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Top B2B Lead Generation Software and Tools of 2020

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How Do You Generate Customer Leads?

Whether you are a B2C company or a B2B, big or small, every business needs to generate leads.

A lead is any person who shows interest or enquires into the company's product or service in some way, shape, or form.

If you are a salesperson, you are always on the lookout for leads to convert them into your customers. Or, if you are a marketer, you are looking for ways to generate them.

Now, generating leads is not easy, especially with such stiff competition in the market. However, it is not impossible either. There are mainly two channels of lead generation — inbound and outbound channels.

The inbound method involves attracting your leads using online content. Some of the ways of doing are by creating a website, writing blogs, optimizing your online search through search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

When the readers find your content and try to engage with you in some ways, they become your leads.

In outbound lead generation, you usually begin by purchasing lead lists. You proactively try to reach out to your audience, with a straightforward pitch and no efforts to educate them. You contact them by calling directly or sending them physical mails. For a wider reach, businesses also opt for advertising on billboards, television, print media, and radio.

What Is Lead Generation Software?

It's the new technology, which is constantly evolving, that sets the market trends. If you want to compete in this throat-cutting, competitive world, companies need to stay a step ahead on their sales and marketing strategy. You can't just target your customers at the top of the sales funnel.

You need to work smart to drive the right leads and nurture them to close the deal. Let us tell you a secret — the most successful marketers use a formal system to organize and store their leads. That's where a lead generation software comes into the picture.

Lead generation software is a system that automates the processes of attracting leads online. It gathers all the information about your leads so that you can stay in contact. Most of the time, it comes as an integrated module of the CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Whereas, some prefer to incorporate it as an independent nurturing tool.

Furthermore, leads can be generated from any channels — from social media platforms to landing pages, or emails. You will find different types of lead generation software that caters to different specific channels, such as landing page focused lead management tool. And then, there are lead management tools that provide complete marketing automation solutions.

In short, business lead generation software are transforming the way businesses work and help boost the sales process to attract more leads.

How Sales Lead Generation Software Works?

Sales lead generation software can help bring in customers and get them started on their journey. But how does it work exactly? Here's how.

  • Dives More Traffic to Your Website: You will find different lead management tools such as SEO tools, which enable you to drive more traffic to your website and landing pages. It enables you to get found by people who are looking for products or services you are selling. It allows you to compare your keyword rankings to competitors, get recommendations for new keywords, and more.
  • Creates Landing Pages With Relevant Forms: Sales lead generation software has marketing tools that enable you to produce professional-looking landing pages quickly with no IT support. In fact, they offer a huge collection of pre-designed templates to suit your various needs. It helps you build complete customer profiles with social form fills and progressive forms.
  • Analyzes and Optimizes Your Strategy: Best lead generation software acts as database management where all the information about your clients or customers is stored. These pieces of information provide marketers with the means to target and personalize marketing campaigns, which otherwise would be out of reach for most in-house marketers. In short, this automated lead generation software can help you customize campaigns using different factors.

Features and Modules of Lead Generation Tools

Following are the features you should expect from any lead management solutions:

  • Database Management: Any effective lead capture software should be able to collect data from all possible online channels such as email, web forms, social media platforms, etc. and identify the leads. These leads should be classified into different relevant categories for personalized targeting purposes, evaluate them, and distribute them to the right sales representatives. Besides, many automated lead generation software lets you create lead filters. It is quite useful as it makes sure that no bad or fake leads pass into the system. The system can easily detect fake phone numbers and spam email ID to help you keep your leads clean.
  • Lead Nurturing: Another important module of an online lead generation software is that it should offer a comprehensive set of nurturing tools. Using these tools, you will be able to automate the process of following up with your leads and delivering content that solves their problem.It can help you build up a good rapport with your leads until they finally decide to buy your product or service.
  • Reporting and Analytics Tool: An online lead generation software is capable of providing a detailed report on your leads. They offer a set of tools that enables you to analyze the spending habits of your leads in real-time, search and identify potential leads, and check on their buying behavior. You can then use these reports to create an automated campaign around it. The software will help you understand which sales strategy is working for your company and which one is not.
  • Built-In Help System or Active Support Team: The modern-day lead generation software comes with an inbuilt help system. That means you don't have to go through manuals or browse all over the web to learn how to use the software. You can make use of the instant chat system facility to find a solution to your problem. Moreover, vendors must have a dynamic and reliable customer support team. In times of trouble, the issue should be immediately fixed so that it doesn't hamper your day-to-day operations.
  • Easy Installation and Customization: The installation system should be simple for any business lead generation software so that it doesn't disrupt the existing operations in place already. And after installation, the vendor should provide complete training to your staff on how to effectively use the system. Besides, it should enable customization so that you can personalize the software to fit your company's feel and look. You should also be able to add or delete the modules from the menu as required. These are just a few of the software's customization capabilities.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lead Generation Software

Some of the benefits of using an automated lead generation software include:

  • Helps Generates More Leads: A business lead generation software can automatically collect and process a lot of important data from different sources. It can help identify prospects by analyzing their buying behavior, segmenting them into relevant groups, and more. It takes into account how the customers are interacting with you so that you can focus more on productive leads. And in the meantime, the software will automatically generate more leads.
  • Pinpoints Successful Marketing Strategy: It's essential to identify which marketing strategy is working for your business, and what needs to be changed. The software's ability to provide an in-depth analysis helps you pinpoint successful marketing campaigns. It facilitates easy tracking of sources of leads so that you can use the same strategy in the future as well.
  • Automates Your Content Promoting Schedule: One of the inbound strategies to generate leads includes writing blogs and sharing them on social media channels. However, that isn't enough. You need to do a lot more to promote your content if you want to reach a wider audience and grab their attention. Firstly, you need to regularly update your social media channels — upload posts, go live, share stories, etc. Secondly, you need to post on your social media channels with quirky captions and far-reaching hashtags. It all can consume a lot of time and effort. But by using lead management tools, you can promote all your content automatically. And thus, it helps you acquire more leads with ease.

Drawbacks of Using Lead Generation Software

Every software has both its pros and cons. Some of the cons of using sales lead generation software are discussed below:

  • Low or No Return on Investment: Lead generation software helps generates leads, but it doesn't guarantee anything. You might not get any return on investment or very minimal ROI. This could be a sheer disadvantage as when we invest in any product or project, we expect it to make some money for our business in return.
  • Risk of Termination: While generating leads, it's equally important to have full-fledged marketing strategies to convert those leads into customers. Because if you can't pull it off, you might lose your leads. And it only means one thing, i.e., it will lead to no sales at all. So although generating a lead is important, you must get those leads into one functional unit to convert them.
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