Best MR Reporting Software

Best MR reporting software designed for the pharma industry are SAN Pharma SFE, E-Techs MR Reporting Software, and EssentialSFA. Such tools automate the complete pharma operations including inventory management, sales, warehouse, reporting, accounting, and more.

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List of 20 Best MR Reporting Software

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Contenders | 2024

Product Description

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A Complete Solution of Sales Force Automation, ERP, Payroll and other business software and services for pharma, FMCG & all other type of Industries.Every business have different issues and Opt helps them to identify and provide best possible solutions as per need. Learn more about OptCRM

Category Champions | 2024

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The Salestrip is an ultimate cloud-based Pharma/FMCG sales force automation software. You can enjoy seamless connectivity across the multiple layers and hierarchies of your sales team and get real-time updates, and notification. Learn more about Salestrip SFA

Most Reviewed

Category Champions | 2024

SFA for Pharma, Healthcare and Life science indust

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SANeFORCE - To be the nation's leading provider of customized, comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative Sales Force Automation SFA to Life Science, Healthcare, and FMCG companies. Learn more about SAN Pharma SFE

Emergents | 2024

Winner of Best Pharma Software | MR Software

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E-Tech's MR Reporting is a dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solution that actually increases sales force effectiveness by over 30% and reduces Operating Cost by over 80% which finally translates into Higher Profits. It is a winner of the prestigious Best Pharma Software 2015 Award. Learn more about E-Techs MR Reporting Software

High Performer | 2024

Medical software for Clinics, Labs and Hospitals

Product Description

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A simple to use Electronic Practice Management & MR Reporting software. It is a Browser-based app deployed on the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessible, On-Time, and Patient-Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders. Learn more about MediXcel EMR and HIS

Category Champions | 2024

Medical Software For Doctors | MR Software

Product Description

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This particular sales software is designed to work in Offline or Online (2G or 3G ) mode with GPS Location Tracking. While you are offline, you can Submit Daily Report, Order Booking, Tour Program, Customer View, E-detailing and more. Learn more about EssentialSFA

Contenders | 2024

MR Software Solutions For Business

Product Description

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Ammras is a web and app-based pharma sales force management tool with a focus on utilizing relevant date to increase team productivity. You can get real-time accountability, enhanced productivity, and effective sales forecasts through Ammras. Learn more about Ammras

Contenders | 2024

MR Software Solutions BY RNT International

Product Description

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MED SFA, a dynamic and secure online MR reporting software, is a pharma CRM for better management of medical representatives. All activities of the medical representatives can be easily scheduled on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly basis. Learn more about MED SFA

Emergents | 2024

MR Reporting System BY MindEdge MR Software Solutions

Product Description

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Mindedge Solutions has delivered a flexible and cost effective CRM / SFA solution for the pharma industry sales forces. Fast and easy to use and maintain, MRWebPlus enables instant call reporting data thereby empowering teams to increase profitability through better customer relationship management. Learn more about MrWebPlus

Emergents | 2024

Best Medical Software For Doctors | MR Software

Product Description

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SfaXpert is web based sales force automation software application that is compatible with GPS mobile report entry. It also helps in keeping track of all doctors, activities and business contact details. Learn more about Marg MR Reporting Software

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

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Visual Doctor is an MR reporting system for Physicians, Ophthalmologists,and General practitioners, etc. It has various advanced features and a simplistic interface, making it an ideal tool to enhance operational efficiency. Learn more about Visual Doctor

Software by Hades Info Systems

Product Description

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Hades Info Systems is the company behind the product, web solutions and the brand. Having specialized in solutions for the retail sector our vision is to become the leader in retail supply chain solutions. Learn more about HIS Pharmaceutical

One Stop Automation Solution For Deskless Workforc

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All-in-one automation solution for deskless workforces. Set up workflows, and automate your entire organization in less than 2 minutes with Fieldproxy. Schedule a completely free demo today Learn more about Fieldproxy

Contenders | 2024

Product Description

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The Next Generation Pharma CRM for Indian Pharmaceutical companies with customer centricity at the core. Trail is India's only Pharma CRM with intelligent capabilities like Smart Tour Plan, Smart CLM, Primary and Secondary Sales automation and truly innovation driven Sales Force Effectiveness & Automation system combined. Learn more about Trail Pharma CRM

