Best Income Tax Software for CA Professionals

Best income tax software includes Easyoffice, TaxCloud, CompuTax, EZTax, KDK Income Tax, and HostBooks. This income tax calculation software eases the tax of filing taxes and returns under the income tax rules of the particular region.

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List of 20 Best Income Tax Software

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Best Income Tax, TDS, Audit, CMA Taxation software

EasyOffice is India's Best Taxation Software to file your Income Tax Returns, TDS returns and Audit Reports efiling easily, prepares CMA Data Report. Trusted by Thousands of Chartered Accountants , Tax Professionals & Corporate users. Read EASYOFFICE - A Complete Taxation Reviews

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Powerful Income Tax Software by Relyon Softech Limited

Saral TaxOffice is a complete Taxation software solution for a Chartered Accountant [CA] or any Tax Practitioner. It automates all the activities related to Tax Compliance and Back office. This TDS software is recommended for individual as well as business tax practice. Read Saral TaxOffice Reviews

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The Easiest and Comprehensive ITR Filing software portal in India to Plan, File, and Save on Taxes. 7 minutes to complete eFiling available both on income tax App and Web. India's 1st Form 16 photo reader and Tax Optimizer. Most recommanded online income tax software Read EZTax Self Service IT Filing Reviews

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Easy Income Tax Return App

TaxRaahi is online ITR software & a business companion for filing ITR Return in India Fore free. TaxRaahi is India's top income tax return app for ITR Filing. At Taxraahi, you can file a business income return - ITR4, ITR4S in less than 20 mins. Get a free demo on this comprehensive ITR preparation software Learn more about TaxRaahi ITR

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Best Income Tax Preparation Software

TurboTax is the  best-selling tax software. Free Edition includes free IRS efile. Easily prepare your tax return and file income taxes online. Its also best federal income tax software that allow you to file federeal income tax easily & 100% accurately.  Read TurboTax Reviews

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End to End Income Tax Calculation Software

Zen Easy Tax Software is a great solution for the computation needs of Tax, Self Assessment Tax, Advance Tax and Interest calculation. Its also one of the best TDS return software that makes IT return e filling hassle free. Whether you are a individual or business this ITR filing software can be great asset for you  Read Zen Income Tax Reviews

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Income Tax Software for Quick It Return E Filing

Gen IT tax software provides direct option to file Quick Income Tax Return. User can directly upload the XML file on the income tax department's site through software. It manages Tax calculation, Self Assessment Tax, Advance Tax and Interest calculation easily. Get free demo on this easy to use income tax e filing software Read Gen IT Reviews

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Best Online Income Tax Return Filing Software

TaxCloud India is Web based online income tax software that allows CAs, Accountants and Tax Practitioners companies to file IT Return online quickly. Its one of the most used free income tax filing software in India. Manage your salary tax, assessments and tax calculations right from the software's dashboard. Read TaxCloudIndia Reviews

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CompuTax Income Tax software provides excellent module for preparing Tax return and uploading it to department web site right away. This is a all round TDS software that makes IT return and TDS return e filing really very quick and easy. It is suitable for individual tax practitioner and a company as well Read CompuTax Reviews

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TallyPrime is India’s leading business management software for GST, accounting, inventory, banking, and payroll. TallyPrime is affordable and is one of the most popular business management software, used by nearly 20 lakh businesses worldwide. Read TallyPrime Reviews

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Best Income Tax App for ITR E Filing

TaxAct is a leading provider of affordable digital and downloads ITR preparation software for individuals, business owners, and tax professionals. It's flagship product, TaxAct, provides the highest degree of accuracy and is designed by in-house programmers and tax accountants. Also its the most used free federal income tax return software. Learn more about TaxAct

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A Complete Income Tax Filing Software

TaxPoint Tax software is easy to use online tax preparation software. It’ll help you file and prepare your tax return quickly. With over 350 tax deductions and credits It’ll make sure you get the most out of your money. Learn more about TaxPoint

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An Integrated Income Tax Compliance & TDS Software

An Automated Solution for All Your Tax Compliance. Simplify your ITR Return & TDS return related compliance through single income tax return software. It provides accurate tax calculation for your income, assessment and interests. Whether you ca CA, Accountant or an individual tax practitioner, this all round TDS return software can be best option for you. Read Taxmanns One Solution Reviews

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Best Income Tax Calculation Software

Drake Tax is comprehensive, all-in-one professional tax software. With Drake you can prepare any tax return, personal or business, federal or state. Drake Tax helps you do everything quicker, and speeds you through every step of preparing a tax or TDS return.  Read Drake Tax Reviews

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An Ultimate Income Tax Software for Return E Filing

