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Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Mobile App Overview

HVI is #1 mobile-first Inspection & CMMS APP trusted by 100,000+ users worldwide. Sign up for a free trial today. Mobile first CMMS, Inspection, manage Heavy vehicles, fleet workorder and PM Schedules via App and portal. HVI is a most used and easy to use mobile inspection, work order and maintenance management software. 1) Creating a paperless work order within minutes and share 2) Connect all your driver/ operators via mobile apps to report breakdown 3) Turn faulty inspections reports into a “one click WorkOrder” 4) Message directly on work orders to keep your communication organized 5) See all work orders in one place and get beautiful reports 6) Track your assets, locations and work order history 7) Track all parts, labor cost, time spent and all external vendor costs to order and asset Sign Up Today For a Free Account! HVI is ideal for: 1) Fleet Maintenance managers 2) Safety managers 3) Drivers/ Operators to request maintenance or report a breakdown 4) Best for mechanics to plan the WorkOrder and beautiful dashboard to record information. Perfect for teams looking to boost communication and get instant mobile/desktop status updates between technicians, maintenance workers, and managers. Time to get rid of pen, paper forms, and clunky software! KEY FEATURES: INSTANTLY UPDATE & ASSIGN WORK ORDERS ON THE MOVE Experience great savings on labor costs by spending less time searching for answers. Accomplish all of this and more: · Driver / operator get mobile app to submit work requests and indicate a priority level · Snap a photo of broken equipment and assign it to a technician · Beautiful to show past due work orders, high priority work orders, and calendar to see all future upcoming orders. · Add due dates, assigned workers, details, location, and attach files to your work orders · Scan an asset barcode with your camera and consume spare parts to a work order · Set a meter reading based or time-based repeating work order schedule · Complete preventive and reactive maintenance work orders · Customize or hide work order fields · Set time-based meter readings for critical inspections · Comment on work orders from anywhere to answer questions or request a status update TRACK AND ORGANIZE YOUR MAINTENANCE HISTORY Achieve the full useful life on all of your equipment and significantly reduce spending on unplanned downtime. Experience all of this and even more: · View and organize your work orders by due date, most recently updated, status, priority, location, and more · Search any asset by name or by scanning a barcode · Set asset statuses to track unplanned downtime · See all previous work orders completed on heavy vehicles · Track time spent on each work order · Identify all parts and costs associated with all work orders across assets · Attach manuals and repair instructions to assets · Locate warranty information instantly to determine whether to replace or repair BETTER TEAM COMMUNICATION Less phone calls and interruptions, effectively manage more streamlined requests on your own time. Enhance your focus when and where you need it most: · Communicate with your team on progress with work order updates · Get real-time status updates on open and in-progress work orders · Set up email and push notifications to keep track of work orders and team progress MOBILE APP + WEB WORK TOGETHER Cloud based desktop and mobile experience that you and your team can rely on anywhere: · Watch changes you make in the HVI app, appear on your desktop · Service your equipment, work offline · Take your work orders anywhere offline and watch updates sync with HVI when you are back online. Join the community of thousands of operators/ technician using HVI. Drivers conducting daily inspections of their Excavator, Backhoe, Loader, Crane, Tractor, Grader, dozer, Truck and various heavy equipment. FREE SIGN-UP , START TODAY

Version :


Size :

Varies with device

Requires Android :

5.0 and up

Installs :


Company :

JRS Innovation UG

Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance IOS Overview

Version :


Size :

164.1 MB

Requires iOS :

12.0 or later

Installs :


Company :

JRS Innovation UG

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Available for Android & iOS
  • Install the Android app via Google Play
  • Install the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch app via the iTunes App Store

FAQs of Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Mobile App

What are the best Alternatives to Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance apps?

The best alternatives for Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance app based on customer reviews are:

  1. RAM Tracking
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  5. OctopusPro

What kind of app is Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance?

Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance is Fleet Management Software.

Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance mobile app is compatible with which devices?

Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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