Best Knowledge Management (KMS) System

Best knowledge management system includes Zoho Desk, ClickHelp, Novo, Proprofs, and Document360. Such Knowledge management software facilitates easier storing and using explicit knowledge (physical, documented information) and tacit knowledge (personal insights, expertise, and experiences).

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List of 20 Best Knowledge Management System

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Industry First Context-Aware Helpdesk System

With Zoho Desk, you have a ticket and KMS knowledge management system rolled into one, allowing you to provide immediate answers to customers and resolve issues instantly. Additionally, Zoho supports domain mapping, allowing you to use your domain on their platform. Read Zoho Desk Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Rated #1 Knowledge Management Software Globally

Document360, a knowledge management system, allows you to efficiently create a knowledge base portal. Document360 can be used for your customers and internal teams to create product documentation, user manuals, wikis, FAQs, and more. Read Document360 Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Best Knowledge Management Solution

HRmantra is the most potent HR and payroll software and a leading end-to-end HR & Payroll Software that automates hr processes. Its multiple ready-to-use advanced features include knowledge management, recruitment management, attendance & leave management, etc. Read HRMantra Reviews

Most Reviewed

Category Champions | 2023

Providing instant self-help support to your customers and employees is a breeze using ProProfs Knowledge Base, one of the most intuitive and best knowledge management tools available. This km tool can draft articles from scratch, import existing documents, and publish them. Read ProProfs Knowledge Base Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Knowledge Management Software For Exceptional Experience

It offers both internal & external best knowledge management tools. The inner options help IT teams manage & record incoming service requests by saving them to a central database, creating a knowledge base of articles about common employee problems. Read ServiceNow ITSM Reviews

The all-in-one app for managing deskless employees

This mobile-based field service management software connects an entire team working anywhere with everyone else at low costs. Connecteam has a plethora of templates to engage employees thereby improving their productivity resulting in sales growth. Read Connecteam Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Best Cloud-Based KMS Knowledge Management System

Featured as a cloud service, ClickHelp allows you to create online user manuals, help files, and knowledge bases, and publish them instantly. A modern online documentation tool, ClickHelp enables users to create online manuals, knowledge bases, help files, FAQs, and tutorials. Read ClickHelp Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Best Knowledge Management Tools

UVdesk is an open source Helpdesk Ticket system that allows merchants and developers have own fully functional Enterprise level Helpdesk. Now, You can deliver flawless customer support with UVdesk along with predeveloped amazing features, to be fit for every business. Read UVdesk Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Confluence is a content and project collaboration software. It allows teams to create documents, provide feedback and have a central place to keep their work organized and accessible. Read Confluence Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Most Powerful Knowledge Management Solution

With FileHold Enterprise, large organizations can transition from a paper-based environment to a paperless one by managing documents on-premise or in the cloud. FileHold's features include multi-level security, user audit trails, forms handling, e-signature, full-text search, document scanning, and optical character recognition (OCR). Read FileHold Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Enterprise Project Management Software

Whizible is a product which can help you with enterprise resource planning, project management, IT service management, resource management and timesheet management. It is an EMS platform where you can get all the benefits of a business process management software. Read Whizible Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Knowledge Management System For Improving Customer Experience

Customer support platform that helps companies unblock greater efficiency and set a new benchmark for customer support. With intelligent automation, real-time data, and self-service options, WixAnswers helps companies achieve greater efficiency and improve customer service. Read Reviews

Contenders | 2023

The clear path to student success

Classtime helps educators around the world to save time for teaching, create engaging lessons, and excite students to learn with good knowledge management system. Trusted by schools, businesses and educators globally, Classtime is your e-learning partner on the clear path to learning success. Read Classtime Reviews

Tettra for Slack is a fully featured Knowledge Management Software designed to serve Startups, Agencies. Tettra for Slack provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Knowledge Management system offers Self Service Portal, Full Text Search, Cataloging/Categorization, Content Management, Knowledge Base Management at one place. Read Tettra for Slack Reviews

Contenders | 2023

The Novo Solutions knowledge base software provides innovative web-based and mobile solutions that can simplify your work by enabling your employees to organize and manage information in order to streamline business processes and reduce expenses. It comes with an array of functionalities such as improved customer self-service, good customer support, anytime access, better and quicker problem solving, and much more. Read Novo Service Desk Reviews

System by Airtable

Airtable is the solution for CRM to manage all-in-one with powerful features. It suits for such business like entertained, restaurant and hotels. It is very accurate and flexible software that delete all the duplication itself and integration with social media for secure communication. Read Airtable Reviews

