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List of 20 Best Last Mile Delivery Software

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Contenders | 2024

Product Description

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Onfleet is a last-mile delivery software that helps you perfect last-mile deliveries. Onfleet helps streamline the entire delivery operation and helps you provide fast, on-time deliveries. The advanced logistics software boasts features like route planning, real-time driver tracking, communication, analytics, etc., to help you enhance customer satisfaction. Learn more about Onfleet

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

Power your deliveries with Bringg’s last-mile delivery program. The software helps you scale up and optimize your last-mile operations to delight your customers with improved delivery processes. Bringg easily manages contactless deliveries, white-glove deliveries, in-store and curbside pickups, locker deliveries, alternative pickups, returns, reverse logistics, etc. Learn more about Bringg

High Performer | 2024

eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution

Product Description

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ShipRocket is a leading last-mile delivery management solution for optimizing the final stage of the order fulfillment process. The software provides regular logistical updates to your customers via SMS, IVR, and emails, providing them with the assurance of a fast order shipment. ShipRocket can also plan routes, optimize transport schedules, and help collect digital signatures as proof of delivery. Learn more about ShipRocket

Emergents | 2024

Software by RoboticWares Pvt. Ltd.

Product Description

FarEye Fleet Management System uses modern fleet management and delivery technology to delight customers with speedy deliveries. It is the best last-mile delivery software for simplifying the entire delivery process, reducing delivery costs, and increasing customer loyalty. FarEye analyzes, tracks, ships, and routes deliveries with its efficient routing solutions. Learn more about FarEye Fleet

Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

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Optimize your delivery process with Tookan’s last-mile software. Developed by Jungleworks, Tookan is designed to enhance and streamline deliveries and provide an exceptional customer experience. Tookan offers tailor-made solutions for food, grocery, pickup and delivery, logistics, courier, flower delivery, fleet management, e-commerce, pharmacy, packers and movers, car wash, and laundry businesses, among others. Learn more about Tookan

Contenders | 2024

Real-Time Route Planning, Tracking, Analytics

Product Description

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LogiNext Mile is a top-rated software that optimizes and automates pick-ups, planning, scheduling, and routing delivery operations efficiently. This last-mile delivery platform improves resource utilization, logistics analytics, and ETA predictions for faster deliveries. LogiNext Mile can also allocate orders automatically based on vehicle capacities, driver skill sets, and delivery objectives. Learn more about LogiNext Mile

Software by Routific

Product Description

Well-known as the most user-friendly last-mile logistics software, Routific offers end-to-end delivery planning solutions for optimizing more profitable routes. The software streamlines last-mile logistics, minimizes delivery costs, and keeps customers in the loop with automated delivery status notifications. On top of that, Routific offers real-time visibility to dispatchers to help them control and adjust to rapidly changing conditions. Learn more about Routific

Best Delivery Management Solution

Product Description

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Developed to keep delivery agents and customers happy, Shipox is the best last-mile management software for managing daily shipping operations in e-commerce, courier, and delivery businesses. It provides real-time tracking, driver allocation, route optimization, etc., while carefully monitoring costs and finances. Enhance customer satisfaction in your business by guaranteeing on-time deliveries with Shipox. Learn more about Shipox

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

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Ensure last-mile excellence with Locus Dispatcher’s comprehensive logistics solutions. It is last-mile delivery software that helps shorten delivery timeframes with last-mile route optimization, live tracking, efficient resource optimization, automated workflows, and better predictability and transparency. With Locus Dispatcher at your service, you will consistently exceed customer expectations and delivery targets. Learn more about Locus Dispatcher

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

OptimoRoute is a cloud-based last-mile delivery management software that helps companies plan schedules and routes for service technicians and delivery agents more efficiently. OptimoRoute provides real-time order tracking, automatic customer notifications, automated route planning, live ETA tracking, faster rerouting, cost-effective delivery options, live delivery modifications, and much more. Learn more about OptimoRoute

High Performer | 2024

The Smartest Digital Shipping Solution

Product Description

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Zepo Couriers is a single, dynamic platform that helps companies carry out efficient delivery services. This last-mile delivery management platform tackles your eCommerce woes with features like cost analysis, pickup scheduling, shipping label printing, shipment handover, shipment tracking, etc. Zepo Couriers ensure timely deliveries by optimizing your shipment delivery-related workflows. Learn more about Zepo Couriers