Contenders | 2024

MR Software BY VISW Consultancy Services

Product Description

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This Online MR reporting software enables leveraging pharma and FMCG industry verticals with advanced features. It is user-friendly, has a navigable intuitive interface, and provides excellent customer support. Learn more about VISW SFA Software

Emergents | 2024

Cuztomise is a SAAS based Mobile Application

Product Description

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Cuztomise is a SAAS-based Enterprise Mobility company which provides smart mobile platforms for field sales & operations. With Cuztomise we want to touch millions of lives by creating a better, more efficient and simpler field management tools. Learn more about Cuztomise Pharma

High Performer | 2024

MR Software Solutions BY CBO ERP Limited

Product Description

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CBO is the best, most effective, and most flexible MR reporting software for pharmaceutical companies. The software is capable of importing and exporting existing data from all the other billing and inventory software and can also be integrated with TALLY. Learn more about CBO

Category Champions | 2024

Sales Force Automation Under One Umbrella

Product Description

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Web-based sales force automation system that is compatible with GPRS mobile report entry. It provides stock information with stockists, depots, and is working on an eco-friendly cause with its online sales tools including MR reporting. Learn more about SFA360

MR Reporting System BY Excel Software & Systems Pvt Ltd

Product Description

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Medico SFA is an MR Reporting software application designed for the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about Medico SFA (MR Reporting)

Reporting Software on Cloud with free mobile app

Product Description

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PRX Cloud MR reporting software is an online pharmaceutical sales force automation (SFA) software, which is a territory-wise, hierarchy-based and real-time system. PRX Cloud will help your field force achieve goals, discover new sales opportunities in an easy-to-use environment. Learn more about PRX Cloud

What is MR Reporting Software?

MR reporting software is a CRM/SFA Solution for the pharmaceutical industry. It is a territory-wise pyramid-based real-time system that works 24x7. This software automatically records all the relevant data and information at every stage in a pharmaceutical sales process.

Its main focus remains on the contact management system of the sales force of the company to manage all the contacts made with a particular doctor, hospital, chemist, etc. It also includes the purpose of the contact and any follow-up that might be needed in the due course. Its work is to integrate a sales lead management system to list down the existing customers, potential customers, products/services, etc.

Apart from that, it also bridges the gap between corporate headquarters and medical representatives located in remote areas. Medical Representative reporting software or MR software will help a user in making important decisions such as sales forecasting, order management, product knowledge, etc.

This software assures a user of faster and smoother operation of their business, as it allows them to widely integrate among different functional departments.

Pharmaceutical companies are buying this software due to its feature of working as a tool that keeps medical representatives and managers informed about the happenings in the market and the company. In addition, this software is also equipped with excellent customer privacy and data security modules, which are obedient to lawful and ethical business performances.

The MR Software or MR Reporting Software is an interface that connects both the pharmaceutical company and the MR. It uses the power of automation to track the progress of MRs who are out on the field. MRs give daily, or monthly objectives that should be completed as these objectives are strategically created by the company for its development.

But out in the field, the pharmaceuticals do not have control over MRs on what they do or where they are. With the MR Reporting system, the MRs have to report themselves and update on their daily progress to the company. This means that the company will have the means to track their progress and evaluate them accordingly. Moreover, the system prevents the MRs from tampering with the system or presenting false information.

How MR Reporting Software Helps in Daily Task

  • Daily call reports

  • Doctor calls submission

  • Samples and gift distribution

  • Stockist and chemist Pob

  • Marketing meetings information

  • Daily expense details

  • Next day's call plan

Pharmaceutical companies invest a lot of resources into MR Software or Medical representatives as they provide the company exposure by contacting and corresponding with various doctors, pharmacists, and medical institutions. Normally, medical representatives have certain objectives daily that they need to complete.

The processes that involve notifying the company of the MR’s performance are quite tedious. This is mainly because pharmaceuticals employ a team of MRs and they are sent to different parts of a state or a territory. The information corresponded by the MRs is then conveyed to the headquarters.

The bigger the team, the more information that needs to be received, recorded, processed, and transmitted. Conventional ways of physically recording and processing such a large amount of data take a lot of time and resources.

This is where the MR reporting system poses as the best alternative. MR reporting software is a culmination of automation and real-time updates. Now the medical representatives on the field can update on their whereabouts directly through the MR software and the company is updated in real-time.