High Performer | 2023

An All-Inclusive Knowledge Management Platform

It is an all-in-one knowledge management system and help desk software for companies of any size, allowing users to manage multiple products/brands from a single account. From workflows to simple automation, it helps companies get repetitive tasks out of the way Read Help Scout Reviews

System by Tribe Technologies

Tribe is a cloud-based social networking platform that can be integrated with your website and other software, such as, Slack, telegram, Zapier, etc. It also supports virtual currency hence empower the community. Read Tribe Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Top-Rated Knowledge Management Platform

This knowledge management software allows you to create reports, white papers, user manuals, and business processes, access the information from mobile devices and tablets, and share the information with customers, employees, partners, and colleagues. Read KBPublisher Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Smart Knowledge Management Solution for Better Self-Service

With Lansweeper, you get a powerful yet user-friendly knowledge management system that can build solid knowledge base articles and present searchable self-service options to simplify internal and external processes. Read Lansweeper Reviews

Knowledge Management System Buyer Guide

Knowledge Management System: A Buyer Guide

Businesses today need many innovative tools to keep themselves ahead of the league. These km tools help to improve the overall support and carry out operations. With the help of these km tools, organizations can interact with the customers smoothly and productively. A Knowledge management system is a procedure of creating, sharing, utilizing, and managing information as well as the knowledge pool of an organization.

About 40% of consumer interactions occur on the web; hence, a knowledge management system is the best way a company can achieve the desired productivity. The system focuses on sharing, auditing, and structuring the km tools, which helps garner success in the customer support area.

Here are three main parameters on which the whole  knowledge management system is based:

  • Sharing of knowledge

  • Storing of knowledge

  • Accumulation of knowledge


Main Benefits of a Knowledge Management System

Benefits of a Knowledge Management System

The km tools are such a virtual console in the workflow of organizations today. The knowledge management system has many features that provide a relatively economical and practical outlook for enriching customer experience and support.

Let us explore ten benefits of the knowledge management system that offers detailed information on the system:

  • Customer Satisfaction:

The customer satisfaction module is an essential feature for any organization. When customers are satisfied with the companies’ query-solving tactics, knowledge management software results in more engagement. Organizations can help put up a FAQ section on their website where customers can easily find answers to their queries. By successfully integrating the knowledge software, customer satisfaction will surely increase.

  • Expenses Of A Company:

Apart from customer support, other company sections also require knowledge management software. Whether production, sales, or management, this knowledge management system refines the overall workflow and thus, leaves no scope for any raised questions or doubts.

  • Costs:

With knowledge software at their disposal, customers can easily find answers to their doubts. In addition, knowledge management software means there is no need for staff involvement, saving time and money.

  • Problem-Solving:

The knowledge management application help in solving the problems quickly and thereby results in the smooth functioning of the organization.

  • Treating Knowledge As A Property:

Organizations with a perfect KMS (Knowledge management system) treat knowledge as a valuable asset. The intellectual property shared within an organization becomes permanent; thus, there is no dependency on outgoing employees for the same.

  • Employee Training Becomes Easy:

On-boarding new employees in any organization project become easy with the help of km tools. Employees can refer to knowledge management software and get trained without additional support.

  • Search Criteria Becomes Simplified:

The different knowledge management tools ensure intelligent search in their process. This means if any employee is searching for a particular query, there are 100% chances that they will land on the exact result.

  • Cost-Effective:

Customer support solutions given through the knowledge management software are cost-effective. Firstly, a knowledge management system help in easy document sharing within the organization. Secondly, customers can access support solutions at a very minimal cost compared to heavyweight ticketing systems.

  • Accessibility:

A web-based knowledge management system enables employees to access km tools from any location or device. Mobile usage is a massive surge, so the dependency on web-based solutions will increase in the coming years.

  • Security:

A knowledge management system helps insecure file sharing. For example, instead of sending files over the mail, you can give the employees direct access to the software, which will prevent a data breach.

How is Knowledge Management System Helpful for your Business?

Hoe Knowledge management system helpful for business?

As discussed earlier, a knowledge management system is blessed with many features. With an improvement of 1% in FCR -First Call Resolution, there is an equal upsurge in customer satisfaction.

Therefore, knowledge management software can be quickly concluded that the system also comes with multiple benefits:

  • Through knowledge management software, companies can turn their entire focus on the customer. The knowledge management system includes answers to common questions and thus saves time for both the company and the customers.

