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Membership management software, which is also known by the name as club membership management solution, is a software that is designed to handle the membership records and details — having such type of information facilities the delivery of the quality service to members such as appointments, scheduling, and reservations. It also enables the club owners to offer discounts, rewards, and promos to a loyal, long time, and active members.

The client-centric or the customer focus approach works for all the businesses, more so for the club management since it is a service-oriented activity. Club owners must make sure that the members are taken care of, and club management software takes care of that. It makes it easy for the members to do the self-service, booking, or scheduling themselves with the help of a platform. There is various open-source membership management.

For members

  • Automatic Online Benefits: After logging into membership management software, members will automatically receive the entitlements for their membership levels, such as the priority registration and discounts.
  • Gift Membership: Gift memberships and latest renewals can be purchased via online mode, and customers can send personalized messages to the recipient immediately or on a specific date in the near future.
  • Memberships card options: Membership cards can be easily printed at home, displayed on any of the phones or added to the Apple Wallet, or even at the Apple Passbook.
  • View and update registrations, purchases, memberships, and reservations: Member purchases are organized in separate tabs by the category, which makes it easy to view purchase history and make updates and make some of the additional payments as needed.
  • Maintain Profile and Communication Preferences: In the membership management system, Members can view and update their user name, address, password, and some other profile fields and can easily opt-in or out of the offline and online mailings.

For organizations

  • Onboarding: Automatically sends a personalized welcome email or any other eCard when a customer signs up for a membership option.
  • Event participation history: With the help of membership management solution, Member participation in past events is easily maintained to support communications, recordkeeping, and analytics.
  • Membership Hierarchy: The flexible membership level hierarchy provides you to manage upgrade and downgrade rules for the renewals consistently.
  • Permissions and Renewals enforcement: The software automatically handles the enforcement of the entitlements, permissions, renewals rules, and member groups.
  • Renewal Alerts: Set up alerts when the renewal deadline is even approaching and automatically send with the customized renewal requests.
  • Memberships Search: Administrators can search for the member records by any criteria, and even save the searches for recurring use. Search results can be exported or even used to create an on-the-fly-mailing list.
  • Historical Member Directory: Membership management software maintains a list of the prior year membership information, which can also be used to communicate with the former members or for some other marketing purpose.

1. Keep Your Members' Info Secure and Safe

Nowadays, all the club membership management software database is run online; this is the best way to collect all your member's info and keep it current. Moreover, with all this private information online, you risk exposing your members to fraud.

With the help of an online club membership management solution, you can make sure that all your member's information will be kept secure and safe. This software has a state of the art for the purpose of authentication and encryption for access. You and your members can rest easy be knowing that nobody can hack your club.

2. Help to Build Your Community 

The best membership management software should do more than get people together to play sports. Your club should help to build the community across you. Member management software allows you to add with some of the additional forums and message boards in your club’s portal.

These messages boards can be easily used to post handy information like health information tips and job opening. Help to grow the conversation away from the sports in your club. You could actually be able to make a stronger community in the entire process!

3. You Can Customize Your Database

Your member database is like a club lifeblood cell. This is where you can easily stay up to date with the current on your member’s needs and their actual status with the association. This software lets you customize the database, so it works perfectly for you.

Your member's fields can be organized to only post the necessary information. If you have members or staff for your club, this also makes it easier to find vital member info. This is your club, that should not your database work for you?

4. Plan Events with Ease

Trying to get anyone in your club to agree on the specific dates for the events that can be like a nightmare. This club is a just like a hobby, and probably not everyone is on the top priority. That is why having a public calendar is paramount to the success of the club.

Members can receive automatic notifications when the event dates are set. You can also provide them with a chance to vote on the best date for them.

Your club is worthless if all the members are not there to participate. Online calendars on membership management software will make sure that everyone is on the same page.

5. Process Payments Quickly

Your club can’t keep on running at a smooth pace is members don’t pay their dues. It can be difficult and tough to find the best payment processing system for you. Membership management software cuts out with the middle man and helps you to process dues much more quickly.

There may be some other payment your members which need to make. Registration for a match or tickets to a game is some of the examples. This software also allows the members to pay for every expense that arises easily.

6. Your Membership Renewals Become Automatic

A tough task in running a club is tracking the membership renewals. No matter whether you have an annual, bi-annual, or even the monthly membership cycle, it can be tough to simply figure out who is in and who is out.

This can be equally annoying for your members who may even forget when the dues are actually due. For this reason, but you and your members will love membership association membership software. With options like the automatic renewals, you can even cut a lot of the membership guesswork.

7. Let’s You Offer Promos To Loyal Members

If members have been a part of your club for so many years, then they deserve to be rewarded with the help of any promos or discounts to most of the loyal club members.

This software can also be used to incentivize people to work harder on their goals. You can even create the spirited competition in your club that ranks the progress of the people. Then you can provide further discounts for whatever wins these competitions.

8. More Detailed Profiles for Members

As an owner of the club, you want to know as much as possible about all your members. Membership management software allows you to have the most detailed member profiles as possible.

Stats like the connections between other members, event attendance, and members levels are the key “need to know” info. The open-source membership software will instantly allocate it to the member's profiles. It is less work for you and away better to know more about your members

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