Best Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software

The best MLM software are Roundpay MLM, Infinite MLM Software, ARM MLM, Epixel, and Pro MLM Software. Multi-level Marketing software automates the management of member networks in multi-level marketing (MLM) business models.

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List of 20 Best MLM Software

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Category Champions | 2023

MLM System Software by Infinite Solutions

Deployment of Infinite MLM Software in your organization will leverage your operations, reduce efforts, and increase profit margin. The multi-level marketing software comes with CMS and e-commerce integration with an ability to do payment processing and website optimization. Read Infinite MLM Software Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Comprehensive MLM solution with social media integration

Create a payment gateway of your choice and set your payment process free from any boundaries with intelligent network marketing software, Pro MLM. With WordPress integration, this MLM Software can handle CMS operations as well. Read Pro MLM Software Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Awesome MLM Software with support to affiliate marketing

SocialBug Affiliate MLM system software features rich network marketing software that gives you a one-click operation facility in your operations. Multi-level marketing software will do social media branding in an impressive way. It works for affiliate marketers too. Read SocialBugCRM Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Elite MLM Software is the best MLM software for your network marketing business. we provide various MLM plans like binary MLM plan, uni level MLM plan, forced matrix plan, monoline plan, x-up plan, investment plan, repurchase plan and more. Read Elite MLM Software Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Multi level Marketing tool with web and mobile app support

Great tool for start-ups and enterprises, iMatrix is one the best MLM Software that can be customized as per the need of the business. The multi-level marketing software comes with mobile app support for operations beyond the office premise. Good for all businesses. Read iMatrix Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Best Multi-Level Marketing Software with Unified MLM Plans

FinoForce is India’s best direct-selling MLM system software. It highlights features like e-wallet and online business combination. The software scales as per the company’s requirements. Moreover, FinoForce is known for offering 24/7 assistance to its clients. Read FinoForce Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

MLM Software by Mayura Consultancy Services

Global MLM is a Leader in providing Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing Software to customers across the globe. Our Network Marketing Software comes with 200+ ready-to-use features and 150+ Report generation. Check our FREE Demo and Grow your Business. Read Global MLM Reviews

Software by AJ Square Incorporation

AJ Matrix is the full featured MLM Software that enables you to launch your MLM based online business with ease. This completely web based software allows you launch your Online Business Model packed with Multi-level Marketing or Direct Marketing. Read AJ Matrix MLM Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Best MLM Software for cryptocurrencies mining

Epixel is a great Network Marketing Software that generates customer-based online vouchers instantly and makes sure that no one abandons a cart. This multi-level marketing software comes with the ability to process multiple currencies so that buyers could make purchases easily. Read Epixel MLM Software Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

The best MLM system for managing MLM business.

Cloud multi-level marketing (MLM) management solution, developed by Bpract software solutions, provides great support on the go and provides custom MLM plans like Binary, Matrix, Unilevel and more MLM Plans Read Cloud MLM Software Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Supports i-Payout and hyperWallet integration too

MarketPowerPRO is mobile-based network marketing software that helps you streamline your delivery and payment process at every stage so that your business could flourish. You can easily dispatch items using various delivery options by using this MLM Software. Read MarketPowerPRO MLM Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

MLM Software that allows online e-commerce store integration

Designed to empower your marketing process, VentaForce is a flexible network marketing software that can handle multiple currencies, multiple store, and multiple vendors at a time. The Network Marketing Software also lets you create an authenticated replicated website. Read VentaForce Reviews

Most Reviewed

e-Commerce, Direct Sales & MLM Software Solution

Plexum is on the web, most comprehensive multilevel marketing software. It is used for administration, like a shopping cart, e-mail marketing, sales tracking, virtual party plans, and so on. Learn more about Plexum

Category Champions | 2023

Multi-language network marketing software with robust API

Adding new users in the marketing plan is easy with powerful and best multi-level marketing software, ARM MLM. You can create replicated websites, get automatic back up of the system and do secure transfers using this network marketing software. Multi-language support available. Read ARM MLM Software Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

