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Among other vendors that we considered, we choose bpm'online. With the help of bpm'online CRM, we aligned the work of our marketing, sales and service teams and integrated data from different channels. The bpm'online system provided us with the convenient tool work... Read Creatio Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Creatio and Livespace Alternatives

Creatio review compared to Livespace

"Powerful and visually appealing CRM" - Jeremy


Product Description

I am the CEO at Darjee Clothings and found this CRM software ease of use and help to manage my hard works easily. This is the best deal at affordable prices and it worth every penny, it have lot's of features and great customer service support team. I am in believe that th... Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Salesforce review compared to Livespace

"I feel this is the best" - Harsh Vardhan Solanki


Product Description

monday sales CRM empowers sales managers and teams to take full control of their entire sales cycle, from collecting and tracking leads to communicating with clients. Automations remove repetitive work and streamline all sales activities helping to c... Learn more about monday sales CRM

Starting Price: $12 Seat/Month

Common monday sales CRM and Livespace Alternatives


Product Description

Freshdesk has helped us a great deal in integrating our ticket management and customer query resolution functions by allowing us to bring in tickets from all online sources such as the web, mobile, social media etc. onto a single platform. This has e... Read Freshdesk Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Per Month

Common Freshdesk and Livespace Alternatives

Freshdesk review compared to Livespace

"Nice Product and good support customer" - Dhimant


Product Description

This software tracks all the information about your CRM leads. The timeline lets you access the most up-to-date contact information. You can write e-mails and even track them. Buying and selling leads can be difficult to manage especially when you are working with multiple ver... Read Pipedrive Reviews

Starting Price: $12 User/Month

Common Pipedrive and Livespace Alternatives

Pipedrive review compared to Livespace

"Best Lead management software." - Niraj


Product Description

Quickbase made my work easier by letting my team create custom tools without needing to be tech experts. It helped everyone work together, automate tasks, kept all the important information in one place, and changed as the business needs change. It helped us get more done and ... Read QuickBase Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common QuickBase and Livespace Alternatives

QuickBase review compared to Livespace

"Quickbase: Simplifying Workflows" - Prachi Thakkar


Product Description

Good Software’s and also getting good supportive support. Suggest to download and try the application. See and take the decision in downloading the app. Read Freshsales Reviews

Starting Price: $0 For upto 3 Users

Common Freshsales and Livespace Alternatives

Freshsales review compared to Livespace

"Good " - Praveen Deshetti


Product Description

Essential tool for ticketing purpose, provides many features and services. Includes the ITIL practices such as Incident, problem, change management. Can link tickets to one another. Can be integrated with other softwares Read SysAid Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common SysAid and Livespace Alternatives

SysAid review compared to Livespace

"Good and essential tool for ticketing purpose" - Prachi


Product Description

It was beneficial for our company to use the CRM system, so we express special praise. This is a good and convenient service that does not require a lengthy trial. Read Thryv Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Per Month

Common Thryv and Livespace Alternatives

Thryv review compared to Livespace

"It has been a very helpful tool for our business" - Liz Y


Product Description

Maximizer CRM is easy to deploy and inexpensive to maintain, yet powerful enough to meet the changing needs of your growing business. Simply Successful CRM - Powerful CRM to create business clarity, help you make better decisions and build stron... Read Maximizer CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $65 User/Month

Common Maximizer CRM and Livespace Alternatives


Product Description

Zoho CRM software offers small to large-sized business organizations a complete client relationship life cycle management solution. It manages sales, marketing, customer service as well as inventory in a single system. The software integrates with Zo... Read Zoho CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $11 User/Month, Billed Annually

Common Zoho CRM and Livespace Alternatives

Zoho CRM review compared to Livespace

"Great Software and amazing services" - Mahesh


Product Description

Best of all, Engagebay can automatically sync course registrations from our Thinkific LMS website. This way, you can categorize your contacts based on what they showed. Automation and workflows are very effective in moving leads through multiple courses to research leads befor... Read EngageBay Reviews

Starting Price: $0 User/Month

Common EngageBay and Livespace Alternatives

EngageBay review compared to Livespace

"EngageBay works for all our needs" - Arunima chakraboty


Product Description

ClickUp has the most helpful highlights while staying innovative. Configuration is simple for anybody in the group, and The stage is madly easy to use and exceptionally adjustable to your necessities. Furthermore, you can make various records and spaces with varying degrees of... Read ClickUp Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Forever

Common ClickUp and Livespace Alternatives

ClickUp review compared to Livespace

"Review for ClickUp" - Muhammad Azhar Iqbal


Product Description

Customer First is a great software and a blessing to me as a freelancer. It is straightforward to manipulate through to give you the best response to customer needs promptly is imperative. And The main asset provided is the email integration, which is Very quick and easy to us... Read Act! Reviews

Starting Price: $79 User/Month

Act! review compared to Livespace

"Review of software suggest" - syed shameel


Product Description

Hubspot has made email campaigning easier for my organization. The features are good but it need a little bit of technical know-how to maneuver, even though there are guide pop-ups to teach how to use each feature Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Common Hubspot CRM and Livespace Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to Livespace

"The use of Hubspot CRM" - Judith Richard


Product Description

Moving to Sendinblue has been our best showcasing choice over the most recent two years. Our conveyance rates have improved, maintenance has gone up, and we've averaged a relaxed pace of 58%, contrasted with 36% when utilizing our past stage (Mailchimp). We've expected... Read Brevo Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Per Month

Common Brevo and Livespace Alternatives

Brevo review compared to Livespace

"SendinBlue" - Mudassir Jamal


Product Description

Outstanding CRM ever before. All features are included with integrations. Excellent time saving for Business people.Its Lead generation tool to convert into Sales. Read NetHunt CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $30 User/Month

Common NetHunt CRM and Livespace Alternatives

NetHunt CRM review compared to Livespace

"Excellent CRM" - Doug natallichio


Product Description

Pipeliner is the only CRM application worldwide that integrates this new form of navigation, not only overcoming this challenge by holding the frame together though the bottom navigation, but unifying, filtering and sharing data through the Power Panel. Each user can then pers... Read Pipeliner CRM Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Pipeliner CRM and Livespace Alternatives

Pipeliner CRM review compared to Livespace

"CRM Pipeliner" - Yakub


Product Description

Lots of features for real estate marketing automation. Coupling that with sales & workflow automation gives you powerful software that helps you sell faster and achieve targets easier. Integration is my favorite feature. It blends seamlessly with my existing investment. Read Sell.Do Reviews

Starting Price: $0 15 Days

Free Trial

Common Sell.Do and Livespace Alternatives

Sell.Do review compared to Livespace

"Everything you need to market real estate " - Amrita Mistry


Product Description

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable training you provided on email campaigns using Cronberry CRM. Your expertise and guidance have equipped our team with the necessary skills to navigate and optimize our email marketing efforts effectively. Your clear ... Read Cronberry Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Cronberry and Livespace Alternatives

Cronberry review compared to Livespace

"Appreciation for Cronberry CRM Email Campaign Training" - Amit Kumar Chand

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