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Best Leave Management Software in 2020

Finding the best Leave Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

What is Leave Management Software?

Leave management software is an automated tool that enables managers to allot, track, and process leaves for employees efficiently.

Leave Management Software

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What is Leave Management Software?

Leave management software is the process of handling, managing, and processing all kinds of time-off or leave requests received from the employees’ side and managing the work-force & records accordingly. It involves the calculation of compensation, updating the employee records, calculating the paid-work hours, and other related work. The use of the best leave management system has shown positive results on employee satisfaction, transparency across the policies, and unscheduled tasks management

Key Features of Leave Management Software

Leave and attendance management system is a stand-alone solution that any business can take on board to streamline the entire leave handling system. As it handles various fronts, it’s obvious that it should be equipped with multiple features. A good employee leave management system should have below mentioned features. 

1. Leave Policies Customization 

This feature is here to ensure that you can make changes to your company’s leave policies without any hassles. Using this feature, a business can easily create multiple types of leaves like sick leave, casual leave, medical leaves, etc.. 

An ideal employee leave management system should offer you 100% customization in leave policies. And, it should be able to bring those changes into immediate effects. 

2. Reporting and Analysis

Using this feature, your HR team can easily create data-rich leave reports of the employees and find out the payable work-hours in no time. By automating the reporting and analysis facility, you can easily create interactive reports based on the acquired data and gain actionable insights on your human resource availability. 

3. Leave Encashment 

This feature is necessary for any online leave management system as it enables an employee to encash the leaves directly with the bank. It must be backed with great bank-grade encryption and adhere to privacy protection measures. 

4. Leave Application Import/Export

You should be able to import/export leave applications from any platform and in any format. This feature allows for easy format conversation facilities as well. 

5. Holiday Calendar 

Add location/region based holiday list, set holiday reminders, sync your holiday list with Google Calendar. Also, leave management systems allow easy calculation of paid work-hours without including the approved holidays. 

6. Leave Balance Counter 

This feature is important to have in any leave management tool. With its help, employers and employees get to know about their leave history and remain updated with the current leave status. 

Benefits of Leave Management Software

Leave management system software is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. Some of the major advantages that it renders to its end-users are: 

1. Reduces paper and manual work 

When we talk about managing the manpower and their leave request, a lot of paper and manual work is involved. A manager has to gather the email requests from the employees and leave approval orders from the higher authority, update all the records, and inform the accounting department with the paid work hour details. Handling all this manually is tough and time-consuming. 

A leave management system automates a major part of this cycle. Thus, you will witness reduced paper and manual work.  

2. Better data management and access

With the help of an online leave management system, you can do better data management. As the data is centralized, your HR team can access it from anywhere. Also, online data management reduces incidents of data loss. This kind of data management is immune to any kind of hazards like system failure or crash. 

3. Easy compliance with the state/country laws

Every country/state has its own set of legal laws on employees’ leave. Absence management software ensures that a business remains compliant with labor and employment laws by all means. 

4. Operational Accuracy 

Manual calculation of paid hours or off-hours not only takes time but has a high chance of inaccuracy and errors. Leave and attendance management software calculates it quickly, and that too with full accuracy. For some calculations, you can even add the formula and derive accurate results. 

List of 10 Best Leave Management Software

While the market is flooded with the options, we have come up with a list of top 10 employee leave management software that you can trust upon.

1. Keka HR

keka HR

Built with cut-above technology, Keka HR is a human resources management and payroll solution that can help you with leave management. Using its impeccable automation, enterprises of all sorts can enjoy faster, accurate, and better leave management along with HR and payroll processing

Being an online leave management system, it makes all information easily available. Its mobile app simplifies data accessibility.



  • Highly configurable  

  • Three different business plans that can cater to all of the needs 

  • One-click year-end processing 


  • It has a scope of improvement in integration


  • Cloud-hosted deployment enables end-users to get immediate access to the database 

  • An exclusively built app for better mobility

2. Wallet HR

Wallet HR

Wallet HR is trusted by 200000+ users because of its impeccable automation. Regardless of the size of your business or organization, Wallet HR is capable of handling leave management at every level. By using its access control feature, you can decide who all should gain access to the attendance data.

Its automation has helped many organizations to reduce the incidents of errors and inaccuracy. 


  • Payroll 

  • HR Analytics 

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Employee Dashboard 

  • Ticketing 

  • Time-sheet Management 

  • Access Control 

  • Attendance Device


  • Direct integration with your attendance device prevents data leakage and manual intervention

  • No error-prone activities


  • You may find its modules less flexible. You can add/drop features in the pre-set modules


  • It’s more than a leave management system. It offers 20+ modules to bring stability and accuracy in many human resource operations

3. Qandle


If you want to reduce the manual work in leave management and enjoy impeccable automation. Qandle is the right choice to make. Packed with tons of features, this HR and leave management software has the ability to bring agility, accuracy, and automation in paid-hours calculations and reporting. 

It comes with one of the most diverse compatibility. It supports multiple OS, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. 


  • Report And Analytics 

  • Dashboard

  • Time Off And Attendance 

  • Helpdesk 

  • Record Database 

  • eLetters and eSignatures 


  • You can easily integrate multiple add-ons with your existing plan. Add-ons like Workforce Shift Planner, Reminder, Rotating shifts, and Pre-built shifts can be added.

  • Single Sign-on possible with Google, Microsoft, etc.