The Ultimate MLM Business Solution

Best-in-class multi-level marketing software crafted with uttermost care with cutting edge technologies used to strengthen everything. It is 100% flexible and fully modular which give you the maximum end-user and developer experience that you would not find in any other. Read Hybrid MLM Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Network Marketing Software to Manage Your MLM Busi

Prime MLM is a fully-featured MLM Multi-Level Marketing Software designed to serve Startups, SMEs. Prime MLM software provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online MLM multi-level marketing system offers Sales Reports, Order Management, Lead Management, Distributor Management, Payment Processing at one place. Read Prime MLM Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Get a Mini App - Readymade Business App in 5 mins

Get a Mini App in 5 minutes using the Goodbox Mini App builder. Mini Apps are Readymade Apps that are less than 1% the Cost of an App. 20,000+ Businesses have got their own. Mini Apps have features similar to that of large online apps. No need to make your own app now! Get online food ordering software Read Goodbox - Readymade Apps Reviews

Affordable MLM Software with Advanced Features

Secure MLM Software is a fully featured MLM Multi Level Marketing Software designed to serve Enterprises, Agencies. Secure MLM Software provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online MLM Multi Level Marketing system offers Payment Processing, Prospecting Tools, Distributor Management, Order Management, Commission Management at one place. Read Secure MLM Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Finix MLM developed MLM software using the latest technology and incorporate with advanced features and attractive benefits. Using this, Finix increased opportunity for investing. Have a look at our demo and what we are providing to make your MLM business a stable one. Read FINIX MLM Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Best Multi-Level Marketing Software

Pixyrs provide full web based Multi-Level Marketing Software for network marketing Business Solution. Our most wide-ranging and the best MLM Software company offers the high-class functionality required to begin even the most demanding MLM issues. Read Pixyrs MLM Reviews

MLM Software Guide

Multi-Level Marketing is where representatives refer services/products to brands they represent.

It is a form of an infinitesimal loop to recruit people who’ll buy and sell your product and, in turn, recruit more people.

There are two ways to go about business – either go and sell the product yourself or hire people to buy and sell the product who’d be further recruiting more people to do the same. The existing employees become brand ambassadors and bring in more business, quickening the pace of success. MLM software does this precisely in helping you calculate the commissions for your multi-level marketing efforts.

Today, when businesses' shelf-life has reduced from a decade to nearly four years, businesses need to adopt software and systems that’ll bring more customers, as is done by online Multi-Level Marketing software.

Industry-leading multi-level marketing software platforms give you the right edge to stay competitive in the fast-paced marketplace with features like automated commission management, distributor management, customer support, and more.

This guide will explore different aspects of MLM software, how it helps businesses grow their customer base, and provide a list of the top 5 multi-level marketing software. 

What Is Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software?

Multi-level marketing software, or MLM software, is a technology platform that helps direct sales companies establish their MLM business more efficiently. Multi-level marketing software helps automate complex network marketing processes, including but not limited to compensation plan management, commission payments, distributor management, and customer relationship management.

MLM management software makes it easier to manage, promote, and monitor their multi-level marketing business across all aspects, from onboarding new distributors to monitoring brand performance in the market. Software for MLM businesses can even deliver intelligent business insights based on performance data to help companies optimize their decision-making process.

What Is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing

Network marketing, otherwise referred to as multi-level marketing, is a direct selling business model that involves a network of individuals promoting and selling products. These individual distributors often leverage their close circle of influence to market products and further, build their network to create a strong sales chain.

This direct selling business model involves person-to-person sales and also encourages independent distributors to make sales as well as build their network with new members.

Network marketing, also referred to as multi-level marketing, operates in multiple tiers or levels. When a distributor refers a new distributor to the network, the referral becomes the distributor’s downline, and the referring distributor is hereafter referred to as upline or sponsor. As the level grows, the earning potential of the distributor also increases.

This direct sales model acknowledges individual distributor efforts with commissions and bonuses—both of which are tied to the company's profit goals. MLM companies also offer training and sales enablement programs for their distributor teams to empower them to sell better.