Most Reviewed

Software by Route4Me

Product Description

Designed to be your ideal companion for the last leg of eCommerce deliveries, Route4Me is a trending last-mile logistics software for route planning and optimization. It helps with the picking up of orders, labeling them, and loading them into delivery vehicles. The software also plans the best delivery routes for efficient deliveries so that your shipments can reach their destinations at the earliest possible time. Learn more about Route4Me

Contenders | 2024

Building the OS for Global Trade

Product Description

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Shipsy is a last-mile delivery program that ensures on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction by perfecting last-mile delivery operations. The software provides seamless customer notifications, route planning and optimization, and faster deliveries by leveraging the knowledge of local routes to allocate drivers. Shipsy offers a multiscreen experience with an easy UI to capture delivery indicators. Learn more about Shipsy

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

Prioritize your final stage of deliveries with Project44, the best last-mile delivery software, and turn your first-time customers into brand loyalists with exceptionally speedy deliveries. Project44 helps reduce cart abandonment with accurate estimated delivery timeframes and overcomes the complexities of last-mile delivery operations. You can also avail yourself of its last-mile delivery solutions for free for the first three months! Learn more about project44

Contenders | 2024

Logistics Intelligence Platform

Product Description

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Make shipping and delivery processes hassle-free by overcoming last-mile delivery challenges with ClickPost - an all-inclusive last-mile delivery platform. The software ensures timely deliveries and an improved post-purchase experience for their customers. ClickPost also provides package tracking, route optimization, return management, and more under one roof. Learn more about ClickPost

Emergents | 2024

All-in-one last-mile delivery management software

Product Description

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Onro is the best last-mile delivery platform for managing your delivery processes efficiently. With its dynamic features that help with on-demand delivery, pickup and delivery, communication, and more, this software helps fulfill your customers' expectations and increases transparency. Onro is ideal for last-mile delivery solutions for grocery, retail, pharmacy, eCommerce, laundry, florists, beverages, and other delivery businesses. Learn more about Onro

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Emergents | 2024

No more delays in courier delivery

Product Description

Deliforce is a terrific last-mile delivery management system for logistics tracking. This powerful and user-friendly software offers high-end route optimization, real-time tracking, delivery plan automation, and operation scaling systems. Deliforce helps achieve optimized logistics delivery, boosts customer experience, and improves the efficiency of delivery operations. Learn more about Deliforce

Contenders | 2024

Logistics made simple scalable sustainable

Product Description

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Mojro-Executewyse’s last-mile delivery automation system is the ultimate solution for companies struggling to manage and achieve prompt deliveries. This software uses real-time data and communication tools to overcome challenges like delayed deliveries, a lack of visibility, and inefficient and error-prone operations. Mojro ensures on-time deliveries, offers daily dynamic planning, and digitizes every step of the delivery process for performance analysis. Learn more about Mojro - Executewyse

Software by Scurri

Product Description

Offering you total control of your delivery management, Scurri is a powerful last-mile software for retailers, marketplaces, and logistics. Scurri easily integrates with international carrier services and the industry's most popular eCommerce platforms. Empower your delivery team with Scurri’s delivery management solutions and turn your customers’ post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity. Learn more about Scurri

Emergents | 2024

Task management and route optimization platform

Product Description

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When it comes to planning last-mile deliveries effectively, GSMtasks, the next-generation last-mile delivery software, does the job seamlessly. The software improves customer experiences with straightforward route planning, multi-stop planning, efficient time management, live tracking, clear data visualization, paperless customer service, powerful analytics, and smooth integrations. Learn more about GSMtasks

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

ShipBob is a feature-rich last-mile delivery software that understands the importance of a quick last-mile delivery experience. This easy-to-use program helps accomplish quick deliveries at cost-effective rates. ShipBob also offers last-mile carrier tracking, ensuring packages reach customers in a timely manner to exceed their exceptions. Learn more about ShipBob

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

SmartConsign is an all-in-one parcel delivery software that offers total control over your shipping processes. It is an easy-to-use and scalable multi-carrier management system that provides real-time shipment tracking, bulk batch processes, fast-label production, a disaster recovery plan, pre-paid shipping, a smart invoice inspector, carrier and shipping integrations, and more to help you provide a 5-star delivery experience. Learn more about SmartConsign


With intensifying competition and the growing demand for on-demand delivery, logistics and supply chain businesses face increased pressure. To cope with this, it is imperative to embrace the latest technological advancements. Slow delivery times are no longer acceptable, and providing real-time delivery notifications has become essential.

