Best Lost and Found Software for Businesses in 2024

Best lost and found software includes Lost and Found Software, Lost & Found, ReclaimHub, Caspio, and RepoApp. This software helps businesses in the hospitality and travel sector, local governments, and other customer-facing organizations identify, track, store, and return the missing property to its rightful owners.

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List of 20 Best Lost And Found Software

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Emergents | 2024

Cloud-based software for management of lost items

Lost and Found Manager is cloud-based, online lost and found software that is used by various individuals and organizations to get back their lost items. This software uses an image recognition system to recognize items based on their brand, color, model, etc. Learn more about Lost and Found Software

Emergents | 2024

Easy-to-use system for reducing lost and found handling time

Lost and Found is lost and found inventory software with smart matching technology and image recognition. This lost and found management software not only reduces the time and money spent on finding lost items but uses a unique identification system as well. Learn more about Lost & Found

Emergents | 2024

Easy-to-use software for customized database app development

Caspio is an easy-to-use lost and found software and functions as an all-in-one platform for the development of database applications. This lost and found inventory software is considered as one of the reliable and secure data repository apps for its users. Learn more about Caspio

Emergents | 2024

Feature-rich software to manage lost and found items

RepoApp is an easy-to-use lost and found management software to manage customer claims lost & found items. This software offers features like Power search and History of changes. It also allows auto-match lost & found items, claims, and website integration. Learn more about RepoApp

Contenders | 2024

Web-based system to centralize lost items return operations

Chargerback is one of the best lost and found software for centralizing lost item return options. This lost and found inventory software is integrated with airlines and hotels, making it an ideal choice for hospitality, entertainment, travel, and tourism. Read Chargerback Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Image-led maintenance, CMMS, and lost & found software

Crowdfind is a lost and found management software that works as a SaaS platform to give companies an easy way to manage lost and found issues. This software allows users to take pictures from the Crowdfind app and add a description to their lost items.  Learn more about Crowdfind

Emergents | 2024

Property Management System for effective hospitality

IQware is one of the best lost and found software which is used for the optimization and satisfying requirements for resorts and hotels. This software is available on both on-site server deployments and cloud. The cloud version is hosted by Amazon's centers. Learn more about IQware PMS

Emergents | 2024

Lost and found software with recovery solutions

Troov is a software used for lost and found management and provides matching algorithm, forms, and recovery solutions. This software is accessible on Cloud, SaaS, and Web platforms. Its key features include Claims Management and Cross-Database Search. Learn more about Troov

Emergents | 2024

Lost items management platform with an international database

Lost Property Desk is one of the best lost and found software used by the customer-centric organizations and government in the UK. This lost and found software offers features like Cross-Database Search, Unclaimed Items Management, and Inventory Management.  Learn more about Lost Property Desk

Emergents | 2024

iLost is a fully featured Lost And Found Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs and StartUps. iLost provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and Android. This online Lost And Found system offers Access control, Claims Management, Cross-Database Search, Document Management, Historical Reporting, Inventory Management, Self Service Portal, Shipping Management and Unclaimed Items Management at one place. Learn more about iLost


Lost and found software manages items that have been lost or found in a centralized way. Businesses can manage lost and found objects more efficiently by using this tool to create a network of lost and found objects digitally.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024