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Best Mobile Data Recovery Software For Lost Files

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Mobile Data Recovery is the process of retrieving inaccessible data from your smartphones and other mobile devices such as pocket PC, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Mobile devices have become a core part of our daily life as we use them for clicking and storing digital images, music files, video files, and other forms of data. Sometimes, losing valuable mobile phone data can be quite frustrating, and prove really disastrous, particularly when the lost data do not have any backup. There is nothing worse than losing your favorite photos, videos, music, or movie files stored in your smartphone owing to malfunction of SD Card, partition errors, device failure, fire or water damage, worm attacks, smartphone battery failure, and even accidental damage or deletion. This is where a good phone data recovery solution comes in handy.

In this guide, we will elucidate the importance of phone data recovery software and highlight its features and benefits.

Mobile Data Recovery Software has been developed to meet all the data recovery needs of your smartphone and other mobile devices. The software helps you salvage lost, damaged or deleted images, and inaccessible videos, notes, contacts, and files from your Android, Symbian, iOS, and Blackberry smartphone.

Before shedding light on the characteristics of Android data recovery software, let’s check out some surprising facts about data loss -

  • Once you lose your data, your mobile device does not remove the content of your deleted or damaged files immediately but stores them in the internal part of the device.
  • You still got a chance to retrieve your precious memories, and important files from your mobile device with the help of phone data recovery software, only if other files have not overwritten the deleted files.

This means you need to act really fast if you want to get the missing files back with the help of mobile data recovery program.

You can count on Mobile Data Recovery Software to retrieve your inaccessible mobile data if:

  • Your mobile device crashes suddenly due to operating system failure
  • The SD card of your mobile device gets corrupted
  • Your data gets deleted automatically by computer virus attack
  • You reset your mobile device to default factory settings
  • You accidentally delete media files, call logs, text messages, app files, game platforms, and images while reformatting your mobile device or its SD Card
  • Your files get damaged due to software crashes and
  • You remove the SD Card abruptly

Choosing the right phone data recovery software with the right features is essential for retrieving missing data from your broken or chipped smartphone. Therefore, you should be aware of the major features of phone data recovery solutions.

The best mobile data recovery software comes with the following features:

  • Search Options: Mobile data recovery software features sophisticated search options to help you locate deleted files.
  • Retrieving: Mobile data recovery program is capable of retrieving files stored in different extensions.
  • Scanning Modes: Mobile data recovery software features multiple scanning modes. The software is capable of scanning your Smartphone’s SD Card as well as your phone’s internal and external storage space.
  • File Preview Feature: Mobile data recovery program allows you to preview details of all your recoverable files such as date of creation, size, type, that you can check them once before retrieving them. This particular file recovery feature helps you choose the files you wish to recover and avoid unnecessary file recovery.
  • Restoring Attributes: Mobile data recovery program enables you to restore deleted and damaged multimedia files quickly. The software can easily restore data from accidentally formatted memory cards and broken phones.
  • Organizes Retrieved Files by Their Name and Size: Android data recovery software allows you to arrange the retrieved files in chronological order by using their date of creation, modification date, file type, file size, etc.
  • Multi-lingual Support: The best Android data recovery software offers multilingual support so that you can pick your chosen language during software installation.

So these are some of the features of mobile data recovery software. In simple words, phone data recovery software can scan, detect, dig out, and copy retrieved files from formatted or corrupted sectors of your mobile device and saves them in your preferred destination location.

Mobile Data Recovery Software is an essential tool for smartphone users as it ensures maximum data security and safety. Nowadays, every mobile device user is at the potential risk of losing valuable data. With the best mobile data recovery software, you will be able to retrieve your lost data within split seconds - whether it is a single file or an entire partition. Here are some benefits of using mobile data recovery program—

  • Fast & Efficient: Phone data recovery software utilizes various searching techniques to help you retrieve and back up your lost data quickly in a few clicks.
  • Ease of Use: The best mobile data recovery software solutions have a user-friendly interface, and are easy to operate and install. You need not have any technical expertise or prior data recovery skills to retrieve your lost files and folders.
  • Versatility: Mobile data recovery software is a highly versatile tool that offers a quick solution for all types of data loss.
  • Saves Time & Money: Seeking the assistance of data recovery specialists for recovering your lost data may cost you a lot, besides taking the maximum time for data recovery. Since mobile data recovery software is easy to use, you do not need to consult data recovery experts; this saves not only your money but also your precious time.
  • Professional Customer Support: Another plus point of an efficient mobile data recovery program is that it offers efficient customer support services to troubleshoot problems.
  • Supports over 500 File Formats: Best mobile data recovery software can retrieve different audio, video, email, document, and image file formats. For example:

Video file formats supported by mobile data recovery software are - MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, SWF, FLA, MOV, ASF, MV4, FLC, ANI, CLK, 3GP, DVM, ANM, MXF, QT, MKV, etc.

Audio file formats supported by Android data recovery software are - M4A, MP3, RM, RFL, AAC, AU, M4A, MID, MIDI, AIFF, WAV, RPS, AAC, RFL OGG, M3D, CDA, OGG, WMA, RFL, SND, M3D, etc.

Photo file formats supported by mobile data recovery program are - JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX, WMF, KDC, PNG, PSP, RAW, PSD, KDC, TGA, WPG, DWG, PGM, VSD, MNG, ANI, MSP, ARW, PAT, VWX, etc.