The multi-level marketing model or MLM model works based on different compensation plan structures and is one of the effective marketing models for direct selling business. Businesses can choose a compensation plan based on profitability expectations and business goals. However, MLM businesses need to be watchful while choosing the right plan that also aligns with the industry's compliance standards.

Benefits of Using the Best MLM Software for Your MLM Business

The best Multi-level marketing software provides many benefits to companies in the domain of MLM business management. It helps businesses manage complex compensation structures and millions of distributors from a single platform. Additionally, there are many other benefits MLM businesses can enjoy by employing MLM system software.

MLM Software Benefits

  1. Multiple compensation plans

    The software offers multiple MLM compensation plan integrations based on the organization's business requirements. Each plan has a distinct structure, commissions, and bonuses.
    Some of the most popular MLM compensation plans include

    • Binary MLM plan

    • Unilevel MLM plan

    • Matrix MLM plan

    • Generation MLM plan

    • Board MLM plan

    • Stairstep breakaway MLM plan

    • Monoline MLM plan

    • Hybrid MLM plan

    Network marketing software also lets companies choose a single compensation plan or combine multiple plans to create a hybrid one that suits their organizational goals.
    It also offers businesses an overview of the plan performance through tools like MLM calculators that deliver insights into the plan's profitability in their business.

  2. Track distributor performance

    The best MLM software lets businesses track distributor performance, indicating their highs and lows, making it easier for the organization to improve its training and engagement strategies.
    Multi-level marketing software also helps distributors analyze their individual performance and the performance of their teams. It comes equipped with various filtering options to track distributor performance based on various performance metrics such as sales conversions, number of referrals, active downlines, training completion rate, etc.

  3. Accurate tracking of sales and commissions

    An advanced multi-level marketing software ensures accurate payouts in real-time. The automated payout feature lets businesses track sales and commissions on time without errors or overpayments.
    It also lets businesses and distributors track their individual sales and commissions on a comprehensive dashboard. Distributors can visualize their earnings and sales goals. Admins and distributors can also generate and download sales and commission reports, ensuring transparency in the payout process.
    State-of-the-art multi-level marketing software is also capable of forecasting sales and commissions, which helps distributors know how much they will earn during a specific time period.

  4. Inventory management

    Advanced network marketing platforms have high-end features to track and manage product stock across multiple warehouses. The built-in inventory management feature support businesses to identify product demands and dead stock, reducing surpluses, and tracking product expiry.
    An inventory management module integrated into multi-level marketing software also assists in order management with options to track payments, monitor shipments and manage all purchase-related activities.

  5. Scheduling is easier

    MLM or network marketing software is a  boon while managing your business and scheduling tasks. It helps to manage customer accounts and track your sales activities to concentrate more on your business activities and work towards profitability. Good network marketing or direct selling software will get you all these features and the interface under one roof so that you don't have to switch between systems now and then.

  6. Streamlined business operations

    Multi-level Software is designed keeping in mind the robust nature of MLM business. The high-level features ensure a high level of collaboration and coordination between the distributors, franchise, admin, sales, and customers. These provide the customer with a streamlined system that generates more client value by eliminating redundancies.

  7. Seamless integration with payment gateway

    The software is designed keeping in mind the changing trends of buying a product. The majority of these people today prefer shopping online. This feature integrates with multiple payment gateways to give a seamless payment management system.

Key Features of the Best MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Software

The best Multi-level marketing software is equipped with many features to assist network marketing companies in better managing their business. Listed below are the prime features of standard network marketing software.

MLM Software Features

  1. Commission management

    The best MLM software lets businesses track and manage commissions offering real-time visibility into the organization’s payout process. An efficient commission management system offers flexibility and ensures transparency in the payout process. It also gives businesses a forecasted view of commissions through commission analytics.
    Business admins can add or modify commissions based on changing needs and compensation plans. They can approve or reject commission withdrawal requests and manage the flow of commissions.
    These platforms can generate insightful commission analytics that helps business owners to modify their compensation plans to suit their profitability goals. The error detection and auto rollback features ensure accurate payouts and reduce overpayments.

