Best Mobile Marketing Platform Software

Best mobile marketing platform includes Leanplum, Swrve, Marketo, CleverTap, and Notificare. This software allows companies to plan, implement, and control various marketing campaigns targeting smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices within mobile web browsers, mobile applications, or mobile advertising.

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List of 20 Best Mobile Marketing Platform

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Emergents | 2024

A multichannel platform to drive customer engagement

Leanplum mobile marketing software that helps marketers drive customer engagement. This software helps in building meaningful engagement across touchpoints, which helps in building Customer-First Approach, puts marketers in control, and optimizes customer LTV. Learn more about Leanplum

Emergents | 2024

Marketing automation platform for marketing related tasks

Marketo is a leading mobile marketing automation software used widely by B2B players for its simple and streamlined marketing process. This platform offers a visual drag and drop interface along with various features for e-mail & landing page marketing. Read Marketo Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Powerful marketing platform for analytics & user engagement

CleverTap is a mobile SMS marketing software that offers powerful, integrated, and comprehensive marketing tools for behavioral analytics and user engagement. This mobile marketing softwareoffers all necessary marketing tools like Funnels and campaigns.   Learn more about CleverTap

Emergents | 2024

Cross-Platform marketing software for marketing heroes

Notificare is one of the mobile marketing automation tools a wide range of essential marketing features every marketer needs. This software offers features like Cross-Platform Messaging, Location Based Marketing, Marketing Automation, & Actionable Analytics. Learn more about Notificare

Emergents | 2024

Mobile app analytics software for user analytics and actions

Pulsate Analyze is one of the best mobile marketing software for targeted user marketing and analytics. This mobile marketing automation software offers Cohort Analysis, Funnel Analysis, Revenue Tracking, In-App Events Tracking, and Retention Tracking. Learn more about Pulsate Analyze

Emergents | 2024

Mobile attribution tech stack for accurate marketing

AppsFlyer is a mobile SMS marketing software that offers the ultimate mobile attribution solutions. This software offers User Acquisition Attribution, Deep Linking with OneLink, Retargeting Attribution, along with more solutions for e-commerce and agencies. Learn more about AppsFlyer

Emergents | 2024

Marketing personalization platform for business of all sizes

Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud is a mobile marketing software with omnichannel data collection, analytics, and customer profile building. It is one of the mobile marketing automation tools offering Segmentation, Dynamic Content, and Customizable CTAs. Learn more about Marigold Engage by Sailthru

Emergents | 2024

Marketing intelligence software for attributions & campaigns

Singular is a mobile marketing automation software that allows the integration of campaign data and attribution data from all the sources available. This mobile SMS marketing software offers Precise and Complete Data for Effective, Streamlined Campaigns. Learn more about Singular

Contenders | 2024

A comprehensive user engagement solution for mobile and web

Braze is a comprehensive mobile marketing software that consists of three primary components: data API, dashboard, and SDK. It offers Granular Targeting and Analysis & Multi-Channel Messaging that allows User Segmentation, Webhooks, and other marketing tools. Learn more about Braze

Emergents | 2024

A multi-channel B2C marketing automation cloud software

WebEngage is one of the mobile marketing automation tools that are used for automating communication and help companies with message marketing. This mobile marketing automation software offers Web Messages, In-app Messages, Push Notifications, and Emails.  Read WebEngage Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Text marketing and Bulk SMS tool for all type of business

TXT180 is a mobile SMS marketing software that is used by businesses of all sizes and types. This software offers autoresponder for bulk messaging, message templates for appointment reminders, and hosted widgets for targeting users with links for opt-ins.  Learn more about TXT180

A simple & powerful tool for seamless customer experiences

Branch is a mobile marketing software that supports businesses with every stage of the user lifecycle. This software offers Universal Ads, Universal Emails, Cross-Platform Personas, Cohort Analysis, Data Feeds, Content Sharing, Referrals, and Quick Links.  Learn more about Branch

Emergents | 2024

Integrated messaging platform for user communication

SendPulse is a mobile marketing software that serves marketers with more complex communication needs than simple email marketing. This transactional email software offers email marketing, SMPT Server, Web Push, and REST API for effective message marketing. Learn more about SendPulse

Predictive AI for Outbound Optimization

EchoApp's massive reach in connecting a large number of users and determining their preferred channels using AI helps in marketing the product/service and gaining the attention of both existing and potential consumers. Learn more about EchoApp

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

WHATSEND PRO - Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software. Send bulk WhatsApp messages with your number. Excel import numbers, Attach images, Anti-blocking option, Number filter, Group grabber and more. Free Download! Read WHATSEND PRO Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Wi-Fi Alive is a fully featured Mobile Marketing Platform Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. Wi-Fi Alive provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Mobile Marketing Platform system offers Location-Based Marketing, Coupons, Contextual Targeting, Channel Attribution, Text Messaging at one place. Learn more about Wi-Fi Alive

Emergents | 2024

Performance marketing channel for Retail & e-Commerce

Customized mobile messaging can be one of your top revenue-generating streams with Attentive. It is designed for retailers & e-commerce brands to acquire new customers & retain the existing ones. With its two-tap signup & other features, grow your client base. Learn more about Attentive

Emergents | 2024

Conversational SMS marketing for retail.

Mobile messaging is the next major way of connecting consumers and businesses and Cartloop is the platform to facilitate that. With over 98% open rate and 45% reply rate, we enable retailers and brands build their next top revenue channel. Learn more about Cartloop

Emergents | 2024

Turn more of your abandoned carts into sales with

TxtCart provides D2C merchants with human-powered conversational text marketing and abandoned cart recovery services. We use real people to drive real results for our brands through real-time conversations. Learn more about TxtCart

Not Only Bulk Message. Do More with Waziper

With tons of features at your fingertips, let your creativity loose. Connect with your customers at ease and with flexibility. WhatsApp Marketing will help you reach your potential audience. Learn more about Waziper


Mobile marketing platforms is a solution that automates and optimizes mobile marketing campaigns and communications. By targeting customers through their mobile devices 24 hours a day, businesses can reach them anytime, anywhere.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024