Best MLM Software in 2018

Infinite MLM Software

Software BY Infinite Open Source Solutions
Infinite by IOSS, offers a complete MLM business solutions with ease for all the MLM business requirement. We provide all the compensation plan like Binary MLM Plan, Matrix MLM Plan, Unilevel MLM Plan, Monoline MLM Plan, Hybrid MLM Plan, Gift Plan, and so more.

Epixel Solutions MLM

Software BY Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Epixel MLM compensation plan that allows the members to have just two front members. In case any member subsidizes more than two fresh members, the excess is located on the levels below the forefront of the sponsoring member.

ARM MLM Software

Best Multi Level Marketing Software
The software made by the ARM MLM company is flexible to support various types of MLM compensation plans. And also it has inbuilt genealogy module, Ecommerce, replicated websites, lead capture, autoresponder, multi-currencies, multi-payment gateways and responsive design to offer a better performance. 

Pro MLM Software

Best PHP MLM Script
PRO MLM helps you develop and run a successful MLM Business. It supports multi network marketing programs, which enables you to set up your own compensation plan that is based on your current market requirements.

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Software BY iMatrix
iMatrix's Maestro is an MLM Software SMBs as well as multi-million dollar companies that are involved in MLM, Direct Sales and Party Plans. Maestro's features include changing system configuration, dynamic reporting, advanced ticket system and modifying the shopping experience.


Software BY Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Ventaforce is a one-stop solution for all your MLM business needs. It’s a product that comes out from the combination of Fine technology with our 13 years of experience and expertise in Direct Selling software.


Software BY MultiSoft
MarketPowerPRO uses the proprietary MLM Builder engine and is the best MLM Software available to empower your network marketing company. It manages every function of your business more effectively. It is a powerful e-commerce platform that will transform your MLM opportunity into a productive and profitable powerhouse.

SocialBug Affiliate MLM Party Plan software

Software by SocialBug Team
SocialBug is a multi-level marketing software and designed to manage the large volume of enterprises. SocialBug helps turn your existing shopping cart into a direct sales company. The plugin will integrate with your shopping cart and enable your affiliates to sell in a regular MLM/party plan type manner.

Conversys MLM

Software BY Conversys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Conversys Multilevel Marketing software is presently ruling the money market and the best thing about it is you can have multiple trees. You can be an independent business owner and decide what you want to sell, and even how much you wish to share profits with others. 

AJ Matrix MLM

Software BY AJ Square Incorporation
AJ Matrix is the full-featured multi level marketing software that enables you to launch your MLM based online business with ease. This complete web based MLM software allows you launch your Online Business Model packed with Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing.


Software BY TeamSuccesso
Wisemirror is a online survey creation tool for professionals and organizations. WiseMirror provides detailed analytics based on the survey results received.

EifaSoft MLM

Complete set-up of Multi Level Marketing Software
Eifasoft Technologies provides a web based MLM software (network marketing software) that offers a complete set-up of features developed to satisfy the needs of multi-level marketing. It's secure reliable and user-friendly system can easily track your customers

Express MLM Software Package

Software BY MLM Yug
MLM Yug offers Online MLM system as complete MLM business solutions. The admin can explore all kinds of reports, view the structure of Genealogy, Downline, Upline, Level Report, Income wise Payout Detail, registered Members List.

Xperts MLM

Software BY Experts IN Solutions
Experts IN Solutions provides value added services in Information Technology in the following areas to leverage the customers to achieve the most from utilizing our experienced consulting services in various business segments.

Interface MLM Software

Software BY Interface software service
Interface is a professional multi level marketing (MLM) and network marketing software development company based in India with more than 5 years of expertise in MLM marketing software development and website designing.

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What is MLM Software?

Multi-Level Marketing is a type of marketing wherein the representatives refer services/products to brands they represent.

It is a form of an infinitesimal loop to recruit people who’ll buy and sell your product and in-turn recruit more people.

There are two ways to go about a business – either go and sell the product yourself or hire people to buy and sell the product who’d be further recruiting more people to do the same. The existing employees become brand ambassadors and bring in more business, quickening the pace to success. MLM program does exactly this in addition to helping you calculate the commissions for your multi-level marketing efforts.

Today when the shelf-life of businesses has reduced from a decade to nearly four years, businesses need to adopt software and systems that’ll bring more customers as is done by online MLM software.

List of MLM Plans, the latest concepts in MLM business industry?

A good MLM program can be the backbone of your organization and can ensure the seamless conduct of your MLM network marketing business. The modern multi-level strategies have a number of unique plans to choose from, and each plan has its own advantages and limitations. Here is a list of some of the important MLM plans available:

  • Matrix MLM Plan
  • Binary MLM Plan
  • Board MLM Plan
  • Unilevel MLM Plan
  • Party MLM Plan
  • Hybrid MLM Plan
  • Australian Binary Plan
  • Generation MLM Plan
  • Stair Step Breakaway Plan
  • Monoline MLM Plan
  • Spillover Binary Plan
  • Australian X-Up Plan
  • MLM Gift Plan

It’s important to study and understand these plans and make a careful choice to see which is the best for your business.