  2. Distributor management

    Multi-level marketing software is an adept MLM tool that helps business admins efficiently manage their distributor teams. It simplifies the onboarding process and ensures an effective and interactive training process. Additionally, the network marketing software presents a distributor dashboard with the following details, making it easier for admins and sponsors to comprehensively understand individual distributor performance.

    • Personal and team sales

    • Commissions earned

    • Rank achievements

    • Number of downlines

    • Active and inactive distributors

    • Goal completions

    • Training completions

  3. Payment processing

    The payment processing feature in multi-level marketing software is built to support all types of payments—bank wire transfers, debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, etc. The software also supports international payments with multiple currencies.
    The platform also allows for integrating different payment gateways as required by the MLM software company to ensure faster and more secure payment processing. The payments are also secured with PCI DSS compliance and stringent security measures to secure customer data.

  4. Order management

    Orders placed by distributors or their customers are processed and managed through the order management system built into the network marketing software. The intelligent MLM system for customer-centric MLM companies manages the lifecycle of customer orders from order placement to successful delivery. It processes, tracks, and fulfills orders and collects customer feedback at the end of each order delivery.

    The order management system is designed to provide the utmost customer satisfaction through faster fulfillment processes and safer payments.
  5. Genealogy management

    This MLM-specific feature is a visual tool that presents a 360-degree view of the organizational hierarchy. In the MLM system software, the genealogy is represented in a family tree model with business admin at the top and the top leaders and distributors arranged in multiple levels based on the hierarchy.
    An advanced multi-level marketing software also gives an individual view of distributors with just a hover over their profiles. This displays their basic profile, number of downlines, sales, and rank.
    The genealogy management feature assists business admins in efficiently managing sponsors, downlines, referrals, enrolment packages, etc. Business admins can also onboard new distributors straight from the genealogy tree itself.

  6. Reporting and analytics

    MLM software comes with the best reporting and analytics techniques to assist MLM businesses in decision-making. It also helps MLM businesses identify customer behavioral patterns and market trends and helps analyze sales performance to improve operational efficiency.
    These MLM systems make it easier for admins and distributors to generate reports based on diverse metrics such as commissions earned, sales generated, team performance, and business revenue.
    BI-powered MLM software company leverages the power of advanced analytics to transform organizational data into actionable insights that help businesses in proactive decision-making.

  7. Training

    Distributor training is a crucial aspect that determines the success of MLM businesses.
    Upskilling distributors on various sales enablement techniques and marketing activities translates into higher productivity and increased conversion rates. Network marketing software has an exclusive training system for distributors to get them on the right track.
    Distributor training starts from onboarding and forms the base of long-term engagement and retention. In order to achieve this, the software is integrated with an advanced LMS that hosts interactive training modules and courses for distributors. The MLM training module has add-on features like gamification to expedite distributor engagement and completion rates.

  8. Device compatibility

    Multi-level marketing software is designed to perform uniformly across all devices, making it convenient for distributors and admins to access it from anywhere, anytime. The multi-level marketing software performs with zero downtime across all devices and under all circumstances.

  9. Sales reports

    The report-generating feature in the software helps generate accurate sales reports on team performance, individual distributor performance, and the organizational whole.
    Sales reports can be generated by distributors, sponsors, and business admins to get a clear understanding of individual sales, goal completion status, and rank levels. This gives salesforce an insight into their performance and strategies needed to improvise the same.

Who Uses Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software?

Multi-level marketing software is employed mainly by entrepreneurs to manage and promote their businesses. The software for network marketing can be deployed for different user roles with selective access privileges for each user.

Users Of MLM Software

  1. System Administrators/Business Admin

    In the multi-level marketing model, the admin occupies the topmost position in the company with major access privileges in the software. MLM system software privileges for admin include payout management, plan configuration, distributor management, and inventory management.

  2. Distributors

    Distributors use MLM system software to outreach a wider audience and to organize their work. Distributors can launch and manage marketing campaigns across channels from a single platform. They can generate personalized referral links and replicated website from the software platform and use it to expedite their customer outreach activities.
    Multi-level marketing software helps distributors track their personal performance levels and delivers insights for improvement. The genealogy feature in the MLM software allows distributors easy access to their teams.