Customers now expect swift, dependable, and effective delivery services to meet their needs. This is where the significance of a last-mile delivery software solution comes into play.

What is Last Mile Delivery Software?

Last-mile delivery software is a technological solution designed to streamline the transportation of goods from a central distribution point to their ultimate destinations, such as residences or commercial establishments.

Its functionalities revolve around optimizing logistics operations, overseeing delivery progress, refining scheduling procedures, and fostering better communication channels between drivers and dispatchers.

How Does Last Mile Delivery Software Work?

Last mile delivery software operates as an all-in-one solution that manages the final leg of the delivery process. It begins with order processing, consolidating crucial information about the products, delivery addresses, and customer details. Subsequently, Afterward, the software plans the most efficient delivery routes, taking into account factors like traffic and delivery preferences.

Equipped with handheld devices integrated with this last mile software, delivery personnel receive detailed instructions and real-time updates, allowing them to efficiently navigate and execute deliveries.

Who Uses Last Mile Delivery Software?

Last mile delivery software has emerged as a crucial tool for various industries. Understanding who utilizes this last mile logistics software and how it benefits them is essential for comprehending its significance.


  1. Food and beverage delivery businesses

    Food delivery services have witnessed a monumental shift in recent years, driven by the increased demand for convenience. Last mile delivery software is extensively employed by food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. These platforms rely on this software to streamline operations, optimize routes, and ensure prompt and efficient last mile deliveries to customers' doorsteps.

  2. E-commerce businesses

    E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart heavily rely on last mile delivery software to manage their logistics operations efficiently. Last mile delivery management software assists in real-time tracking, route optimization, and inventory management, enhancing the customer experience by providing accurate delivery estimations.

  3. Pharmaceuticals

    The pharmaceutical industry is another sector using last mile delivery software. Ensuring the timely and secure delivery of medications, especially sensitive or perishable items, is critical. Pharmaceutical companies and distributors utilize this software to maintain the integrity of their products during transit and guarantee timely deliveries to pharmacies, hospitals, and patients.

What are the Benefits of Final Mile Delivery Software?

Final mile delivery software plays a pivotal role in enhancing various facets of delivery operations, resulting in several benefits for businesses. Let's explore the significant advantages:


  1. Faster delivery time

    Final mile delivery software streamlines route optimization and planning, leading to quicker deliveries. By analyzing data and traffic patterns, these systems enable drivers to take the most highly efficient delivery routes, reducing delivery times significantly. This expeditious delivery process enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Smooth shipping experience

    Businesses using last mile delivery software enjoy a smoother shipping experience due to streamlined processes and reduced operational bottlenecks. Last mile delivery platform minimizes delays by automating and simplifying various stages of the shipping process, from order processing to final delivery. The seamless flow of last mile operations leads to a more efficient and error-free shipping journey for both businesses and customers.

  3. Better customer experience

    Implementing final mile delivery software significantly enhances the overall customer experience. Through accurate delivery estimations and proactive communication, businesses can provide customers with reliable and transparent information regarding their orders. 

    Last mile logistics software enables enterprises to cater to customers' delivery preferences, ensuring timely and convenient deliveries that align with their expectations, ultimately fostering higher satisfaction levels.

  4. Enhanced order monitoring

    Last mile delivery management software enables businesses to monitor and manage their orders closely throughout the delivery lifecycle. From order processing to last-mile delivery, it provides real-time updates on package locations and delivery statuses. This comprehensive monitoring capability allows businesses to foresee and resolve potential issues promptly, ensuring smoother last mile delivery operations and minimizing delivery disruptions.

  5. Boost customer engagement

    Through personalized notifications and constant updates, final mile delivery software encourages active engagement with customers. Businesses can create more meaningful interactions with customers by providing flexible delivery schedules and preferences and interactive delivery notifications. This engagement increases customer satisfaction and encourages brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

  6. Improved delivery operations and lower costs

    Effective route planning and streamlined delivery procedures are crucial in expediting deliveries while lowering operational expenses. Companies can realize cost efficiencies by curbing fuel usage and minimizing vehicle wear and tear by implementing optimized routes.

