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Best identity verification software are Dialpad, Twilio, Hiya Cloud, Telzio, IDMerit, and Token. Secure your assets and the organization's properties with the identity verification software.

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List of 20 Best Identity Verification Software

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Software by 1Password

1Password is one of the best ID verification software that manages enterprise passwords and meets industry standards for sensitive data. 1Password is simple to use, integrates seamlessly into existing processes, safeguards business data, and is backed by the trusted code of security professionals. The software secures employee accounts and provides safe access to apps and services. 1Password works on all devices and operating systems. Read 1Password Reviews

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Fast and secure background checks

SpringVerify streamlines the hiring process by providing automated document collection, follow-ups, and communication. The identity verification software helps to save HR time on background checks and provides a better experience for job candidates. Additionally, SpringVerify simplifies bulk and seasonal hiring through CSV upload and offers dedicated customer support to address potential issues. Learn more about SpringVerify

Detecting fraud with industry-driven

Onfido's platform helps businesses onboard customers, prevent fraud, and navigate regulatory requirements. Over 900 companies use Onfido for identification verification software to avoid fraud signals. Onfido uses AI to verify customer identities using global signals like IP, geolocation, and device integrity. Onfido Studio allows for custom workflows based on risk profiles. Learn more about Onfido

Software by SheerID

SheerID offers optimal identity verification software for personalized offers with high conversion rates. SheerID allows brands to promptly authenticate eligibility for exclusive, tailored incentives for distinguished consumer segments such as students, educators, and military personnel. Spotify, Target, The Home Depot, and T-Mobile employ SheerID to enhance customer acquisition rates, foster customer retention, and curtail fraudulent activities. Learn more about SheerID

One verification platform to secure the whole cust

Sumsub offers the best identity verification software solutions for all onboarding and compliance needs. Sumsub provides payment fraud prevention, KYC, crypto compliance, liveness, legal and compliance support, and more with an all-in-one analytics and team management dashboard. Sumsub provides legal and compliance support, ensuring you comply with the latest regulations for onboarding and managing clients with ease and speed. Read Sumsub Reviews

Ondato - A comprehensive operating system for KYC

Ondato provides sophisticated technology-enabled compliance management services, including digital identity verification software, data monitoring, screening, due diligence, and other related facilities. It enables businesses to curtail costs associated with KYC procedures significantly. Ondato allows firms to view compliance as a beneficial practice rather than a cumbersome obligation. Learn more about Ondato

Software by Trulioo

Trulioo is an enterprise that provides global identity verification software solutions to facilitate protected and reliable Internet transactions for corporate entities and patrons. Trulioo can authenticate real-time information of more than five billion individuals and approximately 330 million commercial organizations across the globe through a solitary integration with its application programming interface. Read Trulioo Reviews

Software by DocuSign Inc

DocuSign is one of the best identity verification services in the market. It automates agreement preparation, signing, and management for organizations, including widely-used eSignature. DocuSign makes it easy for millions of customers in 180 countries to sign documents from any device, anytime, anywhere. DocuSign speeds up and streamlines business transactions. Read DocuSign Reviews

Software by Pipl, inc

Pipl is a leading software company specializing in identity verification software solutions and trust building, utilizing advanced multivariate linking methods to create deep connections between more than 28 billion unique identifiers, like email, phone numbers, and social media data. Pipl's solutions enable businesses to establish credibility throughout the customer's path. Learn more about pipl

True Identity Builds Trust

Shufti Pro uses AI tech to prevent online fraud, theft, and scams while ensuring AML/KYC compliance. Shufti Pro offers identification verification software for accurate results, including AI and HI hybrid technology. Utilizing automation and AI-powered identity verification technology, the company makes it easier for businesses to focus on other essential tasks. Learn more about Shufti Pro

Your blockchain-based eSignature solution

A blockchain-secured eSignature solution with patented verification technology. A unique digital fingerprint ensures the document's immutability and resistance to any unauthorized changes. Learn more about VeriDoc Sign

AI-powered verification and authentication

IDfy provides identity verification software solutions to help businesses verify identities, prevent fraud and ensure a seamless customer experience. IDfy uses AI to validate identity documents and credentials and automate workflows. Their solutions streamline customer KYC and onboarding and reduce transaction risks. IDfy has performed 70m+ verifications for 500+ clients since 2011. Learn more about IDfy

Software by Jumio

Netverify offers the best ID verification software to boost customer conversions, decrease fraud, and ensure compliance. Using pioneering technology like facial recognition and machine learning, Netverify solutions guarantee swift and precise verification. Jumio offers solutions for fraud prevention and compliance with KYC and AML laws by verifying customer identity to avoid illegal activity. Learn more about Jumio

Uncover fraud patterns and discover revenue opport

SEON Fraud Fighters detects fraud for businesses of all sizes on the web and on Android. The identity verification software detects and prevents financial fraud, providing a one-stop solution for banks and other institutions. SEON Fraud Fighters uses advanced technology to flag suspicious transactions, reducing financial loss. Businesses can trust SEON for solid protection against financial fraud. Learn more about SEON Fraud Fighters

Revolutionizing Identity Verification with AI

Trustmatic is the best identity verification service, using biometrics and AI for seamless verification and improved onboarding rates with higher fraud detection. Trustmatic streamlines customer onboarding for fintech, cryptocurrency, telecom, sharing economy, and gaming businesses to meet legal requirements like KYC. Trustmatic detects fraud and aids regulatory compliance. Learn more about Trustmatic

Software by Auth0

Auth0 provides modern identity verification software solutions for secure access to any app for any user. Auth0 processes billions of login transactions monthly, giving convenience and robust security for customer focus on innovation. The platform includes analytics and reporting for insights into user behavior and informed decisions on authentication and authorization. Learn more about Auth0

Software by MemberCheck

MemberCheck platform is a comprehensive web-based portal providing a role-based access and workflow, daily list updates with the XML feed, research material and comprehensive reporting and matching algorithms all provided in a simple and intuitive UI. Learn more about MemberCheck

Unleash The Power Of Truth

Workwolf is a Toronto-based identity verification software solutions startup. This platform offers a hiring platform that solves two employment market challenges. The easy-to-use interface predicts performance and verifies credentials at the start of the process. Workwolf enables quicker hiring, less manual work, and fewer mis-hires integrated within the software. Learn more about Workwolf

Software by Token of Trust

Token of Trust offers AML identity verification software for web applications. This AML system has transaction monitoring, a watch list, PEP screening, risk assessment, and behavioral analytics features. Token of Trust Identity Verification improves AML processes, minimizes false positives, and reduces compliance costs while protecting the reputation of businesses. Learn more about Token of Trust

Software by Aqubix

KYC Portal is an IT consultancy focusing on adequate customer support, with offices in Malta and London. KYC Portal provides adaptable and user-friendly identity verification software solutions, effectively delivering projects for major companies worldwide. They are experts in customized solutions, and their notable achievements include GDPR Auto and Online Cabinet. Learn more about KYC Portal


Identity verification software helps store all identifications in the database and verify whether the given input matches stored data.

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Last Updated: January 02, 2024