  3. Sponsors

    Sponsors are essentially distributors who introduce new members into the MLM system. They leverage the possibilities of MLM software to fortify their teams and monitor their sales. MLM software company offers sponsors channels to support their downline teams in real-time. Sponsor-specific dashboards in the software give them a 360-degree view of their downline performance highlighting individual highs and lows. That way, sponsors can devise personalized strategies to upskill their downlines.

Key considerations for selecting MLM software

Before purchasing MLM software for your business, you must consider crucial factors. Not all software can handle the challenges in your business. So while choosing one, consider the factors below to ensure the software complements your business requirements.

  1. Industry expertise

    The best possible way to assess the quality of the software is to analyze the expertise of the Network Marketing software company in the domains of technology, industry, and your product market. The best MLM software company has better industry knowledge and incorporates it into its product development process to help customers conquer the market.

  2. Scalability

    The right and the best MLM software should be capable of accommodating any number of users with zero downtime. Scalable software offers businesses higher agility and an improved user experience. This, in turn, helps businesses cut down on their maintenance costs.

  3. User-friendly interface

    A simplified user interface contributes to increased user satisfaction. Customer-focused companies opt for a system that can simplify complex business processes. An MLM system software with a user-friendly interface can help in faster onboarding and a hassle-free purchase experience for its users.

  4. Feedbacks

    A Network Marketing software with a real-time feedback system helps companies improve their sales and marketing strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones. An automated feedback system can be integrated into every purchase to collect customer feedback.

  5. eCommerce integration

    MLM software with eCommerce integration can host your MLM business online, unlocking growth opportunities across the online space. It can considerably reduce cart abandonment rates and boost upselling and cross-selling opportunities to boost revenue.
    Other benefits of integrating eCommerce include a real-time customer support module, centralized inventory management, simplified UI, and smarter shopping processes that engage and encourage customers to repeat purchases.

  6. Legal consultation

    One of the biggest challenges the MLM industry faces now is tough scrutiny and legal penalizations. This is often due to poor compliance and compensation standards.
    Some leading MLM software development companies mitigate this issue with an automated compliance monitoring system. However, consultation with industry experts in the initial phase is highly recommended before purchasing and launching your MLM software.

  7. Identify the challenges you are facing

    You should know all the possible loopholes where the MLM tools can win. Jot down all the tasks you want your software to do. In other words, list your expectations from the software you will buy. Concentrate on what you” need” rather than “want.”

  8. Calculate the budget

    No one else but you have a better idea about how much you can afford to spend on MLM software, including implementation and support. Apart from the software cost, you must make a proper budget for software updates and other maintenance services.

Top 5 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Tools with Pros and Cons

We have curated a list of the best MLM software companies in the market that are already transforming businesses worldwide.

Free Trial
Starting Price

Epixel MLM Software

7 Days



Infinite MLM Software

14 Days

Yes $750

ARM MLM Software

7 Days



Cloud MLM Software

7 Days




Not available

Not available


1. Epixel MLM Software

Epixel MLM Software

Epixel MLM software has been delivering customizable and customer-centric software solutions to the network marketing industry for more than a decade. It is committed to ensuring quality and uninterrupted service and support for its customers. Their software is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. They deliver many services ranging from MLM consulting to distributor training to various MLM-related software development services.


  • Compensation plan customization
  • Order and inventory management
  • Advanced commission management
  • Referral campaigns and promotional tools
  • Genealogy management
  • Replicated website
  • Internationalization features
  • Distributor and customer management


  • Hosts advanced internationalization features with multi-currency and multilingual support.
  • The system is highly scalable to accommodate increasing distributor numbers.
  • Includes a wide range of customizable features, including compensation plan customization, dashboard customization, etc.
  • Enhanced user interface ensures easier navigation and elevated user experience.
  • Faster response times ensure complete customer satisfaction.


  • Delay in product deliveries causes concerns about business launch time.
  • Limited mode of payment makes it difficult for international customers to pay the company.
  • Time zone issues result in delayed software support.


