Best Marketing Planning Software

Best marketing planning software includes Hive9, DeepCrawl, Wrike, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, and Desk-Net. Such marketing planning tools assist marketing teams and solo marketers in planning and organizing their marketing campaigns and monitoring their effectiveness, performance, and spending.

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List of 20 Best Marketing Planning Software

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Category Champions | 2023

Powered by Salesforce and Google

Wrike is a project management app and an online marketing plan software. It also functions as a tool for handling collaborative projects. It can be easily used by companies of all sizes. In addition to its general project management solution, Wrike offers customized software with preloaded templates for workflows, tasks, and communication for certain sectors. Read Wrike Reviews

A project management software you'll enjoy using

A cloud-based marketing plan platform called enables users to build custom project management tools and applications. Businesses can concentrate on every phase of their marketing strategy with Monday's digital workspace through a single centralized platform for design, organization, and collaboration.'s Work OS is designed for a contemporary method of working, including marketing. Read Reviews

#1 CRM & support solution for growing businesses

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the best marketing planning software. Each interaction businesses have with their customers can be personalized. Businesses can combine data from various sources to produce full, unified customer information. The platform also enables businesses to collect and utilize data from first-, second-, and third parties. They may develop and manage marketing campaigns with customers. Read Salesforce Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Hive9 offers helpful marketing planning tools. It assists businesses in filtering marketing methods based on several criteria, such as audience, products, or regions, and ranks the effectiveness of marketing tactics using ROI percentages. Hive9 provides predictive analytics to help marketers increase their influence on revenue using unified, always-on reporting to compare actuals to plan how to spend their marketing budgets most effectively. Learn more about Hive9

Category Champions | 2023

Real-time mapping of marketing data is a business and marketing plan software created to assist companies in mapping out their marketing funnels, ensuring brand and marketing message consistency across all channels. This software assigns tasks, collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, and interacts with the team in real time. Users can see what works and what doesn't, and what is vital to them. Learn more about

Category Champions | 2023

Trello is a project management tool that divides users’ work into boards. Trello, a marketing plan platform, serves as a central location where social media managers and clients can gather, collaborate, and manage everything without frequent check-ins. Once the technique is set up, experts can construct Trello recurring tasks to automate steps and build an effective workflow. Read Trello Reviews

Software by Planful, Inc

Planful is a cloud-based financial performance management solution that offers marketing planning tools. It is perfect for teams involved in financial planning and analysis. It aids them in more effectively planning, closing, and reporting. The application includes a user interface that is simple to use and offers navigation can be organized to follow particular business processes in addition to strong and segmented security. Read Planful Reviews

Software by Hootsuite Inc

Hootsuite is a renowned sales and marketing plan software. Users may create content and manage it easily. Businesses can plan, develop, post, and manage social content and ad campaigns across social networks from one central location with real-time monitoring and data, maximizing the effectiveness of their social marketing. Hootsuite handles a few key social CRM functions. Read Hootsuite Reviews

Leading Web-based Marketing Automation system

Marketo, which provides bundles for focusing on lead management, email marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing, is regularly utilized by small and medium-sized organizations. This marketing planning solution is perfect for various industries, including healthcare, higher education, technology, and manufacturing. Users may more closely align their sales and marketing departments with the help of this marketing automation platform. Read Marketo Reviews

Online visibility management and content marketing

Semrush is a complete and comprehensive toolkit for developing marketing trends and increasing web presence. Semrush is a widely used strategic marketing planning software for performing competitor research, optimizing Google Ads, and undertaking keyword research. It is an all-inclusive marketing reporting tool designed to help online advertisers increase the volume of organic search traffic to their websites. Read Semrush Reviews

Most Reviewed

Free Project Management Tool

Asana gathers all of your marketing resources in one location. With Asana's integrated platform, businesses can collaborate with their team conviniently. This sales and marketing plan software helps companies create a unified hub for all their marketing requirements. Using the work management platform Asana, the marketing team can track, manage, and report on work within and between teams. Read Asana Reviews

Powerful, yet simple project management tool

ActiveCollab is a popularly used marketing planning software. With features designed to keep business’s needs in mind, ActiveCollab assists marketing teams in managing their projects and tasks. ActiveCollab is a full-featured task management tool that can be adjusted to suit workflows of various complexity levels. A few useful features are task lists, Kanban boards, and a timeline view with task dependencies. Read ActiveCollab Reviews

Software by Bitrix Inc.