Reach-Tax is the best Tax Computation software for Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, and Other Tax Professionals. This is a Comprehensive tax software solution which offers various computation and calculation facilities of Income Tax, TDS, Wealth Tax, Advance Tax Register, Billing Management, AIR modules, Office Management and Post-filing management at no extra cost. Learn more about Reach-Tax

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All in One ITR Preparation Software

Its an a easy to use and affordable web-based income tax return app platform for small businesses to outsource the tax and Accounting function to people who are good at it. This income tax return app enables your prepare and e file IT return and TDS return easily.  Read TaxbasePro Reviews

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Software by Mercia Group Ltd

Mercia Income tax software range covers CIS Contractor Returns, CT600 Corporation Tax Returns and Income and Partnership Tax Returns.   Learn more about Mercia

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UltraTax CS software to deliver critical solutions to leaders in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, intellectual property and media markets. Read UltraTax CS Reviews

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Easy to Use HR ITR Preparation Software

greytHR is the preferred income tax software for businesses. Daclare income tax right from the HR dashboard. It automates key areas of HR, payroll management, leave and attendance tracking. With more than 3,800+ highly satisfied customers and managing 3 lakh employee records daily, we understand what it takes to deliver a high-quality software service on a 24 x 7 basis. Read greytHR Reviews

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Software by Skorydov Systems Private Limited

Stacos is a common name in Tax and Compliance Solution amongst Government Departments, Tax Professionals and the Corporate world. It is India's largest  tax and compliance solution provider. It provide IT service and solutions in the field of Tax, Finance and Compliance. Learn more about STACOS

Income Tax Software Guide

What is Income Tax Software?

Income tax software is specifically designed for filing income tax returns in a better and more efficient way. The exquisite services made available in this particular income tax software make it easy to use and provide quick solutions to the ever-increasing income tax demand in the current economic scenario. The government initially launched this particular ITR preparation software before the development criteria were taken over by the corresponding third-party private corporations and subsequently modified to ensure greater accuracy and ease up of complex procedures on a massive scale.

What are the Benefits of Income Tax Software?

  1. Modular calculation of the income tax returns with the deduction of various allowances per the requirements of the given assessee.

  2. Updated ITR preparation software in compliance with the revised standard business rates intended for various calculations.

  3. Calculating exemptions concerning the corresponding phase of calculation about gratuity and fund allowances.

  4. Rebate applicability and availability of special rates for some taxes.

  5. Automating the Income tax software is a highly advantageous concept keeping in mind the kind of and large number of calculations done at various levels of authority for effective tax-paying maintenance.

  6. Effective and accurate calculation of various depreciation factors per the regulations for the given business, industrial organizations, and corporations accordingly.

  7. Online payment facilities with the necessary deductions do less paperwork and improve efficiency and ease of execution.

  8. Real-time updation of data in the main database with abstraction features availed to facilitate client-wise manipulation of the data accordingly.

What are the Key Features of The Income Tax Software?

  1. Offers auto-generation and auto-filling of the filing reports for better efficiency and greater time complexity reduction.

  2. Covers all standard slab rates coupled with the corresponding NRI calculations.

  3. A full-fledged comprehensive yet detailed listing of every minute segment of the calculation for better efficiency and greater ease of understanding purposes.

  4. Deep integration availability into the various other income tax software specifically designed to carry out the income tax filing returns, like balance sheet software, TDS software, and the like.

  5. A fully-equipped management information system (MIS) with an automatic data generation facility and availability of different annexure levels.

  6. Easy computation of taxes for the various levels of taxpayer assesses, namely local bodies, trusts, firms, companies, BOI, and individuals in a perfectly modulated criterion.

  7. Direct manipulation of the available data obtained from the various other income tax preparation software modules for better functionality and ease of access.

  8. Detailed statutory analysis for all the income tax returns of the corresponding taxpayers and assesses alike.

  9. Easy generation and filing of ITR reports online.

  10. Effectively creating bills for online payment with the necessary deductions made as per the business requirements.

  11. Verification and rectification criteria are duly handled for greater efficiency.

  12. Incorporating various tax planning tools to facilitate the easy manipulation of the data to adjust the losses incurred on the same.

  13. Facility to calculate advance tax payments.

  14. Backup and restore facilities for the data for the corresponding clients.

  15. Facility for online payments without the need for mainstream filing.?

What is the Purpose of the Income Tax Software?

  1. The basic purpose of the income tax software is essentially to inherit the income details furnished by the corresponding applicant, assess all the slab rates, and accordingly prepare the invoice details regarding the total amount of income tax that is to be paid duly to the corresponding authority.

  2. The ITR preparation software also performs the filing of income tax returns for taxpayers whose annual income is more than 5 lacs per annum. With the applicable rate of return, the amount from the income is deducted for the same.

  3. This service is marked differently as per whether the assessees are individual applicants or a business organization corresponding to the tier of the outputs they generate.

