for small business offers diverse competencies. Numerous software will handle organization related reports, for example, worker handbooks and security guides. Many software will incorporate reporting, assessment and analysis instruments.

Essential Functions of HRMS Software

Different human resource management software companies have different features to offer. Based on your needs narrow down your choice of human resource management system for your business. However, these basic features are a must-have!

HRIS software | Human Resource Information Software

  1. Employee Database is the priority feature in any human resource software. This consists of filling of all the employee details and relevant data just as you make employee files. This can be revised or updated as per your requirements.
  2. Streamlining salary is an important task of the HR personnel and the software that supports this works wonders for efficiency. The features might vary but nowadays most hr software are adding time tracking and attendance too into this feature.
  3. Self service options in software is a great boon for human resource personnel in big organizations where most of their time is spent on several HR tasks. In this feature, the staff members have some access to the software whereby they can update their own details and keep reviewing their package benefit. This feature doesn’t interrupt the HR staff in their work.
  4. Managing performance of the staff is a useful addition to your Human resource management software. This feature consists of a simple scoring system which tracks employee performance and gives you detailed report. A good HRIS software also tracks training status and professional development; thereby helping you gain insight about your employees for small & medium sized business.
  5. Administrative benefits are also availed from the software since they help you manage your employees better. You can get reports of individual employees or combined reports of a particular department or small business.
  6. HR management system also involves job listing and the hiring process. The software helps in publishing jobs, listing the jobs, generating reports related to job functions, roles and responsibilities. In continuum with this, job descriptions are made and shared with the candidates who are hired. All the employee details are saved in the software.
  7. Certain human resource management system also helps in company information management. These features consist of legal data and documents, travel schedules and holidays allocated as well as benefits like hospitalization policy and health insurance benefits.
  8. Specific projects that are part of the HR management system functions can be managed well by project information sheets and project management tasks that can be allocated to different staff members for better project execution.
  9. Ease of accessibility ensures that you can access human resource management software for  through any gadgets. This provides flexibility in using the software at anytime and from any place.

Marketing Trends of HR Management Software

  1. Talent Management Analysis : Organizations now wants to analyze their talent data from the available stats. The HR management software collects data, identifies patterns and derives correlation between various parameters. For example: Drawing relation between high employee turnover and increased compensation. The HR team and management can analyze this data for making more informed business decisions.
  2. Data Analytics : HRMS are integrated with data analytics tools. They use predictive algorithms for strategic insights. This year, analytics will be applied to areas such as recruitment, compensation and performance review to make data driven decisions.
  3. Artificial Intelligence : A report by McKinsey estimates that by 2025, more than 50 million jobs will be replaced by robots or will be automated. In an HR Management Software, AI sets algorithms for predictive analysis for hiring. Studies prove that algorithms are more accurate than humans in recruitment. Introduction of AI increases efficiency and profitability of the organization by eliminating the mundane tasks. The challenge for software developers this year will be to find out ways to integrate AI with the existing HR system.
  4. Mobile Optimization :There are two aspects to this: Firstly, the inclusion of mobile apps in HRMS allows employees to access data such as request leaves. Secondly, it can be used to aid in recruitment process. The potential candidates submit their resumes and the HRMS schedules the interview. Automation of self-service reduces the burden off the HR team.More of employee onboarding, online application submission and employee access to the HRMS will be seen this year. The HR management software will have to create a mobile friendly interface for users. The starting point is to integrate the HR software within the recruitment process.
  5. Retention Software : 2015 witnessed widespread adoption of SaaS software solutions for improving employee retention and better engagement. This enables the managers to get a hang of what it takes to improve employee retention by using HRMS to automate meetings. Goals such as tracking employee goals and their progress can be viewed by the management. These goals start a channel of communication between the employees and the decision makers. A retention software assess the success/failure of such employee retention campaigns.
  6. Integrated HRMS : Organizations are increasingly becoming aware about reporting and tracking employee information. This reporting is often stored in multiple systems. Using an integrated HR management software all data can be stored in a single system. Integration uses a single software to store data to eliminate duplication of data, streamlines the process and reduces errors to improve efficiency.
  7. Employee wellness : This year, software programs are including ways to promote employee wellness and to reduce stress. These solutions include fitness, gamification to improve health awareness and encourage annual checkups.

Boosting the business morale with Human Resource Software:

  1. The data is streamlined and there is ease of access. You can maintain a detailed database of candidates, job openings, details of current employees, status of training, professional development and more.
  2. Self service is the best way of allowing employees to have access to information. This saves the time of HR employees in follow up.
  3. Integration of tasks is possible. Salary, performance data, benefits, training, hiring, compensation, etc can be taken into consideration from one source itself.
  4. Communication becomes faster and easier.
  5. Reports and presentations are created quickly.
  6. The entire hiring/recruitment process is easy to handle. Hr software listing becomes quicker and companies can hire better candidates.

Issues encountered with HR software:

  1. The human resource management system might fail in providing reliable and supportive data. This might lead to generation of reports that are worthless for the company
  2. If the management is not clear about the software usage for the company and small business, the staff might be unclear about their role around it and this might increase their workload. Also, if the management thinks that this software means not having any HR employee then it is totally wrong.
  3. The staff might experience inconsistencies in implementation especially when the software is implemented on the first go. Instead, it is better to introduce the system gradually till they get comfortable with it.
  4. The software might alienate the staff from the HR department. They might mistrust the software thinking that it benefits only the HR department and not the other staff.
  5. Data security must be administered properly with the help of a reliable vendor otherwise human resource management system increases the company’s risk of exposure.
  6. For MNCs the human resource information system integration becomes very costly due to different HR systems used in different countries based on their different HR tools functions.

Key modules of HR software

  1. Payroll management
  2. Training management
  3. Employee management
  4. Income tax management
  5. Workflow administration / help desk
  6. Statutory compliances
  7. Exit management & separation management
  8. Asset management
  9. Document management
  10. Project management
  11. Bonus, loan & advances management
  12. Reports (analytics)
  13. Travel & expense management
  14. Performance management
  15. Time Management
  16. Attendence Management
  17. Recruitment management
  18. Induction management / induction training

Global : HR Related Events

1) SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exposition – (April 18-20, 2016 in Orlando, Florida) :

It is designed specifically for recruitment and talent management professionals. This conference gives gleaming insights into tools, resources, innovations and solutions to evolve recruitment strategies. The topmost professionals from HR domain attend this event, so it’s a perfect opportunity to network with the best talent.

2) SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition – (June 19-22, 2016 in Washington DC) :

The largest HR event in the world provides your organization with the tools and resources you need to create and implement successful recruitment practices, from talent management to compliance and cutting-edge business strategies.

3) HR Technology Conference and Expo – (October 4-7, 2016 in Chicago) :

This conference covers all latest trends in HRMS such as SaaS, mobile HR, big data and artificial intelligence to name a few. Effective traditional technologies are also reinvented.  Sessions are conducted and delivered by senior executives from many leading organizations resulting in a high-caliber learning experience with real-world lessons and practical takeaways.

4) Recruiting Trends Conference – (November 14-16, 2016 in Austin, Texas) :

This end-of-the-year event draws some of the top recruiters globally, across a number of industries. The attendees get insights into the hottest HR management strategies making rounds internationally.

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