20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to Medeil

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i have been using that for last 6 month and it made my business billing and accounting much easie. it helps as to avoided paper work to inventory and work Read Vyapar Reviews

Starting Price: $40.26 Device/Year

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Common Vyapar and Medeil Alternatives

Vyapar review compared to Medeil

"Best app with economical pricing" - JK sharma


I’m very happy about this software.it’s super fast and easy to use.Moreover cost effective,friendly, easy.I will definitely recommend this to everyone.overall wonderful experience .I’m using this from almost an year.no complaints till now.I hope it will b same as before in ... Read Horizon ERP Reviews

Starting Price: $191.75 One Time

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Common Horizon ERP and Medeil Alternatives

Horizon ERP review compared to Medeil

"Too good " - Roma Kapoor


It was such an amazing experience with Medicin software for our day to day billing process. Earlier we had used conventional ERP Software where we faced lots of bugs in day to day management of Sales like Expiry management / Party Ledger mismatch / Stock consoles and GST CONSOLES... Read MEDICIN ERP Reviews

Starting Price: $208.33 Single License

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Common MEDICIN ERP and Medeil Alternatives

MEDICIN ERP review compared to Medeil

"Kudos for excellent service BEST ERP SOFT" - NEUROVIND


EcoGreen does nearly everything I need in my day to day business management. It includes all accounting functions, including allowing my accountant to make adjustments at the end of the year. EcoGreen does all the stock and purchasing but importantly it integrates every sale. I h... Read Ecogreen Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Common Ecogreen and Medeil Alternatives

Ecogreen review compared to Medeil

"Complete powerpack and flexible" - Samarpan


Overall experience has been great. Had been using this for a year now. Suggesting my colleagues at work and family. User friendly and fast response. In times of lockdown and other major issues going on at the moment it’s not safe and we do not have time to visit a hospital ... Read eHospital Reviews

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eHospital VS Nuvertos

eHospital review compared to Medeil

"Awesome job!!" - Shokrei


SmartDoc is most customizable hospital management system with smart features like online doctor consultation and payment gateway for non-local patients.  Learn more about Techno-Doc

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Common Techno-Doc and Medeil Alternatives


It is a software which provides stock management, accounting, invoice management, etc. in all medical stores. We can develop multi-tier applications with web-based and large scale business portals using windows based technology. It has various features such as sales Dashboard, in... Read Shubham Reviews

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Shubham review compared to Medeil

"Awesome software" - Sakshi


The software is a great virtual help in the world of copious client information. Its automated operating system diligently helped us to take hold overabundant client information. We can easily generate the medial reports of the patient with all the medical details. Read Sage 300 Cloud Reviews

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Sage 300 Cloud review compared to Medeil

"Medical reporting without any scope of error and delay." - Farida Karimova


I have started by 1st outlet in Kolkata & taken GoFrugal. Yes, initially i was thinking price is bit high but the benefits given by GoFrugal software which is more than what I expected in due course. Excellent customer support & time to time update by GoFrugal actually ea... Read GOFRUGAL Pharmacy Reviews

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GOFRUGAL Pharmacy review compared to Medeil

"Best Customer Experience" - SG Pharma


Retailgraph invoice is an online invoice software that allows you to create beautiful invoices, automatically transmit payment reminder graphs and receive your invoice quicker online. Read RetailGraph Software Reviews

Starting Price: $138.89 Full License/Single User/Single Location

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Common RetailGraph Software and Medeil Alternatives

RetailGraph Software review compared to Medeil

"Very user-friendly software." - SANJAY JAIN


Truly amazing medical billing software, Swastin helps me to take proper control of my day-to-day business activities. Its customised solutions deliver specific results for my business requirements. Using this, I can efficiently manage my stock and inventories, calculate finances,... Read Swastin Pharmacy Reviews

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Swastin Pharmacy review compared to Medeil

"Truly amazing medical billing software" - Mangla


BillMan is a new generation user-friendly GST enabled accounting software, which can be installed without any prior knowledge of accounting. The new Release has been considerably enhanced with new features like increased security, more user-friendly,... Learn more about BillMan ERP

Starting Price: $113.89 Per Year

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Hades Info Systems is the company behind the product, web solutions and the brand. Having specialized in solutions for the retail sector our vision is to become the leader in retail supply chain solutions. Learn more about HIS Pharmaceutical

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common HIS Pharmaceutical and Medeil Alternatives


I found thia one quite better .beqcuse actually i ahvent worked on it.but i heard about this from.many So again 5+ star for this software I wll gibe this site 9 out of 10 for it better performance Read AtlasCare Medical Reviews

Starting Price: $29.0 user/month

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AtlasCare Medical review compared to Medeil

"best" - simran


Unique CRM Software specially designed for Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders who deal in medical & surgical equipment. Software development will be included research, prototyping, modification, maintenance, or any other activities that res... Learn more about Saleswit Pinnate

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Common Saleswit Pinnate and Medeil Alternatives


Dragon Medical software helps clinicians – including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists and other care providers like pharmacy store, medical store, etc. – efficiently navigate and dictate medical de... Learn more about Dragon Medical Practice

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Managing the near expiry & expired medicines is a no brainer activity, Thanks to this great software by Marg for chemists like. We've saved a lot of time with the help of automation this software provides, resulting in better service to our customers. We've whitnessed... Read Marg ERP9+ Medical Billing Software Reviews

Starting Price: $100 Full Licence/ Single-User

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Common Marg ERP9+ Medical Billing Software and Medeil Alternatives

Marg ERP9+ Medical Billing Software review compared to Medeil

"MARG ERP Chemist Shop Software goes beyond just billing & POS. It can be effectively used to grow your pharmacy shop business." - Moore


I-Medicare helps you to attend major activities related to the entire functional areas of the healthcare organization. This product i-Medicare consists of a collection of program modules to compile one integrated software system. Neovante i... Read i-Medicare Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


I run an alternative clinic needless to say I don't fit standard billing and patient flow. Pharmasoft is simple and very useful. With Pharmasoft you actually put in the little bit of time to get in just how you want it. the reports and incredibly simple to use and reproducibl... Read Ecogreen Express Reviews

Starting Price: $166.67 Per Year

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Common Ecogreen Express and Medeil Alternatives

Ecogreen Express review compared to Medeil

"Great time saver" - Hampton

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