Bitrix24 is online marketing plan software featuring comprehensive management, teamwork, and communication tools. Users can access their files, projects, tasks, communications, and contacts from one place. Users can create an account, invite their colleagues, and use the platform immediately. Marketing automation is made easy and efficient by Bitrix24. Users can increase lead generation, boost conversion rates, and receive excellent customer support. Read Bitrix24 Reviews

Software by UPPER Network

MARMIND is a leading Marketing plan platform that empowers marketers worldwide to optimize resources and improve results. Businesses can manage campaigns more effectively with an interactive marketing plan. This tool is popularly utilized to develop seamless workflows for budgeting, planning, and performance monitoring across point solutions. MARMIND enables businesses to make better decisions. Learn more about MARMIND

Gantt chart software for project management

GanttPRO is cloud-based sales and marketing plan software for small and midsize businesses. The program has Gantt charts, scheduling, progress monitoring, and other features. Managers may schedule projects using a visual interface with GanttPRO. Users can easily generate and visualize precise marketing plans and estimates with the aid of GanttPRO. Read GanttPRO Reviews

Work Smarter Together

Taskworld is a popularly used marketing plan platform. This SaaS is made to make it easier to handle tasks and projects, collaborate, delegate, communicate, maintain knowledge, track progress, and give performance metrics for fact-based team evaluations. Managers can create tasks, assign them to team members, and monitor their progress using Taskworld's visual task board. Read Taskworld Reviews

Software by Atlassian

Teams can use JIRA, one of the best marketing plan software, to record and categorize issues, assign tasks, and keep track of team activity. Jira Work Management's marketing templates are already set up with workflows, and it is even simpler for users to customize their workflows. To enhance your process, add steps to the workflow, rearrange the swim lanes, and adjust the naming conventions. Read Jira Reviews

Software by MailChip

MailChimp tarted as a side project funded by various web-development jobs. Now we send more than 500 million emails a day. We love seeing businesses start small, fund themselves with paying projects, and build up a strong API, so that's how we run MailChimp. We create products and features that empower our customers to grow. Read MailChimp Reviews

Rewards, Incentives, Benefits & Payouts Platform

Xoxoday Plum is a renowned marketing planning software. Its multi-currency and multi-regional features are useful in automating incentives, rewards, and payout programs on a global scale. Businesses can commence their corporate benefits & discounts plan. Plum enables users to distribute rewards to survey respondents for a variety of survey categories, including academic research, market research, clinical research, and UX research. Learn more about Xoxoday Plum

248,000+ active users till date

GoodDay is strategic marketing planning software for work, product, task, project, time, and team management that offers businesses the greatest resources. The best tools for high-level planning, project and product management, task organization, and productivity growth based on transparency, agility, and incentive are all included in the GoodDay modern work management platform. Read GoodDay Reviews

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Semrush 4.8(108 Reviews) $129.95 Per Month Yes Learn More
Jira 4.6(80 Reviews) $0 Per Month Yes Learn More
Trello 4.5(34 Reviews) Available on Request Yes Learn More
Asana 4.6(28 Reviews) $0 User/Month Yes Learn More
MailChimp 4.6(26 Reviews)

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FAQs of Marketing Planning Software

Marketing planning software is designed to assist marketing teams and solo marketers in planning their marketing campaigns. The software enables marketers to commit to upcoming plans and budgets strategically, and its key features include budgeting and forecasting, demand and sales, goals and objectives tracking performance reporting, and collaboration.

Last Updated: August 22, 2023