Features that typical MLM marketing software should possess:

With the wide array of multi-level marketing software available in the market, selecting the best one for your organization is a challenge. Ultimately the choice of the software is based on the budget, goals and objectives of the organization, yet ensure that your software is accompanied by these basic and vital features.

  1. Ease of operationThe software will be used by a wide range of people, every one of whom might not be able to operate advanced functionalities. The online MLM software should have a simple interface that can be used by a layman with basic computing knowledge. User friendliness should occupy the centre stage.
  2. Reliable and SecureSince the users will be making online payments via the direct selling software, it should be accompanied by secure payment gateways. The software should quickly and smoothly process the payments.
  3. Easily customizableBased on the compensation plan (Binary, Matrix, Australian X-Up, Monoline, Stair Step, etc.) chosen by employees, the MLM system needs to be customized. Since multiple employees will be working on multiple plans, the software should provide customization options.
  4. Modifiable Design templateThe look and feel of the software matters to a huge extent. The software should be accompanied by customizable design templates that can be changed as and when required.
  5. Integrated inventoryThe features integrating the management of sales, stock and purchase should be incorporated into the software.
  6. Multilingual supportA powerful feature which allows users to operate and work on the software in their native language thereby removing the linguistic barrier.

How does an MLM software help your business grow?

Adopting an MLM marketing software affords numerous benefits for your organization. The key to succeeding here is to understand the features offered and customize them based on your requirements.

Be it a startup or a corporate firm, to survive in today’s hyper-competitive market, you need a software that aids in explosive growth and MLM system does this in the best possible way. Noted underneath are the ways that the MLM marketing software becomes your partner in attaining success.

  1. Reduced riskIf the risk associated with hiring more employees is stopping you from starting your own business, MLM is the solution. With the Multi Level Marketing software, the employees have the freedom to sell to more people and hire more people. Pay people as and how they make sales. You can also hire employees on a commission based package eliminating the fixed income algorithm
  2. Greater income potentialThe more the sales, the greater the income generated. This is a motivator for many people, why not piggyback on the same to gain maximum benefits!
  3. Reduced headcount – Multi-level marketing software helps your business expand. If the incoming cash is variable, this is the best method to grow your business while keeping the headcount low
  4. FlexibilityWith the best MLM software, the businesses have the flexibility to change a business model if it’s not reaping desirable results

What are the key features to be viewed as a buyer of multi level marketing software?

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software services contain a holistic set of tools that are required to manage and organize MLM accounts. There are a number of advanced MLM website software available in the market, and the choice of the software should be based on organizational budget, goals, and objectives. So make sure that your software is accompanied by these basic and vital features:

  1. Multi-Language Support - For a customer, client and business team's convenience, MLM back office software should support multiple languages. This allows users to use the software in their own language and gain familiarity with its features. Having all the software options explained in a language fully understood by the user enhances ease of operations.
  2. Multi-Currency Support - In the global marketplace, organizations need to do business in various countries and different currencies. The multi-currency option allows online MLM applications users to conduct business transactions in the currency that they are familiar with – thereby enhancing ease of operations.
  3. Backup A reliable software should offer users a robust backup system that creates complete backups and stores them in a secure environment. This will help you recover any data loss due to human error, theft or damage. So it is extremely important to have a strong backup system feature in MLM software.
  4. SMS integrationSMS is definitely one of the best and quickest services that allow users to convey their message through a few clicks. It the enhances mobility of communication and is a must-have feature in MLM applications. It enables the software to send automated messages on important events such as registration of new members, commissions’ updates and payment transactions.
  5. E-Pin - Electronic pins are secure codes generated by MLM system and this is a useful facility. It has a diverse number of uses such as online registration, online purchase, member renewal and signing up new members. Electronic pins come handy as they increase speed, flexibility and smoothness of MLM business dealings.
  6. E-Wallet - An E-Wallet in Multi Level Marketing software is a virtual storage space that stores information about electronic cash. It also guarantees easy and secure E-commerce dealings. Financial transactions can be completed within seconds and it is the ideal feature to manage all your cash transactions.
  7. EMail - MLM applications should have an easy integration with your email so that you can manage your business communication from a single place. You can comprehensively manage all your emails in an organized way and even have full access to your mail while you are on the move-thereby remaining connected all the time.
  8. Franchise Management - If your organization has franchisees, then it is not necessary to invest your valuable time or effort to look after them as the MLM program has integrated features to manage the franchisees efficiently, check their status, product stock levels and several other aspects very conveniently. Multiple levels of franchises can order product requests and process the order directly from company head office – thus ensuring seamless flow of business operations.

Getting the best MLM software for your business is a difficult decision to make, but it’s important to scan the market environment and vendors in detail so that you can make the best choice for your company. These features are very important and any user of multi-level marketing software should be sure to include them so as to gain the maximum business advantage.