  • You can also keep track of the knowledge base and can improve km tools further down the line. This small step will keep your organization updated according to customers' needs.

  • Similarly, you can keep track of customer feedback on knowledge-driven articles. A knowledge management system would also help in improving the overall documentation process on the go.

  • In addition to all these, incorporating software such as documentation will not help you in identifying missing gaps but also secure your shared files.

 The knowledge management software help in propelling the self-growth attribute in a company. As the knowledge management system caters to implicit and explicit knowledge, km tools provide a single source of truth for content curation and sharing. The ultimate objective of a knowledge management application is to create happy and satisfied end customers. Knowledge management software is a well-known fact that happy customers will keep coming to the sites they like, thus generating more revenue for the company.

Internal Knowledge Management and its Importance

A knowledge management application focuses not only on external factors but also on collecting internal knowledge. The inner knowledge management system is the one that is only accessible to the employees. The system has private information specific to a particular company like policies, HR materials, etc.

The internal management system is helpful for an organization in many ways. KM tools help in the scaling of the teams more effectively. Knowledge management software helps in processing the information quickly, which allows the organization's smooth running.

Secondly, the Importance of knowledge management application simplifies the whole knowledge management process of employee onboarding. Finally, an internal KMS will help grow your organization by arranging all basic knowledge.

Types of Knowledge Management System

types of knowledge management system

Three primary types of knowledge management systems essentially dominate the present-day business scenario.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems:

An enterprise knowledge management system focuses on experiences learned in the past. A knowledge management system helps businesses evaluate past performances and learn from them carefully, so the same mistake is not repeated. The enterprise knowledge management systems are also known as organizational learning.

  • Knowledge Intelligent Techniques: 

This knowledge management platform integrates artificial intelligence to measure knowledge and create solutions for more dynamic and complex organizational problems. Furthermore, this knowledge management system is achieved using intelligent techniques like capturing collective knowledge and extending a knowledge base.

  • Knowledge-Based Work System:

This knowledge-based system helps segregate data and put it to use within the organization. This step helps all departments to get a clear view of standards and systems within a company.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Knowledge Management Software

An organization's knowledge management software will be essential if appropriately integrated. Km tools will become a go-to source not only for the customers but even for the employees of the organizations. Therefore to administer km tools properly, organizations have to consider these points:

  • Understand your audience

  • Effectiveness of search criteria

  • Safety and privacy regulations of your company.

  • Data consistency.

  • The scope of adding new content.

  • Use of Artificial intelligence.

  • User feedback.

Before buying a fully functional KMS, the Knowledge management system must go through the details of the product and the features km tools offer. This will help choose a suitable product for everyone with the latest features to attract the customers and end audiences towards your company.

In order to make the best choice amongst the vast sea of solutions present in the market today, knowledge management software is recommended to carefully analyze the product in the trial period and then move ahead with training your team by mitigating the data.

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HRMantra 4.5(121 Reviews)

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Document360 5.0(83 Reviews) $149 Per Month Yes Learn More
ProProfs Knowledge Base 4.9(29 Reviews) $79 Per Month (Annually) Yes Learn More
Connecteam 4.9(16 Reviews) $0 10 Users Yes Learn More
ServiceNow ITSM 4.6(16 Reviews)

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No Learn More

FAQs of Knowledge Management System

A knowledge management system is the one which helps in easy storing and retrieving of information. The whole system is perfect for IT companies, businesses, and startups who would like to go global with their product.

Documents can be easily shared externally through the use of any advanced software. To share documents externally one can use the Microsoft share point which helps in easily sharing the content with people outside the organization. But before you proceed for any of these processes make sure you have a modern document library.

Today as the market is developing continuously, the requirement for knowledge management software also sees an upsurge. This has led to many companies coming out with their version of knowledge management platforms. Some of the key players in this arena are HubSpot, Quip, Service now, Bloomfire, and Help juice.

Intranet and databases play an important role in providing information within an organization. While databases store the data securely, an intranet is an office network through which data and information are exchanged. Thus both of these have an important role and actually work as the backbone of the knowledge management system.

A knowledge management framework is the one that ensures all the key elements like accountabilities, processes, governance, and technologies are in a single place and interconnected with each other.

There are four barriers to Knowledge Management Systems like poor planning, lack of accountability, lack of business purpose, and customization.

A knowledge management system can take a few days, weeks, and months to get implemented in bigger organizations. However, for small startups, it is more instant and seamless.

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Last Updated: September 12, 2023