With medical representative reporting software, the pharmaceuticals will have two channels through which the MRs can update information:

  • Online reporting portal

  • E-mail and SMS alerts

How Does an MR Reporting System Work

MR reporting system is an internet-based software or web app. The Medical representatives have to log in and share their process through this software interface. In essence, it is a portal that connects the company with the MRs who are on the other side of the interface.

The MRs can use any device like computers or even their smartphone to log in to the software. They will have to share the daily reports, daily client visits, sales targets, and feedback, or can get additional information from the company about a new target, change in objectives, or any other update.

Tasks Carried out by MR Reporting Software

The MR reporting software is equipped to automate every vertical of Medical Representative reporting. Since the software is developed to automate numerous processes that were previously done by humans, the software needs to surpass the previously set benchmark.

1. Sales Force Automation

Medical Representatives represent the company to a client. Furthermore, a company invests quite a lot of resources into MR Software. Hence the company needs a cost-effective method to drive up efficiency. Salesforce automation (sales force automation software) reduces delays and processes information more quickly.

2. Client Tracking

Medical representatives need to personally meet with clients to sell the product. It also acts as a way of showing the responsibility of the pharmaceutical company. Hence they will have a new set of targets every day, or at certain intervals, the MR Reporting system or MR software organizes the list of prospects and saves time on physically sending over a list of names to the MR.

3. Sales Tracking

MRs have a set of primary and secondary sales that need to be reported on a weekly or monthly basis. With MR Reporting software, the medical representative can upload the details in no time. This also paves for the system to create Stock and Sales reports swiftly.

4. Brand and Competitor Analysis

In the pharmaceutical field, the competition between the brands is fierce. With Medical Representative Reporting Software or MR Software, the company can make better judgments on brand positioning, and gain ahead of market rivals.

5. Management Information System

The MIS system is the best way to get reports on the performance of Medical representatives. It helps the medical representatives to upload their progress directly to the company’s evaluation team. It can track both Daily Call Report (DCR) as well as Monthly Tour Plan (MTP). There is even more sophisticated tech available that can even track the geo-location of the MR.

6. Expense Statements

MR reporting software can also auto-generate expense statements based on the data it receives. The Auto calculation of D.A. and T.A. makes the whole accounting process easy. It also lets the company compare the claimed expenses and the approved expenses.

Must-Have Features in An MR Reporting Software

1. Real-Time Reporting

The MRs must be able to upload their information and whereabouts at regular intervals or in real-time.

2. Setting Sales Targets

One of the primary objectives of MR software is to set the sales targets for the MR without delay.

3. MR Feedback

The software must be able to record the feedback of the MR as well as convey the feedback of the company back to the MR.

4. Client Monitoring

The MR system must be able to update and track client visits so that the MR can prioritize accordingly.

5. Capture Market Intelligence

The whole objective of a pharmaceutical company is to promote its brand and create more leads. With feedback from pharmacies and doctors, the software can paint a picture of what the company should do next.

6. Competitor Stats

Due to the cut-throat competition in the field, selling the medicine at a competitive price matters. Hence pharmaceutical reporting software can easily show competitor positioning to notify the company of the market movement.

7. Geo-Tracking

This system enables the company to track MRs in real-time based on their geo-positioning (as the software can use the GPS on their smartphones).

Benefits of Using MR Reporting Software

The MR reporting system eases the process of updating and corresponding information between the companies and the medical representatives and vice versa. With state-of-the-art functions like geolocation, now the company will have data on their MR’s performance as well as whereabouts.

It also makes the lives of Medical representatives easier because they will not face any delays in their objectives. Big pharmaceuticals are the ones who will benefit the most from MR reporting software (Medical MR Software for Doctors) as now they can automate a large portion of the processes that were previously done by a group of employees. Thus it helps in saving costs as well as speeding up the processes.


1. Chemist order management

MR reporting software allows you to conveniently oversee deliveries, bill status, pending orders, the status of transactions pending and executed, and, so on. This standalone software is adequately laced with handling approximately 70% of business operations and effectively contributes to order management.