  • Its API needs to be improved a little better. 


You can avail of a free trial and find out its viability in your ecosystem before the final deployment. 

4. Freshteam


Freshteam is a highly flexible HR and leave management system that offers every viable resource that one might need to have streamlined and scalable HR operations. Being a cloud-based leave management system, it supports great flexibility in the operations and organizes databases in a better manner. 



  • Automation is almost in every leave management front


  • For start-ups and small businesses, it is not a reasonable choice due to its high cost that is justifiable due to its features and capabilities. This makes it a viable option only for big enterprises. 


  • Comes with Google Calendar integration that allows us to sync employees’ day off and holidays directly with leave management

5. HRMantra


HRMantra is one of the most advanced leave tracking software that we have today. By integrating the latest and advanced AI in menial leave processing, it has improved the efficiency and efficacy of the operations. It handles tasks like paid hours calculations, holiday list updates, and change in leave policies with full accuracy. 


  • Negative Leave Balance

  • Leave Accounting 

  • Leave Import

  • Time Tracking 

  • Leave Back-up 


  • It creates an auto back-up of all the data and makes it easily accessible across all the devices.

  • It allows you to configure multi-level approval for timesheets. 


  • Bill generation can come with more templates. Also, integration with attendance modules needs to be more advanced. 


  • It has grabbed many awards like SoftwareSuggest Best Support Award (2019), Nasscom Foundation Innovation Award (2011), Conference Asia HR Excellence Award (2015), and many more. 

6. sumHR Online Leave Management

sumHR Online Leave Management

sumHR’s Leave Management System is here to reduce all the hassles that exist in leave applications approved and tracked on emails and leverage it every level. You can easily track employee leaves, decide application workflows, and get better hold over the data using the features that this system offers. 


  • Leave Balance Counters

  • Holiday List

  • Attendance Monitoring 

  • Payroll Management 


  • It allows you to export/import leave data in .CSV files from any platform. 

  • You get a pre-defined list of public holidays for the whole year. 


  • Having a mobile app could have enforced its viability more


  • It allows you to create the company’s leave policy FAQs. 

7. greytHR Leave Management


Having streamlined and updated leave records are possible by using the features of greytHR. More than the best leave management software, it is a complete HR and payroll software that helps you at multiple verticals. Starting from doing accurate time-off calculations to creating reports, it has automated various menial tasks and improved performance at this particular front. 

By giving you 100% flexibility in leave policy generation, it ensures that you meet all the legal compliances and conduct business as per the labor law. Multiple types of leaves can be created automatically. 


  • Time-sheets 

  • Automation 

  • User Access Management 

  • HR Analytics 


  • It comes with an in-built leave library. You can pick the leaves directly from there and add them to your leave policies

  • You can create a location/region-based holiday list 


  • Its API has to be more flexible


  • It supports auto leave encasement and offers encrypted integration with the operational band directly

8. HROne Complete HR Software

HROne complete HR Software

It is an intelligent enterprise-ready HCM suite that aims to keep human intervention in leave management as less as possible and deliver actionable insights. HrOne has the ability to serve around 18+ industry types and is well-equipped with every HR resource. 


  • Attendance 

  • Time Tracking 

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Leave Policy Customization 


  • Real-time attendance tracking with zero human intervention 

  • Impeccable automation at various menial tasks


  • Need to offer more flexibility in business plans


  • The auto-processing of payroll ensures that you are never underpaying or overpaying your employees

9. eliteHRMS


eliteHRMS is an easy way to keep a record of every leave record of your employees and update the data accordingly. With zero human intervention, it improved accuracy and reliability across all the key operations. 

Many of its users can save costs and time invested at the leave management front. By having its cloud-based deployment, you can integrate impeccable mobility in your leave management operations and allow your HR team to access relevant information anytime/anywhere.


  • Payroll and Statutory 

  • HR Dynamic Reports 

  • Mobile App 

  • HR Operations with Base Records. 


  • With its mobile app, you can experience advanced flexibility


  • The mobile app needs better optimization


  • Separate employee profiles filled with every detail

10. Zoho People


Zoho People is one of the most famed HR tools that the world knows today. All through these years, it has earned the status of one of the most feature-rich and flexible leave management tools that businesses can easily use. 

Using the high-end technology, it carefully gathers all the data at a centralized place and helps you process, analyze, and export it across multiple platforms. You can set-up a holiday calendar and integrate it with the system. It allows you to create multiple leave types, add location-based holidays, and import/export leave data easily. 


  • Leave Reports 

  • Performance Management 

  • Payroll integration 

  • Time-sheets 

  • Attendance

  • Compensatory Off 


  • With features like Time-sheets and attendance, it helps you keep better to hold of paid work hours of the employees

  • With integrations like Zoho Sign, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign, it helps you sign a myriad of documents in no time


  • As its offerings are highly diverse and extensive, getting hold over it takes some time. You might need training for it.


  • Diverse integration with multiple third-party apps prevents toggling between different platforms while handling leave management. Information can be easily imported/exported from multiple platforms.

Final Thought

Automating the leave and attendance management related operations reduce the unnecessary hassles for the Human resource teams, helping them focus on real issues. Digitizing it all will be a perfect way to keep your organization’s employee data streamlined. 

Also, leave management software reduces the documenting efforts and keeps everything, specific to leave management, well-documented. So, if you have not switched to the leave management system yet, make a shift now.

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