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List of 20 Best NoSQL Database Platform

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Platform by Couchbase, Inc

Couchbase Server is a modern NoSQL database software. It combines the JSON flexibility and scale with the advantages of relational databases like SQL and ACID transactions. It enables hybrid and private cloud deployments and is offered as a service in commercial cloud environments. Unmatched query performance is offered when using sophisticated joins, predicates, and aggregate assessments because of high-performance indexes and index partitioning. Learn more about Couchbase Server

Platform by MongoDB, Inc

MongoDB is a widely used NoSQL database platform. Programmers may easily store both structured and unstructured data using MongoDB's document database architecture. It keeps documents in a JSON-like format. The MongoDB database has full indexing support, replication, and a flexible data schema that makes it possible to store unstructured data. It also features comprehensive and user-friendly APIs. Read MongoDB Reviews

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Platform by Redis

Redis is one of the top NoSQL databases. Redis offers an efficient in-memory data store for applications like live streaming. Redis can be used to store manifest files that allow CDNs to stream movies to millions of mobile and desktop users at once, authentication data/tokens for millions of users, metadata about user profiles and viewing histories, and authentication information for individual users. Learn more about Redis

Platform by Hibernating Rhinos

RavenDB is one of the best NoSQL databases. A managed database-as-a-service, RavenDB Cloud has been made available on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The service handles management duties like hardware upkeep and security. To prevent throttling, it includes sharing CPU resources across the many cluster nodes. RavenDB was specifically created with multi-tenancy in mind and can easily manage hundreds or thousands of databases on the same instance. Learn more about RavenDB

Platform by The Apache Software Foundation

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, distributed, and decentralized storage system. This NoSQL database software is used to handle huge amounts of structured data dispersed over the globe. It provides highly accessible services with no single point of failure. It is consistent, reconcilable, fault-tolerant, and scalable. Because of its simplicity in expansion and the absence of a single point of failure, Cassandra is trusted and utilized by thousands of businesses. Learn more about Apache Cassandra

Platform by The Apache Software

CouchDB is one of the best NoSQL databases. Data in JSON-based document formats are collected and stored using this open-source NoSQL document repository. CouchDB offers a schema-free data model, unlike relational databases, making it easier to handle records across various computer platforms, mobile phones, and web browsers. Learn more about CouchDB

With DataStax Enterprise, a NoSQL database software, users can deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment thanks to its lightning-fast speed, improved security, and built-in support for Kubernetes. It is possible to interact, query, visualize, profile, and manipulate data using the DataStax visual developer tool. It provides businesses with a safe, always-on database that is simple to scale within a single data center or across several data centers and clouds. Learn more about DataStax Enterprise

Platform by Aerospike

Aerospike is an on-premise and cloud-based NoSQL database platform. It is a key-value store with a schematic data model. The platform helps businesses in the e-commerce, telecommunications, retail, online gaming, and advertising sectors streamline cross-datacenter replication, multi-site clustering, and load balancing among different processes on a single, unified platform. Learn more about Aerospike

Platform by Percona

Percona Server is a NoSQL database software. It offers superior and optimized performance, improved backups, increased visibility, and instrumentation. It also offers greater scalability and availability. Thousands of businesses rely on Percona Server for MySQL to deliver greater performance and concurrency for their most demanding applications. Enterprise-ready platforms are 100% free, open source, or available from the source because of features offered by Percona. Learn more about Percona Server

Platform by ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB is an open-source distributed NoSQL wide-column data store. ScyllaDB is one of the top NoSQL databases that offer astounding performance at an enormous scale at a fraction of the price of alternative systems. ScyllaDB is based on a cutting-edge NoSQL database architecture that is API-compatible with Amazon DynamoDB and Apache Cassandra. It was created from the bottom up for greater performance and high availability. Learn more about ScyllaDB

Platform by Neo4j

Neo4j is one of the best NoSQL databases and a graph database. Instead of having rows and columns, a graph database has nodes, edges, and properties. For many use scenarios, it is more suitable than row and column databases or free-form JSON document databases for some massive data and analytics applications. Relationships are represented via a graph database. Learn more about Neo4j

Platform by OrientDB LTD

Java-based OrientDB is an open-source NoSQL database platform. It is a multi-model database that assists objects, documents, graphs, key/value, and key/value. Still, the relationships are managed by direct connections between records, much like in graph databases. It has both the modern characteristics of Document and Graph DBMS in addition to the features of conventional DBMS. It is incredibly quick and is written in Java. Learn more about OrientDB

Platform by Dgraph Labs

Dgraph is one of the top NoSQL databases. Dgraph is essentially a property-graph database because it keeps track of nodes, connections between those nodes, and associated properties for every relation. JSON data is supported by Dgraph as an insert/update format and as a return structure. Because of its redundant query processing capabilities and replicated data, it offers the highest level of service reliability. Learn more about Dgraph

Platform by Datasparc Inc.

DBHawk is a platform for database management and development that is all-inclusive. This is one of the best NoSQL databases that may securely and effectively manage, analyze, and access various databases using the web-based interface from a single browser window. It is suitable for organizations looking to adhere to data protection laws like GDPR and HIPAA because of its extensive object access control policy, dynamic data masking, and auditing features. Learn more about DBHawk

Platform by SQream Technologies Ltd

Sqream DB is an enterprise-ready NoSQL database platform for implementing analytics on Hadoop data. Data experts can utilize this cutting-edge method for exploring and quickly analyzing their massive data using SQream DB. The platform aids in getting diminished demand for data preprocessing. SQreamDB can be used as a standard data warehouse, as a query engine over a data lake, for complicated data preparation use cases, or in other ways. Learn more about Sqream DB

Platform by Franz

AllegroGraphy is one of the best NoSQL databases. AllegroGraph is a high-performance triple store-based database and application framework for creating Enterprise Knowledge Graph solutions. RDF triples, a common format for Linked Data, are stored in AllegroGraph, a closed-source triplestore. Additionally, it functions as a document store created for archiving, organizing, and retrieving document-oriented data in JSON-LD format. Learn more about AllegroGraph

Platform by eXist Solutions

eXist-db is a renowned NoSQL database platform and a document database. Quick modifications from eXistdb are possible because of the XQuery Update Facility (XUF) features, which eliminate the need to alter the native database. With a little work, users can operate a completely online environment and expose their XML sources. Learn more about eXist-db

Last Updated: January 02, 2024