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Best Competitors and Alternatives to Intride Loyalty

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Product Description

Salesforce provides a Software as a service interface over its cloud where various business applications are already preinstalled over the cloud that can help many Businesses for managing thier workload over the ease of cloud, it helped me in same way by helping me out in my v... Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Free Trial

Software Common with Intride Loyalty and Salesforce

Salesforce review compared to Intride Loyalty

"My Experience as user." - Vishal Agarwal

Most users consider Salesforce is a excellent Intride Loyalty alternative.


Product Description

Zoho CRM is one of the best platforms for managing projects and business activities end to end most efficiently. It brings a continuous flow to task management and streamlines all the critical business activities most suitably with speed and accuracy. Moreover, it is easy to m... Read Zoho CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $11 User/Month, Billed Annually

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Zoho CRM and Intride Loyalty

Zoho CRM review compared to Intride Loyalty

"The best CRM platform for all round project management with speed and accuracy . Try the freemium version now." - Shrinkhala Singh

Most users consider Zoho CRM is a excellent Intride Loyalty alternative.


Product Description

Excellent Billing Software. I have tried many different softwares but none of them helped my Restaurant business until I found out about just billing. JustBilling is easy to understand, easy to use and many more features. Small businesses who want to improve their business I r... Read JustBilling Reviews

Starting Price: $250 FULL License/ One Device

Free Trial

Alternatives of JustBilling and Intride Loyalty

JustBilling review compared to Intride Loyalty

"Best POS software for Restaurants." - Nikhesh


Product Description

We have been working with Torqus as our IT partners for nearly three years and have always been in a comfort zone with their end-to-end solutions. The products are very relevant for all kinds of F&B entities of all sizes. Torqus has enabled us to reduce our food cost by 2%... Read Torqus POS Reviews

Starting Price: $208 Per Year

Common Alternatives of Torqus POS and Intride Loyalty

Torqus POS review compared to Intride Loyalty

"Very relevant for all kinds of F&B entities of all sizes" - Rakesh Rajendran


Product Description

This software is packed with updated features daily, making my work extraordinarily convenient and straightforward. The customer support team is committed to helping anytime we need them. They close it with a resolution, and the manner of the executives is fantastic. Read RetailGraph Software Reviews

Starting Price: $139 Full License/Single User/Single Location

Free Trial

Alternatives of RetailGraph Software and Intride Loyalty

RetailGraph Software review compared to Intride Loyalty

"Best software for billing solutions" - KASI GADEY


Product Description

We chose Kapture CRM after a long evaluation process. The software is easy to use and is very intuitive as well. It has greatly helped us in automating and simplifying our customer support processes. Ticket management and field force automation are some of the important areas whe... Read Kapture CX Reviews

Starting Price: $21 User/Month/Billed Annually

Alternatives of Kapture CX and Intride Loyalty

Kapture CX review compared to Intride Loyalty

"Worth the cost, User friendly software" - sowmya


Product Description

ngDesk have really streamlined their system over the last few years. It's simple and easy to use with simple options for even those who are new to using a helpdesk system. ngDesk is basically an email support system, where all emails sent will be routed to your ngDesk dashboard a... Read ngDesk Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Onetime

Alternatives of ngDesk and Intride Loyalty

ngDesk review compared to Intride Loyalty

"ngDesk has been one of the go-to solutions for helpdesk software" - Peter Thamson


Product Description

We wonder how we used to work without Ambassador. We wish to have discovered it earlier. Read Ambassador Reviews

Starting Price: $800 Month/Billed Annually

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Ambassador and Intride Loyalty

Ambassador review compared to Intride Loyalty

"It helps us to steer up our way to get more and customers helping our business grow tremendoulsy." - Maulika


Product Description

Nextar POS is a brilliant software with all necessary features to manage the commission and inventory. It ensures the potential user management and stock management. The features like Purchase, Inventory Management & Consumption Tracking are a very innovative way to manage... Read NEXTAR POS Software Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of NEXTAR POS Software and Intride Loyalty

NEXTAR POS Software review compared to Intride Loyalty

"Brilliantly designed installable software helps us with Inventory Control and multi currency handling" - Rachel


Product Description

Queuebuster app is more intuitive and simple to set up than the other pos solution we tried. The good thing about the queue buster app is it is not chunky and old-fashioned like many pos solutions on the market today; instead, it works as an inventory manager and staff managem... Read QueueBuster POS Reviews

Starting Price: $76 Per Year

Free Trial

Common Intride Loyalty and QueueBuster POS Alternatives

QueueBuster POS review compared to Intride Loyalty

"Ease for POS" - Muskan Arora

Chirantan Mungara
By Chirantan Mungara | Last Updated: March 08, 2024