Reports Available Under ITR Preparation Software

  1. Report on Income Tax Returns.

  2. Total income, the total payment of taxes, pending payments, etc.

  3. Report on Claim of Exemptions.

  4. Status of Refund.

  5. Amount of shares held and payment of security deposits.

  6. Capital gains and the corresponding descriptions.

  7. Filing of Returns.

  8. Tax computation and payment report in terms of both annexure wise and without the requirement of annexure.

  9. TDS Reports.

  10. Calculation of interest and relief statements.

  11. The availability of the various forms as per the regulatory standards.

  12. MIS reports for effective maintenance details.

  13. Tax Audit Reports.

Essentials to Look For While Buying Income Tax Software

  1. Before buying this income tax software, it is highly recommended to have a brief insight into the user interface. The availability of this ITR preparation software in both government and privatized models enables it to have different variations; thus, the interface is of the most important concern.

  2. The income tax return software should comply with the income tax standards and the corresponding regulatory requirements for a better and more effective generation of income tax returns.

  3. Another aspect of significant importance that one should definitely ensure is the availability of the different modules under this specific type of TDS return software. Any lack on that part is crucial to the database and thus causes an error in calculating the same.

  4. The ITR preparation software under consideration should also be quick in generating reports and other filings of returns with greater efficacy. This is important when dealing with the generation of income tax returns and payments on a comparatively larger scale.

  5. Also, for crypto investors, you are liable to pay taxes on your crypto gains as well, as per the newly introduced crypto tax in India. But as crypto taxation can get a bit complicated to understand and calculate your tax liabilities, it's advisable to take the help of a crypto tax software for that.   

  6. Detailed reports maintenance should be of prime importance in this Tax return software, each and every aspect is highly essential towards future generation and verification of bills and payments otherwise.

The incorporation of income tax software and its corresponding digitization has played a major role in easing the workflow of various business organizations, thus keeping them in compliance with the regulatory standards of income tax requirements. The ITR software has inadvertently advanced with better functionality features incorporated due to advanced technologies. It is predicted to influence the trending economic standards on a larger scale significantly.

It is the end of the financial year, and the daunting task of filing taxes and returns looms large. Calculating and filing income tax returns can be a tasking job, requires a lot of patience, and is dreaded by most. Worry not, for there is income tax return filing software that makes your life easier.

How to Prepare an ITR Using ITR Preparation Software?

There are several Income-tax return filing software available to make life easier. There is software that caters to individuals, CA specialists, and businesses. Thus, the income tax return filing software can be used by everyone with a financial background from various income levels.

The software usually comes in a package of income tax computation software, income tax returns software, and e-filing of income tax software. The ITR filing software allows you to;

  1. Directly upload the details from Form-16 by parsing, thus saving time manually punching all details.

  2. Enables automatic tax computation from all five major heads - Salary, Property, Capital gain, other sources, and PGBP.

  3. Long-term capital gain, holding period, short-term gain calculation, indexed costs & eligible exemptions are automatically calculated with the help of income tax filing software.

  4. One can prepare and file returns in ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, and ITR4 as applicable, according to the Income-tax department of India.

  5. You can view your or your client’s previous year’s data and store them in one place if required.

  6. It is human to err, and if any error occurs while filing a tax return, worry not because most ITR software enables you to revise your returns.

Top Income Tax Software Available in the Market

1. Cleartax

ClearTax software caters to the needs of all income tax payees such as individuals, CA’s, or businesses. It has several innovative features, such as an automatic tax calculator, business tax filing, and refund status.

2. Saral TaxOffice

Saral TaxOffice is a one-stop shop for all taxation-related solutions, especially for Chartered Accountants or other Tax practitioners. Saral TaxOffice automates all tax-related solutions and compliances.

3. EZTax

EZTax takes pride in saying that it is India’s 1st tax optimizer, which helps save taxes. EZTax is tailor-made for the Indian tax system. This tax filer can also generate an analytical PDF report along with filing.

4. Tax Raahi

Tax Raahi helps in tax accounting for businesses, helps to calculate GST, and helps file ITR and TDS. Having several solutions can be cumbersome. Tax Raahi ITR helps to manage all types of taxes using only one IT return software.

5. Winman

Winman is India’s No. 1 free income tax software suite. The Winman software suite is a flagship product with modules such as income tax, balance sheet, and audit report. This income tax return software has been rated the “Best income tax return software for chartered accountants.”


EasyOFFICE is Electrocom’s solution for taxes. It offers a complete range of taxing solutions which includes modules of ITR filing software, auditing, and eTDS return software. EasyOFFICE has made return filing easy and less tedious.

7. TaxTron

TaxTron is an income tax return filing software that aims to offer solutions to make income tax return filing as easy and flexible as possible. TaxTron has different versions for individuals, tax professionals, and corporations.

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