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Best integration software are Zapier, Leadpages, Oracle Data integrator, Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse, and TunePOS. These integration tools combines component sub-systems into one operating system and assures that all elements work in harmony to preserve productivity and accurate data analysis.

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List of 20 Best Data Integration Software

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Software by Freshworks

Freshmarketer helps marketing teams deliver more personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint across their lifecycle. Get insights into your audience’s behavior and engagement to create unique buyer experiences. Read Freshmarketer Reviews

Leading enterprise-grade relational database

Oracle Database is leading enterprise-grade relational database that offers secure data management and transaction processing. It provides organizations with enterprise-scale database technology stored in the cloud or on premises. Read Oracle Database Reviews

All-in-one customer experience solution

Tidio is a web-based live chat platform. This free integration software uses automation and AI to enhance company & customer interactions. Used by industry leaders like Shopify and Capterra, it offers real-time problem-solving for customers and integrated communication channel management. It also provides features like Agent Scheduling, Visitor Tracking, Chat/Messaging, etc. Read Tidio Reviews

Software by Zapier Inc

Another excellent free integration software, Zapier allows users to easily connect all the various apps they need. Its attractive and user-friendly interface makes it additionally effective. It also automates the connections between software to provide users a seamless experience. Additionally, it has features like Multi-step Workflows, Quick-start Guide, Conditional Logic, etc. Read Zapier Reviews

Software by SnapLogic

Integration software for both startups and large businesses, SnapLogic comes loaded with features. It offers users ETL - Extract / Transfer / Load feature, Metadata Management, Multiple Data Sources, Web Services, etc., to automate workflows. Its solutions cater to all business divisions, including HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, and IT. Learn more about SnapLogic

Software by Integromat

Unlike many others, Integromat is business integration software that caters explicitly to agencies. Currently known as Make, this software provides a highly visual platform where users can easily automate and integrate apps or systems. Features like No-code Workflow Automation, Drag and Drop Workflow Creation, Customizable Templates, etc., are especially helpful. Learn more about Make

Software by Jitterbit

More than just business integration software, Jitterbit is a business process management software for businesses of all types. It is a highly flexible tool working as a web app and running on both Mac and Windows. Some of its most interesting features include Low-code Integration, Cloud Studio, API Manager, App Builder, etc. Learn more about Jitterbit

Software by Celigo

Celigo is an integration software that offers customer a massive boost in efficiency. This iPaaS joins applications and automates processes to increase RoI considerably, reduce development time, and so on. It uses real-life experts to support customers and also offers features like Advanced Script & Code Injection, Prebuilt solutions, etc. Learn more about Celigo

Software by Cyclr

Cyclr is unique among data integration providers due to its hybrid model. It can be used by businesses whether they prefer a low-code integration platform or development tools. With 550+ Connectors, Self- hosted Options, SOC 2 Type II accreditation, Vendor Management, Testing Management, Continuous Delivery, etc., it is great for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Cyclr

Software by TIBCO Software Inc

A data management software, TIBCO Data Virtualization offers many exciting features. This online integration software provides Data Integration, Data Modeling, Process Management, Match & Merge, Communication Management, and other helpful features. Its data virtualization capability makes vast amounts and varied data sources readily available for tech companies for better decision-making. Learn more about TIBCO Data Virtualization

Enterprise Integrator from WSO2 is an integration software that breaks down data silos to connect various business systems and increase their efficiency. It streamlines workflows, delivers insights, and unites all data, applications, systems, etc., of the business. This agile system has features like Low-code and Pro-code alternatives, Cloud Native Architectures, Event Integration, etc. Learn more about WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

With a wide range of functionalities, Anypoint by MuleSoft is a terrific data integration software for SMEs as well as startups. Some prominent features include Threat Protection, Compatibility Testing, Data Modeling, AS2 Capability, Data Format Translation, etc. This platform also makes automation faster and offers real-time insights using customer data. Read Anypoint by MuleSoft Reviews

Dell Boomi is an integration software with self-managing, self-scaling, and self-learning capabilities. Its intelligent integration and automation help organizations to connect apps, people, and data. Functionalities like Data Format Translation, EDI Testing, AS2 Capability, ETL - Extract / Transfer / Load, etc., make it a preferred software of leading businesses like AT& T, Dropbox, and others. Read Dell Boomi Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by FluentPro Software Corporation

Available both for Windows and as a web app, Integration Hub is geared towards improving effectiveness of Project Portfolio Management for firms. This business integration software from FluentPro Software contains features like Configuration Management, Data Protection, Project Migration, Project Integration, etc. Further, it automates daily tasks and migrates projects to Microsoft PPM. Learn more about Integration Hub

Software by UiPath

With features like Elastic Scalability, Performance Management, Work Queue, Security & Governance, etc., UiPath is a terrific integration software. This RPA software is easy to use and equipped with robotic process automation tools for a wide range of industries. Depending on AI to manage automation and integration, it also offers language support in three languages. Read UiPath Reviews

Most Reviewed

Domo puts data to work for everyone

DOMO is a data integration software well-suited for marketing teams. Features like Performance Metrics, Ad hoc Analysis, Budgeting & Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, etc., help marketers find and seize the best opportunities from market data. This app also effectively addresses the automation and integration needs of Finance, BI, and other business functions. Read DOMO Reviews

Talend Data Fabric is a master data management software suited to enterprises, both big and small. It provides end-to-end solutions for Data Integration, App & API Integration, and Data Integrity & Governance. Features like Data Mapping, Metadata Management, Disparate Data Collection, Pricing Extraction, Data Blends, etc., make it an exceptional integration software. Learn more about Talend Data Fabric

High Performer | 2024

Software by HVR-Software

HVR is a data integration software for businesses of all sizes, from startups to major enterprises. It uses a single platform to move data, allowing companies to make business decisions faster. Features like Permission Management, Continuous Delivery, Idempotent Pipelines, Automated Data Transformation, etc., improve speed and scalability. Its 300+ no-code connectors make it highly user-friendly. Learn more about HVR

QlikSense is a data visualization tool to help make sense of data using maps, charts, graphs, etc., exceptionally well. This integration software uses a single platform for all data sources and creates powerful graphics, including geographical maps, for companies. Some additional features include Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Filtered Views, Dashboard Creation, and Relational Display. Read QlikSense Reviews

Software by Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an integration software helping users conveniently develop their own apps like fitness trackers or children's games. It provides modules to help them select, design, and build their apps. Features like Error Monitoring, Augmented Reality, Process Mapping, etc., help users create exciting apps. It also offers language support in eight languages, making it highly accessible. Read Appy Pie Reviews

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Data integration software connects with two or more apps and helps automate more tasks between connected apps.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024