Mobile data recovery software also supports the following email formats DBX, VCF, EMI, DCI, NSF, MBOX, GWI, MSG, EDB, PST, and EMLX. Additionally, Android data recovery software also supports APK file extensions.

  • Free Trial Version: Everyone loves a free trial; thus, the best mobile data recovery software solutions provide its users with a free trial version so that you can get the hang of the software’s features and decide if the software is competent enough to bring your data back to the normal state.
  • Free & Paid Versions: Mobile data recovery program can be easily purchased online at a reasonable price. Also, there are several free versions of Android data recovery software solutions available online, which is also an economical way of retrieving your lost data. Though several paid versions of mobile data recovery software solutions are available in the market, if your wallet is light, you may opt for free phone data recovery software.
  • Safe & Reliable Tool: Last but not least, Android data recovery software is completely secure and dependable. The best mobile data recovery software solutions do not store your personal data but handle your personal content and sensitive data safely and securely.

With the best mobile data recovery software, now you do not have to regret deleting your valuable data. You can easily pick an efficient mobile data recovery program to solve your problem. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of Android data recovery software, you should refrain from using your mobile device after accidental formatting to avoid overwriting of data; this is one sensible thing you can do to ensure safe and easy data retrieval. Last but not least, before picking a phone data recovery software, make sure your chosen software has a high data recovery success rate.

  1. PhotoRec: PhotoRec is mobile data recovery software helpful in restoring the lost data, mobile devices, images, cameras, memory cards, and any storage media, such as CD-ROM. Being open-source software, it supports a wide range of about 480 file extensions and file formats like HTML, ZIP, PDF, Office, and a lot more, except the GUI format. You can leverage its benefit to recover even severely damaged file systems.
  2. Recover my filesWith Recover my files, you can restore all forms of data, including photos, videos, documents, and emails. It also lets you recover files from other external hard drives, such as compact disks, hard disks, and digital cameras without any complicated procedure. If you are looking for mobile recovery software, this is an excellent option to ponder over.
  3. Recuva: Next on our list is the best mobile data recovery software – Recuva. It carries forward the execution of retrieving data. Whether you want to revive videos, pictures, or documents misplaced on your device, Recuva does it correctly. Moreover, it assists you in relocating data from recycle bin, digital card, and camera card. You can even scan the data before restoring it.
  4. Remo Recover: If you require recovering a large volume of files, Remo Recover is the right mobile recovery tool to use. With its user-friendly interface, you can navigate across the software easily. It helps in restoring up to 300 files of different signatures, including videos and music files. Moreover, you can use the same to revive data from CDs and DVDs.
  5. Wondershare RecoveritRestore all kinds of data, regardless of where they are stored with Recoverit. On choosing 'External Devices Recovery,' it lets you restore data from a range of devices – mobile phones, SD cards, iPod touch, and more. Further, it is built to recover various files – be it pictures, videos, notes, music, or the data marked on your calendar. 
  6. Dr.fone: Instead of using backup, you can deploy Wondershare Dr.fone for your Android and iOS. It restores your lost files (photos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, etc.) within the shortest possible time. It effectively retrieves data from a smashed or broken phone while causing the files any further damage. You can even retrieve data from iTunes backup files, iPhone, iPad, and iPod directly.
  7. Undelete 360: Recovering the files deleted accidentally is now easy with Undelete 360, the best mobile recovery software. Whether you deleted the data by a mere chance or deleted it considering not necessary, you can recover all of it free of charge with this software. You can restore up to 250 different files with it. Besides smartphones, it restores files from cameras, hard drives, and memory cards.
  8. iSkysoftWhether you require restoring your lost data due to accidental formatting, locked device, forgotten password, water damage, or factory reset, iSkysoft helps you. It works well for your Android and Mac devices. All you require doing is downloading this mobile recovery tool, installing it into your computer, and let it continue the recovery process.
  9. JihosoftTo recover data from Android devices, Jihosoft is a shot to give. It is acclaimed as the best mobile data recovery software for Android phones. This software can aid in recovering lost photos, videos, text messages, contacts, call logs, audio files, text messages, audio files, and WhatsApp media. 
  10. Kroll Ontrack: This powerful recovery tool helps to retrieve data from the cell phones instantly. It recovers every bit of data stored on your phone. You can then delete the data you don’t want to keep. It offers various secure delete features and technically advanced options for smooth functioning.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • It is due to the working of file systems in your storage device. When you delete a photo, video, document, or other data, it is not removed immediately. Instead, the file is marked as a free space which will be occupied by newly saved data. So, before your old data gets overwritten, it is possible to restore it with mobile data recovery software.
  • There is no specific time limit. Any deleted file stays on the drive until the time a new data overwrite it. Whenever you suffer any data loss, minimize the use of your computer at least until the time you accomplish your data recovery efforts.
  • Yes, you do. There is no such app that you can install on your phone for data recovery options.
  • Unfortunately no. The mechanism of SSD is different from that of hard disk drives (HDDs). Once the files get deleted from SSD, there are least to no chances of recovering it.
  • The reasons may vary. For most of the cases, it is because they have got overwritten due to additional data writing activities conducted after deletion.

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