    Additionally, diminishing errors and delivery re-attempts significantly enhances operational efficacy, reducing expenses and enhancing profitability.

What are the Features of the Best Last Mile Delivery Software?

The best last mile delivery software encompasses a suite of features that optimize the final stage of product delivery. Let’s talk about the key features:


  1. Route planning

    Many last-mile delivery platforms excel due to their outstanding route-planning abilities. Through advanced algorithms, these platforms optimize delivery routes by considering factors like traffic congestion, distances to be covered for delivery, and the number of stops involved. This intelligent route planning software reduces delivery times and fuel consumption.

  2. Automatic dispatching

    The integration of automatic dispatching mechanisms simplifies and expedites the delivery process. These systems automatically assign delivery tasks to drivers based on various parameters such as proximity, workload, and delivery urgency. This feature minimizes manual errors, ensures equitable task allocation, and improves overall operational efficiency.

  3. Smart tracking and delivery windows

    Leading last mile delivery software provides intelligent tracking features and precise delivery timeframes. The real-time tracking functionality allows customers to monitor their orders throughout delivery.

    Furthermore, delivery windows offer customers estimated delivery times, enabling them to plan and organize accordingly. This particular feature boosts transparency and allows customers to manage and oversee their deliveries effectively.

  4. Proof of delivery

    The best final mile delivery software offers robust proof of delivery mechanisms. It enables delivery personnel to capture digital signatures, photos, or other confirmation forms upon successful delivery. This feature ensures accountability, reduces disputes, and provides businesses and customers with tangible evidence of delivery completion.

  5. Customer feedback

    Last mile software allows customers to provide ratings and reviews about their delivery experiences by incorporating customer feedback functionalities. This feature enables businesses to gather valuable insights, understand customer preferences, and continuously improve their delivery services based on real-time feedback.

  6. Performance metrics

    An integral aspect of the best final mile delivery software involves comprehensive performance tracking. These solutions analyze crucial metrics like delivery times, driver performance, route efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Leveraging these metrics helps businesses optimize their operations, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for enhanced efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Final Mile Delivery Software?

Choosing the appropriate final mile delivery software requires consideration of several crucial factors to ensure seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.


  1. Network Coverage

    When selecting final mile delivery software, assess the network coverage it offers. A software solution with extensive coverage ensures that your deliveries reach various geographic locations without limitations. Ensure the software's network aligns with your delivery requirements and encompasses the areas where your customers are located.

  2. Payment Options

    Evaluate the payment options supported by the final mile delivery software. The software should facilitate flexible customer payment methods, accommodating various preferences such as cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and online payment gateways. Providing diverse payment options enhances customer convenience and satisfaction, positively impacting the delivery experience.

  3. Customer Support

    An essential aspect of choosing the right final mile delivery software is evaluating the quality of customer support provided by the software provider. Opt for a solution that offers reliable and responsive customer support, preferably round-the-clock assistance. Prompt and efficient support ensures quick resolution of issues or queries, minimizing disruptions in your delivery operations.

  4. Integration

    Finally, consider the integration capabilities of the final mile delivery software with your existing systems or platforms. Choose software that seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure, including your inventory management system, order processing software, or e-commerce platforms. Smooth integration streamlines operations, reduces manual effort and enhances overall efficiency.

What are the Challenges in Last Mile Delivery Software?

Implementing last mile delivery software comes with its own challenges, shaping the logistics landscape profoundly. Here are some common ones:


  1. Shifting cultures toward automation

    One of the primary challenges in last mile delivery software is the cultural shift toward embracing automation. While technology streamlines operations, adapting to automated processes may face resistance or reluctance from employees accustomed to traditional delivery methods.

    Overcoming this challenge requires effective training, change management strategies, and highlighting the benefits of automation to ensure smooth adoption.

  2. Lack of Real-time Visibility

    Another significant challenge lies in achieving real-time visibility throughout the entire delivery process. Limited visibility into delivery operations can lead to uncertainties and inefficiencies, affecting customer satisfaction. Ensuring comprehensive tracking and monitoring systems that provide accurate, real-time updates at every delivery stage is crucial to overcoming this challenge.