  • Starting price: $550
  • Free trial: Available

2. Infinite MLM Software

Infinite MLM Software

Updated with the latest technology and high-end features, Infinite MLM Software is a Network Marketing software company that delivers cutting-edge technology for MLM businesses with their technical experience and industry expertise. Infinite MLM Software is a user-friendly software with powerful integration features to let MLM businesses extend the scope of their business.


  • Lead management
  • Commission management
  • Integrated e-commerce shopping cart
  • Website replication
  • E-Pin and E-wallet
  • Payment 


  • Best-in-class user interface offers users convenience and a great software experience.
  • Customizable software allows users to remodel the software according to their requirements. 
  • Powerful and popular integrations improve the extensibility of business operations.
  • Hassle-free user interface ensures faster accessibility and increased user engagement.


  • Poor CRM integrations result in misaligned business processes.
  • Complex to understand and use in the initial stage.
  • Overall look and feel can be improved to provide an optimum user experience.


  • Starting price: $750
  • Free trial: Available    

3. ARM MLM Software

ARM MLM Software

ARM MLM Software is an expert in developing framework-based MLM system software with advanced features that help MLM businesses expand their network. The highly customizable software has an easily adaptable user interface on a high-security framework.


  • CMS integration
  • AI-powered marketing integration tool
  • Multiple business plans
  • Integrated E-commerce
  • Replicated website
  • Commission management
  • Sales reports
  • E-pin generator


  • Faster delivery helps businesses launch their business on time.
  • Improved features enhance business performance and overall user experience.
  • The highly flexible system allows for any number of integrations and add-ons.
  • A good customer support system retains customers and improves customer satisfaction.


  • Poor dashboard design makes navigating and using the system difficult for users.
  • Difficulty in embedding videos makes the marketing and training process slower.


  • Starting price: $999
  • Free trial: Available

4. Cloud MLM Software

Cloud MLM Software

Cloud MLM Software delivers the industry-best MLM software with both self-hosting and cloud-hosting options. The software has an intuitive dashboard and a user-friendly interface to let businesses handle their operations more efficiently.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Strong backup system
  • Replicated website
  • Support ticketing system
  • Automated payment processing system
  • Authentication system
  • In-built e-wallet


  • Advanced security features ensure real-time security for the business, users, and customers.
  • Offers good support to users around the clock.
  • Highly responsive on all devices. 


  • Complex navigation makes it difficult for users to use the system without technical support.
  • Higher launch times create delays in establishing the business.


  • Starting price: $750
  • Free trial: Available

5. Freedom


Freedom MLM Software by Bydesign Technologies is a futuristic platform that empowers companies to manage their distributor network, payouts, and inventory. The white-label platform allows MLM organizations to deliver personalized distributor and customer experiences. 


  • Lead management
  • Inventory management
  • Training
  • Support system
  • Prospecting tools
  • Multi-country support


  • International business support helps businesses expand their business across the globe.
  • The product has great features and functionalities that align with various business demands. 
  • An efficient distributor back office has all the features to help distributors manage their business.
  • Easy-to-use software offers easy and efficient user engagement.


  • An irregular support system makes it difficult to resolve customer concerns on time.
  • Custom features and add-ons cause delivery delays.


  • Starting price: $2500 per month
  • Free trial: Not Available

Challenges Faced in Using Network Marketing Software

Even the most futuristic and innovative network marketing software can pose a tough challenge for MLM companies. The following are some commonly listed challenges users face while using the best MLM software.

  1. Complexity

    The complex user interface and process flow make it difficult for users to understand and use the system in the initial phase. It requires the right amount of training and a user-friendly interface to overcome the problem.

  2. Compliance

    MLM software has to stay current with the industry norms and regulations to avoid companies from getting penalized. Legal, regulatory, and data compliance are mandatory for businesses like network marketing which are under constant scrutiny. A small glitch in the network marketing software can prove fatal for the entire organization losing revenue and trust among their customers and their distributor network.