2. Doctor Management

Almost all of the software typically assists in monitoring the on-field staff. They ignore though that keeping an eye on the specialized doctors is also of utmost importance for the proper discharge of obligations. There is a multitude of MR software in the market arena that is recognized for the distinct features they offer, and one of them factored into it is doctor management.

You can keep a documented trail of the behavioral patterns of the doctors with this exclusive functionality and also classify them as per their specialized territory. Besides, you can meet the same doctor time and again without any hesitation if an emergency crops up.

3. Tracking of Daily Call Reports (DCR)

People can keep an eye on what's in front of them, but it's quite challenging to track the professional commitments and schedules of doctors. You can monitor a regular call made by staff members with MR reporting software as and when a particular medical representative reporting is linked to the particular operational territory and also, and you can even check the places visited and the routes adopted. It will assist in explicitly evaluating an individual's performance on the avenue.

4. Secondary sales management

This distinctive aspect of MR software will help integrate your inventory and sales reports of primary and secondary sales generation such that you can effortlessly and seamlessly obtain the stock and sales report at your fingertips.

5. Cost control and management

An intelligent reporting system helps track all those unnecessary costs and allows management in the hierarchy to make rational decisions. The MR reporting software helps the management deal with various intricate billings and pinpoint all the vulnerable places and dark holes where the money is frittered away.

Potential Problems Faced During MR Reporting System Implementation and Their Solutions

With the help of MR software, you might be performing exceedingly well. However, if you are planning to utilize online MR reporting software in your company, you need to know about the blunders that could ruin the very objectivity and the subsequent sales process.

1. Excessive steps in each pipeline

The sales representative's main goal, essentially in a marketing cycle is to focus on the stages that facilitate the closing of deals. Several phases during the marketing process are evident during the sale of a product or service. The major steps in the sales process are leads, appointments, qualifications, presentations, objectives, sales, and referrals.

These phases are the basic steps of a selling system, but potential clients do not behave the same as your professional clients do.

Realizing which stage of sales is required for the customer in your MR reporting software is the preliminary stage.

Few clients may require 3 phases, i.e. initial consideration, meeting, and agreement. Therefore, do not surpass more than 7 basic pipeline steps as this may result in process dilution, and you may not get useful information from the pipeline phases.

2. Loaded pipelines

MR reporting software offers a marketing pipeline that is a detailed visual overview of the prospects at various stages of your sales. It lets you oversee any deal as it passes through the selling process and when.

But if your online app is loaded with pipelines, collecting the pertinent data and getting a general assessment of the sales can be a difficult task.

3. Unfamiliarity with converted or unconverted leads

There are essentially three kinds of leads: cold lead, warm lead, and hot lead. But if you overrule the number of converted or unconverted leads, you'll be spending more time finding out what's going on in your pharmaceutical sales management.

And if you maintain your pipeline transparently, the reporting software will also allow you to function smoothly and intelligently without any ambiguity or incomplete knowledge.

4. Inadequate use of custom fields

Custom fields enable you to discern leads, so you need to utilize them. The component of custom profile fields gives you an insight into where you need to bind resources.

If you have a good picture of your target audience, you could get an overall view of your sales as well as find out where you can modify or concentrate further.

5. Poor assessment

Your software reporting tool includes all the essential data in a single platform to make things simple. But if you don't analyze the available data available in the reporting software, it leads to poor assessment of current status and resources.


  • You should accept that the MR reporting system is not a kind of software, which is universally applicable. Depending on your industry and size, you'll need distinct functionalities. So know your specifications before you pick the Best MR Reporting Software for your firm.

  • You may engage in as much study as you can, read feedback, take samples, connect with the customer service team, and then pick the software that caters to all of your needs.

  • Do not evaluate the MR reporting software by its face value. The relevant expert will take you through the use of the software where you can clear up any questions about its application. If you feel comfortable with its features, you will come to terms with the further protocols.

  • Process training and well-planned operations are the necessary ingredients required for integration.

  • You are required to make the most of the features provided in the MR reporting system. Also, make sure not to consider the app only meant for marketing the brand as it has manifold features.

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Most MR reporting software solutions have integrated security features. Password protection, user access control, and end-to-end encryption facilities ensure that there is no chance of data theft or loss. This keeps sensitive information safe from hackers and data miscreants.

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Scalability
  2. Cost
  3. Maintenance
  4. User-Friendliness
  5. Functionality
  6. Data Security

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