  3. Return Logistics

    Managing return logistics poses a significant challenge in last mile delivery Software. Handling returns efficiently, especially in e-commerce, requires well-structured reverse logistics processes. This includes managing returned items, processing refunds or exchanges, and integrating these processes seamlessly within the delivery system to minimize disruptions and maintain customer satisfaction.

  4. Security

    Security emerges as a paramount concern in last-mile delivery software. Safeguarding sensitive customer data, protecting delivery assets, and ensuring the integrity of the entire delivery process demand stringent security measures.

    Moreover, cyber threats, data breaches, and potential vulnerabilities in software systems pose a constant challenge.

Software Related to Last Mile Software

In today's technology-driven world, various software applications cater specifically to addressing the complexities of last-mile delivery. Here are some vital ones:


  1. Fleet Management Software

    Fleet management software is a comprehensive tool designed to oversee and manage a fleet of vehicles. It offers functionalities such as real-time tracking, maintenance scheduling, and performance analytics. By providing insights into vehicle status, driver behavior, and route analysis, this software significantly contributes to optimizing last-mile delivery.

  2. Route Optimization Software

    Route optimization software is pivotal in optimizing delivery routes for maximum efficiency. It employs algorithms to analyze traffic patterns, delivery destinations, and vehicle capacity to devise the most efficient routes. This software greatly impacts last-mile logistics by minimizing travel time and fuel consumption while maximizing the number of deliveries.

  3. Delivery Management Software

    Delivery management software simplifies and oversees multiple aspects of the last-mile delivery process. It covers order processing, dispatching, real-time tracking, and confirming deliveries. This software guarantees smooth coordination across all delivery stages, resulting in heightened operational efficiency and increased customer contentment.

Market Trends in Last Mile Delivery Software

Market trends significantly impact the evolution of last-mile delivery software. These trends influence the strategies adopted by logistics companies worldwide.


  1. Robotics and automation

    Integrating robotics and automation in last mile delivery has revolutionized the logistics industry. Leveraging AI-powered systems and autonomous vehicles, companies are streamlining delivery routes and enhancing efficiency. These technologies reduce human intervention, leading to cost savings and faster deliveries, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

  2. Contactless delivery

    Contactless delivery has gained momentum, especially in recent times. The convenience and safety it offers have become a priority for consumers. With minimal physical interaction and utilizing technologies like drones and smart lockers, businesses ensure secure and efficient delivery experiences, meeting the evolving needs of modern-day customers.

  3. Insourcing Deliveries

    Insourcing deliveries, wherein companies manage their delivery fleets instead of relying on third-party logistics providers, is gaining traction. This trend empowers businesses to have better control over logistics operations, allowing for flexibility, improved quality assurance, and enhanced customer service.

  4. Urban Warehouses

    The concept of urban warehouses, strategically located in urban areas, reshapes last mile delivery. These warehouses are hubs for storing and dispatching goods, significantly reducing delivery times and costs. Their proximity to consumers enables swift deliveries, addressing the challenges posed by urban congestion.

  5. Faster Order Fulfillment

    In the pursuit of faster order fulfillment, companies are adopting innovative strategies. These include predictive analytics for demand forecasting, route optimization algorithms, and real-time inventory tracking. Such measures ensure prompt order processing, reduce lead times, and meet customer expectations.


Last mile delivery software is an indispensable tool in the modern logistics landscape, enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of final-phase deliveries efficiently. As technological advancements continue to evolve, last mile delivery tracking software remains pivotal in ensuring streamlined and optimized delivery processes.


The cost of final mile delivery software varies significantly based on multiple aspects such as the features offered, the scale of operations it caters to, additional customization required, and the vendor's pricing structure. Generally, pricing models could include monthly subscriptions, usage-based charges, or one-time licensing fees.

Determining the "best" last-mile delivery software depends on various factors like the specific needs of your business, the scale of operations, budget constraints, and desired functionalities. Some popular and highly regarded options in the market include platforms like Onfleet, Bringg, Tookan, Routific, and more.

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators in last mile delivery. These are measurable values that indicate the efficiency, success, or performance of the final phase of the delivery process. Common KPIs in last-mile delivery include on-time delivery rates, delivery accuracy, delivery times, customer satisfaction scores, cost per delivery, and more.

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