  3. Security

    With growing cyber threats and attacks, organizations must prioritize the ability of the software to secure its business-critical assets. While customer security falls in the first place, safeguarding the entire system contributes to brand trust and credibility. Hence it is important to have an advanced threat intelligence framework that mitigates threats and improves brand reliability.

  4. Customization

    One of the best things about Multi-level marketing software is its ability to be flexible to suit its customer requirements. It can increase the efficiency and productivity of the business yet can pose a serious challenge. Customization can incur expenses and might not deliver the expected results. Improper requirement analysis can result in delivery delays and inefficient business processes.

Market Trends Relevant to MLM Software

The multi-level marketing industry has witnessed tremendous transformations across technology, market, and customer trends. However, technology trends have always proved crucial to the success and development of MLM software development companies worldwide.

MLM Software Market Trends

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) to aid network marketing

    Artificial intelligence is taking multi-level marketing companies to newer growth dimensions. AI has the ability to take businesses right into the future by analyzing data and deriving decisions based on analytics. This reliable technique assists businesses in the decision-making process, helping them get past their competitors.
    The finest application of AI in a network marketing business is in the domain of customer support. AI-powered chatbots are transforming the customer experience. Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps MLM software synthesize customer sentiments by interacting with them accordingly. A customer support system powered by AI automates the ticketing system with real-time assistance and issue resolution.
    AI-powered MLM system software can accelerate a customer-centric culture in the network marketing industry through innovative customer-focused strategies. AI makes it possible for businesses to analyze customer preferences and interests and deliver personalized services to customers, thus accelerating customer experience and lifetime value. Gamification powered by AI in multi-level marketing software can take the distributor training process and customer engagement to the next level. Incorporating AI improves course engagements and completion rates. Gamified elements such as spin wheels, loyalty programs, and daily challenges multiply customer engagement and improve brand relationships.

  2. Cloud-based software

    Most MLM software companies are increasingly adopting cloud computing to extend the scalability and security of their products. Cloud-based MLM system software is cost-effective and increases business productivity. Promising improved efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility, cloud-based software lets businesses, distributors, and customers access the software from anywhere, with any device at any time.
    Cloud-based software scales with the growing demands of multi-level marketing companies by supporting increasing distributor numbers and expediting workloads. It has a proven track record for data security and risk mitigation.

  3. Mobile phones will hold their position tight

    The MLM software industry will be driven by the trend toward frictionless mobile experiences as mobile domination continues among the millennials. The craze of using mobile phones for everything will force even the most successful MLM companies to innovate around their mobile strategy. Millennials are not alone in the race; in fact, 87% of consumers now prefer using a smartphone over personal computers to consume all their digital data.
    The industry will continue to innovate new strategies at a full pace to remain competitive in the Amazon age.

  4. Big data and analytics

    MLM companies that don't measure analytics will likely lose their precious customers. Not only customers but re-sellers as well. The industry should use analytics to improve its customer experience. Having valuable data will also provide insight into market conditions.
    Keep track of your customer's buying patterns, plus measure your distributor retention rate using network marketing software empowered with big data and analytics. It will help keep an eagle's eye view and help you make decisions based on the whole picture rather than pieces. Analytics will also help you find distributors at risk of churning out and what should be done to keep them away from the company.

  5. Social media will beat traditional marketing

    Almost everyone in the world uses the internet. Many of these online users have at least one social media account. Social media will help you reach out to more customers, widening your brand's reach and creating a target market. It builds a strong reputation, establishes credibility, and showcases expertise.
    It’s the right strategy to use social media to advance MLM marketing; however, remember not to make it your whole marketing strategy.

  6. MLM apps will continue to grow

    A lot of MLM companies these days are using apps to conduct business. An online MLM software or app will make direct sellers more visible and readily available to distributors and customers.
    The constant engagement will remind them of what needs to be done. They will be motivated to work harder, which will increase their productivity and will ultimately increase conversion rates.

Software and Services Related to Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Software

The extensibility of MLM software allows for the integration of various software and services that complement the growth of network marketing businesses. Let’s look into the most relevant software and services related to multi-level marketing software.

