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25 Best Pathology Lab Management Software in 2020

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Lab Management Software Guide

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What Is Lab Management Software?

Laboratory management software, or LMS, is a set of applications designed to streamline and automate laboratory operations.

Software designed to manage the operations of a lab, and reduce the workload is termed as Lab management software. The main purpose of this software is to manage all the activities of a lab such as the purchase of adequate instruments for testing, ensuring the availability of proper chemicals, etc

Every laboratory needs to be flexible in dealing with its workflow proceedings. 

Implementing lab management software can help manage lab data, workflow, and resources. It automates the operational process by connecting instruments with the system. 

The system directly sends the test orders to the lab instruments and records the result to the main database. 

In short, the primary purpose of a lab management system is to improve operational efficiency while cutting down on manual tasks.

Types of Lab Management System

Types of Lab Management System

There are basically two types of lab management system - 

  1. A stand-alone lab management solution

  2. A module within a hospital management system (HMS)

The main focus of the LMS module within the hospital management system is to support doctors’ diagnostic workflow with little surveillance. It acts as a means to capture and record results and a few other elements. 

Whereas, a dedicated LMS solution focuses on the entire laboratory process, including modules for diagnostic and epidemiological workflows. 

Besides, a dedicated laboratory information system enables the sharing of data between and among laboratories and public health networks. Thus, this can strengthen public health networks. 

Features of Lab Management Software

1. Data Tracking Support

The maintenance of a common interface, for the display of reports, is generated on the software. This enables the wastage of time for the purpose of searching the reports.

2. Flexible Functioning

The people working in the lab can work with comfort as the software provides the option to store every important aspect of the lab.

3. Data Exchange Interface

Different individuals can exchange their data and reports on this software, leading to instant transfer.

4. Electronic Document Management

The system acts as a centralized depository for all the documentation required to support a lab’s research. It keeps records of all the patients’ test records. 

5. Workflow Management

This automation queues up samples of interest automatically, meaning you delegate the decision-making power to the software. 

The system automatically assigns works to staff based on availability and suggests instruments based on predefined rules. It also captures data for compliance with regulatory standards.

6. Reporting

The system should be able to generate various types of reports to help determine the performance level of a laboratory. It includes reports on average time to process a sample, which instruments get used more often, and more. This data can be quite useful in making smart decisions. 

7. Sample Management

This is particularly important because samples can get lost or misplaced when transferred from one person to another. A lab data management software can keep a record of information like who collected the sample, where it needs to go next, who will receive it, and more.

Benefits of Lab Management Software

1. Faster Transactions and Transfer

There is an availability of a common interface for information and data transfer.  This leads to easy transactions which make the functioning of the organization very easy. 

2. No scope of Scarcity or Deficiency

Due to the inbuilt feature of purchase tracking, the availability of an adequate amount of stock at the correct place and time is achieved.

3. Increased Goodwill

The efficient derivation of results, and the increased accuracy, would lead to an enhanced goodwill and market value of the laboratory.

4. Reduction in Error

One most prominent advantage is that by using a laboratory management system, it results in a reduction of input time and operator errors. Since all the processes are streamlined, it reduces the chances of samples getting misplaced or lost. 

5. Quality Control

An effective lab management software can provide you with a wide range of reports and statistics in real-time. The use of business intelligence can be quite useful in analyzing data and thereby making important decisions. 

6. Easy Collaboration

A lab management system connects all the stakeholders to share a common goal. All the procedures and quality control are well-defined in the system. 

Potential Problem Faced with Lab Management Software

Just like any other software, even lab management software have too many significant cost overruns. The two main reasons for these overruns are: 

1. Poorly Matched Needs

Poorly matched resources can take a toll on project costs. 

For instance, many labs, in their desperation for resources, often hire consultants or install a system that is a mismatch. 

When deciding to implement a solution, the center should consider long-term cost-effectiveness. It should bring value to the workplace. 

Here’s what they can do:

  • Figure out the features that they need 

  • Consider adding modules to an already existing system, if that can help

If the resources aren’t well matched, they can drain on the project. It will even take up the unnecessary time of the users, which otherwise could have been used to focus on more critical tasks at hand. 

2. Lack of Adequate Training

Before installing a system, the administrator needs to decide its difficulty level.

The best lab management software comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Otherwise, part of the cost of using the system will go towards providing training on how to use it. 

Sometimes, even after training, employees might not be an expert to use the system.

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