  1. E-commerce platforms

    A crucial element in taking the business to the online space, e-commerce platforms allow business expansion beyond borders. MLM software can be integrated with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or WordPress, or a custom e-commerce store can be built into the platform.
    MLM e-commerce platforms can also give customers a convenient and engaging shopping experience.

  2. Affiliate marketing programs

    Multi-level marketing companies can double their conversions and their network with efficient affiliate marketing programs. Some MLM software companies integrate it into the standard software package, while others offer it as an add-on package.
    The software lets businesses launch affiliate marketing campaigns, monitor and track affiliates, and assess and improve affiliate performance with advanced affiliate marketing strategies.

  3. CRM software

    Each and every MLM system software has a pre-built CRM that works as a centralized data repository aligning processes and systems within the platform. MLM entrepreneurs can choose to integrate industry-popular CRM platforms like Zoho, Salesforce, etc., or design a tailor-made CRM as per their business requirements.
    CRM software acts as a bridge between sales and marketing processes drawing in every possible data for the improvement of various business processes. CRM software built exclusively for multi-level marketing can help expand the network and better manage customers with automated marketing and customer support processes.

  4. Payment gateways

    In order to ensure safer payments and customer data security, MLM system software integrates industry-standard payment gateways that are faster, reliable, and consistent. These high-end encryption systems, once integrated into the software, simplify the payment process, thereby improving customer trust and experience.
    The MLM e-commerce store ensures faster checkouts with multiple transaction types. It also allows businesses to expand into international markets with multiple currency support.

  5. Training and consulting services

    MLM consulting services provide a complete assessment of your business plan. Taking into consideration the legal and regulatory aspects, they also help companies draft an industry-compliant compensation plan. They look into the generated business idea and advise companies on a suitable compensation plan that complements their business expectations. MLM consultant services help in consulting, planning, and designing an MLM business with the right plan and right strategies.
    Training services, on the other hand, assist established companies to upskill their salesforce to increase conversion rates. Companies employ training services for training their distributors, employees, and customers. Distributors are trained right from onboarding on organizational goals and values, products, various sales and marketing techniques, and customer relationship management to efficiently establish their network marketing career.
    Leading software companies have these services combined with their standalone and the best MLM system software.

  6. Lead generation tools

    Lead generation tools help businesses attract, engage and convert quality leads through various techniques. These tools have the potential to analyze visitor behavior and preferences; this data is then leveraged to design targeted marketing campaigns. These automated MLM tools also help companies save time and resources by automating the lead generation and management process.
    Advanced lead generation tools have reporting and analytics features to monitor and optimize the performance of campaigns and other related marketing activities. Employing techniques like predictive lead scoring, these lead generation tools funnel quality leads into the CRM, filtering them based on preset criteria. This helps distributors save time by concentrating only on quality leads.

The Cost of Multi-level Marketing Software

The cost of multi-level marketing software is highly dependent on the customization requirements. The cost of a standard MLM system software package can range anywhere from $550 and higher, depending on the built-in features and functionalities. Each add-on feature may cost extra based on the software provider.


Employing software that perfectly fits your business requirements calls for ample research. Here we have done the research for you to help you make a healthy choice for your business. This guide has been compiled through meticulous industry research and will help you take the next step toward running your network marketing business with the right and the best MLM software.

Compare Pricing Plans of Top MLM Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
VentaForce 4.8(37 Reviews)

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No Learn More
ARM MLM Software 4.6(21 Reviews) $999 Full Licence/Single User Yes Learn More
Hybrid MLM 4.9(17 Reviews) $799 One Time No Learn More
Prime MLM 4.9(15 Reviews) $1300 Full Licence/ One time payment Yes Learn More
Cloud MLM Software 4.8(13 Reviews) $750 One Time No Learn More

FAQs of MLM Software

Depending on your selected features, the cost of MLM software may vary from $200 to $ 999+ per year.

Some of the best strategies to promote network marketing business online are :

  1. Using Google AdWords
  2. Creating a website or blog
  3. Promoting through forums on MLM topics

Yes, the Latest MLM software solutions support multiple languages and payment in various global currencies. It ensures ease of transactions and allows for streamlined business operations.

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